Emmanuel Palanco: Principal By Day, Gangsta Rapper By Night

(AllHipHop News) The students, and staff at Junior High School 80 in Bronx, NY know Emmanuel Palanco as Principal. To the land of YouTube he is Hispanic rapper, El Siki.

The 30-year-old Bronx resident has riled up parents of students with his sexually charged rap lyrics and music videos, specifically his “Me Tele” video which is now private.

In the video,  the Principal of 652 students is seen drinking alcohol with scantily clad women and even is shown in bed with a blonde woman in nothing but lingerie:


A few of the translated lyrics read out as “Come here, press against me. I’m giving up control, you go crazy. Don’t stop, more, let’s make love.”

Parental outcry has been plentiful and ordering for punitive actions for the artist formerly known as El Siki.

“‘Someone has to hold this guy accountable,” Cecilia Donovan, mother of 12-year-old JHS 80 student Ciara Donovan told Daily News “It’s ridiculous what he’s doing there.”

There is no official information on when the videos were shot, however photos from the Metele video shoot were posted on music director Hanse Balbuena’s myspace page.

Myspace began in August of 2003 and Mr. Palanco has been working for the public school system since 2003.

Department of Education spokeswoman Connie Pankratz  assures there is an investigation commencing on Palanco’s rap alter ego.

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  • essHwhy

    lmao! gotta love the Bronx.

    • We keep it 100%

      I knew a principal, in the South Bronx, who rode with a 44Mag, daily, to protect teachers, their cars, and students from the local dope fiends….and he was an old man.

  • I’m sorry but if his out of school activities aren’t breaking any laws and not hurting the kids in any way shape or form good luck trying to oust him..yes I know he’s a position of authority but if your kid is in junior high and still doesn’t understand the difference between artistic freedom and the real world you as a parent have failed. They’ll hit him with that ethics bullshh but he’ll have a lawsuit on his hands..the irony is the neighborhood he teaches in has a massive drug dealer problem but a principal spitting some bars is the issue?

    • mosestobymcgeethree

      school teachers have ethics clauses in their contracts

      • Product of Da Reagan Era

        being an actor isn’t unethical, its not real life….

      • Super_Hero

        Would you want your life in the hands of a part time doctor, part time gangster rapper. Certain professions have higher standards then others. There is a reason rich kids go to good schools and get good education while poorer kids go to schools that employ Emmanuel Palanco.

      • Product of Da Reagan Era

        If he passed his board and doesn’t have a history for having patients die on him, sure why not. People are so caught up on how society says people should put on. Until his life imitates his art leave the man alone. He worked just as hard as the next to become principal.

      • You do realize the level of scrutiny this guy came through to get that job in NYC..he’s also got union rights..people need to get off their high horse. In the middle of an urban jungle you’ve got a guy trying to diversify his life and income legally, the only other role model in that neighborhood are the hoodrats who plague the corners and staircases. You also realize the media has classified guys like Lupe gangster rappers incorrectly. The guy makes grown up party get laid music..that’s not gangsta rap in my opinion. That’s every person on this board on a friday night.

  • RealMusicDude

    Damn shame. Why does it have to be blonde women in lingerie?

  • therealest1

    William Leonard Roberts type shit! A legitimate job by day, moonlighting as a gimmick at night.

    • Q.

      Or the reverse.

    • He’s not lying.

    • That’s major hipocrisy people can’t hold a legit job and then live a fantasy over a beat? Then I guess you don’t listen to any rappers at all..because 98% of the mofo’s in the game are living pure outright lies on wax. Also I love this belief that C.O.’s aren’t capable of you think most drugs get in jail? Who you gonna put the worst of the worst criminals under supervision from? Mother teresa? Most C.O.’s could easily be on the other side of them a few you might be surprised.

  • unity

    imma send my son to that school

    • RealMusicDude

      Says so much about you.

  • Synista

    A rapping principal? LOL

  • Calico Joe

    As long as he’s not being accused of molestation, let that man dream.

  • Q.

    No Esé Left Behind.

  • son bars is gahbage…..another 6 months that recording equipment will be in pawn shop and he will be done with the I wanna be a rapper phase of his life

    • Jealous your rap career hasn’t taken off I take it? It is obviously a side

  • bham-Jeff co.

    change your occupation over to be a music teacher … problem solved

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  • Product of Da Reagan Era

    Its only entertainment….Arnold Schwarzenegger killed mad people in movies but it didn’t keep him from being a Governor. If they mess with his job I hope he sues them.

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  • speedy37

    we have rick Ross the cop now we have a principal wtf.