Hip-Hop Rumors: Shut Up! Carmen Disses Nas….Over Grammys!

Social Media will be the death of us all. Nas’ ex Carmen, the chick that mothered his daughter, took it to Twitter to air out what really is a personal matter. Seems like she was mad that Nas didn’t take his daughter to the Grammys this year. I’m sure Nas has his reasons, but why take it to Twitter? Some people are just attention whores. And that word…I won’t even go there with it.

At any rate, she maintains that his daughter should have rightfully been by his side at the big event last night…on Twitter. Shut your FACE and go live in obscurity, chick. Jeez. Anyway, remember she wrote a whole book about Nas that nobody read? SMH.

Nas Dissed By Baby Mama

Nas Dissed By Baby Mama 2

What she was really saying was, “Even if Nas does win the Grammy, he lost for not inviting the mother of his first daughter…I mean, his one and only daughter!”


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  • brotha_man

    I hate bitter baby mamas

    • RealMusicDude

      I do too, its hard collecting DL trade dollas when these bitches call my clients up.

    • Ronald Booher

      “stop hating”

  • OaklandOxymoron

    This broad irritates my soul! Stfu, damn! Lol

  • 7yoyo7

    She acts exactly how Nas portrayed her in the “Daughters” music video
    —–> A b1tch talking shit!

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  • Lyve Wire

    really, we need to stop acting like we know these rappers. we cant be defending the ones we like, just because dude can rap good. and this isnt specifically for Nas, but rappers talk about their past and present all the time. throw family and friends under the bus to sell records all the time. we might not catch it everytime because they do it subliminally. but the second a ‘baby mama’ or family member get on twitter and air them back out, cats get mad. IMO, they’re just returning the favor. and i can kind of see what she saying. you got a nod for a song about your kid and didnt bring her to the festivities??? come on now. if that was rick ross, gucci mane or gunplay, yall would have a field day in here. dont lie to your self.

    • Tre C

      I get where you’re coming from but I look at it differently. The Mother is clearly the primary caretaker in this situation, and having a daughter, she is supposed to set the example. If she (and by she i mean any Mom) feels so bad that she has to go to twitter, can you imagine how she’s bad mouthing that same child’s father in person? Whether it’s Ross, Gucci, etc, airing your displeasure publicly is never a good look.

      • Lyve Wire

        i agree to that, but rappers get away with it everyday. and most of them get a pass, depending on who it is. they slander and drag names in the dirt all the time. and like you said, she is more than likely that primary caretaker. she knows and see what Nas dont want us to see. and im sure he’s a good father, but it seems like he couldve took his daughter. and to be fair, the daughter couldve been asked to go and said no. there are 3 sides to every story. his, hers and the truth. the point im making, or trying to make is that we shouldnt automatically go against her because Nas is highly respected in the game. thats all.

      • Tre C

        I can respect that…a discussion without insults. First time in a long time for that one

      • Lyve Wire

        i agree. need to be more of that on here. peace.

      • brotha_man

        I agree but I got a bitter baby mama and she always makes it out to be my fault when stuff goes wrong. This woman once called the police and told them I kidnapped my child because I would call her ever two hours to check in…the police came to my crib and laughed saying she sounds bitter have a good night. And I got a good career (Financial analyst, crib and pay my bills on time) he might not be the worlds best father but I bet she doesn’t make it any easier.

      • Lyve Wire

        thats possible. and they’re some situations like yours. but whats the difference between twitter (when you dont have an outlet to tell your side of stories) and a song from a rapper that everybody likes, where everybody is going to hear about your downfalls and mistakes? the only real difference is that we feel like we know these guys, and the females are total strangers.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        i feel you 100% but i feel also that most men read this and remember their baby mama and are automatically bias…it might be a different situation but i know them hoes do get trifling.

      • IsiahZeke11

        Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t have such an obvious and terrible track record of doing this and he never even responds… Not to mention the fact she has shown herself to be a desperate opportunist and industry whore… Bottom line this is the story of her life, she needs to get one, I’m sorry… It’s just so hypocritical she claims to be mad about this but she’s the same person on twitter bashing him for making the song “Daughters”, makes no sense?!?

    • Bumpy Johnson

      you got a very strong point…i agree with the baby mama. When things involve children people can get really emotional and its totally understandable.

      • Lyve Wire

        i agree. there is no wrong or right to this. Nas and Carmen both made private issues public. one just used twitter, and other used a record.

      • Romia Blue

        and his daughter used Instagram…
        until someone tells me Destiny piped up about not going, #KIM

    • I get it, but “nawwwww son”. I don’t feel moms. That’s a family issue… If Nas was a dead beat dad? Ok, we would understand that. But he made a simple decision and that sort of thing isn’t for public consumption. Also, his reasoning behind it is not public business. So, I can’t feel her at all.

      • Lyve Wire

        while ‘blaming’ himself, he decided that his daughter’s privacy was our business. why stop now. why isnt carmen allowed to air things out?

      • I won’t make your argument for you. But what I will say is that it’s one thing to reflect on a situation as an extension of self assessment… It’s another thing to obnoxiously indict someone without including all the facts; it’s not like she told the whole story.

    • therealwayno

      When the song came out, she went on twitter dissing dude for making the song and how terrible it was and embarrassing for her daughter and he was a horrible father. It gets a grammy nod and now he is a terrible father and a loser for not taking his only daughter to the grammy’s. That. Heffa. Is. Bitter.

      • Lyve Wire

        yea, i remember that. but did Nas not throw their business out there first? we had no idea about his daughter and her having condoms until he said it. put her shoes on for a minute. not only carmen’s, but their daughter’s too. nice song, but said too much. thats a personal issue, imo.

      • bisolabliss

        dude stop already. what’s you point? i believed her when she said nas chose not to take his daughter period. what’s there to criticize or defend? here’s a father that didn’t take his daughter out on an outing with him, his prerogative, end of story. why are you typing up responses all over the place over this silliness…

      • Lyve Wire

        isnt this a message board/forum? what did expect in here? if you dont like what im saying, dont reply. especially if you dont want any of my responses.
        i post. someone reply. i reply……. thats how it works. its called a conversation.

      • bisolabliss

        yea it’s called a conversation but you’ve written too much about something you know nothing about, methinks it’s about time you shhhh!

  • SpaceAge2012

    Aw..that’s just baby mama chatter,they always find something to complain about even when there is none.

  • I don’t know much about this chick and I could careless but it does sound ironic that he gets nominated for a song called daughters and he doesn’t invite his daughter… just saying…

    • William Robinson

      maybe he feels his daughter should be in school instead of being at the grammy’s

      • 8Galaxy5

        Being at school..? at night? Lol doubt that.
        Im sure Nas has his reasons but as Guest said,it is a little ironic that he didnt invite her when he is nominated for Daughters

      • Weedras

        what i think William is alluding to is that monday was a school day and the grammy’s is on a sunday night… but the BM is acting like he was only nominated for daughters… i think he had 13 noms…

      • Bumpy Johnson

        wow 13 noms wtf.?. this the grammys or the BET hip hop awards

      • Weedras

        my bad… lol! i rewatched the show and they were talking about 13 career nominations.. he was up for 4 that night…

      • Like mufc1 pointed out, it was at night ON THE WEEKEND AT THAT, plus its the grammys im sure she could’ve missed one or two days of school for that…. shttt we let our kids stay home for lesser important shtt.

      • “we let our kids stay home for lesser important shtt”…if his/her grammar was like that, he/she cannot afford a day of school.

      • @dawin Aguinaldo said “if his/her grammar was like that, he/she cannot afford a day of school.” She cannot afford a day of school??? hmmm how ironic… NOW THAT SOUNDS DUMB… Anyway you understood exactly what i meant… stop acting like you walk around speaking all proper N SHTT, im typing in a social network not writing a essay to get into harvard….

  • EQ

    bitches gon be bitches

  • She’s a loser for not bringing her daughter to the Grammy’s. It’s not like Nas isn’t paying her enough in child support!

    • RealMusicDude

      She has to go through Kelis first. Kelis takes a cut, Carmen takes the rest.

      • Ouch!

        The broads need to be pushing for him to win 5 Grammy’s!

      • Slaughtr

        Na my dude Carmen gets doe first and really there is no who gets first in child support all mother’s get paid no who’s first I know Almost done with support.

    • bigdoe6

      Isn’t Nas daughter 18 or 19 now? I think the support stopped.

      • Then Carmen should STFU!

        I forgot about that, she got me thinking she is like 8yrs old.

      • JusNathaniel

        got me think she was even younger then that

      • Like 5-6 right?

        Carmen on some bitter B’ish ‘chet.

        She getting $upport & talking ‘chet?

        SMDH @ Bitter B’ishez

      • NOT UNTIL SHE’S 21..

      • Mark Olford

        If she aint in college 18….

      • Slaughtr

        depends on which state you live in.

    • Word.

    • Why would the Mother be invited to the Grammy’s? lol… You make no sense.

      • The same reason she should be talking about who an invitee should bring!

        Answer: She wouldn’t / shouldn’t

      • Nas is that dude, but she has a point. You put her in the video, the whole song is about her.. why not bring her along? Twitter isn’t the platform for it though!

      • His call, she’s getting her court ordered support, so her opinion ends there in regards to Nas’ relationship with his daughter, if it isn’t a safety issue.

        She should have worked it out with Nas, she didn’t, rest is irrelevant.

  • Marchello Currence

    She Makes Herself Look Bad By Doing It This Way…Like She Is Chasing After Nas To Do Certain Things Certain Ways…

  • Doe Boy

    why she mad tho

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  • Suka MC

    He might want to party and drink before and after the grammys. That is no place to have your daughter. In his song he mentioned his daughter and condoms. Not a good look. She will get over it. Baby momma need to worry about baby girl making her mistakes instead of what she can get out of the deal. F’king rappers and making a book isn’t role model material either.

    • Lyve Wire

      good point. but im sure she’s seen Nas do worst, unless she didnt grow up with him; which a whole different story. was it possible for him to make arrangements for her to get there after the pre-parties were over? we dont know. what better feeling would it be if he wouldve won, and her being on stage with him. also, like i stated earlier, maybe he did invite her, and she declined. the song didnt make her look that good.
      i see what you’re saying though.

  • camal joe is still leaving rubbers in ya baba seat

    • brotha_man

      and somebody done hit u with an ugly stick

      • OG_Lil_Pretty_Thug


  • RealMusicDude

    Pressed niggas will be pressed niggas. Look at all the comments: butthurt because they cant pay child support for all of the kids they created.

  • Ramesses The Great

    She is just mad because her daughter is too old to get anymore child support checks from Nas.

  • crucob

    Grammy pre-parties & after parties are no place for children anyways. I’m sure he wanted to celebrate & rub elbows, can’t really do that with your kid in tow, even if she’s a teen already.

  • Lol illseed why are you talking about this? Makes nas look like a bad father. Not to mention theirs a huge problem in absent fathers in this day and age. Think thats more of an important issue to bring up then say defending nas? But fuggit, serve your purpose

  • DollasTX

    She has issues …

  • best_believe

    Maybe she has school. And Nas was being a responsible adult. Who wants there kids around all them ratchet folks? Get a life Carmen.

  • Guest

    idk i mean icant rly say i blame her.. id be tight to if my baby mama went to sum shit like that n aint bring her daughter when hes nominated for a song called daughter lol.. i hate chick drama but i cant help but think she got a point..even tho it rly doesnt matter to anyone but them 3 lol

  • DB Cooper

    Lame ass woman. Stop being bitter about not being able to live off of a rap star and move on. You make real women who are independent and on the grind look bad. Just stfu and stop trying to use social media to get back in the game.

  • Eli Pinilla

    A quiet man who used to be alone planning Baby moms thought I was too quiet, couldn’t stand it She hit the streets, later on she hittin the sheets With a rapper who wanted me on his songs, thinking he strongI taught her how to watch for cars that might followTauht her street shit that I know Her weakness was shine yo But that’s her, I ain’t mad baby, it made me stronger Now I get my paper longer…..nas

  • Tom

    she´s right.think if that was your dad.

  • YungKizz

    carmen shut da ef up

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  • D_Ably

    your all so quick to juggle nas balls in your mouth. Maybe she tried phonin him n talk it out but he ducked the calls? Honestly dudes a good rapper n all that but that don’t make him no saint. Most of you cats are so blind, sleep walking shit. Fact is no one can talk on this.

  • nas does kind of take an L for this seeing that the song was Daughers lol … forgot about that

  • i’mreloaded!

    Dear Carmen,
    It’s fucced up how you didn’t take your daughter to the 76er games or Jay-z concerts when you had front row tickets and backseat, I mean, backstage and locker room passes to both. Thank you.
    Nasir Jones
    P.S. Eat a dicc.

  • duh boy

    why didn he take her?

  • Homegrown Chicks

    Her complaint is pointless – next!

  • DC

    Over an awards show? The man is financially supporting them both. There are many award shows this year he can take her too..she was at the video shoots, at his Radio City show, always with him traveling.. sometimes, you dont wanna have your kids with you. Maybe he just wanted to hit the parties after(which he did) and take Kelly Rowland or a few chicks home..i personally would wanna shield my kid from that shit. Besides,

    Carmen said Des and her were against the song and viewed it as slander..why would she wanna celebrate its nomination? Carmen just seems to look for reasons to talk about him because she hurts that he doesnt want her anymore. Twitter is her only source of “revenge” like a kid, she runs there instead of calling him,hoping to embarrass but, Nas just doesnt give it attention..Judging by Destiny’s tweets, she seems like a spoiled brat.

  • jacksjus

    Nas is my dude, but I think she has a valid point if true. This isn’t about him being a great artist, this is about him being a great dad. How crazy of him to be a hypocrite.

  • Frank

    I only remember him being nominated for “Cherry Wine”. (I hope I am wrong, but I watched the grammy’s and I didn’t hear any mention of “Daughters”)

  • Slaughtr

    Carmen doesn’t have a fkn point.If Nas felt he didn’t want her to be there then leave family business alone and stop commenting on the shyt it’s over with.Nas don’t love his daughter no less…Damn you niggaz kill me!

  • Richard Savage

    Nas sure do pick em dont he? Is he still paying Kelis his SOUL for ONE KID…. what kid do yall know costs 51,000 A MONTH???