Beyonce: Sex With Jay-Z Calms Me Down

(AllHipHop News) Before Beyonce’s gyrations made her a suspect in the Super Bowl blackout she was speaking quite candid about her love life. ArtistDirect reports that during a pre-Super Bowl press conference, Mrs. Shawn Carter revealed her remedy to nervousness:

 “When I get nervous or I don’t have everything together I like to make love to my husband.”

Label exec, part owner of a basketball team and now Beyonce’s personal pain killer, Jay-Z’s life gets more envious.

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    dumbest article ever

    • Bumpy Johnson

      tryna say Jay life is more envious coz of that…come to Houston there is like 1000s of beyonce’s on polls thata do anything for $125…..If i met B n she tryna get some , she’d be a late night Jump off!!!! probably pass it round for some ChooChoos too.

    • RealMusic

      If Bey’s name is in it, then it is.

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  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC


  • baseforyourfase

    wtf is this

    • RealMusic

      Jay’s escort advertisement.

  • s0rethumb

    Well I was bored. Now I can think of Jigga jizz hitting walls and thong draws next time I see Beyonce dry humping my eyeballs.

    • RealMusic

      I like to think of Jay’z jizz hitting my walls doing damage.

  • Gosh that put me off my breakfast LOL.

    • RealMusic

      Sausage for me. Im really hungry.

  • restless

    how is this news?

    • RealMusic

      Jay-z got that magick stick and I need healing.

  • Swaggout

    Jay-Z won.

    • RealMusic

      Beyonce did. That stick is huge….

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  • johnblacksad

    fcuk calming her down, i’d put her in a coma

    *in my incredible Hulk voice*

    • RealMusic

      I got my hospital bed ready.

  • speedy37

    That nigga using viagra smh ,that nigga 45 lol.

    • RealMusic

      That dicc is all real, wait your turn.

      • dre8791

        Why don’t you just put him in your mouth since you’re riding the camel hard.

      • RealMusic

        Youre the true dickrider over here….dre.
        I bet you got a whole room full of beats by dre for being his pussyboi, you fruitkake.

  • Okay sex with her husband calms her down, or sex in general? So contradicting being that Beyonce is always ducking with her baby, lip lynching, and making funny faces while performing, then turn around and say that she wants her pics off the internet because they are unflatterng. Doesn’t seem like the actions of a calm person to me.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      u ma’am are so gay!

      • TALK_BOSS


    • Weedras

      sometimes you make sense and then sometimes you come off as a dumbass for real! i be seeing ppl saying you’re gay and shit but i’m beginning to believe now because all of what you just wrote just came off as some bitch envy…. for the record if your talking while a pic is being taken chances are your gonna have a weird look on your face same goes for singing… and many celebs have done what she has done just that its being sensationalized… just like this story…

      • greeneyedbandit

        Might be what she needs….lol

      • RealMusic


      • Weedras

        wtf would i be jealous of? lol!

  • Why in the hell was this news?

  • brotha_man

    my lady says the same ish

    • RealMusic

      I think I should make that decision for myself.

  • Synista

    I can just imagine “JAY-Z voice” Uhh uhh uhh uhh YEA B you like dis dyck don’t you Uhhh uhh uhh Huuuuuh ohhhhh ohhhh don’t move …okay get off me.

    • MiiUziWeighsATon

      Lmao….he prolly tells her to turn his “mic” down after ejaculating all over her face and tits

      • RealMusic

        Ill turn that Mic real down.

    • RealMusic


  • Dwayne Nvo

    where is this article: FEB 9 Ab Soul Show Support For Alleged LAPD Shooter Christopher Dorner

  • Rick D.

    Thanks B … Got my daughter reading this shit asking me what it means ///// Stupid ass post.

  • Guest

    This is so transparent and coincidental how statement is made not too long after Amanda Bynes Calls Jay Z Ugly On Twitter. It’s like Bey is trying to keep his reputation and image in tact by compensating how’s good he is in bed to distract the obvious. Bitch please.

    • RealMusic

      Its Bey! Do you expect different?

  • Yushwa

    This is so transparent and coincidental how this statement is made not too
    long after Amanda Bynes Calls Jay Z Ugly On Twitter. It’s like Bey is
    trying to keep his reputation and image in tact by compensating how
    good he is in bed to distract the obvious. Bitch please.

  • she could masterbate and get the same feeling lol remember turtle on entourage put that one out in the mainstream lol … however this is true and if female were more fruitfull with thier goodies we might live in a better world …. alot of these crazies out here today just need to bust a phat nut to com them down lol

  • $18916246

    Don’t be mad, More Black couples, mother’s, father’s, need to marry (wed) and know what it’s like to be praised sexually, publicly by his or her spouse. Bey is just talking that talk that keeps that spontaneous spark between a husband and wife alive…..self proclaimed n*ggas & b*tches need not reply as you know nothing of what I speak. Black love is for black people and any body else who loves and cherishes their own.

  • Synista

    look at picture B wanted removed from the web……then imagine her fcuk faces …………..

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