Hip-Hop Rumors: OJ Simpson Is GAY? Tahiry Responds To The Rumors


They saying that OJ Simpson has turned gay in jail! That gives new meaning to his nickname “The Juice.” FOH!

“The Man” got another brother! Here is what the National Enquirer is saying!

Incredibly, Simpson puts on a one-man show for fellow inmates when they go to exercise. “He’s like a God to the other in­mates,” said the insider. “He prances around flexing his muscles, wearing only a pair of gym shorts.

“He spends hours in the gym trying to look as good as those guys in the muscle magazines. He works out with several inmates who are really built.”

Perhaps the biggest tip-off that O.J. may now be playing for the other side is his choice of prison companions, according to the source. He says the former la­dies’ man hangs out with a group of open­ly homosexual men known as “The Girls.”

“WHENEVER HE’S LET out into the prison yard, he stays with them,” revealed the insider. “He says, ‘The Girls treat me like I was a king!’

“He claims they flirt with him and even give him massages. Some even call him ‘DJ’ – short for ‘Daddy Juice.’ ”

O.J. has used “The Girls” as his per­sonal posse for years now, added the insider.

“He says he has even gifted a few of the ‘girls’ with candy bars, sodas and toiletries from the prison canteen,” continued the insider. “I’ve asked O.J. why he doesn’t talk about women anymore, but he just laughs it off. He says, ‘Man, what do you think I am? You’ve known me for many years. C’mon, get off all this. There ain’t no women in here! Of course I talk about guys. We’re all guys in here.’

He gonna need a different kind of glove now!

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Well, it looks like Tahiry is indirectly responding to the rumors. I feel bad for her! Anyway, she really didn’t address the rumors. I am interested in knowing if she is married, because if not, I think I want to marry her.

tahiry herpes

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • SpaceAge2012

    “He says he has even gifted a few of the ‘girls’ with candy bars, sodas and toiletries from the prison canteen.”?! F.O.H!! Plus I thought they said Tahiry has herpes?!

  • johnblacksad

    more gay sh!t… no homo

    • RealMusicDude

      Whos gives a shit on Tahiry? Im straight but I have to ask…why are you obsessed about what is gay and isnt?

      Is there something you want to share?

      • johnblacksad

        what did you say?

      • RealMusicDude

        You not on the DL huh bruh? Dont fuk up puzzy for the rest of us. If you gay be gay. Just keep that away from the females.

  • trlvman357

    “Daddy Juice” LMAO!

    • RealMusicDude

      In cakes…

  • this is pretty old

  • So what are the rumors following tahiry?

  • AHH should change entirely to a black celebs gay porn site.
    I mean this is why most of the visitors are here anyway.
    Can we have the sites seperated? One for Hip-Hop?
    One for black gay celebs?

    • maya

      For some reason, they seem to go hand in hand, though. IJS

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      • & shit like this gets posted, can you delete this spam please

      • Young Goku

        Lol true chet

    • RealMusicDude

      Allthug dot com?
      Youd be the centerfold for the site of course.

      • johnblacksad

        Your daddy should have used a rubber… or your slutty momma should have swallowed you instead… either one

      • RealMusicDude

        So you would have swallowed? Yo bruh I dont wanna read about gay ish today. Keep it clean or go to allthug or something.
        We straight over here.

      • johnblacksad

        “We straight”? you and your boys you mean? suspect azz motherfcukers!

      • RealMusicDude

        You know you like dicc. Keep that gay ish on your side and Ill stay with the females.
        Gays these days bruh…..

      • Naledge77


    • hoeyuno

      Ha ha

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  • Peter Morris

    The National Enquirer is your source? AHH is running out of shit to write.

  • king

    National enquirer isn’t credible enough to believe.

    • RealMusicDude

      Sometimes. I believe OJ is dumb enough to try this.

      • johnblacksad

        I believe your momma is dumber than OJ

      • RealMusicDude

        Ill let this one go as it proves that you indeed might be straight. Just keep that gay ish away from me, I dont fuk with that.
        We straight over here.

      • king

        I can’t believe any story from national enquirer

  • southside4lyfe

    Asher i feel you on that. if it aint enough homo shit already going on in america. too many celebs hiding in the closet

  • Sounds like Juice is pimping

    • RealMusicDude

      And trying the product.

      • johnblacksad

        f u c k y o u

      • RealMusicDude

        Im straight I dont fuk dudes, so save your signal for someone else. Im straight and I only fuks with puzzy. So stop trying to hit on me, I only like women!

      • johnblacksad

        lyin azz, you like trannies too

      • RealMusicDude

        I dont know what you do in your spare time, but I only fuk real women. You probably like the women that look like men with your gay azz.

  • Who’d you rather be friends with in Prison? The dudes that will beat the shit out of you or the ones that fear and respect you.

    I hope an inmate OG didn’t email you this rumour, or did they send you a kite this time?

  • Sharif Majied


  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    illseed: ” the national enquirer said it? eh, that’s good enough for me.”

    • RealMusicDude

      Dat resume

    • Lolrax

      The National Enquirer broke the story about John Edwards, found the dude who killed Bill Cosby’s son, caught Rush Limbaugh’s oxy habit, exposed Bob Dole’s sexual deviance, identified Jesse Jackson’s illegitimate child and the list goes on and on.


        True ish

  • i think OJ be getting them John Travolta massages

  • Q.


  • Keith Brickz

    smfh @ illseed having the nerve to speculate that anybody else is gay


    • RealMusicDude

      The only masculinity threatened here is yours. Im straight but Ive noticed DL dudes always being “butthurt” by all things gay.

      • johnblacksad

        what do you mean “i’m straight but…” wtf?! You sure about that?

      • RealMusicDude

        Im straight and Ive noticed DL dudes getting butthurt about gay stuff, I just dont fuk with it.
        Are you sure YOURE straight, because youve been posting some suspect stuff lately. I ONLY fuks with puzzy. We straight over here.

      • johnblacksad

        who is “WE”? you mean you and your boyfriends?!

        You sound offended like the butthurt dl dudes you know so much about.

        Your hormones kickin in and have you writin in caps n sh!t… homo bastard

      • RealMusicDude

        You must be mad that you cant drag me down to the abyss of gayness. Im into women! Why cant you understand that?!

        You getting outta pocket gaydude….

      • Everything after “BUT”…is boolchet!

      • RealMusicDude

        Im straight so keep whatever gay stuff you do to yourself. Hetero here.

  • FREEfromslavery

    whatever oj is in there doing is probably a little weird. i guess he’s just getting settled in. as soon as that murder trial was done i would have got my ass out of amerikkka. no way the white people here were gonna let him get away with murdering two yankees. oj is alot of things but i dont think gay is one of those things. probably just being the manipulative person that he truly is. from hero to clown, amerikkkan tragedy.

  • Dadon850

    I’ve been reading this site for years and I can’t believe how low and pathetic it has become. Printing something from the National Enquirer?? That is flat out stupid. This is the kind of sh!t that drives people away and I’m very close. Gotta do better than this. This used to be a real hip hop site.

    • Another day another gay rumor here sadly it has become the norm here smh
      I remember even years back shows like Angela Yee in the morning would report what they got here first that was forever ago it seems now.

      • RealMusicDude

        Jealous because youre not a gay rumor?

  • hoeyuno

    Wasn’t oj crying that ppl were gonna kill him in there a couple years ago…. He must still have some money. And tahiry still dope!!!!!!

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  • breen marien

    Hip hop isn’t dead, it’ll never die, its in europe, its in china, its on mars…. The powers that be control all of these outlets and pump trash to our ears, its sickening how wresltemania the culture has become, the media devils work around the clock to brainwash and fool us to think these things have importance, trivial matters of sexuality, debauchery, diseases, confrontation, all matters of material and nonsense, and they push so called ”MCs” that have nothing to say, that sell you an agenda, to keep your vibration low and slow, and feed your ego with tools to keep you away from yourself, to keep you confused and saturated in stupidity.

  • breen marien

    Don’t forget what Fat Joe said, ”theres a gay mafia controlling hip hop.” Yeah, the same gay mafia that controls hollywood and the rest of the world….they’re pushing the feminization of the black man to strip his power and posturing to make him appear weak as a tool to influence the culture to soften up and become less of a threat to the establishment, to make everything disorganized. They destory the image of the black women and make her appear stupid by removing intelligent female mcees from the game, and when you do that, emcees get out of line and start pursuing matters of arrogance

    • s0rethumb

      Well put and agreed.

    • RealMusicDude

      Its not like femcees were respected anyway. Dont shoot the messenger.

  • mike malarkey

    another gay rumor.. how ironic….. sound like sum shit dior told faggot illseed…

  • Derek Yisrael

    That’s the american way, if you hate someone, you slander them and their reputation when they can’t defend themselves. American society is sick and becoming the Rome of old. Disgusting. A modern day S&G who have turned their backs on the One TRUE and LIVING