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Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye Trying To Get Dress Pics Removed From Internet?

Lord Jamar may have been heard! What the HECK? It seems that Kanye West has ordered photograph monolith Getty Images to remove all of their pictures of him wearing a dress from their site. The pictures in question are from the 12-12-12 Sandy Benefit concert from last year. Now, this is just a rumor, but the request has come seemingly after Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian released the song, “Lift Ya Skirt Up.” I can’t image Kanye really caring about it. The fact is, nobody knows exactly why Ye wants the pics removed.


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Why? Kim remixed this song by Rihanna. I just can’t get this chick. What is she doing with her career?

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Weedras

    I blame Diddy for making people think this shit is cool, when he rocked a kilt several times…

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      Weedras – and if diddy jumped off a cliff……… (you finish)

  • Lil Kim looks great she is doing her thing, at one point you all used to love her, now it’s a new day, but you all should still respect the hustle.

    • Nah, “looks great” is never a phrase that should be mentioned in the same sentence with Lil Kim….drop the “S” & ad an “ED” ( LOOKED )

      Past tense…..she’s finished!

  • RazaBladeKing

    The best way to not have pictures of yourself in a skirt on the net?…
    DONT WEAR A SKIRT. Fruit cake.
    And miss me with that “be tolerant”, “dont be a homophobe”, blah blah blah. You can live however you want, but this is hip hop, and im tired of these n*ggas makin a lane for that lifestyle in hip hop when there has never been one, and never should be one. If we let these crossdressers in, we may as well let in KKK white supremacy hip hop, child molester hip hop, violent jihad hip hop, and anything else in. Pac and Biggie didnt die for this.

    • BossBeaux

      You right Pac and Big didn’t die over this multiple nigga moments is what lead to their demise but I feel you on that gay shit when you literally have to tell a nigga to pill his skirt down SMH

    • eiroc55

      PPL on this site are uneducated and foolish..Hiphop started with guys wearing all types of shyt..Big and Pac promoted the gay mans brand Versace..I respect Lord Jamar but he should have more of an issue with dudes in his crew who still where 5XX and have their pants hanging off their ass..thats more gay than anything

      • SpaceAge2012

        I see what u’re sayin but don’t try 2 justify what Kanye is doin with ur comment.When Hip Hop began brothers were dressin in those wild outfits 2 create characters that would attract attention (like Trinidad James just did).Pac & Big were responsible for merging high fashion with da hip hop culture,but they wore Versace shirts & shades not skirts.Kanye picked up that skirt shit from his gay friend Marc Jacob & decided 2 try that shit out cus he thought it would catch on & he would be seen as da innovator,but now he’s realized that it’s fuelin da “gay rumors” of him & doin more harm 2 his image than good.

      • eiroc55

        I just think you proved my point..When Versace was sending pac all that gear bc he had a crush on him Pac was hesitant because it could have been considered gayish to wear during those times but he had enough confidence to merge the cultures..Kanye tried and failed at the same thing..I’m not Pro skirts im just saying all”rock stars” have tried to push the envelope its what theyre suppose to do.

      • SpaceAge2012

        Bruh,Pac wore Versace b4 Biggie copied his swag & made it popular in Hip Hop.There is no proof that Gianni Versace had a crush on 2Pac.Designers give celebs free clothes bcus they serve as promotional tools & walkin advertisements which gets their fans 2 go out & buy those products tryna emulate their idols.There is a huge difference between what’ll be accepted from a white Rockstar & a black Rapper,& leather mini-skirts are 1 of those things that will never be accepted in our culture from homo rappers tryna feminize Hip Hop!

      • eiroc55

        So your telling me Gianni had the brilliance to think that if pac wore his clothing so would the rest of hip hop…Seriously I doubt that 1 from an economical standpoint hip hop was not his demographic 2 these pretentious designers usually didnt like seeing a certain demographic wearing they’re gear..yea maybe a few famous ppl but not the general population.As far as your huge difference I disagree..The Black Rapper has become the White Rockstar. There are no more Motley crews but theres MMG and hip hop has long been feminized especially in these days thats why it sucks

      • Actually, it seems like Giannini did have the brilliance you described, from a marketing standpoint, product placement on Tupac cost the price of the garmet, as opposed to the price of a superbowl add….that wouldn’t take products for payments.

        BIG & Versace shade?
        Smart move….as far as it catching on?

        Not sure if it did, but if it did catch on, it was a power move for Versace, from a business perspective.

      • SpaceAge2012

        E,thanks 4 elaborating on my point of product placement & marketing which I think he missed out of arrogance, but Big had damn near every hustler rockin Coogi sweaters,Versace shirts,& Versace shades in da early 90s,what do u mean u’re not sure if it caught on? I remember back then if u couldn’t afford it & went 2 da club that meant u was broke or not up on game.Even after da deaths of Pac & Big,Master.P was still rockin Versace bruh.That’s what got L.V.,Gucci,Prada,& all them other high end brands 2 start using black artist 2 promote their products which is widely publicized by these new artists in hip hop 2day.

      • LV been around since the mid 80’s as far as Hip Hop fashion.

        I remember man “PURSES” or bags, that held the Tray, on the lower end of the fashion spectrum, was shaving or cosmetic bags, rectangular, with short hand strap…that perfectly held / concealed a 40 oz of ‘Ole E 800.

        Bill Cosby was the first I seen rocking Coogi sweaters, but obviously, I was on the lower end of the fashion tip.

        Sneakers, jeans & a jacket type ‘chet.

        Will Kanye’s style of dressing like a gay homeless man catch on?

        I think it will / did with the youth.
        IE: Size XXXSmedium pants & shirts.

        Man dresses or Kilts?
        To each his own, I’m more comfortable in fatigues & jungle boots, so it wouldn’t catch on with me.

      • SpaceAge2012

        Who was rockin & promotin L.V. in Hip Hop like that back in da 80s E? I don’t remember rappers rockin no man purses bruh,only da caucasians & homos were stylin that ish.Please..tell me u wasn’t hidin ur O.Es in Louie.V man purses E,lmao..but yeah I remember Bill rockin them Coogi sweaters on da Cosby show but Biggie made it acceptable in Hip Hop along with da Kangol & Versace shades with da Madusa head on da sides.”Kanye’s style of dressing like a gay homeless man” lmao..Classic! I agree them skinnys caught on with da young Jerk crowd but 80s babies like me never rocked that gay sh!t.I actually clowned my lil cousin so much he threw all his skinnys away.*GuyCode Moment* “Don’t judge me.”

      • Alpo & crew, Hip Hoppers, etc.

        Man purses? I said brothers carried the Trey IE: Trey Lbs 7, etc.
        I did carry my 40’s in a shaving kit bag, zipped up so only the opening was exposed & shielded my drink, etc. ( Subway )

        80’s? We rocked Levi 501’s after Lee’s played out!

      • SpaceAge2012

        E, Alpo & his team were drug dealers.They were among da few brothers in da hood who could actually afford da flashy sh!t b4 rappers started copyin their swag,but I never saw a picture of Alpo with no L.V. purse bruh.

      • Nah, no Man purse for Po’, but Hip Hop did copy, or that was the culture?

        Not saying rappers had the man bags, but I have seen dudes using them to hold heat…..nothing else but the heat!

      • SpaceAge2012

        Bruh,is that a rhetorical question? Gianni Versace was a businessman who was expanding his company to America from Europe.Why wouldn’t he use da most popular rappers at da time 2 promote his brand? U probably don’t know this cus u was 2 young,but da Versace family & Donna Karan (D.K.N.Y) use to have Lil Kim,B.I.G & Diddy them at their shows seated with them all da time.They never cared about da stereotypes of demographics then & they still don’t now,it’s always been about 1 color bruh,$ Green. Why do u think these high fashion brands are so popular in da hip hop culture 2day? Gianni Versace & Donna Karan made it possible for those other designers in europe to think outside da box & use da hip hop culture 2 maximize their profits.As for ur comment about Rappers being da new Rockstars,da only reason why Wayne,Pharell,Dipset,& da rest of them even started dressin like that & skateboarding was so they could merge black & white cultures & break thru da racial barriers that separated their fans & nothing more.That’s da real reason why u see this new generation of hipsters more united with their diverse groups of friends than any of da other generations b4 them.Now da new agenda is 2 get da gays & their culture accepted as well thru hip hop by usin da new popular artists 2 do it & this is where we currently are with it.

      • Hmm, never knew Donna Karan was Versace related, my kennel was named after her P.K.N.Y. ( Paycheck Kennels New York ), my friends, S.K.N.Y. ( Solo Kennels New York ) so that proves your point to me.

      • SpaceAge2012

        U got me wrong E,I’m not sayin D.K.N.Y & Versace were related,I’m sayin Donna Karan started 2 catch on in hip hop like Versace after Lil Kim started shoutin her out in her raps,”D.K.N.Y. oh my, I’m jiggy/It’s all about da Smalls and my f*ckin nigga Biggie.” I know u remember that line,cus u just told me things bout L.V. & da 80s I never knew,but then again back then I was a youngin so..what’s a kennel?

      • Kennel = Dogs

        PayCheck Kennels New York is an ADBA ( American Dog Breeders Association ) award winning kennel.

        No blues, etc., strictly game dogs!


      • RazaBladeKing

        Eh… you know me, bruh? “Uneducated and foolish”? Nah, you don’t know me; I’ll just take that as your emotional response. So… Why so emotional? (thats for you to figure out, I’m guessin I and anyone who read it knows the answer). Yeah, 80s fashion was a trip, but show me a grown man in a skirt from any era that got co-signed by real n****s. Big and Pac promoted versace, but as homie below said, versace skirts? Didnt happen. A lotta fashion designers are gay, or at least thats the common perception. And if you think ANYTHING is “more gay” than a man in a dress, well… again… thats a reflection of you. Consider me holdin up the mirror.

      • eiroc55

        If you took me saying Uneducated as me speaking to you then you wear that..nothing emotional about 1 mans opinion but if you wanna get funky in the “message” if you even know about that..they had blouses and high boots on with heels…my point is being close minded is equivalent to being uneducated and unworldly .A confident man can wear anything ..that doesnt make the brotha gay. Walk into a bar in Edinburgh and tell those men their gay with their skirts on and I’ll ask for that same mirror youve provided and guarantee you wont be looking to well

      • I’m sorry but when has Versace ever been a gay man’s brand? When has any clothing line in history ever been a gay man’s brand?

      • Pac and Big both wore Versace but they didn’t wear blouse’s and skirts. Almost every designer is gay…. but they make MEN and WOMEN clothing lol. So u saying ppl are uneducated and foolish i think ur being dramatic…. Kanye is wear a skirt lol the hell with the designer but the n!gga is wearing a skirt lol lol what time do we live in where that is acceptable. If a man is gay cool, but cross dressing, wearing make up, or jeans so tight that u looked like u got them out ur little sister closet what message does that send. what are these Genius Artist saying??

    • Tony G.

      I was with u til the Pac and Big reference…what did they die for?

    • Ghetto Suburbia

      I’m with you on this one! It’s like this, i don’t have a problem with gay people but Please done force that shit on me. I don’t understand, I don’t want to understand and if a man is wearing a dress in hip hop he is considered gay, nuff said. Half you people on here feel the same way but it baffles me when you can say,” who care if he wears a dress,. it 2013 he can express himself anyway he wants! Cool, if he represent that he might as well say he gay and get the respect. But he’s giving out a message to his fans that it’s ok to wear a dress and look like a homo, knowing a str8 man isn’t even going to pick up, let alone put that shit on. He’s slowly coming out the closet before our eyes.

  • That Lil Kim Remix Wasn’t Bad At All…

    • highgeorgebush


    • Ghetto Suburbia


  • Tyfromthechi

    A money y u hating on Kim allhiphop put a lot of wack songs on they site daily but the track is decent she mimic Rihanna on the first verse she went n on the second verse u must be a minaj Stan lol but kanye just wore a skirt to get attention niggaz need to black ball Wayne and baby gay asses

  • johnblacksad

    “I grip the mic so tight i get callouses”

    Respect Lord Jamar… that’s all i’m sayin…

  • johnblacksad

    …every time I step in a jam
    I make like a door and slam
    But then girls try to turn my knob cause I’m a hearthrob
    I guess it’s just a hazard that comes with the job
    Cause every time I rock a rhyme that shows Jamar is intellectual
    Girls want to get sexual
    Well I guess I have to cope with being so dope
    You want to be me, but can’t see me with a telescope
    You seek and search but still you can’t find
    You’re weak and it hurts to be deaf dumb and blind
    A supreme mind will take you out of your paralysis

    I grip the mic so tight I get callouses

    And your analysis is that the Lord
    Whips rhymes into shape with a mic cord
    I do it good cause I’m a postive black man
    Eating up suckers as if I was Pac Man…

    • churchboy2

      When this song first dropped I had to admit that I thought that his line was suspect:

      Cause every time I rock a rhyme that shows Jamar is intellectual
      Girls want to get sexual
      Well I guess I have to cope with being so dope

      It always seemed to me that he was complaining about girls liking him…

      • Sometimes, if a girl is chasing you, as hard as she is chasing a chuck wagon, (Dog Food) you might complain!


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  • a29972997

    Kim will always be hip hop royalty that girl look good to me id lock her in my cave and beat skeet repeat…..

  • artman696

    I dont accept a man wearing a skirt but one thing I got to say is these people are very smart. Whether it be Kanye or Jay Z. The thing is they do music which is what usually keep you relevant. Well he’s having a baby by a whore and where’s a skirt and gets more attention than anybody else. Music is turning more into a soap opera everyday.

    • Sean Taylor

      He where’s a skirt?

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  • bo da butcha

    Master p called dem niggaz out for wearing skirts dis fag rappers get expose weekly santana wearing women shoes what the hell going on n hip hop

  • EQ

    ill seed making this shit up just to promote lord jamar

  • Once it’s on the net..it’s on the net for ever….

  • surcharles

    i like kanyne but no dude should wea a freaking dress

  • southside4lyfe

    so if it is raining and i see a man in a skirt should i put my jacket down so he won’t have to walk through a puddle of water…im trying to figure out whats next for Ye is he going to stop wearing underwear to with high heels. first he rapping about jesus was a carpenter..now he is wearing skirts. next he will say he bisexual or some gay shit. yes versace was gay he even admitted that he wanted to have sex with Pac. I like Pac but he became friends with versace after he had already went to jail so maybe he was a homo behind close doors. Alot of superstar men are gay behind the closet look at Eddie murphy he sleeps with transexuals. look at lil wayne he wears jeggins and snow boots and kisses his daddy in the mouth.

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  • Choppa

    If Pac and Big was alive today, 90% of you so called male hip hop heads would probably sicking their ducks like 18 year old groupies. Every time a rapper is in the headlines you all resort to “What would Big do or What would Pac do”. Pac is real, Big is real, nah homie they just REALLY dead!!!!

    • Sean Taylor

      WOW Choppa…what a hardcore name. You must be a hardcore nigga huh?

  • dstitt

    Here’s what i think. Most of us on this blog probably haven’t been outsid the USA. When people ain’t use to a lifestyle, naturally we hate on it. But these artists have the opportunity to go places. Take the time to embrace the culture, and maybe fall in love withit. If he lived enough time where ever he was to embrace and mimic elsewhere, naturally people who dont understand or live that life is going to hate.

    • Sean Taylor

      Shut up fag boi

      • dstitt

        Really? No argument? No educated guess? Your mom must hate herself so u much for creating the likes of u. That’s what she gets for conceiving you out of an orgy.

      • lol

  • Illseed the reason why he doesn’t want the pic up because it’s gay! lol that simple… You don’t have to have a PH.d in Rocket Science to see that man. lol “the fact is nobody knows why Ye wants the pic removed” lol lol illseed ur a funny dude.

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  • hernandez26

    what the hell does it matter what anybody wears… hiphop is hiphop.. its a feeling,its emotion,its a way to paint a picture, its a way to shed some light on the artist life. and its that awesome feeling you get when u hear a sick ass beat for the first time. or some sick ass bars… music is music…it has no gender no race no sexual prefrence. its a damn movement thats not gonna be stopped……..so what if the sickest,your most fav rapper,mc,artist,comes out and says hey look everyone im gay… are you gonna stop liking them??…..we all have our own fav m.c’s and we like them cause of the product they put out period! JUDGE THE PRODUCT NOT THE PERSON!!!!!