Mobb Deep Reunites, Plans International Tour

(AllHipHop News) Time (and money) heals all wounds. Mobb Deep have seemingly hashed things out and return from their indefinite hiatus with a scheduled return at Paid Dues Festival 2013. TMZ reports, in addition to joining the Paid Dues all star lineup on March 30th the legendary Queens duo will embark on an international tour in celebration of their 20th anniversary in April.

The 20th anniversary tour will begin a year after Havoc’s infamous Twitter diatribe on Prodigy shocked Hip-Hop at large last April. Havoc categorically denied being behind the inflammatory tweets (Twitter hackers), took a picture with Prodigy at a Knicks game and then told AllHipHop he wrote the original tweets.

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Havoc told us while he admits Twitter was “the wrong thing to do at the time” the defaming claims were truthful. Some of those claims included Prodigy engaging in homosexual activity while incarcerated and being overall “fake.”

There is no word on any planned album releases or recording session. Prodigy recently released the single “Give Em Hell” from his forthcoming album Albert Einstein which is entirely produced by Alchemist. Havoc is planning on releasing his new album 13  independently through Nature Sounds this year.

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  • bucktown

    Publicity stunt at its finest

  • them niggaz aint gonna never be the same… they gone go to shows seperately, perfom together, then leave seperately…

    • Casor_Greener

      They were always over rated trash. Never heard anybody rock their albums down here in the south

      • You might not rock to their albums doesn’t mean people in the south don’t my peoples from ATL fks with them heavy. You can speak for yourself unless you know several million people personally in each state. That doesn’t add up. Streets salute everywhere it isn’t a coast thing. Either you like good music or bullsh*t. If you think they are trash I assume you are a gucci mane fan.

      • pwqs

        Overrated? Wigga please you must be a lil wayen fan or a 2pac (a.k.a the guy who admits he’s feminine in a interview) dick rider

      • Sean Taylor

        shut up bitch boi

      • westwood28

        If you think theyre overrated trash youve never listened to The Infamous

  • Lolrax

    I hope it works out because I need another Mobb album in a big way

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  • therealwayno

    How can you reunite when your boy basically tells the media you are the gay?

    • best_believe

      I feel you. It’s gonna have a phoney vibe with them for now on. That bread running low. Cause since P got out his shots been trash.

      • pwqs

        Wtf? Niggas suppose to be married or something? They fought a long time ago niggas fight get over it

      • best_believe

        Okay Oprah. That ain’t just a argument. I’m sure they argued over there while carrier. It’s one thing for another rapper to call you gay and say you took it up the culo. But your partner and and suppossed to be brother does that. That ain’t cool. There will always be bad blood. I’m sorry if you enjoy your friends playing grab ass with you. But that’s like or maybe worse then being called a snitch.

    • AK

      they known each other since kids they could of had differences and duked it out or even talked it out

    • SpaceAge2012

      True talk,it must be da $ cus Hav stay on that sucka sh!t.1min they cool da next min they split,wtf’s up with this damn on & off relationship?! Put that bullsh!t aside & just make music!!

      • I agree Hav has never matured through the years he seems to have stayed the same mentally as a kid. P on the other hand acts like a grown ass man who realizes his dumb sh*t doesn’t work in the streets anymore plus beef.

      • kevinamacfarlane49zd

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      • Sean Taylor

        A mustang…nigga I though you had an Audi!?

        You aint ballin no more

    • scullyson

      Exactly…What was his point of exposing him ?

      • pwqs

        He didn’t expose him dumbass he said they wasn’t him

      • scullyson

        he said they wasn’t him ? lmao…stop calling people dumbass when it’s obvious your a blockhead. get lost simple simon…

    • pwqs

      Havoc didn’t call P gay the twitter was hacked read again dumb ass

      • westwood28

        yes it does but then it says Hav retracted those statements and said he posted the shit

    • money makes ppl do crazy things, plus Havoc is supposebly a drunk what can u expect?

  • Ronald Booher

    juvenile hell was trash. Infamous and hell on earth were the only 2 great albums. The next two were decent. Blood money was bm. They don’t make good music now, but I respect what they have done.

  • Choppa

    $$$$ gettn low so.. Dnt nobody want this obvious phony shyt

    • pwqs

      It was would be phony to never fight if something bothering you. Apparently you a bitch thats scared to speak your mind and backs down when a friends wants to fight you

      • Sean Taylor

        shut up bitch boi. you soft as duck butta

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  • Tre C

    agreed with @best_believe:disqus. From here on out it’s always going to feel like they’re just doing it for the money. Not for their brotherhood or the love of music

    • pwqs

      You too sensitive. Men FIGHT BROTHERS FIGHT

  • water_ur_seeds

    never trust an alcoholic, according to alot of people hav drinks too much and has the wrong people around him,… p has been trying to make real money and operate like a businessman last few years, having positive people around etc havs negative hanger on friends been trying to poison him and say that p is a p***y for trying to get rid of all the leeches around him, hav needs to wake up…

    • As I stated above already Hav still acts like he is a teenager from the 90’s he never matured. P matured and grew up and Hav is still on that bullsh*t.

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  • That’s what’s up!!!