Epic Wins Of The Day: Diddy, Pepper Spraying Hood Chick and Sweet Brown

Mace® Pepper Gun™ Pink


Here are some fails and wins for this Saturday! Glad the snow missed us here Delaware!

This goofy white dude kept playing with this woman as a convenience store and she let him have it! But, I love how people say “I TOLD YOU DON’T F**K WITH ME” – AND SHE DID.

The fact of the matter is people LOVE Sweet Brown!

Sweet Brown

This women can do no wrong! check how she came up with a new paying gig for a dental company.

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New York magazine is going to love this!

Diddy Most be straight up bored. That’s a special kind of rich.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Marchello Currence

    Thats The Five Boroughs In One Tatt!!! Love It!!!

    • its a state my dude. theres a like 50 of them n shit

      • mega post

        You must be slow fam….

      • on snap u didnt know NY is a state n you callin me slow… thats ironic… dont cha think hahahahaha dumbass

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  • damn that little mace gun looks like a great way to get yourself shot

  • he took offense to that Fab line “gotta go to LA if ur looking for Diddy”

    • AK

      well the tat artist looks like hes from LA he didnt even get it tatted in new york lol

      • SC

        Im thinking he’s from Florida cause of the shirt and hat. I could be wrong though. Whoever he is though he’s going to be in high demand cause of this.

      • brotha_man

        naw its cali the shirt says cali and the hat is cali with a halo across the top

      • SC

        Your right. I didn’t see.

      • Roger Tipper

        LMAO! He is from LA check the sweater


    cold pop, barbecue. …

  • Mace spray = Win!
    Sweet Brown = Epic win!
    Diddy = Fail, but not epic, because of tat.

  • I have no Idea what I just read…Very misleading.

  • MadVillain

    Diddy looking like he wanna off himself, i cant wait

  • Blaq_Boi

    “dude kept playing with this woman as a convenience store?” So the woman turned into a convenience store?

    “This women can do no wrong” = THESE women if plural, THIS wom”A”n if singular.

    Just cause it’s the rumors section doesn’t mean folks are dumb. Take your damn job seriously enough to proof read your business.

  • JerZeBoy

    Thats real hygenic getting tatted while getting a haircut. You would be surprised how easy it is to get an infection let alone HEP C or somethng…..fu%^ it i guess

  • atle fjeldstad

    I think the woman and the man was both acting like idiots..

  • that hood chick need a punch in the face. and she needs some more muffins, def more muffins.

    • 7yoyo7

      She needs something more like an uppercut to me… Let’s hope that he sued her muffin ass.

  • and since when does mace come in a pink flare gun? lol

  • 40 plus getting tats trying to delay father time lol…anytime you hear the words “Say one more thing…” and the other person is holding anything shootable, sprayable,throwable, or piercing shut the hell up and keep it moving or be on your guard lol..lesson learned.

  • $11625525

    Just one question, if that were a white woman in the queue and a black dude getting pepper sprayed, would Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton be up i arms and would this site be praising her actions?

    I’m black but I think what she did was ignorant, the guy was obviously crunk, get your stuff and go woman, spraying a person for shit talking is worst than them shit talking, unless they were threatening to lay hands on you. Shop keeper could have capped her in the butt for waving that thing around… in some states he probably would have!

    • wickedjones

      i agree.. Now if he would’ve stomped her out, then everybody would’ve been crying.

  • YaheardSyndicate


  • brody11

    diddy look like he was singing in hes head hes new comeback *getting tatted getting shaved at the same damn time*

  • wahwahwah@gmail.com

    P. dick should be murdered … no wait killl ur self!!!!

  • king

    Just because he wears a shirt doesn’t mean he is from what’s on the shirt come on people