Hadiya Pendleton

Chicago Police Says Gang Involved In Hadiya Pendleton Murder Named After Lil Wayne Lyric

(AllHipHop News) The Chicago Police Department has announced that they are targeting the members of a gang called SUWU, in the aftermath of the murder of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton.

Hadiya Pendleton was the teenaged baton twirler who participated in Barack Obama’s most recent inauguration.

Pendleton was shot and killed on January 29, in Harsh Park, after being caught in the crossfire between two rival gangs.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago police are targeting the SUWU gang, whose members took their name from a Lil Wayne song.

Police acknowledge that the “Su Wu” saying was a greeting created by members of Los Angeles Bloods. But they also said that the Chicago gang used the saying as their name, yet had no relation to any other factions.

According to Chicago Police Department, the gang, which has about 40 members, took their name from Lil Wayne’s song “Promise.”

Two men have been arrested for the murder of Pendleton: Michael Ward and Kenneth Williams.

Police believe the SUWU gang was feuding with members of a gang called 4-6 Terror, since a member of that gang had shot Williams earlier in July.

Michael Ward, 18, is charged with being the trigger man in Hadiya Pendelton’s murder, while Williams, 20, allegedly acted as the getaway driver.

The Chicago police have vowed to target every member of the SUWU gang in the aftermath of her murder.

The department will launch a strategy called “group accountability,” which will allow officers to target every member of the gang for minor infractions, to violent offenses.

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  • We’ve already had over 50 murders this year. But let’s look at this differently. Yeah there were over 500 last year, and that was highest it has been since 2008, but each year from 1985 until 2004 there were over 600 murders each year. Furthermore during 91, 92 and 94 there were more than 900 murders each of those years. Thats almost three a day, versus 1.5 day. Yes, thats still too many, and yes we had more murders than any other city in the country. But when you look at it by population, detroit, philadelphia, st louis, cleveland and new orleans all had a higher murder rate per capita in 2012. That is not to say that it isn’t bad here in Chicago. Take that information however you would like. I don’t have any answers, just stating facts.

    Oh and as a sidenote, while i was typing this, several black helicopters just flew over my office as a part of obama’s security for his big speech he is giving today about gun violence.

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      nyc had 2300 murders in 1993

      • true, but NYC has 8.2 million people, versus chicago’s 2.7 million. You always have to factor in population density.

      • also, nyc had 414 this past year to chicago’s 500. they were able to drop their rate by 1900 where chicago was only able to drop it by 400. How can a city with three times the population of chicago have almost 100 less murders? Once again, i don’t have any answers, just stating facts.

      • one last thought, with a population of 2.7 million people and about 30,000 people affiliate themselves with Gangsta disciples you are looking at a population that has about 1% (or 1.1% to be exact) of its citizens claiming to be a member of one specific gang. Now if you were to include all gangs from the city you are looking at a total around 68000 gang members in the city. That means that 2.5% of citizens in Chicago claim gang affiliation of some kind. When you have a percentage that high, its hard to have to wonder why the murder rate is so high.

      • there are are well over 1ook gds in englewood by them self we have over a million gangbanging niggaz in chicago easy my niggaz grandma still repping el rukn on some g shit dats black peace stones for u outsiders

      • there is no way that there are over 1 million. that would be 1 in 3 people. i know there are a lot, and it may seem like it at sometimes, but thats not how it is.

      • duh boy

        40000 police

      • You made a point and they mentioned that on the news. Chicago has 3 times less the population of NYC so it is more alarming. Meaning your chances of being killed is far greater in Chitown.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        u have to take in consideration that NY has a LARGE population in the rich side. while Chicago does not really have a high one. the rate should never count..because NY in the early 2000s had a low murder rate yet i bet u money Brownsville housing PJs, pink houses n cypress was waaay more dangerous then most projects inthe whole country.

      • not to have a pissing match of which city is more fcuked up, but its hard to make a comparison to the robert taylor homes and cabrini green.

      • ive seen ny projects and many more yall aint seen shit unless u been to chicago in the 80s and 90s hell even now

      • Bumpy Johnson

        im pretty sure 1 of the PJs in south bronx and harlem in the late 80s n early 90s had more murders and violent crime..i seen a documentary about it dont remember which tho….co-sgn “not to have a pissing match of which city is more fcuked up”

      • Bumpy Johnson

        i just read bout Robert Taylor Homes..and you might be right.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        i tell u how..because chicago has more poor black people than NY…and Chicago still has its original gangs while Ny became copy cat LA and the NY hardness faded with it.

      • i completely agree. chicago is the home of the gangster disciples and the latin kings. these are two of the largest and most active gangs in the country. And couple that with the racial and socioeconomic segregation that we have here in chicago…well its no wonder the streets run with blood. You will not find another city in america that is as racially segregated as chicago.

      • the gangs aint racially segregated @ all fam you have white and black niggaz dats latin king 4 life the only colors dat matter in chicago is da gang colors and the color of money

      • that was not what i was saying. I was talking about the neighborhoods.

      • And Vice Lords homie don’t forget…..Actually Vice Lords is the 2nd biggest organization outside of the GD’s

      • oh duh, shit, how did i forget that.

      • nyc had 238 murders

      • not sure where you got that number but it was definitely 414, which is a record low.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        NY is doing real good, last time i went there its different from when i was there back in the day. at 1 point in the PJs all you saw was Niggas outside but last year i saw families, kids, i even saw a tourist stop by in the infamous Queens Bridge houses stop and took pictures….i was like wtf son!. and they walked right through the projects looking like “wow this is where Nas and mobb deep grew up”. ……its a good thing TBH alot of good men died in the days.

      • actually it was 419. it was 414 as of december 29th. also, the 238 number that you mentioned, im not exactly sure where you got that. the only thing that i can find is 237 murders were from gun violence.

      • duh boy

        nyc has bout 25000 per sq mi . too many witnesses

      • brotha_man

        After 5 years in prison, reality will hit and they will wish they lived life differently. They will start to regret choices made in life and in school. Maybe dream what life would be like if they weren’t paying for the mistakes their parents made. But like Drake states “YOLO” he forgot to mention there are situations where second chances are not giving and you can’t undo what’s been done.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      we might disagree on homosexuality but we 100% agree on this…i dono why they are making it a huge deal this year when its got waaay better.. i remember 1 year readin the news not long ago and the police were like “the numbers of murders in chicago this year(cant recall which)for the first time is not going to exceed 600” and it was not long ago at all im 23. so im suprised when i see 512 murders n big deal..what happend to the big deal when they use to have 600+ all the way from the late 60s.

      • yeah that was back in 2004. i have been trying to tell everyone i know, 500 isn’t that big when you think about what it was like ten years ago. Yes 500 is a lot, more than one a day, but what it was like in the nineties, thats nothing. but, it is getting worse, and i wouldn’t be surprised if it gets over 600 this year.

    • @ the end of the day we are all promised death … youll never see the murder rate go to zero … unless someone finds a way to become immortal aint much we can do but be more civilized and more caring for others …. like anyone involved in that shooting needs to turn themself in … you killed a little girl ….. and didnt hit any of your rivals … COME ON SON !!!!!!!

  • KC

    They going to Target the “Su Wu Gang” who are probably nobodies compared to the GD’s

    • yeah, they were saying there are 40 some odd members. the gd’s can clan claim over 30,000.

    • they probably are GDs

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  • Rocko

    Why was ward the trigger man when williams was the one who was shot?

  • Guest

    No bloods or crips in Chicago. Must be a set name for GD’s or BD’s

  • DC

    No bloods or crips in Chicago. Must be a set name for some Stones or something

    • Daniel Davis

      How you know it aint no bloods or crips in chicago???? …Its bloods and crips everywhere dummy.

      • cause Folks Nation and Peoples Nation run the land

      • Jared

        Being a Harlem nigga in the Midwest I can assure you they don’t let that blood/crip shit rock out here…

      • They are not into that crip n blood shit. They follow the gangs that was starting GD’s and Vicelords. That is it

      • Daniel Davis

        Just cause it aint a lot of bloods and crips there don’t meant its not ..internet gangsters.

      • no it aint dumbas no gangs here but what was started here we dont need no other week ass shit in our city we have people and folks oh yeah and cant forget the new breeds people move here and flip to one of our gangs chi town dont honor dat shit

    • probably GDs

  • $35129287

    No Bloods in Chicago Just a set name for the Gangster Disciples faction. Just like Jojos camp calls themselves Bricksquad, but have nothing to do with ATL bricksquad.

    SUWU is just a clique faction name for A Gangster Disciples set. A Gangster Disciples was said to have snitched in another article.

    • yeah, i just saw that in another article as well. Everything here is either GD, P Stone, or LK.

      • no sir not @ all you need to do some homewrk fam u are way off

      • the vast majority of things here are associated with one of those three. Not all gangs are, of course, and i shouldn’t have said everything. When you look at the stats, those three gangs make up over 90% of the collected data.

    • yea sound like Insane GDs

  • Little kids with kids for parents out here in the chi, that’s the problem they think being ignorant is the problem.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      Smoke – your right, the un-disireables have kids for housing – that’s why welfare should stop – its a big American problem for that reason – but whats left out of all the jibbrish posted – is another beautiful honor student youngster, a Negro killed.

      • you are right about one thing. the honor student being killed. She was one of the 50 that happened this year and another happened less then a block from my place. this was a kid who was an A/B student at roberto clemente high school, which is also a block from my place. Not a great school by any standards. This kid was 14. He was shot 7 times. It was mistaken identity. They thought he was a banger and he wasn’t. That is the problem here in chicago. Gang violence has taken over, and innocent people have become casualties.


      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Brian – I’m right about another thing – welfare is no longer a help to Negros – keep everyone on it that is on – but No More new welfare – the generations of people having children for welfare has changed from caring mothers to “mothers” who are enemies to their children and guide them to be problems for America – and don’t get any blame, only the next month’s check.- and with public housing buildings torn down, they are spreaded out over America – creating the rise in murders, and ignorance of our heritage.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Brian – I’m wrong about the word “jibbrish” in discribing yours and other’s posts – they are valid points – I over-reacted to the non-outrage of another Honor Student Child of our Race being killed by us – without the National togetherness to try ending the self- destruction.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        in alll honesty lets not make her miss honest i knew this one girl in the Pjs i use to live at, this girl was smart as shit but she was fuckin ghetto hood raaaattt!!!!!! n use to talk soooooo much sHIT.! and want to fight everybody. but she was an A student. i couldnt believe it…when a girl got killed on my block everybody thought it was her but it wasnt.

      • man are you serious someone needs to pull these kids up and beat the ish out of them cut thier legs off and send them back to the block as a message .. its one thing to tear down your own life but when you start to impact the lives of others who are trying to do good in the midst of you trying to tear ish down ………. folks gotta send a message mane !! sending these dudes to jail is too easy …. jail is just a way for them to take thier criminal activities to the next level …

  • king

    I tell you black people and all this shooting is ridiculous act like gorillas in the wild.

  • The gang that couldn’t shoot str8?

    • Bumpy Johnson

      no gang can

      • Dumb Ninjaz do Dumb ‘chet!

        SuWu? After a Weezy lyric?

        Hip Hop Police should arrest them all for 1st degree B’ish@$$edne$$!

  • The Wolf

    Lil Wayne lyrics? That’s been around way before that.

    • first time i heard it was from lil wayne and most likely these 19 to 20 yo in this 40 man gamg probably the same …………………………………………..

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  • sa

    damn shame

  • EzE

    this little girls death is being used as a mascot…

    lets be real she was in the streets hanging out with some gang members and when the rivals came she got caught in the crossfire..it wasnt no execution so why exactly is her death more important than the thousands that have passed before and after her

    • KeepStackin

      because she was somehow tied with the president which makes the story more interesting to the public in light of all the shootings and gun ban talk going on.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        EzE – your comment is stupid – the girl was hanging out in the neighborhood around her house – that’s who’s all out there – she ain’t suppose to travel cross town to just hang out, she is suppose to stay around her home.

    • Weedras

      they aren’t making her death more important, but obviously in her case she was a high profile one due to her presidential ties… and secondly many other get killed and people don’t come forward its quite obvious in her case ppl have come forward and have identified her murderers.. so how is she a mascot when justice is being served?

    • greeneyedbandit

      She was not hanging out with gang members….her and a goup of her classmates were at the park(a mile away from the President’s house in Chicago) discussing how they thought they done on their school exams they had just taken. It was mistaken Identity! and a Cook county inmate is the one who told police who he thought was involved in her murder….that’s how police were able to make arrests.

      • their are gangs all around obamas house nigga he in hyde park down da street from farrakhan who has one of the nicest homes in the area but still the titanic stones right around the corner nigga

    • greeneyedbandit

      Her and a group of her classmates i meant, not *goup

    • dam finally we have a change in thought pattern oh shit niggaz is thinkin now good shit

    • trlvman357

      You a fuckin dummy

  • bigdoe6

    What’s crazy is the triggerman is about to RAT out everyone affiliated. Too bad his members can’t get to him first just like they did that kid Yummy Sandifer back in the days. This is all bad.

  • $35129287

    As far as I know Chicago is the only city with its gangs in LA and NY
    Chicago has the Black P Stones in Los Angeles brought over from T Rodgers in the 60s and NY has Latin Kings brought from King Blood in Chicago and NY has a bunch of fake GD factions. There is probably bloods living in Chicago, but these dudes are not bloods they are Gangster Disciples and SUWU is just a faction/joke kind of thing. Just like Jojo and his camp was called Bricksquad and have nothing to do with ATL bricksquad

    • thank you my nigga you obviously from the go my nigga blessings school these niggaz jo

  • duh boy

    first off nyc has over 40000 police(no lie). your best hope is for guilianni to clean chicago up

  • Push

    They got this shit all fucked up, the word is soo woo/ soo woop, its a blood term used by LA Bloods and generally Inglewood in particular. All this off brand shit
    is pure comedy to me. Lil Wayne and Baby pay extortion money to keep a
    pass out west . There are no more gangsters with class anymore. It’s just
    a bunch of scary ass frauds who smoke way to much, snort coke, pop pills and grab guns before
    they put their hands up……We need to focus on more pressing matters like money and educating ourselves….Just my take.

  • trixnkix637

    Yea cuz Lil’ Wayne started all this Blood shit. GTFOH.

  • artman696

    All respect to Hadiya Pendleton but something is disturbing to me. The fact that all these murders had been occuring before she got killed and nothing was done. If they would have took action earlier it could of possibly saved her life and the life of other victims. smh

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Besides the violence itself, there is just so much wrong with this story:

    – The dude who got shot before was THE DRIVER though? You can’t avenge yourself?
    – The gang is called “SUWU Gang” but they aren’t Bloods. WHAT?
    – Chicago police are about to launch “group accountability”? Target every member of the gang? They just took profiling to a whole different level.

  • Coward ass niggas killin over gang bangin. If you still hanging gang u a lame.

  • globalhhb

    wow this is crazzz

  • brotha_man


  • I remember gangs originally being created as a form of protection… now it’s lost all meaning and gives niggas with mental disabilities reasons express the violence and anger trapped inside of them.

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      everything good turns to ass dust, wasn’t well fare originally for the widows and family of members of the military who lost their lives fighting for this country?

  • Ramesses The Great

    That was a beautiful baby girl, with a very bright future.

  • BulldogCG

    “group accountability” that is code for excuse to stop every black man. Watch out black folk in chicago, everyone gonna get a boot in the ass with a slogan like that, not just the gangs. They use fear to implement this mess and it works.

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