Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Hip-Hop Rumors: Kris Humphries Putting KimYe's Baby At Risk?

Kim booty still thick.
Kanye and Kim Kardashian are putting it all out there with this baby. No selling of pics. No rap music. Mad baby stuff purchased. Anyway, the latest is that Kimmie K’s doc feels that the divorce, which is supposedly being “dragged” out by Kris Humphries, is putting the unborn baby at risk. Apparently she has been having severe pains in the middle of the night. The doc said this is purely stress related and the only stress she is having is from the divorce. Kim is scared she may lose the baby and her mother is scared she may lose a revenue stream.


Mannnnn…this dude shut sh!t DOWN, B.

And he takes care of his kid.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Sean Taylor

    Ah poor little whore is stressed out over her fake marriage. Poor little whore!! : (

    Kanyes looking like a straight gump in that picture.

  • GregSki86

    Do we really give a f*ck that this slore has stress after she faked her own marriage, played the nigga Humphries for a fool, then divorced his a*s all for ratings? This b*tch deserves all the bad luck she gets

  • Q.

    Random BS.

  • PL

    Damn dude really did shut ’em down! Just think if they had a MIllion Full Blood Indian March…are there even a million FBI’s alive?

    • 1 Hun’d!

      Sonned them like they came out his 4-9-3-11!

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  • Chris

    She probably should have waited until AFTER the divorce to get pregnant. Dummy.

    • Kanyes’ rubber burst.

      • Chris

        What’s your point? She was still married to another man. They took a gamble and they lost.

  • I really can’t stand this Kanye person, he is such an idiot….This man is bound to lose his star power, not because of his music but because of his silly comments.

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  • Izzy McGlizzy

    That Native American is spitting knowledge

    • J. Jordan

      Truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……I wanted to stand up and applaud at my computer.

    • Absolute truth.

      White Americans are native Europeans (West Asians).
      They stole the land from the Natives and committed

      genocide. Even the Mexicans they don’t want to cross

      the border are at least half Native Americans and many

      of those were forced behind the border by the

      Anglo Saxons.

      Aren’t Los Angeles, San Francisco, Florida, Texas, etc

      all Spanish names and formerly Spanish owned?
      Not that the Spanish were any better than the Anglo Saxons,

      but all this America this or America that talk is nonsense.

      The word America itself derives from Spanish language.

      The continent was named after “Amerigo Vespucci” an

      Italian on the Spanish side.

      There should be free history classes offered to conservatives.
      But probably we are seeing the result of permanent shrinkage

      on educational funding.

      • mistahsinistah

        whats an italian on the spanish side? is it like a american on the canadian side? italy and spain are two diffrent countries and italian and spanish two diffrent languages. so america is derived from an italian name…

      • Vespucci was Italian & Dominican.

        Asher is on point….as usual.

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  • Forbedvdz already reported the Native American thing. AHH you are slipping badly illseed jacking news again. This is days old. Step your new info game up illseed.

  • therealest1

    You tell them you angry, but real Native American dude! Speak your mind my man! Give it to them real!

  • AK

    kobe put humphries at risk of losing his starting job last night

    • Synthia Rose

      He hasn’t started in weeks. AVery Johnson demoted him in favor of REggie Evans before he got fired as coach. The new coach is keeping Kris on the bench where he should be. His starting job is long gone.

  • Torrey Winston

    That Native American cleared that protest out like a fart….good shit

  • don king

    dude is totaly right. the whole world laughes bout white america, cause some of them r the dumbest humans on earth, but think they r gods gift 2 the world. they dont know shit about history, but act like they have the knowledge n rights 2 give other humans instructions.

    kim just pullin another trick 2 get divorced asap. this bitch is shameless like her immoral ass mom.

  • therealest1

    This guy is a “Real American” like that Hulk Hogan WWE ring entrance music!

    • DollasTX

      Lmao … At the reference, good shyt!

  • Calico Joe

    Hip Hop Rumors?

  • YoungPrime

    Irony being that you’re still legaly married with someone else’s child…

  • Katydid

    How do we really know that the divorce is the ONLY stress poor Kimmy is under? Her mother is always causing stress, it’s her doc’s job to say its the divorce because that is what Kimmy will be paying him to say.