Joe Budden and Tahiry

Hip-Hop Rumors: Tahiry Singing Now And Dissing Joe Budden?


Ohh…I love me some Tahiry. See?

Now she is a singer. I don’t know what to make of this song. There are rumors that she is talking to her ex Joe Buddens. Check it out.

“I’ve got to detox you outta my mind.” REALLY? I think she’s talking about Joe Budden! These reality people are a crafty bunch and this seems like a slick ploy to push things along! They already trying to help Joe with his drugs on the show and also fight over him…why not?


  • GregSki86

    She has a beautiful ass but she is 100% grade A slore. Gettin’ piped by B and C list stars and athletes. Now the b*tch is a singer?!? Stop frontin’ and do porn h*e

    • Mike Swiff

      EXACTLY, every hoe wanna sing! T. STFU

    • b5…….BINGO!!!! I clicked on the article bout to leave some thoughts about cancel this hoe… scrolled down and hit that ass and was like damn!!! ……dis bitch need to sign with WEST COAST PRODUCTIONS fck a singing career!!!

      • johnblacksad

        hmm.. WEST COAST PRODUCTIONS…. that name rings a bell

    • RealMusic

      I think Timbaland has a better one.

    • PL

      I wish I was a B or C list star or athlete…I’d be piping her too…

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  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    why does hip hop give these whores any attention?

  • Mike Swiff

    If Tahiry looked like Whoopie no one would care…without the make up chick is med-average, however the Bitch can’t sing… that shit is HORRIYING straight made for HEFTY BRAND PRODUCTS! damn shame!

  • Mike Swiff

    LEBRON AND DRE…NO COMMENT (Bron-Bron and them tight ass pants!) smh

    • johnblacksad

      damn, those are tailor made suit pants… them ‘No Way Out’ suits are not what’s up! Even Diddy knows now…

  • The Tahiry song was “A’IGHT”, but dissing Joe is a wack move, since in REALITY, he is the one who made her famous, and the disloyalty may close more doors than it opens.

    Lebron wearing a tie & sneakers, reminds me of Shyne going to court in a suit & baseball hat!

  • Fuck Your Movement

    Yall do know Joe Budden heard the song and she played it for him? Shit was on Love & Hip-hop last night. He was actually suppose to get on the song with her

    • King Flashy TheFirst

      This. I don’t see how he could say the song is rumored to be about Joe when she blatantly said it was about him.

  • Wow this sucked…dude on the chorus was the only thing holding it the song together

  • $18592567

    She done fucked everybody…

    • PL

      everyone except me…

      • YoungPrime

        And him…

  • Who cares about some untalented skank, and who cares about Joe Budden the D List rapper? It’s not like he has accomplished anything significant for people to be all over his nuts.

    • RichFromBX

      who would you consider an A-List rapper Wayne? 2Chainz???, Wiz??? none of those cats have half the skill and would be destroyed if they attempted to diss…

      • I know Joe Budden isn’t one! Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye West, you know… guys that put out music people actually purchase.Guys who can sell out large venues… Has nothing to do with me considering anyone. It’s just the way it is. He hasn’t accomplished anything, especially for the length of time he has been in the game. He has an underground following some artists would beg for, but he’s till D List.

      • YoungPrime

        Almost 10 years since Pump it up released and he’s still making decent money on a independent lable. Unlike many of your favorite rappers Joe’s still here to talk about it. You can’t really fault Joe for not being Jay-z status when Jay-z was the one purposely shelfing his albums and blackballing Joe’s progress for a good part of his career to begin with. So know your facts!

      • When did I say any one was my “favorite rappers”. I don’t remember saying that. Nice try. I don’t have “favorite” (learn how to spell) rappers. I have favourite projects. The only time anyone talks about Mr. Budden is around some sort of drama, or someone saying this, or someone saying that..or about some reality TV show no one can name.

      • YoungPrime

        No, that’s all “you” talk about. I’m here for the music which I usually enjoy. Have fun reading Joe’s latest gossip though…SMH.

      • That’s all anyone ever reads about Joe Budden, gossip. It’s not like anyone is here talking about his latest single or hit record… because he doesn’t have any.

      • YoungPrime

        Yeah well I disagree. Plus it’s been documented that he’s been black balled and shelved during a great part of his career. Yet he still has a good amount of followers so again enjoy your gossip columns since that’s clearly seems to be one of your favorite projects as well. Happy hating to you…LOL!

      • You told me earlier I cared because I commented, and here you are.. commenting on the very same thing. “Gossip columns” must be one of your hobbies, along with comic books. We all don’t like Comic Books, and we all don’t like Joe Budden.

        Since when is disliking an artist and pointing out flaws “hating”. I don’t get you people and your internet language. I guess we should just all like everything and be dick riders for the fear of someone like yourself to say.. “happy hating to you”. What a bunch of BS.

    • YoungPrime

      You read through this thread and you posted afterwards so my guess would be “you”…

      • “you this this thread”… not sure what means, but no.. I don’t care.

      • YoungPrime

        Yet here you are…..

      • And the award for the most irrelevant comment goes 2… I can almost assure 100% you have commented at least once on something you really didn’t care about just to get a thought off your mind.

      • YoungPrime

        Meh, relevance is a matter of perspective. And since gossip is ironically your twist. I’ll leave you to it…

      • You said “Yet here you are”… well I see your here commenting as well, so under your theory.. gossip must be “your twist”.

  • Lol

  • LoverOfHipHop

    Ugh Illseed… she played this song for Joe on the show yesterday. He was talking about being on the remix

    • PL

      You know The Illseed Collective doesn’t watch TV…

  • If ur chick likes this song then…You sir are dating a slut.

    • johnblacksad

      me love sluts…

  • Sean K

    The fab & Joe diss to tahiry was better. #soultape2

  • PL


  • PL

    Tahiry-Pain featuring some generic Usher sounding dude…

  • Hey illseed, Dre is on a sports magazine not a music magazine….SMDH

  • cameo

    str8 up hoe , i heard she got the herpes , she bout to be a valtrex spokesperson like amber rose

  • firehawk17

    fuckin awful…

  • surcharles

    nice sexy azz

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