Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake And The Weeknd Beefing?

“We about to get this money, boy! Right?”

“We gotta talk, hoser.”
These cats beefing? What’s the deal? I can’t even call it. But, beefing they supposedly are. What’s beef you may ask? This ain’t the stuff Biggie used to rap about. Seems like The Weeknd opted not to sign with Drake, because that deal is linked to YMCMB. I mistakenly thought that the OVO Label was under the Warner Brand and only Warner. But, nope. Streets say that The Weeknd didn’t like that deal and opted to go a different route to the chagrin of Drizzy. Now, this new song called “Started From The Bottom” is licking shots at The Weeknd. I thought that boy was like Drake’s best friend, but I guess he’s just smart. That’s a lot of hands in your pockets! Hands all in the weed pockets and all that! Anyway, if there is a beef, who cares…just sounds like business to me.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • The Weeknd being smart and not getting raped by YMCMB.


    I aint signing that mf’n contract. ..I aint a b!tch like u….I aint goin out like that…me?? *50*

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  • i wonder why that “ab soul suppports dorner” page was deleted

    • The comments

      • that’s what i figured..pretty sad that we can’t discuss any real issues on this forum

      • EL_BARK

        What were yall discussing?

      • that whole Dorner situation..some brothers were in support of him, others weren’t..they left their other story about it up though so maybe Ab soul’s people had something to do with taking this one down

      • what does ab soul and his people have to do with it ?

      • nevermind i found out what he has to do with it

      • Last thing they want is a show of support for Dorner, because some, if not all, of his actions were wrong. IMHO ( Perceptions may vary )

      • DollasTX

        Real live Harrison Ford … The Fugitive type shyt … You’re right perceptions do vary cuz I’m rockin’ with Dorner

      • I think he was in the wrong, but I’ll sit this one out.

      • only if he shot that girl and her fiance would i agree that he’s in the wrong..and considering the fact that the lapd hasn’t released video evidence implicating him (that parking structure required a key-code to get in, and had security cameras all over), I’m assuming that evidence doesn’t anxious as they are to sway public opinion you know they’d put it out if they could prove he was anywhere near the area

      • i AGREE 100%, but even still, it’s a job, and he could have found work elsewhere.

        Fugg he wanted to be a cop so bad for anyway?
        He had issues, I guess they all do, but for a job?

        He must miss the GOD like power that comes with the job, but he had to expect, if not feel the racism already.

        From a military standpoint? It’s a wrap, but I do believe his allegations of police brutality & him being fired to cover it up.

        That’s about the only thing that makes sense about this case.

        I guess he realized that his LAPD brothers, really ain’t his brothers.
        Any of us could have told him that.

        Ni99a wake up call?


      • DollasTX

        Wrong is wrong … Two wrongs don’t make it right, both apply.

        We still root for the villains, especially when vigilante justice seems justified.

      • Gotta be careful with that, so the circumstances don’t change you into something you’re not.

        Even if it means losing, because you don’t want to win & still be the biggest loser.

        If your logic was applied to the cops that shot up the two Asian women by mistake, their buddies would root for them…..which obviously they are, evidenced by the lack of charges being filed.

        “The ends justify the means” is the systems way of thinking, not an honorable man.

        That’s like turning snitch, some do it & win, but are bigger losers than ones that don’t & lose.

      • DollasTX

        No doubt I’m being careful … I have an opinion about a variety of things that I ultimately don’t care to invest time or deep thought into. Guess it is what it is.

        It’s the “ah hah” factor like when OJ beat the case, or win Barack won his first term … Ultimately, didn’t care just felt good to see a Blackman gettin over.

      • On that, yeah, but case it point, the two “Ah Hahs” you mentioned, are really good examples of a Blackman….’chet, one isn’t even Black, he’s “African American”.

        they are real careful about who they let get over.

      • DollasTX

        That’s why I’m digging this one … Cuz it’s not your regular “token” Blackman shyt and even his white friends gave him the co-sign. I thought the survivalist that kidnapped the little boy was crazy, but DORNER they just pissed off the wrong one.

      • True, he most definitely was the wrong one!


        Looking at it like that, I can understand why people are rooting for him….but they are gonna kill him.

      • DollasTX

        No doubt … That’s evident in the fact they already wounded 2 people behind mistaken identity … On top of, unwritten rule of treatment for cop killers. It’s on on sight.

      • Two 5’2 Asian women…now I could see if they were looking for Lil Kim, but C’mon, that should be attempt murder of Dorner, even though he wasn’t there, they shot those two women while trying to murder him.

        What they gonna say? They pulled out on them?

        After that, the way I see it, he has to do what he has to do.
        They are clearly out to murder him.

      • DollasTX

        *wait til the movie comes out*

      • Eli Pinilla

        Is the forums popin like that??? For some reason, I just cant get into all that. ..and ab soul is give or take for me. He got crazy talent but sometimes I just cant get wit what he says. I get it, just cant get behind it

      • Hell yeah, “ThugLifeFugThePolice” went HAM!

  • rico F


  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    more like tofu than beef.

  • Tre C

    Finally a decent rumor by illseed, been a minute

  • who the hell is the weekend, and drake is about as relevant as figure skating at this point. u falling off nucca

    • I wonder how he made his money in the industry then? HATER

      • by lame ass people listening to him and liking it. DUH lol guess your one of them huh lol

      • andone

        if u havent gave dude a listen, u should… he’s a diff type of r&b, kinda like kc and jojo style only more explicit… homie already dropped a few mixtapes and they all got a dope vibe, not trying to overrate him but his music is halfway decent @ the very least… i suggest u give it a chance, especially when lounging wit a lady friend… trust me on this, ull thank me later(pun intended)!!

      • Blaq_Boi

        Co-sign!! I hope they ain’t really beefin cause they put out some nice isht together.

      • andone

        Lol jus to be clear tho I could honestly care less if they’re tweefin or not… for one I’m no drake fan I was speakin on tweeknd, Secondly I was a lil disapointed he signed to him in the first place… but I will admit they do have dope collabs!

    • acb87

      just just won the grammy for best rap album, you just showed you dont know ish about rap . fame at all

      • lol at you thinking drake won because he had the best RAP album, he prolly paid to win that ish, cause he certinly did NOT deserve it. u dumb as hell. Nas should of won hands down.

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  • Choppa

    The Weeknd is nice…….. Tht is all

  • ChicagosHope

    Smart move. No one checking for YMCMB nowadays. Drake in a hissy fit cuz the pyramid scam that Baby running ain’t working for him.

  • Eli Pinilla

    Theyll be raping you, raping you, raping you, raping you……


      “….I see you…with the SHAG n ALLAT….”- Jay Jerkin Nggas

    • Darford Levee Voice!

  • Lyve Wire

    i thought the weeknd was a female. i guess high pitched voices are in again…

  • $18592567

    The Weeknd music is dope and I don’t blame him for steering clear of YMCMB… Didn’t Drake stop dealing Lil J son after homey put him on to Wayne and dem???

  • i’mreloaded!

    Man, that’s just a good bizness move. How you gonna sign to a nigga dats signed to another nigga dats signed to another nigga? Makes no sense to me.

  • brotha_man

    I remember watching a documentary on NWA and how Ice Cube was telling cats not to sign to ruthless it wasn’t a good deal for the group. Sometimes the best thing to walk away from a deal especially if you are second guessing it.

  • acb87

    weekend a fraud and stole his homies songs , he a known jarvis st hooker user here in Toronto.

  • king

    Smart move baby would have rob him just like everyone else who he sign to a contract

  • ice cube did the same thing back with NWA … its going against the grain just like he did back then …. but hey it paid off … look @ him today 😉

  • WTF is this nigga talking about the weeknd and drake just met each other in 2011 so how does he have anything to do with started from the bottom

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  • Real MC Jemini CEO Of The New LaTex

    Reblogged this on This Is The New LaTex!!.

  • Rahul Batra

    this is stupid, a freaking contract ruins their relationship. No more OVOXO? Their music was amazing combined.

  • being signed to young money is kinda tacky i guess. i see where the weeknd coming from

    • Darkfather504

      YMCMB brand behind him may have gotten him some looks but I feel his strategy

  • 🙁 this isnt right….

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