Hip-Hop Rumors: I’m Sweatin! Man OD’s On Molly? 2Chainz Breaks Out!

DAMNNNNNNN! Look what Trinidad James has started! The rumors from All Star are rolling in! Last night, at a club in Houston (I won’t blow up y’all spot), Trinidad James, 2 Chainz, Yo Gotti, Tiffany Foxx and others were having some innocent fun in the VIP!

Suddenly, a man goes into full cardiac arrest in the VIP and you know what they are saying happened to him. Rumor has it, the man was dropping Molly like it was candy. And he had a full-fledged Molly-induced heart attack in the club. The seizure looking action forced everybody, especially 2 Chainz, to completely break out of there like the chicken pox.

I’m thinking the man survived but I don’t know for sure. The word is, he may have been a friend of somebody in VIP! Leave that Molly alone, y’all!



Cut that mess out!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    I’ll stick to my weed and liquor and some tabs every now and then. oh and coke, can’t forget a little bit of coke. oh yeah xanax sometimes too……….damn maybe I should get help.

    • No shrooms my g? U missin out

    • Choppa


    • hoeyuno

      Nah homie. I got homies that been doing coke or 15 years and there not hooked…haha

      • I am sure he will die eventually

      • brotha_man

        all it takes is a bad supply floating around town that or Jail time

      • dayleedumped

        yeah homies that been doing coke ” for 15 years “…….. and hes not hooked…..

      • johnblacksad


      • hoeyuno

        it was a richard prior joke.. I’m glad somebody got it.

    • Tabs?

      Where they still got tabs @?

      • brotha_man

        right! he still go to one of them old school juke joints. I Just drink (Crown Royal or Johnny walker – Black)…no drugs for me

      • He’ll snap out of that ‘chet & realize that he is sitting on the curb, with his feet in the street, eating a bowl of cereal, at 7:35 am, on a Saturday morning.

        >>My paper to short for The Crown & Johnny
        Keystone Ice ( Garage Beer ) is more my speed. I was actually looking into brewing my own.

        >>Think a ninja won’t pull out some hooch on some, post apocalyptic. Mad Max ‘chet

        Mad Max = Next remake?

      • Lee Crawford

        They Really are remaking Mad max right now!

      • Are you serious?

        That might actually be a good one.

      • BulldogCG

        buddy that played bane in batman is the new max i believe

      • Didn’t see it, but will,What;s it called?

      • brotha_man

        keystone ice….damn brah

      • It’s the economy!

        I’m thinking about creating a new profile & “PRETENDING” to only drink Patron & Henny!

      • DollasTX

        Hennessy $32
        Ciroc $32
        Crown $23
        Heineken $10
        Corona $10
        MGD $8.50

      • Genesee Ice = $14 per 30 pk, with a mail in $4 rebate…..#IJS

      • DollasTX

        To each his own … As long as “it do what it do”, feel me?
        I’m still partial to an occasional 40oz of Mickey’s from time to time
        Last summer the homey fell thru with a 10.00 jug of Carlo Rossi Rhine … We kill’t that!

        But if I’m reaching in my pocket at the counter it’s going to be for the aforementioned

      • Choppa


      • Celz

        Mix some 5 dollar Moscato with the cheapest glass bottle vodka (never drink plastic bottle vodka) you can find an you’ll be str8.. It’ll taste a lot better than cheap beer but I prefer Stella Rosa and Ciroc..

      • I have heard of Moscato, never tried it, hopefully will though!


        Crow my shit

    • johnblacksad



      Tabs still around ?

  • hoeyuno

    Ha ha that could fucc your trip up…

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  • brotha_man

    I swear Rappers are killing the black community, just watched a documentary on Jim Crow……feels like we are going backwards.

    • JohnnyQuesst

      We are

  • Calico Joe

    ” The rumors from All Star are rolling in! “. Some random nigga overdosed on molly and a non-rapping rapper ghostwrites for a R&B singer. Wow!

  • Dadon850

    Weed and occasional brew for. The rest can go to hell.

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  • don king

    stop takin synthetic drugs. u never really know whats in it n most of them r highly addictive. shrooms r poisonin u, thats why ur vision gets fucked up n u puke when u take 2 much, just like alcohol. some weed n a lil alcohol n u good!

  • Eric Emajor Jackson

    I was there!! “She’s All I Need” Ft Spotlight

  • Guest

    funny thing is half the rappers prolly dont even pop mollys, but steady influencing the youth to experiment.

  • brotha_man

    Officer Coffey: Scared now, ain’t you? I like that. That’s why I took this job. I hate little motherfuckers like you. Little niggers, you ain’t shit! I could blow your head off with this Smith & Wesson and you couldn’t do shit. Think you tough? What set you from? Look like one of them Crenshaw mafia motherfuckers

    • >> In Don’t Be A Menace Voice :”I hate everything Black! Whoopi Goldberg….the bumps on the back of Forrest Whitaker’s neck…..”


    No Molly’s crown, coronas , dro .. Occasional hush rooms lol

  • BulldogCG

    Beer: I be on my Guiness
    Liquor: Jameson
    not sure why, black Irish I guess, certainly not a catholic though. Im not above a Yuengling or Corona, at the Mexican joint ill hit a Dos Equis, on my interesting man ish. Fat tire is good to sip, nice flavors.

    • BulldogCG

      This other mess, not since college. Shit aint good for ya

  • TY

    what happened to just Hennesy and weed? Niggaz is extra lame these dayz.

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