Signs The World Is Coming To An End: 4-5-Year-Olds Engage In Oral Sex At Day Care

YO! You have to watch everything and everybody these days. This story is crazy as a fox on crack. At a daycare at the First Lutheran Church of Carson School, kids were engaged in acts of sex unusually reserved for teens and adults, causing the parents to freak out. Richard McCarthy is the parent of a 4-year-old boy and claimed that a 5-year-old girl was regularly going down on him at school. “He told me about all the bad things that girl had been doing to him,” McCarthy to the media. “It went down in the classroom, it went down in the bathroom and it went down out on the playground.” The girls mother admitted her daughter did the deeds to the boy several times. (Now, I have to check the mother on this one, but who am I? Side eye.) “The way that she explained it, it was kind of like it was an everyday thing … from pulling the pants down to exposing themselves to, you know, trying to get somebody to put their mouth on the privates. It’s unfathomable on so many levels. For one, that it actually happened. For two, where it happened. For three, how often something happened.” I’m thinking people are either letting their kids watch porn or letting them watch adults have sex. What 5 year old really gets the notion to put a wee wee in their mouth? Excuse my baby talk but damn, this is just insane. The day care, which is at a church, has been closed. But they are not out of the woods. The victims are suing. Good luck getting money from them. Nevertheless, there weren’t enough adults to watch the kids. Still, something is awry.

Who is to blame?

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Casor_Greener

    Rap Music, TV, and piss poor parenting…Piss Poor parenting being the main culprit on either of the child’s parts

    • Sean Taylor

      Nope its rap music…..

      • ccwaterbound32

        actually it’s people who THINKS like you do fault….

      • Guest

        well you and the three people who THINKS the way you do can go to hell and by the way since when taking it up the ass counts for being a man nowadays anyway?

    • Withoutthecloth

      Yeah, I bet you’re white. Only a white person would blame rap music for the degradation of society. How about the systematic oppression of minorities at the hands of your people, forcing the oppressed into the dregs of society where education and morals are suppressed as a way to cope?

      • Casor_Greener

        It is a tale.Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury. Signifying nothing.

      • Withoutthecloth

        ROFL! Yeah… incorrectly quoting Shakespeare doesn’t make you an intellectual. I mean, I get what you were trying to say, but you failed on every level.

        Take it from someone with an MA in Literature and an MFA in Creative Writing — don’t quote the masters unless you have a firm grasp on what exactly they meant.

      • Casor_Greener

        How was it incorrectly quoted? I’m referencing your “tale” of me being white as one being told by “an idiot” – YOU. and how it signifies nothing…

        Give a damn about ya degrees potna, I got a few myself.

      • WhoUtellin

        And damn, you look to be an even more of an uneducated fool…a degree or two doesn’t prove your intelligent…just means you have been trained, but your comment proves your ignorance.

      • Withoutthecloth

        Oh shickity nickity, bet it made you hard to say that, hunh? Come to the rescue of your fellow racist brethren, put that uppity black man in his place? You’re right, having a degree doesn’t make me intelligent, but as you said — it does make me trained. Yes, I’m trained in critical analysis of literature, and again, “Amen_Ra” incorrectly quote the passage. He quoted Macbeth’s final soliloquy in which he were commenting on the futility of life itself and attempted to repurpose it as saying my “tale” was full of “sound and fury.” Yes, you’re right, it is full of fury — fury that people like both of you are so ignorant to see the truth.

        This fool blamed rap, an entire genre of music, on the degradation of society. Really? How about enslaving an entire race, then systematically denying them basic human rights until 1965 (the Voting Rights Act of 1965), then expecting them to be on the same level as their peach-hued counterparts after what? 50 or so years of equality? I’d implore you to explore your hidden biases, and the next time you come at me, come correct or get your ass handed to you.

      • WhoUtellin

        I was speaking on what he quoted nor was I speaking of the writer of the article blaming rap on the degradation of society, I disagree with the writer on that, you cannot blame music or media for a parent’s failure to monitor their own children. I was speaking of your ignorant comment towards “Amen_Ra.” You accused him of being white and being a racist which you seem to still not comprehend as he pointed out to you that he isn’t white at all and is in fact black then you continue this ignorance in calling me a racist. When you can’t win your argument you resulted to using an ad hominem, but you failed, not once…twice!

      • Withoutthecloth

        White or black, the after effects of slavery and institutionalized racism remains the same. Many black men have been indoctrinated by the system, tricked to believe that they are inherently inferior to another race, thus everything they create are also inferior. There’s TONS of socially conscious, artistic rap — in fact, most commercial rap doesn’t glorify violence and drugs, only gangster rap. ALL of society glorifies sex, it’s prevalent EVERYWHERE. Blaming “rap music” is ignorant and stems from the psychological and sociological after effects of slavery, patriarchy and privilege.

        Keep harping on me calling him white so you can conveniently ignore my other points and enjoy your deluded reality while you still can.

        I’m done with this argument, this negro’s time is much more valuable. You wanna talk about society, I’m game. You wanna jack your knob some more about what race Amen_Ra is, go elsewhere.

      • WhoUtellin

        It all boils down to education and proper supervision. You can blame any outside source you want to, but it all boils down to the providers and protectors of the young ones allowing any outside source to influence them…the parents are to blame, period. There is nothing to excuse a parent from this responsibility, none at all.

      • Withoutthecloth

        Don’t be a half ‘tard. Modern black america is the product of institutionalized racism — like I said before, we were granted the right to vote in the 1960s, a mere generation ago. Drive a race into bondage, deny them education, the ability to rise through the ranks, and basic human rights for over 700 years, then expect them to operate on the same level as their pink skinned cohorts? Are you really that naive?

        The “protectors and providers” are born into poverty, they know nothing else other than poverty and everywhere they turn, they’re told (either outright or subconsciously) that they are NOT EQUALS, they are INFERIOR and are an ABOMINATION of mankind. The word “black” is associated with negativity — black magic, black friday (the stock exchange reference) while “white” is pure — white magic, white lies, white-washing. And you really wanna sit back and say stupid crap like “they need to just take responsibility?”

        Get real, and like I said, come correct. And that goes for any other entitled ass who wants to head to head. I only scratched the surface here.

      • WhoUtellin

        You still carrying on the racism conversation? YOU called a brother a white man and a racist. What part don’t you understand that YOU got it wrong?? You probably figure if you carry on this bull ish you won’t have to admit you’re wrong and have to apologize to the man. Idgaf if you do or don’t either way you’ve proven yourself to be a moron. The above story has nothing to do with racism or your pink skinned cohorts. YOU got it wrong and need to come correct dummy.

  • Internet and reality shows

    • WhoUtellin

      The parents are the ONLY ones to blame with the school failing to properly monitor the children while in their care, but even that still falls on the parents as it is the parent that put the children in that school.

  • Should have added an “All Of The Above” vote!

    The gif captured my sentiments exactly!

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      yeah, I was just about to type that about the options in this survey

    • WhoUtellin

      You both are idiots…all of the above? You blame children who are 4 and 5 years old, really?? Man I hope you two idiots never have children. We’ve got enough fucked up people in this world as it is.

      • It’s a forced survey, as far as being an idiot, “Spare the rod, spoil the child”.

        Problem is discipline, or lack of it!

      • WhoUtellin

        Like I said, I hope you never have children as it’s clear you are unfit to raise them properly. If YOU fail them you admittedly will “discipline” the child for your failure as a parent.

      • I hope you never have children because your refusal to instill discipline in them, would make you a failure as a parent, that would let society down, by raising an undisciplined child that will be brought up to not accept personal responsibility for their actions, even while in prison for them.

      • WhoUtellin

        I have children and I didn’t need to beat my kids to make them into upstanding individuals. Discipline doesn’t mean beat your kids, but you’re religious moron so I wouldn’t expect less from you.

      • When you ASSUME you make an @$$ out of YOU & Me….but in this case, your simply making an @$$ out of yourself.

        Maybe if your parents would have whupped your @$$ when you firsted started showing signs of idiocy, you wouldn’t be talking that dumb ‘ish now.

        Regardless of your definition of “DISCIPLINE”, children need it, but only a sanctimonious @$$hole like yourself would:
        #1 – Judge a parent’s parenting without offering assistance
        #2 – Think another parent gives a single fugg about your sanctimonious opinion.

        You sound like one of these size XX Smedium pants wearing kids today that think males dressing like Kanye is cool. Eitherway, I can tell that you have never raised a child into adulthood successfully, but still want to talk like an expert, to some one who has, making you an idiot, and me as well for listening to your idiocy!

        >>Downloads & activates AHH’s 2013 Idiot Blocker

      • WhoUtellin

        Did you just make an assumption while accusing me of assuming?? Apparently AHH’s 2013 Idiot Blocker is working properly on yourself.

        I’m grown man sir. I don’t rock the skinny pants with a belt and clothes designed by homosexuals. Lil Wayne in my opinion is not the G.O.A.T., but more of a sell-out. I don’t buy CDs from cops who steal identities from real drug dealers to build street cred. I grew up on the conscious son, real Hip Hop when the elements actually meant something to us. Emcees, DJs, B-boys, & Graffiti artists…what the eff you know about any of that? Next you’ll show disrespect to my age as if you will never reach my age and by the way you speak you just may be right.

        You know NOTHING about me so it’s funny as eff that you think that your comments about my parents and children will somehow anger me instead of making me laugh at your sheer stupidity and your childish banter. It’s easy to be a clown and keyboard warrior opposed to being a man in real life. The Bible is an archaic guide for the sheep and helps to train generation after generation to suppress one another instead of helping man to progress to true enlightenment so save it sucka you won’t be convincing me with your propaganda of how to screw your children up. My youngest child is wiser than you already.

      • Mia88

        I agree discipline never hurt anyone. Non discipline is the problem.

  • OaklandOxymoron

    Lol @ “put a wee wee in their mouth”. The unfortunate thing is they learn that behavior from somewhere and it is obviously a reinforced behavior

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  • mike malarkey

    if that was my little son id have to give him dap afterwards lol. but the girls mother was prolly sum freak hoe that sum nigga turned into a housewife smh

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    The parents shouldn’t be rewarded financially for the behavior of their young kids, i’m sure they didn’t learn about these sexual acts at the school. I think closing them down for not keeping an eye on the kids is enough punishment. fathers better hug yall daughters and these young mothers need to stop doing ratchet ish in front of they kids + they let a nigg record it to upload this mess on line.

  • i blame every adult involved. CPS should definitely check into the mother of the girl’s home. she knew of this and based on this story seemed un-phased by it.

    • Q.

      Yep…Most likely there’s abuse going on in the home. SMH

      • WhoUtellin

        How the hell do you come up with that from reading the little bit that is in the story? You should SMH at yourself dummy.

      • Q.

        Find something to do, azzhole…and stop trolling.

      • WhoUtellin

        Please tell explain to me how I’m a troll for pointing out your stupidity in making far reaching assumptions? I’ll wait….

      • Q.

        Your 20 comments on this page trying to debate everybody about nothing is proof of your trolling…you sound like a lil hurt bItch. Just stop.

      • WhoUtellin

        20 comments for 20 sheep, but that still ain’t called trolling you punk b!tch. Go educate yourself on what a troll is then come back and try to tell me how I’m a troll again. Wack ass hipsters don’t know sh!t.

      • Q.

        LOL WhoUtrollin,

        You goin’ extra emo over this article…nlgga, did somebody touch you in your “No-No spot” too in preschool? Just askin’.

      • WhoUtellin

        Are you intelligent enough to know what an ad hominem is? When you have no point resort to using those…lol…you’re weak sauce.

      • Q.

        For sure. And at least 10 X more intelligent than you, easily. I made my point three days ago, clown.

        LOL I’m glad you learned one Latin phrase.
        Here’s another: AD NAUSEAM…it’s when an idiot goes on an on and on, aimlessly. That would be YOU, duke! FOH

    • WhoUtellin

      The story doesn’t say the mother KNEW of this. It says she confirmed her daughter did these things to the boy. You need to be more careful how you are reading things. Is the mother to blame? She’s the parent of the girl and the girl somehow was influenced to do this so that alone is a failure on the mom’s part. It doesn’t mean the mother exposed anything at all to her daughter. Why does CPS need to be involved unless you really think the state must protect you at all costs? Here’s some news for you…the government cannot protect you or anyone for that matter.

  • fred

    All comes down to parenting. I was tounge kissing and watching porn (not beating my meat) at age 5 only cause I seen it done by elders. I’m sure the girl is only doing for the boy what mommy does for her boys. The school needs to be held accountable but you can’t keep track of EVERYTHING kids do. Closing them should suffice.

    Again its on the parents

    • WhoUtellin

      At least some people get it. It’s a damn shame that the majority of people are actually so out of touch it escapes them. The school failed in supervising the children even if they can’t monitor everything little thing kids do every second of the day…it’s still a failure regardless, but ultimately the parents are to blame, not the children and not the school for the acts of the children who are acting out something they have obviously seen adults do.

  • Q.

    Disgusted, though not surprised. Babylonian times.

  • Daniel Davis

    Kids do mess around with eachother.. just like most of y’all were doing in day care and preschool, rather you want to believe it or not. its nothing new to the world..they were experimenting that’s what kids do, and if you think I’m wrong k!ll urself

  • blackie_chan

    rap music is not the sole blame…but it sure is helping

    • WhoUtellin

      NO outside source is to blame. You can’t place blame on the world around you for a failure to know what is influencing your children. Needing to work 3 jobs to put food on the table is not even an acceptable excuse. The fact of the matter is the parent let the child down as is often the case. There will always be negative influences in the world, deal with it instead of making excuses and you’ll soon be conquering the world instead of it defeating you.

      • blackie_chan

        It seems that you try to be intellectual without the mental depth to be. No outside source is to blame? You explain why 5 year olds would behave like this without the outside influences of media, which includes tv, music and internet.

      • WhoUtellin

        Maybe the parents should be monitoring their children more closely instead of ALLOWING any negative outside influences to get to their children which no one knows where the little girl picked up this behavior so you reaching to say the least. It’s ultimately the parent’s responsibility to protect their children from the media and what they are taking in. The parents are to blame, not the media as any adult should be well aware of what is displayed in the media. Now who’s the one that doesn’t have the mental depth to be intellectual? Fool.

  • Money

    “What 5 year old really gets the notion to put a wee wee in their mouth?” LOL this shit cracked me up, yo brought back the term wee wee like it was nothing haha

  • Playboy210

    Just yesterday a kid told my daughter (11) he wanted to have sex with her and he would wear a condom…. It took everything I had to keep myself from showing up at that school at raising hell. The principal has synced removed this kid from all her classes

  • WhoUtellin

    When I was 6yo the girl next door who was the same age as me one day had me slip under her mom’s bed. Not long after we were under the bed her mom and mom’s bf came in and had sex on the bed not knowing we were underneath the bed the whole time. We could see a lot of what was going on thru the mirrored closet doors. This was my first experience even knowing what sex was. Blaming the kids is just stupid. Kids are curious by nature and want to be like the adults they idolize, they want to do what the adults do, they learn from what adults teach them. Just like religion, politics, racism, and sexism is taught to children. It’s not the end of the world, that’s just dumb to even say as much. Now what is shocking is that they were able to do this several times before they were caught. Where was the supervision? Blame parents if you want to, but the problem lies within society’s uptight views on things. I’m not saying teach toddlers about sex, but when once they become a witness to sex acts it’s time to educate them to their ability to understand. That little girl learned it somewhere and it doesn’t mean someone showed her porn. She could have been spying on her parents without them even being aware of it. Now who are the 39 idiots that blame the children? If that was you, please please don’t ever have children.

  • WhoUtellin

    Most of the comments below prove that society is really fucked up….I seen four comments that are actually carried some wisdom, the rest of you are in need of serious help or need to kill yourselves.

  • J.R Smith & Wesson

    LOL! Who voted for to blame the kids…

  • FREEfromslavery

    first to blame is the pathetic parents. second, the school full of blind teachers, and last but not least, this hypocritical world and the people in it. amerikkka has given up on our children with a passion. teaching them how to be a stonecold freak is just a drop in the bucket compared to these yankees out here unloading clips on elementary schools. by 2020 amerikkka will be destroyed by its own people.

  • Mia88

    We are living in revelations. God please help us all. These kids have either seen somebody doing this or either they have had grown folks doing things to them. Kids only do what they see us do.

  • Mia88

    I blame the parents. Everything starts at home. We are our childrens first teachers we are living in the end of days.