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Lil Wayne Under Fire For Disrespectful Emmett Till Lyric, Epic Records Pulls Song

(AllHipHop News) Lil Wayne is under intense scrutiny for a rap lyric that blatantly disrespects the memory of Emmett Till, a young boy that was murdered in 1955 for whistling at a white woman.

The rapper appears on the Future song “Karate Chop,” where he proclaims he would beat up a woman’s private parts like Emmett Till.

Epic Records has already released a statement indicating that they are pulling the remixed record, which was apparently leaked to the internet.

“We regret the unauthorized remix version of Future’s `Karate Chop,’ which was leaked online and contained hurtful lyrics,” the statement said. “Out of respect for the legacy of Emmett Till and his family and the support of the Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. … we are going through great efforts to take down the unauthorized version.”

Another version of the song is coming out without the reference to Emmet Till. The move corresponds with the wishes of the family.

Earlier this week, the family of the Till family has released a statement expressing their outrage at the lyric.

Airickca Gordon-Taylor, founding director of the Mamie Till Mobley Memorial Foundation, said the song is “disappointing, dishonorable, and outright disrespectful to our family.”

“My agenda is not to be disrespectful to Lil Wayne, even as much as I feel he’s been disrespectful to my family. We just want Emmett’s name removed from that song. That entire segment is very misogynistic and promotes domestic abuse toward women by our own race.” Gordon-Taylor told the Sun-Times on Wednesday.

“But it also shows total disregard of where you’ve come from. He wouldn’t even be out there rapping these stupid lyrics without the sacrifice Emmett made. Personally, I think Lil Wayne should just go ahead and apologize to my family. It’s hurtful.”

Lil Wayne has made no comment at press time.

Click here for more on Emmett Till.

  • ALLHIPHOP goes on worldstar to get news of LIL GAYNE………. Lil gayne is a sell out uncle tom who sucks off crackers on his skateboard ALSO wayne kissed multiple guys on the mouth and he is still promoted like crazy on allhiphop HIP HOP WAS TAKEN OVER BY CORPORATE AMERICA TO PROMOTE HOMO-SEXUAL AGENDA IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY

    • Tony G.

      all sites report the same news

  • Didn’t listen to the song, but I agree that such lyrics are of bad taste, and obviously hurt Lil Wayne more than Emmit Till, his family, or women’s private parts.

    I’m glad the parties involved acted responsibly to remedy the situation.

  • johnblacksad

    and its black history month…


  • This is how you end a career..Last week he got kicked out of a basketball game, now this….Finally people actually listen to his
    lyrics and understand that he is very disrespectful and
    uneducated…It’s one thing to just spit out a bunch of words, but to
    make those words make sense is a difficult thing to do…Bye Wayne we had enough, and clearly you had enough as well.

    • Interesting concept….actually listening to that cornballs lyrics.

      I rarely, if ever listen to Weezy, probably because I’m so quick to hit eject & break the CD.

      • I have no choice but to listen…I can’t see myself debating about an artist if I haven’t fully listened to their material…..But Lil Wayne is one of those artist who made made me think to myself “Did he just say that?” WTF

      • It’s no debate, he’s, in the words of an AHH commenter:

        “Premium turn cutter dingleberries”

    • nino970

      thank you been telling people that same stuff for years about him

    • Mike Swiff

      Lovin what you post man lol love it!

  • Eli Pinilla

    F*ck lil wayne!!!! Muthaf*ckas think they can just say anything and they aint gone get checked on it. Hiphop used to be the “cnn of the hood” and now its “just entertainment”..when did hiphop drop the F and pick up the E?!?!?!

    • Mike Swiff

      Lovin this post man.

  • johnblacksad

    that’s what happens when you ramble various wack metaphors unrelated to eachother…

    • I thought you win a grammy when you do that?


    • nino970

      i always said that about him

    • firehawk17

      lil wayne has been rambling unrelated metaphors and niggas just think he’s so dope..smh.. “shut up bitch gargle, straight up out the water with my marc jacob goggles”…i can name numerous lines where he leaves you like WHAT does that have to do with

      • Josh Sykes

        Sadly I thought after eminem merked him on like three songs he would stop be so garbage…..I was wrong

    • Celz

      I remember a few years back some chick was trying to tell me Wayne was better than Jay or Nas.. And she was like “Listen to his metaphors”. I told her you can take one rhyme out of ANY Lil Wayne song and put it in ANY other song and you wouldn’t notice the difference. Try that with Eminem, Nas, Jay, Pac.. Really anyone who was big in the early 2000’s or before even Nelly and Ludacris. The songs won’t make sense. The subjects won’t match neither will the mood, voice, flow, and etc.

      • R_Batts

        I respect what ur saying but 2pac makes you point invalid. All of the after-death albums released were collages of past verses and hooks. Even songs he made alive many bars are repeated on different songs

      • Celz

        I’m talking about individual rhymes as in two bars.. Those Tupac mixtape albums are whole verses of material Pac never intended to be released..

        Big difference between whole verses and individual bars within a verse

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        pac never said the same shyt and alot of after loife songs are versuse he never put out or even songs

    • haaaaa!!!

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  • 7yoyo7

    Watch “The Murder Of Emmett Till (2003) (Documentary from American Experience)”, it’s on Y0utube.

    Great way to promote Black History Month Wayne!

  • disqus_CDlbQiAmGY

    just a little attention to prolong the dying career of a wack ass rapper that was featured on a wack ass song by a wack ass …(whatever Future is considered). Wack ass wayne sold his soul for another 5 minutes of fame

  • sa

    thats what he get 4 spittin dat BullShit

  • that clown dont even know who Emmitt Till is…. he just knows the name is popular.

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  • Black Exodus

    Total blasphemy…ignorance in total view so the world could see. Idiotic reference of a event that led to the Civil Rights Movement. The effects of the Civil Rights Movement allowed Black folks to have “Elbow Room” to navigate through this wicked system. We Still have a long way to go. We must understand our history so we know where we are going. Again, enough with these commercial coons that hate their race and too money vested to care.

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  • timwest1000

    This is like Nicki Minaj with the Romney line or the I pay your welfare line. They are just dumb. They arent dumbing it down, they are really just stupid people who got lucky.

  • Biba Adams

    Glad that Epic had a swift response to this foolishness. Good work to dream hampton for speaking out so loudly on this subject this week.

  • Abrasive Angel

    Now is the time to take him out of the game, period.

  • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

    The world is general, is so lost. For instance, I listened to the Trap God 2 mixtape by Gucci Mane yesterday and everything them niggaz said was so negative but people were commenting on it sayin’ “Gucci will always be the greatest”, “Gucci thank you for this real street shit, the streets need this”. It’s rediculous, just because a nigga is from the hood does not mean that all that disrespect and ignorance is good. I understand that people want to hear real artists that don’t lie and fabricate sh*t just to sell records but damn, everybody done just lost they’re damn mind!

    • chris reeves

      Its alot of hood niggas who appreciate that shit, if you dont like it dont listen to it everything might not be for you, just like the shit you like and listen to most street niggas probably wont like.

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        See, what I didn’t mention in my post is that Gucci used to be my favorite artist from like ’07 to early 2012, but I gotta new mindset and I realise that all that negativity ain’t good for nobody not even Gucci himself.

  • Q.

    YMCMB = Young Misguided Coons, Minstrels & Buffoons

  • Mike Swiff

    Nobody to blame but you all who listen to lil Ugly, It is you who made lil Ugly rich and a star in hip hop.. this is what you like (hip hop) you like lil Ugly you think this ant eater has skills. Im not mad at this idiot Im mad at the buying public… Also All Hip Hop you state in the article that “Emmett Till, a young boy that was murdered in 1955 for whistling at a white woman.” That is incorrect Emmett Till allegedly whistled at a white woman and was murdered, we dont know for sure if he did becuase he was never given a trial… he was MURDERED.

    • Q.


      Thank you!

    • chris reeves

      I like lil wayne and have listened to him often and I havent put 1 cent in his or any other rapper/actor’s pockets I buy bootleg everything. If you dont like the song just dont listen to it, dont knock those who enjoy it because you dont

  • rk3000

    How many times is Lil Wayne going use that beat the P*ssy up metaphor. People need to just stop listen to him I refuse to even click the youtube button to listen to the song.

    • Q.

      You didn’t miss nothing…. it’s straight diarrhea.

  • FREEfromslavery

    bad week for Lil Coon. real men shun your little punk ass at a pro basketball game and play you like the little turd that u truly are and now your true coonish ways ooze up out of your pores and exposes you as an insensitive idiot to the tragic plight of your own people. all so u can impress your dummied down fans with your hocus pocus lyrics that contain zero substance. emmit till’ s family should kick u and that annoying sounding future’s ass for even putting that garbage out there. whats even more sad is these shuckin and jivin ass niggas are in the forefront leading this pitiful generation into possible genocide. im down talking about this mark ass nigga.

  • i’mreloaded!

    How did he even think that nobody was gonna say sumthin bout dat? Really?

    • bisolabliss

      YMCMB (as a crew) don’t have the capacity for reasoning and therein lies their problem…

  • KC The American Pimp

    the new era of blasphemy rap, its in there contracts

  • EQ

    lol people are taking this way to serious,why people care about what a rapper says? lil wayne aint important,these people should focus their energy on something thats way more important than this shit..i bet they doing this not for emmett till,but for the hatred for lil wayne and rap music…fuc jesse jackson

    • do u see the pic of emmett till? everyone should remember that forever . wayne is making a joke of it & making young kids think it wasnt that serious. if you forget history then it will repeat itself

    • Dee

      u a f*ckin clown

  • Everyone should send wayne a tweet and demand that “HE” apologize to the family of Emmit Till and the Black/Afrikan Community. He should not get a pass for this at all.

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  • southside4lyfe

    lil wayne is very educated. He attended University of Houston so he knows exactly what he says. the problem is wayne incorporates alot of freestyles into songs and never sits down and writes his music. combine that with all the pain pills, codiene, coke, weed, and molly then he goes in the studio and tries to freestyle and anybody that records music if you ever been really fucked up and then tried to freestyle it all sounds good until your sober except wayne aint never sober so he thinks he sounds good all the damn time.

    • crucob

      Just because you go to a University, that doesn’t make you educated or smart. I’ve met plenty of college grads that’re still dumb as hell. & I hope you don’t really believe he’s freestyling his songs. He’s writing all of that down & putting thought into it, but this is just what comes out regularly from a mind that feels himself so much that he believes no matter what he says, it’s going to be hot.

      • chris reeves

        A person who goes to college is wiser than the one who doesnt read books or study daily so they would be educated and smarter

      • crucob

        So basically you’re just telling me a college student/grad is more intelligent than a person who doesn’t mind being ignorant. That’s a monumental observation there. Their GPA could’ve been at the minimum level to pass each course, & that doesn’t even take into account what classes they took & what they actually learned & experienced while there. So no, graduating/ getting a degree does not automatically mean you are smart.

      • chris reeves

        Than what does it mean people are dumb after they graduate? Maybe you should go and graduate from college before you can judge someone’s wisdom.

      • crucob

        No, it means it is ignorant to assume that everyone who has graduated/gotten a degree from college is smart, just as it is ignorant to assume anyone who hasn’t can’t be highly intelligent. Broad assumptions and naive statements like that only serve to belie your assertion of your own intelligence.

      • chris reeves

        Whatever its smarter to earn a college degree than to sit around and be smart and not have one, 9 times out of 10 a college graduate will make more money than a person that does not earn a degree, just like a person who graduates from High School is smarter than a dropout, anyone disagree with that one is just making excuses for their own ignorance.

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  • wayne is making a joke of it & making young kids think it wasnt that serious. if you forget history then it will repeat

  • … u wonna blame someone for this ‘Dumb’ a*s-coons actions?.. BLAME “HIP-HOP” & his fans for giving him this platform/ BLAME this entire Music-Industry for giving these COON-a*s N*gg*z a Lane to display their Lack of knowledge,Ignorance & Ba’Foonery…One thing about it is this,.. the more these so-called “Artist” get supported and praised over their stupidity in which they’re displaying all through R&B/Hip-Hop ;-The more Powerful the FANs’ make the feel an inferior to any Moral judgement and responsibility : The more they feel they can ACT out and say what ever they will,–and people are gonna luv it. “listen to his newest song feat. ‘Drake’…(Bitches Luv Me).. what does that tell you?.. If these B**ches love them & the young-n*gg*s idolize them,–you think he gives a F**k?….ur gonna have a lot of Blaming to do..The ‘Industry’ produces an incorporates these platforms for one & only a certain ‘Type’ or ‘Standard to be heard,-Thus, our youth and communities are programed to these lifestyles via ‘Internet/Cable-TV/Radio/Money-Sex-Drugs-Violence-Fashion-~>etc..Which is …BIG-Bu$iness!! –when the PEOPLE get tired of his sh*t–(Wanye) ,and they realize the sh*t he’s on ain’t worth it no more:–and they demand Better out of these Artist,–then you’ll see a change in the HipHop music platform. (Make these acting-a*s rappers Bring-It instead of sellling yall that bullsh*t over dope-beats!)… #Blame-GAME #TEAM-BLE*

    • chris reeves

      Dont forget alot of these youths are programmed to these lifestyles from their communities as well. Quit blaming hiphop when hiphop comes from these communities. I heard somebody blaming MOLLIES on hiphop, but people been on that molly down here in Ga for a min now especially in the strip clubs, where you think these rappers learned it from. Blame the parents first for not doing a better job raising their kids, instead of blaming TV and radio, parents are or should be in control of what their kids watch and listen to anyway.

  • R_Batts

    Dag i heard this first on the radio and it was blanked out, and i had to look it up on youtube to see if my ears were fooling me. This same verse he says something about “bury” niggaz like hallie. the original prolly said “leave white sheets on niggaz, like the klan”

  • R_Batts

    dont forget he was the first person to “whip it, like a slave”

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  • oldhiphoprap

    Wow! You just should not really say stuff like this. What happened to Emmett Till was horrible and we should not forget it. First you talking about not liking dark skinned black women and now talking about Emmett Till. Quit the coonery. “They made us hate ourselves and love they wealth” You know better Wayne.

  • hoeyuno

    Wayne is a embarrassment to hip hop. there’s nothing funny about a 14 year old kid getting brutally beatin to death by some panzy ass grown men. boycott lil Wayne!!!!

  • hoeyuno

    Anyone notice that weezy is wearing one earring in his right ear. is weezy trying to tell us something… ha ha .

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  • Slaughtr

    Stupid ass young nigga for sure that’s why I never bought a Wayne album only one worth getting was Carter II which he didn’t write,simple ass dude.

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  • wtf jesse jackson ws mention in this story… ?

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