NON Hip-Hop Rumors: Was Christopher Dorner Executed For Something Else?

Well, we all know he was, because there was absolutely no due process, despite the heinous crime he was accused of.

Now, where does that put this in a broader context? I heard that Christopher Dorner was killed and only killed based on orders from way up the food chain. Seems like this situation was BOTCHED from the onset and the only way to clean it u was to kill him, shutting him up. I cannot lie, dude had a 11k word manifesto. I didn’t read it, but I am informed that he had some claims against the LAPD that were very valid historically. It is rumored that Dorner knew SOMETHING MORE and was silenced forever. Furthermore, it seems that high tech seek and destroy technology was used to get him. They say he “car jacked” somebody and they found him that way. Sounds very medieval for a former LAPD and Military Man don’t you think? There are a lot of rumors swirling and they all say something else is going on.

What do you think?

Dude just looked way regular and happy…and now he’s suddenly a terrorist.

Click here to read a letter written by another former LAPD who feels like Dorner…cept he didn’t kill anybody.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • MB

    I just know he killed my home girl Mo Quan and she didn’t have anything to do with the injustice he might of faced as an LAPD officer. I have no doubt that his claims are valid, I was born in raised in LA and it’s common knowledge they are shady, but that’s no excuse to go off killing people. (Good or bad) This is not the movies.

    • Quan was the daughter of the “lawyer” who represented him. The so called lawyer works for the LAPD. Not defending him, just making sure the facts are out there. I know she herself was innocent. She was a casualty of Dorner’s war against the LAPD.

      • Celz

        Dorner’s attorney, Randal Quan, a former police captain, called the case against his client “very, very ugly” said he “wasn’t given a fair shake.” Quan said: “In fact, what’s happening here is this officer is being made a scapegoat.”

        Google it

      • al_2letters

        he can say what ever he wants to the press and public. He screwed Dorner on purpose and Dorner knew it. I dont like the fact that it took death for Dorner to clear his name but sometimes thats the only option.

      • Celz

        I said Google it.. That’s what he said WHEN Dorner was fired.. NOT WHEN he went on his rampage.. He made that statement years ago fam.. I’m not sayin dude wasn’t a bad cop chances are he was.. I don’t trust police but I’m not just gonna be spoon fed some bs and buy it because I ran across some crooked cops back in the day..

      • Jesse lo

        His name doesn’t look clear from where I’m standing.

      • SpaceAge2012

        His death didn’t clear his name,it ruined his image & destroyed his credibility.Now proper investigation into his claims will not be conducted because he’s been made to look like a crazy disgruntled maniac.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Dornor – your integrity and honor skyrockets over everyone involved – your death should bring light to an issue that Negros with careers deal with – Here’s hoping your Death makes a difference – RIP Activist, Soildier, and Negro – We love you Brother, and will stand up for your Honor.

      • MB

        Yes Mo’s dad was the first Asian police captain in LA, it doesn’t matter. Yes her father handled his appeal. You can’t start killing people because you dislike how a situation was handled right or wrong. The officers he killed were simply associated through the fact they were police. They had nothing to do with his case and again it doesn’t matter if they did. This is real life, not the movies.

    • Celz

      I know some people from Concordia too.. Hopefully some good will come out of it

    • Didnt kill them, framed for it, only kilt the cop who fired at him first

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  • King Flashy TheFirst

    I hate how some people are trying to make this guy a martyr. He killed an innocent girl and her fiancee so from that point on he was not worth shit to me.

    • Celz

      Yea I’m not shedding any tears for dead cops they choose that life and I’m sure they have witnessed negative/ racist attitudes, policy violations, and cops breaking the law if not been guilty of it themsleves. The girl’s fiancee was a gun carrying cop in training at USC. So he killed 2 cops, one almost cop, a cops daughter, and wounded 3 cops. All cops bear some responsibility for their crooked ways, I can’t call it if these people deserved to die though. I remember when the San Bernardino Head Sheriff was caught stealing 300 guns out of evidence to give as gifts they only convicted him with a misdemeanor I believe. In the paper they were like “You just want to ruin the Sheriff’s name..” It’s like no shyt that’s the point let a civilian or military personnel steal 300 guns and they will be in prison for at least a decade.

      I’m glad people are talking about the very real issue but you’re right he’s not a martyr. He was a college educated, Active Combat veteran, Naval Lt. With a long record of awards in the Armed Forces. If ANYONE would have been listened too it was HIM. L.A. has a strong black community and some pretty big churches he could have done something else. Now we have some random dead cops, all the confirmed racists ones are alive and more likely to shoot someone..

      My only issues with Dorner is 1) You didn’t kill any confirmed racists just some random cops. So if Dorner is good cop maybe those guys were good too. And he knew who the racists cops were at that. And 2) if he never would have been fired and one of us went up to him while he was on duty and asked him to quit his job and help us fix the LAPD with violence (or even peacefully) I doubt he would have done it..

      And too anyone who supports Dorner if he’s a cop and he’s good then how is killing random cops good? What if he shot the next Dorner? Quan’s fiancee could have been the next Dorner, and their are documents showing Quan’s Dad said Dorner “Was being made a scapegoat in this” so for him to say that doesn’t mean that he’s in on it in my opinion..

    • The lapd kilt those 2 and made it look like he did it to hav reason to make him look like a villain, he only kilt the cop who shot at him first

      • EL_BARK

        So the lapd kill two of their own to kill a cop, who kill one of their own???
        Yeah that make sense

      • He was bout to bring half the lapd down, all top dogs too, yeah it does make sense

      • Celz

        Nicca shut up.. He wasn’t finna bring shyt down.. You don’t bring cops down by going on a murder spree.. That gives the cops more juice with politicians, the general public, and sponsors..

      • And cop was killed after those 2 in persuit

    • Dont b stupid

    • Calico Joe

      So I guess you feel the same way about the US military?

  • TruthSerum

    If nothing else at least this situation has made police corruption a topic of discussion in public forums again.

    I dont condone what he did but I understand it. I read his manifesto word for word. It seems to me like he took every legal road he could take to find justice and was shut down at every turn. In this world, we get stabbed in the back, double crossed and screwed over constantly, and we’re expected to just eat it. Obviously, this dude reached a level where he felt death would be no worse then the ruined life the LAPD left him with and decided to prove a point on his way out. Sadly, sometimes it takes things like that to spark the conversation. People where I live have been talking about the LAPD and the justice system all week long, more then anything I can remember post-Rodney King. I think he got what he wanted

    • He sent a message, while I don’t agree with it, it served as a warning to those engaging in injustice.

      All involved should have handled it differently.

      • Real shit! Just think what will happen if Government try to confiscate guns

      • Nothing, they have been doing it!

      • You see what state they trying. Letem bring that mess to Texas. It’s gone be plenty of situations like Waco and Chris Dorner.

      • I agree, but will it change anything?

        I heard Texas was going to break away from the U.S. at one time…crazy how those same people don’t support Black folks breaking away!

      • Black folks breaking away from what? Are you talking about slavery and Texas being the last state to get rid of slavery? What is your point? I’m missing it!

      • Google : The “Republic of New Afrika”

        Texas is set up, like Cali, as a country and have hinted at secession on numerous occasions, but the same supporters of that movement, don’t support Black Folks having their own, in essence, seceding as well.

      • If blacks enslaved white people. And white people asked for that land I doubt we would give them it either. That has nothing to do with what is going on in present times. Black white Mexican or Chinese don’t got nothing to do with it no more. It’s the government vs the people now.

      • 14th amendment = Equality…and since it was ok for them to do it to Blacks, the government felt it was ok to do it to them, & since it’s now about equality, everyone else. ( Black, white, Mexican, Chinese, etc. )

        It’s just crazy how they won’t respect the Blackman’s quest for justice, but expect theirs to be respected.


      • fabbidavisjr

        Only message he sent was to watch disgruntled cops/armymen more closely because them more then anyone is trained to kill.

      • DJ2Fangaz

        Unfortunately,thats exactly what they want you to believe, smh..”they” meaning “the powers that be”..stop believing everything you see on tv…

      • fabbidavisjr

        My bad I guess all my boys in the army and marines who tell me they train you to kill are lying right? because DJ2fangaz believes its all a Illumaniti conspiracy? I guess all those messed up veterans are make believe to right? come on man

      • hoeyuno

        I think big foot and the lochness monster set him up in a twisted plot to steal the kernels recipe… homie, I think the last thing the American government would want is to bring more attention to the serious problem of soldiers coming back all fugged up.

      • & consequences being injustice?

      • fabbidavisjr

        I mean I’m sure he was done wrong at some point but he should have bit his tongue……its obvious you don’t snitch on another cop thats a losing battle……how you gone tell on a cop to another cop?

      • That was his point, so he did what he did, to let them know the risk involved with injustice.

        If it were me, I would have applied for a job elsewhere.

      • fabbidavisjr

        yeah exactly…..doubt this changes anything…police have there codes and way of handling things…ain’t no different then any street gang..

      • They are a gang…they just have the keys to the jail.

      • I did think u was dumb enuff to think he kilt that 28 and 27 yr old, framed more like it, use ur thinker

      • *didnt

      • Why frame him?

      • DJ7

        Why Not E? Even Charles Manson had a trial……And that kracker is still eatin….til this day……on OUR dime!!

      • Wack Nigga Thing

        That’s assuming you got a job. I doubt it, but that’s just my opinion.

      • Guest

        Care to elaborate sleepy one!!

      • DJ7

        When I ask for your opinion, I’ll give it to you 1st…. this is grown man B.I. go read a book Wack Nigga

      • LOL @ Give it to you

      • He isn’t white, and doesn’t enjoy the same complexion for protection. I think they did frame him & this was the result.

    • Evelyn W

      You sound like that homo, Mark whatever his name is. Negroes are all about revenge. It’s in their blood to get savage.

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  • WhoUtellin

    Your story would have gone a lot further had you read what you are trying to make into a rumor…smh…you can find time to form your opinion and write some bull, but can’t read up on things before you write about them??

    • fabbidavisjr

      I know….He was killed because he plotted a 5 year long revenge on how to get back at these people who fired him for snitching on cops…..Cops have the same rules as gangsters… snitching on each other…….”And all of a sudden he was a terrorist?” No read the damn thing it says he’s been violent since 4th grade…..People want to glorify this idiot who killed two innocent people to expose the already exposed racist and incompetent LAPD….

      • DJ7

        ” No read the damn thing it says he’s been violent since 4th grade”…… Yet he was a decorated soldier & accepted on the force…… now that’s something for you to think about son!!

      • fabbidavisjr

        Yeah cops the biggest gang in the USA

      • Derek Yisrael

        I agree. He was absolutely right to do so in the 4th grade. He may have saved that ignorant boy from something worse happening to him later on in life. I bet he at least remember getting socked before he uttered the word(s) again to someone of color

      • Do NOT try to take what he stated out of context… He said someone called him a racial slur and he hit him.. I’m generally a nonviolent dude but that seems pretty typical to me. He was in the 4th grade. Has NOTHING to do with his decisions as an adult. We where all fighting in the 4th grade. Secondly he wasn’t an idiot. I don’t agree with him killing people, but he was smart enough to know his actions would bring world wide media attention to himself, which in return would bring attention to the corruption issues

      • fabbidavisjr

        Only thing he got across was revenge great for him….He’s in a casket and will all forget about his ass in 2 weeks……..and only a idiot wouldn’t know the LAPD is corrupt come on….how would yall think of him if he was a white boy? just another crazy white boy right?

  • Celz

    Did the same OGs who told you about the Gay NY rapper and Ice Ts homies also tell you about how the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department operates? You got spies in every facet of American Life fam!

    I can tell you San B Sheriffs are crooked as hell but and it’s possible they burnt the cabin down. But you made this story up as link bait..

  • therealest1

    Just like almost 20 years ago in 1993, the cops and deputies set fire to the cabin Dorner was hiding out in like how the Feds set fire to that Branch Davidian cult compound in Waco, TX to get to David Koresh.

    • Celz

      What’s crazy is I watched the documentary on tv the day before it happened. Forgot what channel it came on.. I remember when it happened. Like 80 people died over 20 kids..

      • therealest1

        Thanks for the response. Crazy coincidence huh? And what’s the name of the documentary? Perhaps a full version of it can be seen on Youtube.

        Since we’re talking about documentaries, if you’re a basketball fan, peep Sonicsgate on Youtube. It details the acrimonious relocation of Seattle SuperSonics to become Oklahoma City Thunder. It exposes the incompetence, corruption, shadiness of the move orchestrated by current owner Clay Bennett.

      • Celz

        Man dum niccas should be forced to watch documentaries.. I can’t think of the name but I did see a good one on the Nets moving to Brooklyn. Out here in Cali you think of it as a Jersey Logo change but thousands of people had to move and there were community groups fighting against it.. Imma peep that one though

      • therealest1

        I been knowing about the community that was previously entrenched in Brooklyn where Barclays Center was built were forced to relocate. What’s messed up is that people were there decades before it broke ground and were forced to move. I’m sure the Nets only paid them a minuscule amount of money to move when I’m sure some of those people owned residencies there already.

      • Waco: Rules Of Engagement

        $E$ dropped it on “Our History, Guns, POF” google it

      • Waco : Rules of Engagement

  • DollasTX

    I feel retarded for even reading this post

  • Q.

    AmeriKKKa’s worst nightmare = a domesticated “Negro” turning into Nat Turner

    • DJ7

      Say word son!!

  • RockyMountainRaider

    Lol Illseed talks about some shit he never has an idea about.

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  • Solo Dolo

    This article is bullshit…Chris Dorner basically said in his manifesto that he wasnt gonna be taken alive. He was shooting at cops from the cabin (after he already killed a cop earlier, shot another and killed two innocent people over the weekend) not to mention in his last shootout he shot two cops one dying. Cmon if he was shot during the exchange of gunfire would u claim this is all a cover up? Look the man made some points in his manifesto but it had to do with mistreatment of poorer people exhibited by some officers….not some overall conspiracy. But soon as he started shooting people he made legit points into background noise, his actions did that nobody else’s.

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    no conspiracy here. he was wacked in the head and one day finally snapped and shot a bunch of cops. end of story.

  • DJ7

    The “MAN” gives you a hero to root for during “Black His Story” month & you ungrateful nigs turn your backs on him….typical

    • Q.


    • DJ7

      KRS ONE – Am I Over Ya Head…. 4 the 2 suckas that didn’t get it

      • Q.

        Us must trust us…Who?
        Us must trust, not fuss with us.
        Us must trust us, discuss trusting us!

      • DJ7


      • You know the Blast Master is the Mizz Zan!


    • OUCH!

  • AK

    what exactly is the message he sent cause the lapd are still intact and more corrupt then ever so please tell me

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      AK – he paid back some of those that wronged him – and he made all others with wronging on their daily habits – at least think about concequences.

      • Celz

        Last I checked the only LAPD casualty was a slight graze wound..

        1 USC security Officer Dead
        1 EX Lapd Daughter Dead
        1 Riverside PD Dead and 1 severely wounded
        1 San Bernardino Sheriff Dead and 1 severely wounded

        The only thing he cost LAPD was tax payer money. There will be alot of good to come out of dudes rampage. But to sit here front like it’s all good and no bad or like he’s fightin for us or fightin against the LAPD is straight delunsional.. He never even busted his gun in LA County let alone LA City once..

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Cetz – your wrong – he still gave Pain to the lives of his enemy – his revenge wasn’t because they killed him either – his revenge was for the Pain they gave his life. – and it’s No front – He is all good and no bad – I’ve completed several careers, and in all of them you’ll meet evil, that will inflict pain on your family by tryin’ to make a person lose their career – and if they succeed, they don’t give a f#ck – UNLESS you give’em severe pain – then they all care, be sorry, and think before they fu#k over innocent employees. – like Dorner did.

      • Jesse lo

        So if the uniform of a police officer makes them all universally the same family. And Dorner being done wrong by a couple of LAPD Officer makes it right for him to kill anybody in police attire. Does that mean its right for somebody to kill a Mexican mother because he was done wrong by Jose at the taco shop?

      • Celz

        Do you know how big the LAPD is? Them racists pigs aren’t sweatin some Asian Ex Chiefs daughter and her black boyfriend who wasn’t a cop yet. TRUST ME.. They were scared as fucc of getting shot (I heard stories that cop families were sleeping inside The Glass House – an LAPD jail) but they will be happily cashing their massive overtime checks in the next few weeks..

        Dude didn’t ride out.. If your cousin gets shot by some crips in Long Beach shooting at crips in Watts isn’t get back my G.. Givin cops severe pain is making them lose their jobs. Most cops have no other career path. Dorner had a better resume than his commanding officers and if he was patient as a University Grad and a Naval Officer his story would have been credible. His movement would have moved much slower but it would have been much bigger and lasted longer.

      • Your talking about “consolidating” your ground.
        Not over extending, but securely advancing, slower, but on a foundation that won’t give way.

        Dorner over extended himself, and like in the UFC, when you over extend, you risk being submitted or choked out.

      • Answer = Doing for self & avoiding the strings that come with a handout

      • AK

        oh rly?? so someones duaghter got him fired?? riiiight you’re a coward and dorner is a bitch ass corrupt officer thats been giving everyone around here problems gone crazy

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        AK – learn to understand English – the daughter’s death inflicted pain on her father’s life – that’s revenge for the pain given to Donner’s life – you are like the enemys that think you can fu#k over people and laugh wihout revenge that’s deserved – blame the problems on her Dad, etc. – if he’d not fu#ked over innocent people, his daughter would not have been murdered.

      • Jesse lo

        And what did the death of the riverside officer do? Inflict revenge upon his innocent wife? Upon his now fatherless child? Create a chance that fatherless child grows up to be a cop that hates African Americans even though his father may not have?

        Dorner is the problem my friend not the solution.
        And if you share is mindset you are too.

      • Celz

        Your right fam..

        I know a few crooked ass cops in Riv and San B but he missed the ones I know about.. And even if he hit a cop that wronged me or mines it WOULDN’T have been retribution, essentially punishment for anything they did wrong. So it sends NO positive message. If he takes out specific cops, which is still misguided. it sends a message to do right or one day you may get shot. Random killings sends a message of have your gun ready because we can’t trust these people..

        Why you think all of these thousand member gangs in L.A. don’t kill cops it defeats the purpose..

        Look this story up.. The Eastside Rivas in Riverside are an extremely violent and racist hispanic gang. They target blacks who are non affiliates and caught major heat from black gangs and the police because of it. One day they decided to step things up a notch and target law enforcement. They put out an ad in the Press Enterprise asking for donations for a Memorial Car Wash for the Riverside D.A.’s funeral services. But the Riverside D.A. wasn’t dead, sick. or hurt. It wasn’t a direct threat but everyone knew what they meant. And now today after a Gang Injunction (which basically makes the gang a terrorist organization) their hood is decimated.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Jesse – what makes you wrong is you don’t go back far enuff – if those people had not fu#ked over Dorner – then those victims would be alive. – you are the problem with the others, with the same ol’ failing to blame the orginator of the problem.

      • Jesse lo

        So if we sit and blame the originator of our problems as people we would be going back to the history books and checking there. And then you better get on that ancestry website and start looking for their direct descendants to kill which might turn out to be your someone you actually know and love.Is that far enough back for you?

      • Writes down on calendar *2nd Time agreeing with @facebook-100003331114230:disqus

  • Q.

    What’s up with the cops saying he was dead, then saying they didn’t know it was him?…On top of that, the air footage never showed a direct shot of the cabin. WTF?
    I swear, they stay playing games covering these stories.

    In other NEWS: UAV drones to be used domestically against US citizens.

    • DJ7

      Not to forget the various places they allegedly “found” his ID….hum

  • Derek Yisrael

    For all we know, he could be the domestic UBL

    A fictional “threat” used as a propaganda piece to rally the masses to the agenda of the one world order thang starting with the forceful removal of your guns and the introduction of “drones” on domestic soil as surveillance and tactical weapon.

    My brothers and sisters, welcome to 1982. These are truly the last days, religious or not

    • *1984


    • Jesse lo

      Or maybe we are all the victim of cat fishing by the NRA and Chris Dorner is a fictitious name given to the photos of an ex-cop war veteran that is disabled now in a hospital and can’t speak up?

      Maybe the NRA planned this whole thing out, left so many question marks, paid all these police departments to play along and start a manhunt for someone who doesn’t exist. That way we’d all question the police so damn much that it would counteract the Sandy Hook conspiracy and cause us to all rally together to demand to keep our oh so needed assault weapons!

      I know its a stretch! But I have never actually seen Chris Dorner in the flesh have you? Something to think about…. God it’s the 2013 Manti Te’o incident all over again!!!!

      :0 mind boggling huh?!

      • Derek Yisrael

        I agree, and you could be absolutely right!

        I mean the media is like hip-hop, progaganda, make believe, fake, entertainment as most rappers say when somebody for real for real presses ’em

  • Idk about dis if. Dorner had so much evidence about da lapd wouldn’t he have known to hide da evidence with a trusted individual or find someway for it to be known in the event of the lapd tryin to shut him up I mean by him being a former military personnnel and all

  • good guy with gun also plays the role as bad guy with gun

  • insaneangelic

    The funny thing is not too long ago All hip hop had a story asking what happened to all the militant angry black men. We had one who not only had dirty on the LAPD but was willing to deal vigilante justice, yet he got the Waco treatment with possibly a drone and no one is pissed off. LAPD shot like 3 people thinking it was Dorner yet they’ll still demonize Dorner, what happened to all the Thugs and G’s who was always screaming F**K the Police??? guess that era is dead people too scared now.

    • Celz

      This nicca aint on no war against the LAPD.. He barely grazed one LAPD in Riverside 45 minutes away because they chased him. He took his beef out to the suburbs of Riverside where the freeways are emptier and shyt is more spread out. Then he went to the rural ass Mountains 2 hours away from LA. He didn’t ride on no damn LAPD. Niccas just be makin shyt up.. If dude woulda kept his job he would happily take ya ass to jail.. Let me find out street niccas is sidin wit the police fucc outta here

      • therealjjohnson

        Seems like he went rural for tactical and escape reasons. more exits etc…logistically doesn’t make sense to do it in the city. Plus much more room for by standers to get hurt

      • Celz

        Exactly which is why it doesn’t make sense niccas be like “he rode out on the LAPD” and he never even set foot in LA COUNTY.. Dude snapped I feel sorry for him, I feel sorry for the cops that died.. But they are all cops I’m not shedding tears for none of them.. And I’m definitely not finna make this dude out to be a hero..

  • disqus_4FMRYCaGjW

    some of yall on here are despicable. which working brother here hasn’t been passed over for a promotion they think they deserved or faced discipline for some bull. but is the answer to go shoot someones daughter over it. is the answer to shoot anyone? thats the difference between ignorant brothas and smart brothas. ignorant brothas settle things with violence, smart brothas settle things with litigation…

    • therealjjohnson

      How you know he shot her though? We were only told that via the news…

  • gomer_1

    I think he believed so strongly in his cause that he felt the ends justified the means.

  • hoeyuno

    That was a exciting week tho. homiewas sniping the lapd’s bodyguards. like krs would say ahyeaaa

  • Synista

    Well I think they realized they fcuked up this man’s life,he was gonna get his revenge so they trumped up as much stuff as they could to make him seem like a coldblooded monster who if they killed no one would really feel compassion,it almost worked.

  • Weedras

    Ain’t shit ironic that the KKK been terrorizing minorities for decades along with other racist groups and have committed heinous acts yet they’ve yet to gain the label of domestic terrorists but this black man loses his faith in the system and decides to get revenge and in a heartbeat he’s a terrorist…

  • Chris Dorner? I thought he was Sgt. James Dokes from Dexter, they fooled me!

  • therealjjohnson

    All the stuff I know about Dorner came from the media via the LAPD. I don’t know that this man killed anyone. I don’t know that he even uploaded the famed “manifesto” to the Internet. No one has heard from him and no one ever will. The entire country, based off the same clips being reran 24/7, wanted this man stopped and killed. Did he even do anything? We will never know.

    Here’s something to think about though…how did they find Dorners drivers license on his body after the cabin caught on fire? I read online that they did. So his body burned up to the point they don’t know it’s him but the plastic drivers license didn’t? Hmmm

  • Vic Sage

    Now there’s the dumbest posed question of the day?” This is a dude that governed his life by a moral code,ethics,and protocol;yet in an instant; all three were deemed unjust by his employer and he was dismissed; He came to the conclusion that he was mislead by his higher ups;deceived by them;denounced by them;disrespected by them;and what more than likely set him off on his path of absolute retribution and asymmetrical warfare;was the ugliness and finality of being discarded like trash by them…” ‘Taking him alive was hardly and option for them after that manifesto was revealed and Chris Dorner wasn’t going to give them an opportunity to kill him so that they could gloat and parade the fact that they did so he did it his damn self in still possessing the upper hand in the final scene…” And thus The Dark Knight ends..

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