King Gordy

Detroit Rapper King Gordy Shot Five Times

(AllHipHop News) King Gordy, known for his outlandish raps about horror, was shot five times several sources told

One of the sources happens be D-12 group member Bizzare who recently sent a tweet out expressing his concern for King Gordy.

“King gordy.. get well my nigga.. I’m praying for u… I’m on way back know to the d,” Bizzarre Tweeted from his account @Bizzaresworld.

Together King Gordy and Bizzare were known as The Davidians.

Most recently the two released a record called “Justin Beiber” in which King Gordy sings, ” I fu**in hate you Justin/ I want to rape you Justin / You’re albums are disgusting / Justin Beiber we’re going to kill you / I want to hurt you Justin/ Put you in a little herse young Justin / F**k your fans in the ass til’ I’m cumming / Justin Beiber we’re going to kill you.”

In the song King Gordy and Bizzare describe raping and murdering Justin Bieber after Bizzare’s 8-year-old daughter is caught listening to the pop singer’s records.

To this day King Gordy is well known for his role in Eminem’s movie 8 Mile acting as “Big O.”

Bizzarre x King Gordy

78 Responses to “Detroit Rapper King Gordy Shot Five Times”

    • Damien the demon beats

      that’s Detroit…it keep getting worst. you even have to be anyone to get shoot, as long you have dollar in your spake they will rob.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Damien – that’s true, I visit Detroit on the reg – very mean streets.

      • Damien the demon beats

        depends on here you go too, because i was on the east-side near downtown , some guys where standing outside a store-front and they didn’t look to friendly, so couldn’t even go to a little store. every

      • Choppa

        LOL they didnt look “friendly”? Scared to walk in and get a swisher? lol

      • Guest

        Choppa – CoSign – and he’s wrong – it don’t “depends on where you go”

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Choppa – yeah, this Damien is a joke – and wrong – it don’t “depend on where you go”

      • EDOGZ818

        Fear is a sign of intelligence, had he went in, and gotten banked, he would be considered a dummy for not peeping game!

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        EDOG – well, had he turned away, and got banked, then he shudda went in – fear can be a sign of guilty of wrong-doing too.

      • EDOGZ818

        Black males are feared by white people….& black people too.

        Rightfully or wrongfully is a matter of individual perception!

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        EDOG – check crime stats – whites commit 50 times more crimes than blacks – you are a brainwashed person – turn your back and drop your guard on a white person – they’ll run off with your child or kill you – you got a lot to learn son.

      • EDOGZ818

        I never said Blacks were worse, just that it is a perception fueled by the inaccurate media, and whether or not that perception is justified, is based on the individuals perception.

        I own one of those ” No! White lady, I don’t want your purse!” T shirts!

      • DAME MAN

        well take a look at it per. capital …look at the inner city’s

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        DAME MAN – look at it per capital – check child porn blogs from coast to coast.

      • JusNathaniel

        yeah because white make up over 70% of the populaton dummy

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        JusNathaniel – why – is not the conversation – it’s who – commits the most crime – even per capita – your callin’ “dummy” when wrong is the sign your the real dummy. – and whites are 50%.

      • Choppa

        He also assumed that they was on bullshit jus cuz hw they “looked”… He coulda walked in and tha dudes coulda said “are u ready 4 Jehova’s return?” he also said “it depends on where u go”.. Well its niggas thatll rob u in front of 7-11 in Beverly Hills.. He was shook lol

      • bill

        lol Ive seen bad stuff , i can judge peoples body language..its called street smarts!! not everyone in Detroit is hard.

      • Damien the demon beats

        shiittt! lets time I got out some crackheads was in my face demanding change and I ended up not give him crap but its annoying .

      • DAME MAN

        your trya to look bad-as online..your probably a big eared dork from canton ..

      • IsiahZeke11

        Indeed it pays to be wise and aware of your surroundings, but if you that scary that you expect dudes in front of the party store to be smiling & waving for you to enter a store… You just a lil too scary to be in Detroit… Maybe (just maybe) I’m a little de-sensitized to the ways of the D, but clearly you probably just don’t belong in Detroit!

      • bill

        it was there coner and i was stranger so they assumed i might be a cop , i lived Detroit for 2 year back in the day and it was bad but better then that or they where given passerbyers roses all day.

  1. OL SOL M.C.

    aiight first of all…that song is funny as different from when Eminem shit on the boy bands and pop acts back in the day…Secondly Justin Beiber is 18yrs old, hes a grown ass man, not some little under age boy…basically the song is calling Justin out on being a sweet bitch….man do I miss when Hip Hop still had a set of balls…Get well Gordy

    • chippc

      So based on you logic, in order for hip hop to have balls, MC’s need to rap about raping another man? It was wack when Em did it, and odd future too.

      • Johnny Sanchez

        So based on your logic… blah blah blah. Yo, don’t take yourself too serious. You sound foolish. This is a hiphop site, not C-SPAN. And about Em as a rapper, what could you say about dude that is wack? The dude has delivery, lyrics, wit, murder you heat. Think about what embodies hiphop before you say anything. One more thing… go get raped, boi! Haaaa.. Peace.


        yea i mean i like party/dance music to help people forget about their problems & have some fun for awhile. but yeah the peace & unity is what its all about. & spreading knowledge.
        & making musicfrom your heart & soul! not some bs to make a few dollars, that ish gota go !

  2. firehawk17

    that song is deplorable..raping a boy cause you caught your daugther listening to his music? better him than lil kim.. but this isnt comedy..not funny i dont recall Em saying he wants to rape a dude per say…but whatever… get well my G

  3. Mike Swiff

    Who the hell is King Gordy and his obsession with a non talented white boy name Justin Beiber! I told yall hip hop is for suckaz! LMAO cum on yo prove me wrong! lol

  4. IsiahZeke11

    I love when folks not from Detroit “try” to speak on the D and blatantly prove they have no idea what they’re talking about!!! I mean seriously, I been to Chicago and South Beach Miami a few times, but that don’t hardly make me an expert on life in those towns…

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