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Epic Fail Of The Day: "Rich Like Rick Ross" Teen Gets Smacked Down By Judge


Kids, kids, kids! Know the game, before you go in to the court room poppin off at the judge! Peep this report where the girl’s attitude got her 30 days in the county. LOL! But, why did she mention Rick Ross in it? I will let you all have the fun with that joke. But…off to jail she went. Here is the report.

Penelope Soto, 18, was in Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat’s bond court Monday on charges of possessing  Xanax, Local 10 reported Monday.

Rodriguez-Chomat was prepared to let her off on a $5,000 bond when the giggling girl made the mistake of sarcastically saying “Adios” before flitting away from the bench, NBC Miami reported Tuesday.

But the judge wasn’t having her sarcastic attitude and upped her bail to $10,000.

“Are you serious?” Soto asked, to which Rodriguez-Chomat replied that he was, adding “Adios.”
“[Expletive] you,” Soto said, raising her middle finger as she walked out of court, according to NBC Miami.

Rodriguez-Chomat then called the girl back again, charged her with contempt of court, and sentenced her to 30 days behind bars.

SOURCE: businessinsider.com

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • mike malarkey

    late as shit.. this was on worldstar yesterday…. illseed u suck

    • AHH cannot always be the first on all new items

      • Future Patrick

        yeah but dang i thought at LEAST they would be the FIRST with the Mobb reunion. They got that from TMZ!

      • mike malarkey

        exactly my point… they just grab stuff from worldstar, tmz, and other gossip sites and after a day or 2 later post it. like thats sum lazy shit

      • That’s not how journalism works, sometimes your the first sometimes not. Its not as if they have every artist’s house bugged.

        If you’re looking for any one media outlet to be first to report everything then you’ll in for disappointment.

        TMZ is a mega organisation compared to AHH. AHH is probably just a bunch of dudes who got together sitting in a flat or office reporting and trying to earn some dough for the latest Jordans et al.

        As much as we knock them lets give them a bit of credit. Being a journalist / reporter is not always an easy job.

      • mike malarkey

        yeah but it dont need to be last either…

      • It’s been many many moons since AHH was first to report ANYTHING. Case in point, Luke’s letter to Ross’s fugazi ass was on all the other sites Monday…no way in hell it shoulda took til Wednesday for “The World’s Most Dangerous Site” to get hip to the story…

      • We can go on and on about this subject of AHH not being the first to post a news story of hip hop importance. It’s good as it garners interesting debate.

        I am not going to sit here and advocate on their behalf and that’s not just because I don’t get paid to defend them, but I have loads of things to do and me sitting here typing will only allow them to target keyword related words and generate traffic to their site. I SHOULD GET PAID FOR THIS HA HA.

        On another note though. I truly do not think that they have sufficient manpower / woman power to be covering everything in hip hop. This is evident in many stories that have been rushed to press without even been checked for spelling, grammatical errors.

        If I allowed a story to go live with the amount of errors I have witnessed I would have got punched and sacked by my editor when I was a journalist.

        On another note, lets give them props, I think they are Afro-Caribbean dudes trying to earn a decent living for themselves.

        PS: i did not spell check this either.

  • small price to pay for being a star in the hood…. only downside is that 20 years from now she still wont have no damn work history.

  • artman696

    Yea this is late but I just now watched it…She dumb somebody should have told her them judges dont play.

    • kevinamacfarlane49zd

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      • Sean Taylor

        Youz got an Audi….ah sheit…youz a balla NIGGA!!

  • cameo

    typical stupid welfare recipient somebody needs to put that hoe on the stroll when she gets out

    • Guest

      cameo – sad but true – 18 years old and just beginning history of drug abuse with instituitons – and her top priority is her weave being cute – on path to being a useless loser wit’a adid-tude.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      cameo – Co-Sign

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        America – the only country where people can come here, get on welfare, housing, and become criminals in our streets.

      • Rebekarice

        Funny your ancestors came here by boat in chains or thru Ellis island?

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Rebekarice – by boat and chains. – what’s your point?

  • AK

    i wonder who leaks court footage

  • Dumb move..Judges have zero power in the world except when they are on the bench…the last thing you want to do is embarrass or tease someone who has a complexity issue and a chip on their shoulder. The older a judge is the more they feel the god complex sitting up there..kid was dumb but that judge was just continuing the decree of other judges..the amazing part is that a judge unless caught stepping out of line has very little oversight in this system..many bring their biases from their times as prosecuters to the bench..if your job prior to becoming a judge is getting a conviction..what do you think their mentality is on a bench. Judges should be like politicians..4 to 8 years and you are a done.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    When keeping it “real” goes wrong!

  • $18916246


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