Jay-Z Dissing Dream Most Tweeted Moment of Grammys

(AllHipHop News) Frank Ocean was nervous making his first Grammy acceptance speech. The Dream was overzealous at finally making a complete Grammy acceptance speech. Jay-Z was Jay-Z. Sometimes being Jay-Z means you effectively takeover social media for moment.

According to Mashable, the acceptance speech for “No Church In The Wild” generated more than 116,400 tweets per minute.


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Jay-Z won three golden gramophones last night for “N****s in Paris” (Best Rap Song/Best Rap Performance) and “No Church In The Wild” (Best Rap/Sung Collaboration). Shawn Carter assisted Justin Timberlake in his return to the Grammy stage by helping the crooner perform their song “Suit & Tie”.

For an encore presentation, the duo performed the song again at a Grammy afterparty at The Palldium

While the music industry was celebrating itself, Jay’s collaborator on those Grammy-winning songs, Kanye West was out in Brazil with Kim Kardashian and Will Smith.

Check out a video of Kanye learning samba while out in Brazil with Kim Kardashian:

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22 Responses to “Jay-Z Dissing Dream Most Tweeted Moment of Grammys”

  1. s0rethumb

    Now you know that control freak Kanye is grinning out of the discomfort of having been shown how to do something new. He don’t like giving up that POWA.

      • brotha_man

        oh….cuz that was never Jay-z, child please *ocho cinco voice* roc-a-fella jay-z would have prolly came out with a free beanie shirt throwing up the dynasty sign

      • Bumpy Johnson

        he dont know dont blame tjzoo…..the old jigga man was a person i actually idolized.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        Still feel the same bout ice cube…jigga man just became a fag

  2. Your Dog Needs Training.

    Watch the video from the beginning, the reason why jay is pissed of was because Frankie asked if Jay had something to say and Dream jumped on the mic.

    Dream didn’t do it intentionally you can tell that he was nervous at the time and was a bit confused. Just listen to his voice to find out how nervous he was.

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