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EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Dre Sues Yamaha For Ripping Off Headphone Design

(AllHipHop News) Music mogul Dr. Dre is suing electronics giant Yamaha, over headphones the company is manufacturing, which Dr. Dre claims infringes upon his Beats Electronics patents.

Lawyers for Beats Electronics filed the lawsuit against Yamaha Corporation of America last week, in US District Court, Central District of California.

The lawsuit claims that Yamaha is marketing a line of “PRO” headphones that copy the design of Dr. Dre’s world-famous Beats line of headphones.

“Consumers appreciated the design, as well as the sound quality, of Beats and began wearing the Beats headphones around their necks as a fashion accessory even when not listening to music,” the lawsuit reads. “In fact the design of the Beats headphones has been a significant driver of the commercial success of the products.”

According to Dr. Dre, a side-by-side comparison of Yamaha’s “PRO” is so similar, that it will confuse consumers.

To make matters worse, Yamaha is running ads that trade-off of Dr. Dre’s name and the Beats name as well.

In November 2012, Dr. Dre’s lawyers fired off a warning to Yamaha’s counsel, informing them of their infringement.

But, Yamaha continues to market the knock off line of headphones.

Dr. Dre is suing for at least $75,000 in damages, claiming Trade Dress Infringement, Unfair Competition and Patent Infringement.

Check out a copy of the lawsuit below:


    like Dre idea was original. …smh

    • RealMusicDude

      Or unique.

    • Yeah, but the whole “Dr. Who?” & “better beats” campaign is definitely crooking his hook!

      $75Racks though? Why not 75 mil? Yamaha pockets are deep, so that says more than it doesn’t IMHO.

      • andone

        word i thought that 75k was a typo since these ahh cats dont do spell checks lol… but if u think that slogan is obvious u should see the SMS>>> motto hahahaa!!

      • What is their motto?
        Can’t be any more blatant….then again…wow!

      • andone

        i dont want to spoil it for u G… jus visit the site and see for urself, i bet ull b rofl!!!

      • “Streets by 50”


        They on some Fugg with Dre’ day ‘chet!


      • MadVillain


      • seeing that this product put dre in the 100 million catagory …. thats probably 75 mill ….. yamaha is def a huge company …. this is a come up ….. if dre is really seeking just 75k then dre is sitting something pretty as far as money goes and doing this just to show how much of a BIG BROTHER he is LOL

      • andone

        Lol,Not that one tho… Its “get off the beaten path” man when I read that I was dyin hahahaa… But don’t forget that its biz never personal wit grown men so I think its only fair @ the end of the day… And foreal those sync joints are some of the most plush headsets I’ve ever seen in my life imo sms is still a superior product over beats any day!

      • Dayum, I didn’t even see that one, they killing him. If he didn’t sue 50, he should chill, I see why he only wants 75 racks.


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  • I love how the columnist already labels the Yamaha product as a “knock off” product.

    • Neodymium

      That really annoys me, because I do own a pair of Yamaha Eph-50 headphones and they have a better sound quality than my friend’s Beats. I bought the Pro 500 and they were great, but I returned them because they cost 400 bucks! And the columnist calls them knock offs, my ass.

  • RealMusicDude

    Me and my girl fuks with Dre, he is among the top 5 best looking rappers out today. But is this ninja still making music though?

    • Celz


      • RealMusicDude

        And fastforward the bish. Im straight bruh.
        Go pause yourself onto ParisHilton dotcom or some ish.
        We straight over here.

      • Celz

        Never said you wasn’t fam..

      • RealMusicDude

        Touche….. >_<

      • scullyson

        Lmao !!!!

    • hey, welcome back troll. i like how you added dude to the end of your name. c’mon son, gtfoh.

      • RealMusicDude

        It signed me out so I just added on ‘dude’. People werent sure of my gender.
        But Im glad to see people notice my trolling.

      • well you have succeeded in being noticed, now kick rocks.

  • asdfasdf

    The design itself is pretty tacky, but the design (and the fact that everyone knows they cost $200+, so it’s a status symbol) is the only reason people buy those crappy headphones in the first place. Funny to see him come out and admit it publicly. No he’s not suing about the sound quality or the inner build or anything, just the design. Any audiophile knows that Beats headphones are just polished turds, they merely enhance the EQ, just like if you were to set it to the “rock” or “r&b” setting on your EQ. Without the logo on it, you’ll find an equivalent pair with the same sound quality for about $30-$40. I doubt Dre even uses his own headphones.

    • RealMusicDude

      GTFO, so the headphones are really crap?
      I thought about buying a pair when get the money.

      • asdfasdf

        Yeah dude. If you want good sound quality, do a little research. Sony has some great headphones (they also have a lot of crappy ones though!). Sennheiser is a great brand. Stay away from Beats and Skullcandies though, these are just marketed heavily and don’t have the sound quality to back up the hype.

      • man dont listen to this dude do your own research and check them out for your self …. for a regular listener …. beats by dre does the job … but if you cant really afford them i wouldnt break my neck to save the money up cause you can def get cheap phones that sound just as good ….. i own a pair of beats … and imo as an OWNER !! they sound great for listening to music … if you dont like bass you can eq it in itunes or whatever player your using … however some cons … thier not built for heavy use … they got 4 screws on each side holding the phones together and im down to 2 screws on each side LOL !! that my only gripe about them … for the amount they cost the design is very fragile and cheap … mines havent cracked yet thank god but ive heard alot of issues with some cracking but i also heard the company went back and started making them with stronger plastic .. if thats possible LOL ……….

      • asdfasdf

        Stronger plastic is possible, plastic is some of the strongest material on earth, unless it’s cheap. Tweaking the EQ is something you should do yourself, Kevin. If you tweak the EQ on headphones where the EQ is already tweaked, you’re going to experience degraded sound. Imagine if someone gave you a picture, would you want them to give you a properly exposed picture, or a picture that’s too bright, only to have to make it darker in the darkroom? What you want is headphones that have the best frequency response. Look into it. It’s what separates studio quality headphones from consumer headphones. Instead of having headphones with a wide spectrum and giving the consumer control over the EQ, beats just assume you want the low end cranked up (the bass). They also assume you know nothing about any of this, as is the case with most consumers. It is a crappy, well-marketed product, i’ll give it that.

      • Crazy glue or clear nail polish on the screw threads & heads.

      • Dollar Tree has some nice ear buds for $1. Pretty good sound, and inexpensive enough to buy a few spares.

      • Choppa


    • in regards to ehance the EQ … isnt that the point LOL … thats why they got dre involved … HES A SOUND ENGINEER !!!!!! i want my music EQd by DR DRE !! any person who didnt understand this def needs to know …. aint no magic trick to this ish ….. lol

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  • scullyson

    Yeah Dre I feel yah thats messed up how Yamaha tried to play you but answer this why you playin yah fans with that detox album ? Smh

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  • brotha_man

    Im bout to cop them Yamaha…..Dre bout to be suing everybody and they mama. cuz luda and fifty has the same concept as beats by dre

    • andone

      there is a diff between SMS>>> and beats tho… for one they are the first to ft. kleer wireless tech, are far more durable than any other brand on the market, and they also have incorporated a charitable campaign into their business model that automatically donates 250 meals to feeding america wit every DOMESTIC online purchase over $100 from their site, not to mention as far as i know he doesnt have a jew for a biz partner either lol!!

      • brotha_man

        I give u dat one……that’s real, what u talking!

      • trust fif got some of those folks in pocket over there @ sms audio but yeah fif made the iphone to dres android LOL 😉

      • andone

        Im pretty sure but @ least they don’t get to shine off his name… And while I do like beats too I have to give it to 50 for bringin his to the table!

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  • gomer_1

    I should of bought some yamahas cause them beats was a big waste of money

  • vinsanity

    In that case Dre should be getting sued by Big Hutch for jacking the whole G-funk style. Pay up Dre. Anybody ever listen to World Class? Dre was no gangster rapper.

    • Is that the “Don’t Turn off the lights” jam, with album cover with Dre’ wearing the lip gloss, & 1 piece , sequined, body suit, looking like a fruit loop troop?

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  • J. Smith

    Beats by Dre are the less glorified equivelant of Jordan brand sneakers. It’s just a way to show other broke people that you were able to spend a little money. Anyone with real money, or who respects quality, wouldn’t respect you wearing either one.
    Bose and Sony are the only manufacturers who produce the type of quality headphones that warrant a $200+ price tag in my opinion. Not that my opinion matters.

    • Guest

      I feel you. Its not an opinion either, they’ve been tested and do not sound as good as sony’s and Bose headphones at half the price. Its just a gimmick. “Shame on a nigga who try to run game on a nigga” – Meth

      • yall are missing the point that this article just blantantly explained the diff between Beats and all of the other headphone BEFORE IT …. its not nessarily about sound quality .. which is there may not be to your liking but we all have different taste …. beats are for bass lovers and music listeners …. sony and bose are more for creators and sound engineers and true sound seeks / geeks… sound wise over all beats may not be better than sony or bose (which are top dudes if beats fall in @ slot 3 or 4 i aint mad @ that) but its also about the look and style … like he said folks would wear them and not listen to music … Sony or Bose never accomplished that …. these phones are deeper than just listening to music … plus they double for cell phone use which most of those sony and bose joints your talking about dont ….. but it is what it is ……. everybodies got thier poison ….. you may not waist money on beats but im sure you got something your waisting $$ on that someone out there will look @ you crazy for just like you are for the fans of beats by dre …..

      • We get it Kevin… We just ain’t buying it… Pun intended. lmfao

      • J. Smith

        I own Bose quiet comfort noise cancelling headphones. They have adapters for airplane use, and cell phone use. Technologically, Beats were designed to compete with this line of headphones. I produce and travel, so my comment was written from my point of view. I don’t think I’ve ever missed a point in my life. Personally, I also believe the simple black and gray color scheme, and smaller design of the Bose, make them a little more appealing, and comfortable to wear. But I also like women and don’t wear Jordans, so what do I know about style?

      • Gun$ , Ammo & Food?

      • ChilltownTV

        Oh yeah.

      • God

        He’s running game on stupid niggas though. In the age of the internet a quick google search can make you aware that you can get much better quality headphones for about a 1/3 of the price.

        Honestly even if his consumers knew they were being played they’d probably buy the Beats anyway, just to be in style and because they’re too lazy to spend a few minutes reading up on frequencies and different headphones.

        Beats are great headphones anyway, just not worth the money when there are superior alternatives at lower prices.

    • I am an audiophile and I think that the Beats by Dre are great sounding headphones… The separate bass channel sounds clean as fu**. With that said, I have a pair of Sennheisers that were $50. They sound dope, too. When I do a head to head comparison, I end up valuing the Dre’s at +$80 over the Pro 212’s… That valuation still doesn’t come close to the retail price of Beats’ flagship model… Now… Where can I pick up these Yamaha’s? lmfao

    • John Dough

      Bose is the white people equivalent of brand whoring audio equipment kinda like……Dre Beats lol. i wouldn’t spend my money on Bose their ok at best and your paying for a brand label just like Beats. There are MANY brands out there of much higher quality. i own some AKG’s i like better then my beats.

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  • you know you doing big things when a company as big as yamaha rides your bandwagon !! but side note i wanted to do the same thing LOL !! instead of getting bootleg beats from china and selling them …just give me the knock off but put my own logo on it and sell it as an cheaper alternative to beats by dre lol 😉

  • Sean Taylor

    corny ass dre still getting pimped. first it was suge now its ol jimmy

    • It was always Jimmy, he was pimping Suge too.

  • hoeyuno

    He forgot to mention that he took a idem that ppls usually wouldn’t spend more then a bill on and with a good marketing scheme has kids parents paying 300 dollars. Fucc beats!!

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  • allhiphop is the some homo promoting bullshit a whole bunch of faggots!!!!

  • king

    Sound quality isn’t that great on any of them except bose

  • Philosophical Hypochondriac

    First off, Beats Electronics can blow Yamaha in terms of design infringement because Beats Electronics screwed Monster out of all of the rights to the design like the leeches they are. The only input Doctor Derp put in on the original Beats was listening to “In Tha Club” on them for ten seconds.

    Next, maybe some of you have heard of Yamaha for making the NS10 monitors, essentially what the vast majority of the music you listen to were tracked, mixed and mastered on? Beats can’t hold a candle to the audio prowess of Yamaha, even with their “Beats Pro” (essentially an uncomfortable ATH-M50 with metal and swivels).

    I find it hilarious how whoever wrote this article blatantly accuses the Yamahas of being a knock-off when it is all but certain that the Yamahas are a world above what Beats could ever hope to be.

  • Okay….But Dre’sbrand is worth over 100 mill–An is is suing for a simple $75,000? That doesn’t seem very damaging at all….Dre blows $75,000 atthe strip clubs, thats how much he might pay in court cost alone.

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  • PhilipClark

    I bet they sound better, though.

    • asdfasdf

      I’d wager they sound a LOT better than the beats. It’s such a low point to start from though…

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  • Big Crush

    JBL’s are the best quality headphones all around. For look, listening quality, bass, creation, mixing/mastering and they also have the mic for phone usage. You will never get clarity and bass quality like you will in those headphones, and the price is lower than Sony, Bose and definitely Beats. Try them out to see for yourself.

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  • God

    Get dat money Dre

    You’re one of the few respectable businessmen there are in hip hop

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  • Dr.Who

    This is nothing but publicity. The lawsuit is for peanuts. Mr. Dre I mean Mr. Young, better be careful. Publicity can backfire. Kids growing up might start to notice that other headphones exist that have sound quality and realism. Maybe instead of suing Yamaha he should worry about selling his name to them at a good price. If he can’t, he might end up thankful that his headphones resemble Yamaha. Maybe a few people will accidently still buy the beats in ten years.

  • Joe

    His company is suing me because I have had a website with the word beats in the name before he even made these headphones.