Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil Wayne “I F**ked Chris Bosh’s Wife!”

Ain’t nothing going on good down south but the weather! Apparently Lil Wayne continues to hate the Heat, the team of his new hometown. See, Lil Wayne is a fan of the LAKERS and the HEAT hate him. They kicked him out of the game a few days ago. Well, it looks like Lil Wayne’s revenge has fully manifested itself on Chris Bosh, the AQUA MAN of the Heat. God bless ’em.

Now Wayne is banned from ALL NBA games! Wow! You go Wayne FIGHT THE POWER and disrespecting Emmett Till at the same time! That’s really insanity at its finest!

Lots of Jokes here, but I’ma leave it to you all.

Keke Palmer is reportedly playing Chili in the TLC biopic.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Eli Pinilla

    Lil waynes like the little dude who always wanted to wear a fottball jacket in highschool but ended up gettin his head flushed in the toilet.

    • hahahahah

    • monrozambrano

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  • BossBeaux

    The Heat need to stop bullsh*tying and make him head cheerleader that’s all he really want even let him coordinate the halftime show SMH at this dude acting like a dyke!

    • BossBeaux

      SMH even more at irresponsibly reporting on this because suspect as Bosh is that’s his wife

      • Swaggout

        It’s illseed we are talking about here. You expected anything more? He is a rubbish human being with no honor or integrity.

        My friend Roy was in college with him. He told me that even his mother used to be ashamed of him. Look what he turned out to be.

      • Casor_Greener

        Man whatever!!! This is the price of fame. His wife was a gold digging freak (that’s the only reason a girl that attractive would get with Lil Wayne) and he married her.

        Sucks to hear

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  • lol what a herb, he screams on anybody who wont confront him directly…he screams on a cameraman at a celebrity beach game, disrespects emett till and his legacy and for what?beats up some helpless white skater dude, and now he screamin on the NBA and the miami heat? This nigga is a rebel without a cause…he needs to get dropped off in the hood and beat within an inch of his life…like FOR REAL…only way you can humble these little coward ass niggas with money…

    • GregSki86

      This n*gga needs to be made an example

  • Frank

    He talking about the ex wife? His baby’s mom? He been in court mad times for custody bs.

  • greeneyedbandit

    ” You’s a beat biter, a Pac style taker….tell you to your face, you ain’t sh*t but a faker.” lol

  • id like to see lil waynes death. it would be funny watching him cry. it would be the best liveleak video of all time.

  • i’mreloaded!

    You know what’s crazy, years ago everyone loved Lil Wayne. you asked anybody and they would say they fucced wit Wayne hard. Now if you ask anybody over the age of 20, they all say they don’t fucc wit him no more because he done fell off. This video is the indication of him fallin off. SMH.

    • GregSki86

      talk about fallin’ hard though

  • son of nigraseed

    Sh*t like this makes you lose respect for women.

  • GregSki86

    Didn’t the n*gga Wayne proclaim himself the new Pac? Smell likes this n*gga pullin’ a Ja Rule, time for someone to 50 cent this f*ckin f*ggot martian

  • DreamZ

    F#@K Wayne he aint been shit when Gullie the Kid wrote Carter 2