Hip-Hop Rumors: The Real Reason Kelly Rowland Was Crying!

Kelly Rowland Cries After Beyoncé Lunch: Sparks Yet Another Round Of Internet Photo Assumption

READ: Hip-Hop Rumors: Who Made Kelly Rowland Cry? Beyonce? Jay? Solange?

That’s right! Yesterday, there were reports that Kelly was crying after meeting with Jay and B. Well, she has good reason to cry. She hasn’t been able to get rid of illseed. She’s with me for Valentines Day (in my head)! Although I have repeatedly tried to get over Kelly Rowland. Let it be known. The love is alive and as stalkery as possible!


Love you girl! Keep stuntin on these B-Level chicks!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • therealest1

    Hoax ass shit.

  • illdeweeb is a BITCH

  • mike malarkey


  • timwest1000

    Thats your problem Illseed. You write with your penis. No wonder you kiss untalented females asses, you like them sexually. BOO THIS MAN!!!!!!!!!!

    • Eli Pinilla


    • Blaq_Boi

      Not co-signing untalented in as far as Kelly goes but hahahahahahahah thus us hella funny.

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  • Eli Pinilla

    “I get them penis psalms for your vagina monolauges” danny brown

  • johnblacksad

    slow day…

  • Oknas

    Major League Fail

  • Swaggout

    illseed has positively lost every fan he had. This was the final illseed post I will ever click on/into.

    • You’ll be back….they always come back!

      • Escobar

        True say they do. google news > facebook > listen to music > suddenly back on AHH. lolol

      • True ‘dat…just under a different name.

      • Guest

        The blind and at times stupid loyalty of homosexuals is worthy of applause.

      • LOL~N @ U being back!

        “They always come back!”

        >> Claps 3X slowly & distinctly in back of room because Swaggout’s “blind and at times stupid loyalty of homosexuals is worthy of applause.”

      • Guest

        For an intelligent man you are extremel- hold on- Oh sorry, I forgot… you’re an idiot!

      • illseed

        yo…dude is mad. he really wanted to know why kelly was crying. i’m sorry. i won’t do that again…I don’t want cats drooling over their PC waiting for that kelly rowland realness again.

      • mike malarkey

        shut up bitch!

      • She is looking good!

      • Scroll up:


        “They always come back!”


      • Guest

        Did your relatives ever actually explain to you about the first time you showed evidence of your homosexuality?

      • Only on AHH, would someone named “SWAGGOUT” question another’s man’s sexuality, like an interested woman, and not realize, let alone accept his obvious homosexuality, while he’s wearing tight, skinny jeans, in an attempt to make his @$$ look like an apricot.

        >>In Riley from the Boondock’s Voice: “Ni99a U Gay!”
        >>In EDOGZ818 From AHH’s Voice : “& he don’t even know it!”

      • >>Downloads & Activates AHH’s 2013 Swagg Blocker

    • illseed

      Bro, I do me. Either you with it or you aint. IF you aint…life goes on. The world keeps moving, Me and kelly been an item for a long time…yall been knew that. SAYONARA!

      • mike malarkey

        shut up bitch

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    illseed fvck you, fvck you for writing this article.

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  • heavyboy

    Profess your love for somebody on your own website…. this is hip hop***

  • Escobar

    LOL – Everyone’s mad, but they opened the link even after reading the title. I mean, hopefully ya’ll were smart enough to know this was going to be what it was… “HOPEFULLY YA’LL SMART ENOUGH” … lol

  • RockyMountainRaider


  • Keith Brickz

    illseed u are a str8 bird…a thristy one at that

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