Drake Wins Grammy For Best Rap Album, Nas Fails To Garner Grammy

(AllHipHop News) Drake has garnered his first Grammy win, besting the veteran Nas in the pre-televised portion of the awards show in the Best Rap Album.

Take Care, Drake’s second album, struck a chord as he also bested Lupe Fiasco, 2 Chainz and Rick Ross.

“Toronto, we got that. We ware watching [The Grammys] on the iPad. We just started going nuts [when we realized I won] and I realize I had torn my suit,” Drake said in an interview with FUSE News on the red carpet before the live show. He said he immediately called a tailor to fix his suit.

The Grammys will air live at 8pm tonight.

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  • hoeyuno

    Congrats… best rap album doesn’t make the tv portion tho… rip ol’dirty bastard ha ha

    • InTheNightKitchen

      No hate congrats… but come on b. Nas, Nasty Nas lost, WTF?

      • hoeyuno

        I agree homie

    • Hell yeah, LOL, I just said that, ODB would have went bananas! LOL


      • hoeyuno

        I don’t think anyone ever had the balls to rush the grammy stage like odb did. where the fucc did he find a mic???

      • I think he snatched it!

        Kanye did something similar to Taylor Swift & apologized?

  • Stealstandin

    Never was Drake album better than Nas…..smdh. I guess cuz Drake is Jewish

    • Did you buy Nas’s album?

      • No, Drake’s either…point taken though!

      • Stealstandin

        Damn right, the only cd that’s not bootleg


    • It’s official Drake is a better rapper than Nas & Lupe!


      He isn’t a better MC though!

      • YungKizz

        the fuc outta here

      • LON~N
        Tell it to the Grammy’s, they don’t know any better, but we do!

      • 5789007

        He’s not better at either in my opinion. Singing and sucking dick maybe.

      • wait, he is an emcee?! seriously?!

      • Of course not silly!

        He’s R&B…Rap & Bool’chet!

    • Big Dog

      Sorry hiphop aint dead Nas album just aint better than Drakes album or 2 chainz unless you like that boring music Nas got.. To be such a great lyricsist he should step his production game up cause his album super boring

      • DB Cooper

        Corey either you are a woman or you just have a crush on Drake. No other explanation for your argument is possible.

      • Big Dog

        Neither Im a grown ass man with a good job, my own apartment, and a college degree, I like all forms of music and IMO Nas Life is Good album was boring I only listen to it b4 I go to sleep if then.. When Im riding out in my Jeep I listen to 2chainz, TI, Jayz, old Outkast, D-block, and whatever else is hot.. All Nas stuff after Nastradomus except for Stillmatic has been wack except QB Finest

      • Eli Pinilla

        Theres no way your arguement holds any weight when u talkin bout life is good which has “summer on smash” “the don” and “nasty” compared to a album full of r&b joint with some hype Inbetween. The highest of nases is higher than drakes and the moste borigest of nas is still not as boring as what drake got on his album…..and godson was great….life is good was good. And lost tapes is a classic but we wont consider that an actual album release…u got me with hiphopisdead and street disple. Those are unlistenable to me with the exception of a few songs….man if u like new shit for the ride….I keep big krit, freddie gibbs, danny brown, action bronson, joey badass and kendrick in the roro

      • $11625525

        “Whatever else is hot” That’s the answer right there… You like Pop music. Only dead fish swim with the current.

      • Big Dog

        I like pop, hiphop, reggae, R&B, jazz, country, and soft rock.. Telling a younging about the facts of life is like giving a fish a bath.

      • Abrasive Angel

        College educated DOES NOT MEAN intelligent.

      • SDS_Overfiend

        College degree? that don’t make you intelligent… you just conformed to the establishment.. the same way you doing towards drakes R&B album.

      • Big Dog

        Didnt say I was intelligent I said I earned a college degree meaning I did 4 hard yrs worth of school work and accomplished one of my goals in life.. If you were intelligent you would have been able to understand my opinion I posted besides me saying I got a college degree

      • Big Dog

        Do you have a diploma or degree? If not what are you doing with your life besides hating on another man thats trying making moves and prosper in life cause you definitely need a college degree and todays world if you want to make some real $

      • Tee Patterson

        so earning a college degree is conforming now? Just thought i’d point out the ignorance in that statement from a non-biased standpoint

      • SDS_Overfiend

        The beauty of ignorancebeing met with ignorance… See the chain reaction? Thats exactly why his comment is getting treated with such.


      • $491174

        Corey, you cant possibly be serious. You just cant. Did you just say “2 Chains” is better than Nas? Really? Nas was named the best lyricist of all time. And if you are past the age of 25 you’d have at least heard Illmatic or It Was Written. Your argument is just plain ridiculous. You’re def from down south right? You have to be.

      • Big Dog

        No if you would have read I said his album is better musically than Nas. Read the comment thoroughly before you start passing judgement. Yea Im from down south and I love Illmatic was one of the few bumping Illmatic when I was in High School

      • Young Goku


      • WT

        LMFBO! I love you lool

      • I gotta totally disagree with you about the production and appeal of Nas’ latest joint. It was easily the best rap album last year off of stealth alone. And even without comparing it to anyone else’s album head to head, it is just a great all around album… And I mean near classic. He pushed the envelope of dialog.

      • $11625525

        Nas is is for the cerebral, Drake’s music is for those with short attention span’s.

      • Good good response analogy.

      • You are plain stupid! You listen to 2 chainz well I see what your personality is like. They say a man is reflected by his musical choice based on that you are not that bright. I guess it has to be so “exciting” All I want fu my bithday is big booty hoe” Such excitement such power. You are so right. That is so brilliant I have to spend money on and… play it loud in my whip. Show those people that I am exciting and I support brain dead mentally retarded 5 year old nursery rhyme raps. You are exactly right. You are a nuclear physicist right? You went to and IVY league school dam I know it. If it was such a “boring”album at least that “boring” album was nominated for a grammy which is white owned. They hate rap and only do it to appease the black people. Nas “boring”album wasn’t just no 1 on Itunes for months. No he wasn’t asked to perform at NBA all star events or the hottest late night shows or the hottest clubs sold out or his album selling out in stores. Man no that never happened it was an illusion because it was “boring”. There must be a lot of boring people who liked it and you are the only exciting guy that exist.

      • Big Dog

        I cant be too stupid working on my Master’s while you sit here and criticize people’s choices in music. You and all the rest of these sorry ass Nas fans are lames.

      • Drake album was more r&b than hiphop!The album was nice but Nas got Snubbed!!

      • This ^^^

      • truesouthernlivingmoderator

        you r either gaye or a white female

      • IsiahZeke11

        To even put 2 chainz in a conversation of who’s better or had a better album ruined ALL your feeble credibility immediately!!!!! I didn’t realize a bunch of strip club songs is what’s considered not boring these days… Btw both of Drake’s albums had more than their fair share of boring parts, over slowed down bs and singing… Difference between me and you guy is I get that and have no big issue with artists doing that and experimenting here and there!

      • Guest

        Drake is hardcore excitement in Corey’s eyes. I didn’t know love singing auto-tune ballads are the new MOP. Hmmp guess I must have missed that bus.

      • Drake is hardcore excitement in Corey’s eyes. I didn’t know love singing auto- hiphop ballads is the new MOP now. Hmmp guess I must have missed that bus. He probably is Canadian because they say weird dumb sh*t like that sometimes not all but some.

      • Big Dog

        I guess you dont get much you probably still a virgin.. I like Drake music and so do the women that ride in my Jeep. Pac my favorite artist and MOP one of my favorite groups.. I dont know why Im talking to you lil boys bringing up MOP.. you probably wasnt even born when MOP came out

      • Actually I was a teen in the 90’s Swamy the psychic. Glad you are all seeing all knowing. I saw MOP live as well as Nas, Mobb Deep and many other legends in their top prime classic golden era. So you are dead wrong homie! Oh yeah I got 99 problems and a bitch ain’t one. “virgin” haha that is funny. Can’t have a kid if you are that unless it is immaculate conception. You are jokes my dude!

      • hoeyuno

        Worldstar is a couple sites down holmes… The headz reside here. What does lyrical skills have to do with production?? You could give chief keef a dre beat that won’t make his lyrical capabilities inline with rakim or diabolic.

      • Big Dog

        Because I enjoy music, lyrics, beats, melody, etc.

      • Big Dog

        That is the whole purpose of the Grammy’s you are awarded for your MUSIC not just lyrics and Drake album is musically better than Nas which is why Drake beat Nas which is why 2Chainz and Rick Ross were included in that category, where were all the so called real hiphop MCs nominations? They didnt have none because their music sucks and the only ones who will appreciate it is yall HEADZ.. All you HEADZ need to stop hating and tell your lyricsts to step up they production game so they can be heard or keep doing their little underground thing so you HEADZ can just stay around and hate on the better artists, and keep downing other people for enjoying good music.

      • You lost me on this one…..The Grammy’s are commercial, chosen by non Hip Hoppers, that is a gven, but 2chainz & Ross are pure Doo Doo in a Hip Hop sense.


      • Dickens Dumont

        your argument is pure nonsense, corey. u are saying grammys are awarded for people who make MUSIC. well nas has made quality music for years and didn’t win a grammy ( and u did say u loved stillmatic but it got snubbed along with illmatic, it was written nor this cd, lig) the grammy comittee don’t reward people for their music. it is basically like a pop awards show and like the super bowl. notice all of the advertisements for justin timberlake and mad music artists that were at the grammys. nas has been getting snubbed for years so please cut that nonsense that they award people for their MUSIC. it is a politics and u know it. and second why this argument is nonsense cuz grammy has never respected the hip hop category. that is proven fact. do your research. that’s why those so called underground artists never been nominated. they aren’t in tuned with hip hop. notice jay-z wins cuz he is a pop artist along with kanye. third, your so called favorite artists get thier music played because they pay to get it played. underground artists don’t have that avenue to do that. …..nas got snubbed point blank. drake’s album wasn’t a rap album. it was an urban r&b album with rap elements.

      • Big Dog

        well what artists beat Nas out before? Obviously better artists at that time with better music, period that dont mean Nas aint dope its just he didnt have better hits than whoever was hot at the time.. Jayz wins because he put out hot music that hiphop heads like, pop heads like, R&B heads like and thats what wins a grammy, underground artist only appeal to so called HEADZ who need to only hear lyrics and that wont win a grammy.. If you want your favorite underground artist to win a grammy tell them to step they production game up

      • BlaqCeeza

        To compare Drake to Nas is like comparing Pepsi to Romanée-Conti (a rare fine wine). To the unrefined, Pepsi will always win. It’s accessible, it’s visible, it recognized. Now, for those that prefer something with substance; you will go the way of Nas: Bold, uncompromised, undilluted. Nas will always go the route of pushing boundaries when it comes to his music whereas Drake (who has good music), really makes simplistic music for the masses. It’s very repetitive, catchy & “singy-songy”! I have no qualms with your opinion, but for someone that claims to enjoy a wide spectrum of music, only to say Nas’ album bores him…makes me wonder where the mindstate of participants of the hip hop movement stands.

      • Nothing wrong with that not trying to knock your degree also so I will not be a hypocrite salute the degree. Don’t be arrogant though that degree is irrelevant to the topic. You went on a tangent for nothing. Stick to the script the point of all this is “Nas” album vs “Drake” album. You feel that Drakes love ballads and uninspired auto-laced fake r&b hiphop singing is superior to a hiphop legend of all time life is good album. You can have an opinion and that is your right. That is just crazy you called his album boring haha. To each his own I guess. Peace!

      • Big Dog

        Just bought my degree up since people who think they are real hiphop believe if you enjoy hot music you a young idiot, or a female, and yes Drake’s album was musically better not superior, so don’t put words in my mouth which is why Nas didnt, cant, and wont win a grammy with his boring ass albums he been putting out lately.

      • danny

        damn you really dont know music

    • Yall keep blaming the Grammy’s, blame the rappers…Remember the source awards? We couldn’t even have an all hip-hop gathering without someone getting shot….The pioneers of Hip-Hop took their money and left hiphop for dead, wack rappers like YMCA AKA YMCMB saw opportunity and ran with it…Wack or not they took a rusty machine in hip-hop and made it work again…

      • Choppa

        Hey Dior… Hey Girl..

      • IsiahZeke11

        I’m glad the Source Awards are gone… BET took over those responsibilities anyway… But the grammy’s is the ultimate achievement, then the AMA’s, the other stuff is sort of 2nd tier ceremonies! Sort of like how long it took for the Academy to finally give Denzel his Oscar although everybody white or black new he was the MAN!!!

    • Q.

      Not to mention The Roots…Drake over Black Thought is just…sacrilegious. LBS

    • SpaceAge2012

      Crom,these award show academies award these artists based on their current public appeal,consumer interest, & commercial success.They don’t award them based on their lyrics or the realistic contents of their albums,& that’s why 2Chains was even nominated.But even tho I don’t agree with their mistreatment of conscious artists in their fake ass industry,I gotta congratulate Drake on his win cus dude worked hard for it.

  • Eli Pinilla

    F*ck the grammys

    • >>Wishing OBD was alive to shut them down again!

      • Now I fking agree to that son! Word!!!

      • ‘i dont know how yall see it but when it comes to the children…wu tang is for the children, we teach the children…puffy is good, but Wu tang is the best..ok?’

      • Eli Pinilla

        I rememeber bein in middle school lookin at that shit in awwww… I banged wu tang forever so hard. I had to get the extra fat tape to dub the whole shit on there….cds was exclusive back then lok

      • History 4 Sure!

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  • 7yoyo7


  • It’s not about longivity, it’s about album sales……I do love me some Nas, but the kids are not into it…The kids love Drake, and they are the ones buying records….Unfortunetly the grown ups who support Hip Hop pioneers like Nas don’t buy records, they just talk about if Biggie and Pac was alive how Hip-Hop would be…..But guess what Biggie and Pac failed to keep themselves alive and stay out of trouble so that people like Drake wouldn’t even get an invite to something like the Grammys. Point is the great rappers who we know and love fail to grab control of Hip-Hop and make it into a strong force that can’t be watered down….#realtalk

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      who needs fashion photos from ASAP shoot, when we have your screen name and your AVI. Ur great. U ma’am are so gay!

      • WHAT? I don’t understand what it is that your trying to say to me.

    • I see what your saying but I STRONGLY disagree… what your saying is ritual to every corporate boardroom in america! Which is the primary problem IN HIP HOP CULTURE! real quick…

      HIP HOP CULTURE is whats drives the entire rap/hip hop/ urban/ youth perspective!

      THE CULTURE of hip hop has nothing to do nor wasnt never built on the corporate structure that america itself is built on i.e. capitalism!!

      capitalism is a disease… IMO…

      “its not about longevity” statement is 100% pure horseshit! No BUSINESS MAN is in business for the short term 1st of all, never mind a rapper who is ego driven! and you side with the business aspect apparently …my point is the rapper who creates a gimmick and becomes successful, becomes THE FACE OF THE ENTIRE CULTURE in society regardless, key word gimmick key word ENTIRE CULTURE!! Gimmicks like trends come & go, When the trend dies successful gimmick rappers careers die along with said trend! If its all about album sales why even bother calling hip hop a culture in the 1st place? getcha mind right…
      So what “kids arent into it” life is good wasnt really for kids per sae…but then again neither is drakes album now is it? the 1st song on take care is called over my dead body and more adult themed topics lol…something is wrong with that too…dont take sides…thats another problem….you cant be against whats considered gangsta rap but enjoy gangsta rap dressed up in a drake or rick ross costume! Half these niggas is more vulgar than 2 live crew! and the way you sum up Tupac and Biggies life as simply their fault without elaborating on such a deep topic is disgusting…in regards to the grammys and hip hop biggie and 2pac had NOTHING to do anything your talking about! In 1989 artist like salt n pepa, jazzy jeff & the fresh prince, LL cool j boycotted the grammys because they didnt even consider rap music a genre or televise it back then! 2pac nor biggie were known yet lol! we got duped, taken advantage and more back then in and outside of hip hop! wasnt no youtube or internet to lean on like yall got! smh How bold of you sittin up here with less than a paragraph speaking on such a vast and serious topic…real talk hash tag nothing getcha mind right…

    • Banjo

      Very foolish perspective* You must be a real dumb ass!

  • Jude

    This is some bull….Real rap doesn’t get rewarded now days…

    • Yes it does….but real Hip Hop is still getting ignored.

  • i’mreloaded!

    It’s not about the quality of the album, it’s about how much suburban white kids listen to you. I do like Drake though. Nas, don’t even sweat dat, because at the end of the day you got sumthin better than that racist award. How many rappers can say they were passed the torch to by Rakim, created one of the most historic diss tracks in hip hop history with Ether, and has respect from all emcees? Dat’s right Mr. Jones, you are something Drake can’t be, a fuccin legend!

    • Well said my man well said.

    • I love Nas too but I hate when everyone jump on the bandwagon and point the finger….Ask yourself this why has Nas failed to win a Grammy in his entire career? Point is this is not about Drake it’s about Nas, he been putting out classics in my opinion, but his record sales are never adding up…After almost 15 years of making classics, Nas should know how to win a grammy at this point. Critical thinking for ya…lol

      • Yeah, but the point is, if the classics don’t win a grammy, what is a grammy worth?

        That’s like Fabio winning the Hvwt Championship on looks, after being KO’s by Tyson….who didn’t win.

        Hip Hop needs it’s own Grammy’s!

      • Hip Hop’s Grammys was the Source awards, and because of the violence and drama when all those rappers are under one roof they stopped it….The Grammy’s ismuch more universal and Nas was nominated so you all shouldn’t be so beat up about it.

      • I’m not, I actually support Drake, based on his support of the DNA / Dizaster battle, but realistically speaking, Nas can out rap him with his lips sewn together.

      • DB Cooper

        Dior after all these years of hip hop, it’s amazing to read you cite “critical thinking” and still have no clue as to analyze corporate radio and it’s effects on hip hop. Instead it’s “blame the rapper.” Nothing “critical” about that argument.

      • Yeah…If it was up to you one rapper would geT the award every year based on whats in your playist right now…..Drake is not all that great in my opinion but the man been everywhere over the last 2 years…As a matter of fact Drake been more places and in 2-3 years than Nas have in his entire career.It’s all about work ethic critical thinking…..YES You wanna talk about radio spins, then let’s talk abot it…Nas lives in the greatest ciy in the world where he has an advantage to control who gets his music first and how many spins it should get on a daily basis….The industry is competitive nd at this point in Nas’s career he should know how to get himself a grammy.

      • $11625525

        Didn’t “Distant Relatives” win a Grammy the year it came out?

        Just seen it got snubbed… I guess that says it all about the validity of the Grammy’s in the 21st Century.

      • Frank Ocean won a grammy and barely scratched does sales have to do with this?

      • IsiahZeke11

        You should get your facts together or just stop typing… Nas has never made an album that ain’t went at least gold and most times platinum, something many artists can’t do anymore in this age where you can basically download any album for free! Nas has principles and ain’t trying to sell out or be something he ain’t for an award girl… Also for the record nobody is mad @ Drake, that boy legit too (new single is hot)… It’s about the grammy’s being too dumb & mainstream, they really don’t understand rap and were reluctant to accept it as a musical art form! Denzel had been a GREAT legendary actor for years and repeatedly got snubbed for the Oscars he deserved just like Nas… It happens, accept it, and recognize the game is a lil crooked babygirl!

      • See If I stop typing then won’t have the opportunity to write 4paged letters as you did above….Let me put my facts together so that you can understand it…Like you said “Nas has never made an album that ain’t went at least gold and most times platinum, something many artists can’t do anymore in this age where you can basically download any album for free!”..

        Alot of younger rappers are achieving more than older rapper like Nas ever did in his entire career…..When back in the day a rapper had to sell10 million records to get a grammy has changed, nowadays you can sell 100,000 records have 50million followers on twitter appear on the billboard charts 10 times in 6 months and achieve a grammy award….It’s a new day and there are many dfferent elements involved…You need to get out of the 90’s because it’s a new day.

      • IsiahZeke11

        Bought the Life is Good DELUXE edition at Target the first day it came out doll… I do buy albums of artists I like and respect… I bought drake’s first album too but was a little disappointed as his mixtape and so far gone seemed better… Why are you repeating questions you already asked to others?? Also why are you so pressed over the source awards being extinct, the magazine almost was too… BET has already taken over that awards lane and doing a better job.. Just trying to school you the grammy’s is a crooked institution, it’s NOT hating on Drake, it just is what it is…

      • It’s all about the question….Because most people who sit and bitch about Nas not winning didn’t even buy his album…The Grammys is crooked…We agree on that, but these are ALL RAPPERS that you are trying to break apart, an at the end of the day Drake getting an award still represent HIP-HOP as a whole, which makes this discussion a great indication that Hip-Hop is not united.

      • IsiahZeke11

        Now you FINALLY typed something that makes a little sense and I can agree with. However you are foolishly jumping from one argument stance to another to get a futile point across… It’s not about sales, it’s not even about Drake or Nas really, it’s about the Grammy’s impression of what was best and what was not. Also as if it mattered why is hip hop not united just because people disagree with the grammy award winner(s)… It happens all the time in all differnt genres of music, come on now!

      • IsiahZeke11

        You probably should have just stopped typing because now you’re contradicting your damn self and looking silly…

        “point is this is not about Drake it’s about Nas, he been putting out
        classics in my opinion, but his record sales are never adding up…”

        Thus the reason I had to correct you in the first place about Nas sales since you obviously didn’t know any better or just chose to have sudden selective memory, then ask everybody on the the board if they bought the dang album!?! I suggest you listen to the unfounded bs you’re stating… Blaming the artist, lying about record sales, then talking about twitter… You are just reaching for straws when you don’t have to… I repeat nobody (not me at least) mad at Drake, just Nas had the better album and the Grammy’s failed to acknowledge… He’s not the first to get snubbed and certainly won’t be the last… Ask Kanye West, lol!

      • The first rap album was to win a Grammy was PM Dawn, after which they talked smack to KRS, and he promptly, rushed their show & tossed them like salad…off the stage…literally.

        Good look for Drake, bad look for the Grammy’s.
        Drake should have been in the R&B category.

      • IsiahZeke11

        Thanks for the correction, I believe you are correct and well said sir! Still serves to the point of they picked PM Dawn who was also corny back then… The change has been slow and gradual to say the least.

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  • Dre Thompson

    fugg the grammys nas contributed so much to the culture of hip hop some black jew from canda gets a grammy with just 2 albums like come the fugg on im done with hip hop im fuggin done

    • It’s not about his contribution, if that was the case then Rakim’s old ass would get an award too…It’s about sales….Nas is great but, Drake’s been putting out hits non stop….I don’t even like Drake but I can’t knock him for that.

      • 5789007

        So what about when Nas was going triple and double plat and was makin hits left and right?



  • 5789007

    They’ve been snubbing my nigga Nasty Nas for over 20 years now smfh. Take care was average at best

  • Mike Swiff


  • 5789007

    The poster boy for Bitch ass niggas strikes again. “He took it in the bottom now he here”.

    • IsiahZeke11


  • BullsFan4Life29

    Most of the people who decide which Hip-Hop artists and R&B artists should win certain Grammy’s don’t know what real Hip-Hop and R&B is all about.

  • CooL_KiD_305

    Congrats to drake! It would have been nice to see nas win one but, I know nas is still a great artist he doesn’t need a grammy to confirm that!

  • king

    Sorry nas lost everything after he named his album ni$$er

  • Q.

    LOL @ Drakula trying to look hard during the Bob Marley tribute…All those high fructose corn syrup ballads this fruitcake sings, yet he’s stonefaced to the tunes of the god Marley?? FOH

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Nas my dude…but he puts out music and it makes no commercial impact…his albums come and go and only his fans know about it….he has no club bangers…nonevof his music is used in commercoals due to it’s tremendous impact…he makes no noise…truth be told, I didnt even know his new cd was out until about 3 weeks after the fact…he needs to heat up the airwaves if he wants that grammy…he needs to step his beat selection up cuz his cd, although was on point lyrically, his beats were boring which makes replay value lessen…he has no anthems, he does nothing epic or of epic proportions…Nas makes music for Nas, his fans follow because, well, he’s Nas

    • DB Cooper

      Or maybe you’re just consuming mainstream media at an alarming rate and don’t know any better. Says more about your limited sources and exposure to music. Funny thing is, that probably won’t change anytime soon.

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        No nigga…Im not you…Im in the dark because I tuned out by choice…none of the mainstream appeals to me…Hov my fave rapper and I dont even check for nothing he does because of all the watered down shyt thas going on..I tuned out because of all the wack shyt reppin hip hop culture in the mainstream…I tuned out by choice because of 2Chainz, Nicki Minaj, Asap Rocky, and the rest ofvthe new garbage MCs reppin hip hop in the mainstream…..I tuned out because ofvthem corny ass country ass beats that all seem to sound the same…I tuned out because XXL and The Source sold out….I didnt know Nas, my other fave rapper was coming out with a new project because he’s boring and not giving me any reason to get excited about his projects since Stillmatic…now this is how I feel about it…Lupe should have won that award but he’s too hip hop…Drake is light enough, Jew enough, and produces hits…hit after hit is what wins Grammys…his music makes a big impact…industry heads wanna work with him…this is the shyt that got hom his Grammy…ovastand that Stan

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  • DB Cooper

    So many lost brothers on here…smh. Don’t be afraid to turn off the radio yo. You’ll be ok.

  • Chimbi Mutihaha

    People will be listening to Life Is Good long after they’ve forgeotten about Drake.

  • was watching north vs south on encore schooling my seeds…forgot the grammys was even on lol…but I will say this…
    IMO… generally the only niggas happy for drake are young niggas or them tag along types tryin to be down with ALL the trends…
    those who find nas album ‘boring’ or wack are the niggas with no life outside the club, offline, or those who havent experienced anything in life thats real yet…
    Niggas who dont like nas generally ride around listenin to trap music but hate or dont even support REAL authentic trap niggas let alone can even tell the difference!!
    niggas who feel like this grammy makes drake “better than nas” are the type of niggas who will have a skirt on next week and try to make u feel like your the one trippin lol!
    So I personally aint mad, but I understand…my opinion….
    Drake probably had more sales or whatever idk…who fkn cares about album sales anymore…Life is good still gets play in my whip, I dont feel like I wasted my money buyin it and thats all I care about…another notch in nas belt….”wheres the love” alone kills anything drake could ever wish he thought he recorded!
    Drake in his own heart knows he’s not fuckin wit esco…
    Nas is top 5 dead or alive on his WORSE day…Etched in stone already!
    Drake is the fresh face with the buzz…its supposed to be his time…too bad he’s not really pushing the culture forward….props though, “Im not hatin”, but cmon lol…besides Life is good was made for a totally different generation…30 and up…for the “brothers wit daughters”…and it was still nominated right next to officer ricky and 2 chainz…trap rappers wit all the radio play! 2chainz lookin like sho nuff from last dragon and shit almost 40 lol…

    • Banjo

      Perfect Analysis

    • IsiahZeke11

      Couldn’t have said it any better homie, well done!

    • BlaqCeeza

      Bravo! Well said!


    Drake winning a Grammy over Nas makes me wanna cut my own ballz off. Anybody saying Drakes album was better than Nas’ is a faggot

    • Big Dog

      you the faggot talking bout cutting your balls off.. I like both albums and Drake’s is better faggot

  • For me, the verse below explains Nas’ new found ethos, and why awards and record sales cannot define the titanic proportions he’s reached as an artist… Nas as a brand is more like a priceless painting whose value cannot be quantified… Say what you will, Nas is one of the few still pumping blood into hip hop’s dying heart, instead of sucking whatever little life is left in her… Indeed, just as Illmatic still plays in my car loong after Vanilla Ice (or Milli Vanilli), Life is Good will continue to remind me that life is good looong after Nigg*as leave Paris…

    Nas touches the masses individually, and that’s why we don’t care whether he wins Grammys, and I think he understands that… He’s our champion (our Rocky), and he’s beaten the odds to be the most respected MC in the game (and outside it – Ask the billionaire Mark Zuckerberg)….

    This universal apartheid, I’m hog-tied, the corporate side

    Blockin’ y’all from goin’ to stores and buyin’ it

    First L.A. and Doug Morris was ridin’ with it

    But Newsweek article startled big wigs, they said, Nas why is he tryin’ it

    My lawyers only see the Billboard charts as winnin’

    Forgettin’ Nas the only true rebel since the beginnin’

    Still in musical prison, in jail for the flow

    Try tellin’ Bob Dylan, Bruce, or Billy Joel they can’t sing what’s in their soul

    So Untitled it is, I never change nothin’ but people remember this

    If Nas can’t say it, think about these talented kids

    With new ideas being told what they can and can’t spit

    I can’t sit and watch it, so shit, I’mma drop it

    Like it or not, you ain’t gotta cop it

    I’m a hustler in the studio, cups of Don Julio

    No matter what the CD called, I’m unbeatable y’all, let’s go

  • SDS_Overfiend

    Nas People’s champ.. BOTTOM LINE!!! Life is Good had the perfect balance that people wanted from Nas.. New school feel with a old school foundation without selling out.. I don’t know how he pulled it off but he did. He tooko hip hop the direction is should be going Blending old with the new perfectly. So what he did’nt win a grammy.. Method won a grammy he use it as a ashtray now.

  • IsiahZeke11

    I’ve got nothing against Drake and his album was ok, but it was nowhere near as DOPE as Nas album Life Is Good was PERIOD!!!!! I already knew before hand Nas was going to get robbed because the grammy’s are all about the superficial mainstream people… 2 Chainz album shouldn’t have even been nominated, I was seriously fearing he was going to win with that bullsh!t!!!!!

  • a101lova

    Anyone singing hip hop is dead should not even be be nominated for an award…. To be honest i never liked nas… the only time he got his shine is before tupac came out and after tupac died….. Nas instead of you complaining bout hip hop is dead try switch your style up like all the other rappers did…… Are we not in a evolution process……I think anybody who dont think drake deserve this is totally racist end of story…..

  • You know thats some not into the grammys just because of this. Theses ppl dont know what real hip hop is about they go by how much the album sold. Im sorry but Life Is Good was way better then Drakes album it even did very well on sells. Nas got low balled on this one. Think about it Life Is Good was and still one of the best talked about albums of that yr and this yr. You really dont hear about drakes album like that. Even Kendrick Lamar got low balled and his album sold and was also way better than drakes album. Yo Nas dont worry about it you still a legend the fact that even at your age you still keep your music relevant. Longev and timeless music is the key. 10 yrs from now Nas is music is still gonna be classic while ppl are gonna be like Drake who. Plain and simple. Thats how you keep making money.

  • Rico

    They still view Nas as a threat to the system. They weren’t giving him that one, just yet….

  • Drake? Seriously..Marvin’s Room beat Life is good? Who picks the winners? Emo dudes and girls under 22? I’m sorry but in terms of legitimacy regarding hip-hop..drake is a dusty beat up hyundai and Nas is a bentley with a white gloved driver and a fresh coat of comparison. Hell they gave “N**GAS IN PARIS” a grammy solely for the beat because no way in hell does that song win a grammy for the lyrics.

  • firehawk17

    ya’ll talking like Nas album was a classic..he had some dope ass joints on there… but musically Drakes album was better…came down to commercial success and with that Drakes album was gonna win…but hard to say who album is better.. depending on what mood your in…cant go wrong with either one..

    • Drake’s album was better musically? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! Well frank ocean didn’t do big numbers yet somehow he got a grammy last night…let’s be real here the grammy’s are supposed to be based off critical can say with a straight face a drake album has ever been more critically acclaimed than a nas album..or for that matter that 40 is a better music producer than Remi?

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  • i wish nas won but i knew that was gonna happen

  • IsiahZeke11

    The Grammy’s have been CORNY and mainstream since day one people… If I recall correctly the first rapper to ever win a Grammy was Will Smith aka The Fresh Prince (of bel air, LOL) with “Parent’s Just Don’t Understand”… That explain almost all of it right there folks, real talk!

    • Big Dog

      Parents Just Dont Understand was the shit.. Was You even born when that dropped? I doubt it your post explains it.

      • IsiahZeke11

        Assuming things only makes an a$$ out of you dude, I had the tape and liked it way back then… Especially Charlie Mack is the first out the limo… Doesn’t change the fact that even in that era compared to Run-DMC and even the Fat Boys Fresh Prince was considered a bit corny and mainstream just like the grammys likes it. Bottom line I’m not even trying to diss that album or Will Smith, just stating a fact… The first rap grammy should have went to Run-DMC, not PM Dawn or Fresh Prince in my humble opinion.

  • I can understand the voting being how it is with today’s market. You have to realize what mainstream music is about, even in Hip Hop. Let’s be honest Nas will forever be a walking messiah of Hip Hop, but I live in Texas and they don’t play Nas on the radio in Texas. (with that being said I listen to all music and am not just a radio head). Back to the point though, Drake’s albums are way more marketable “universally” in today’s market. Not too many people are just going to listen to a guy poetically rhyming over sampled beats in the same tone of voice in order to break down and decipher what each word and bar means. Nas is true Hip Hop, but without ignorance of what exists in front of us… we have to admit that is fading in today’s market. If you grow up anywhere besides east coast and don’t really dig your head into every lyric and listen to music for that reason, then Nas’s album is going to be boring as hell.

    • BlaqCeeza

      Who cares whats marketable? Hip-Hop was never about the radio. I live in the east coast and they never play Nas on the radio. True story! You have to go with your heart and soul and if you find yourself listening to mindless drivel, that should give you an indication of the depth of your soul! Don’t get me wrong, I like 2Chainz, T.I., Drake etc., but I digest them in doses and not get short sided from true art. If you eat McDonald’s every day, eventually you will have a distaste for food that is good for you and what’s nourishing.

  • OzilladaJedi

    Over The Roots (Black Thought) Nas and Lupe? Our F-cked up youth and the crap they consider Hip Hop, its a joke!

  • Double Chak

    Congrats Drake! Love the music, screw the haters. Old rappers can’t compete, especially DMX.

  • make sense…considering thats a RAP Album, but not hip hop. Grammy is for the pop shit, but real lyricists dont care bout it=] btw People need to know whats the different between rap and hip hop…just saying

  • BlaqCeeza

    The Academy is a institution that is comprised of: execs, producers, engineers etc. They don’t necessarily listen to the music that’s nominated. It’s sheer popularity! Nothing more! Hip-Hop is not dead, but she has cancer throughout her body! Once hip-hop is no longer viable to these corporations in a about 5 years and these fickle fans move onto the genre of the day, there will be harmony within are community again. Time will reveal who tried to keep the culture alive and who tried valiantly to profit with no purpose.

  • Slaughtr

    Drake is not better than Nas fck them silly ass comments.Hip hop aint shit no more that’s why I call it Fake hope, the now school has fked the game up,where in the fck did integrity go,everything sounds the same ,fckn auto tune,the new thinking they made hip hop and don’t respect the cats who made their lane for them..joe I’m done and for real I’m not supporting none of this bullshit rap whoever don’t like it fck you it’s whatever.The corporate boys won again this is a forever going plan to shut out the real meaning of hip hop now it’s bullshit verses no subject matter and repeat beats..I need a jay to control my anger B because Nas getting overlooked is crazy.As far as Drake not a fan of the baby voice sounding nigga.

  • Slaughtr


  • The Drake haters are upset. #faqqitproblems

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  • WT

    utterly ridiculous.

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