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Hip-Hop Rumors: Somebody Is Ready To Ride On The GDz For Rick Ross!


Rick Ross has had his issues with the GDz for quite some time. The fact is, they are even accused of maybe shooting at him in Fort Lauderdale! Guess who comes to the rescue!? None other than Bang Em Smurf! The crazy thing is, Bang Em ain’t Playin’ With ‘Em! he’s issued a “check in” notice to all the GDz and tells them to BACK UP OFF RICK ROSS!

Check out the video:

Wonder if this will work? Check out the video where he is possed up with both Bloods and Crips. The only thing I see as a problem is dude was deported to Trinidad years ago! Did something change? If some, this is about to get interesting!



They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • They have Bloods & Crips in Trinidad?

    • Them niggas are world wide I thought???

      • I was surprised when they went nationwide.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        very few outa state ones actually do the bangin n riding on enemies tho.

      • The was a Klan rally in NC, no arrest, but the Blood’s N.C. rally had 27 arrest, I think because they found a gun…( Each had a finger tip on it? )

        Anyway, on one hand, there are white folks uniting against Black people, on the other hand, was Black folks uniting against Black people….

    • I think those are the deported ones. LOL

  • Damn, niggas turned hip hop into a gang war in America? I’m done.

  • Ronald Booher

    We already saw what happened with Mazaradi Fox and Domination. Bang em don’t need to be out here for other people to be out here. Money talks and loyalty runs deep. Don’t think Ross is going to be helpless.

    • Anthonyd Smith

      What happened to Mazaradi? He actually made out a little better than the other two. But haven’t heard from him in a while

  • Casor_Greener

    Check in?!?!?!??!?! AHAHAHAHAHHAHAH we have to do better!!!

  • Allhiphop need to stop promoting this b.s. they want be satisfied until somebody dead and they can write they next article. Smh

    • Dadon850

      You are exactly right. The media promoted the hell out of the East/West beef in the 90’s and a lot of journalists got famous once Pac and Big got smoked. No one takes responsibility once real bullets starts flying .

    • Smashit

      True words – nobody think about False’s little problems until AHH & the other cornball sites print an article on it – everybody know it don’t matter who speak for you or stand next to you bullets travel fast n furious – like seeing this clown from another country going to have anybody thinking “wow we better leave Mr. Roberts alone” – all he doing is making it worse

      • pow wow

        bangem up smurf used to fuk wit 50 cent b4 he got on. nigga name carry weight he got respect

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        not in chicago and the rest of the country only in nyc he got respect

      • Niggas don’t understand how the game work no more they believe everything they see and hear.

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        He got respect in his hood and on his block with his niggaz…don’t nobody else give two shyts about Bang’em bruh

      • Smashit

        Okay and even when he was in Queens putting in work n being respected he got shot so now that he’s DEPORTED tell me who’s “checking in” with him??? Nobody stepped up for False no Zo-pound nobody and so he send this kid money for the bottle he was holding and now he making “scarey” videos – I don’t know where you from in NYC but where I’m from in NYC nobody controls everybody

      • Vic Sage

        Word is born God..Exactly..” True Talk.Brooklyn Lives. Born and Raised.Early.

      • Sean Taylor

        Um guy…um early is a philly slang not ny

        get your slang straight there guy…UM K!!

        Thank you!

      • JerZeBoy

        I agree. Smurfs name holds no weight here now. 50 ripped him plenty of times too he aint do shit to him either………

    • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

      That’s what I was thinking. As soon as dem G.D. niggaz read these articles they goan be heated like “man we’ll murk dat nigga Ross” just because they see they gang name mentioned

      • VERY #TRUUU

      • Man honestly it not even about Rick Ross no more. It about them promoting black on black crime. At times like these we need to be unifying as one. United we stand Divided We Fall. That saying go a long ways

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        I don’t agree with promoting violence towards anybody, white, black, or whatever. I’m one of the people in the world that’s working to create a spot so this positivity can takeover on a large scale.

  • Dadon850

    What type of dumb n!gga would put his life on the line for a CB4 rapper like Sgt. William Rozay?? Damn rap really has changed. This is the first I’ve ever seen of somebody defending a fraud.

    • He want attention that’s all and probably got something to do with 50 vs Ross in a way

  • Vsevolod Tkachenko

    bloods and crips finally united?


    Well bangem done went bananas for real taking up for a cat
    That lives his life off robbing identities

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  • Carlos

    you can’t go to war from an island. lol

    • Bumpy Johnson

      thats what i was thinkin…??

  • these clown kill me… dude cant even set foot on American soil!
    on another note, that Ghostface album with Adrian Younge doing all the production is gone be DOPE!!!!!

    • that ‘rise of the ghostface killah’ shit is hard

  • DollasTX

    Dumb dumb’s …


    How in the fucc are you going to issue a warning from an island. nigga cant even come to america

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      J-Smooth – Yeah, who gonna take orders from him in America – and AHH must be a street gang inst-gator site,

  • Marchello Currence

    People Who Reporting All This Just Be Wise About How You Present This, Thats How Shit Got Out Of Hand With Pac And Big…People Makin It Way Bigga Than It Was…

  • TY

    Nigga couldn’t even get 50 to check in let alone a nationwide gangsta affiliation. He looked shook just saying the shit on camra lol his hands was all crossed like a bitch lol

  • bang em lookin like a whore desperate for attention

  • firehawk17

    this nigga is silly…first he was down with the unit back in the day…then he gets mad, now he claim he riding with ross with those lame as unintimidating gangstas and he telling a real gang to check in? he got bloods and crips ready to ride together for ross? those niggas put themselves in a hell of a situation.. casualties are coming i see it..

  • Furiouz Stylez

    they tried to deport the scrap, but he aint go nowhere still runnin killa queens.

    • Anthonyd Smith

      Tried? They did! Where you been, jail, homie?

  • Eli Pinilla

    This nggz in trini!!!! He cant even leave the island!!! Pluss u from queens, dnt be tellin no chicago nggz what to do with they shit. They started all that ship u pop off…riding for a fraud smh

  • Choppa

    Meanwhile, 50 is sittin in a big ass office somewhere about to make sum more money.. He see this and laugh.. Nigga Ross aint givin 2 and 1/2 fux bout a bang’em.. Watch yaself cuz u aint tha only “wolf” out here

  • bigdoe6

    Bang you bit the hand the fed you, man just fall back and go work at a store or something. Ross aint dying for you, and he’s not putting you on. Ross and French is rich and you’re broke. You played yourself fam.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    anyone repping “rick parole officer ross” is a duck

  • Dee

    bang em smurf another square ass nigga

  • Bumpy Johnson

    i lost all my respect for bang’em smurf…i dont care how many bodies he caught.

  • messias3

    ya’ll wild …

  • Anthonyd Smith

    I liked it when he was riding for the Unit. Problem is, he was about to become a liability having shootouts and fights when Fifty told him to cease and desist with the bullshit. I don’t blame him. He could’ve made this nigga rich and in a better position to do some shit but now this nigga freelancing Gangsta work that shit about to get this niggas wig pushed back for a C.O. ass nigga with no gangsta bones in him. You lose fuckin with Fat Boy

  • Reblogged this on A BLACK MAN PRODUCTION.

  • PorchBoySlim

    This nigga cant even get back in the country and he talking about holding another nigga down GTFOH lol

  • Vic Sage

    Funny as sht…Certified Supposed Gangster’s spewing sht to see how many hits it’ll get once it goes viral…” My My My like Johnny Gill…” Have times changed..” Anything for the camera,the video,and the tweets..” Gangsters for real!!”

  • video deleted? …lames

  • Eny Daboss

    funny ass news the thing is allhiphop is so fake and full of shit this website is on his end

  • i’mreloaded!

    Ride on the GD’s? You gonna be ridin a long time becuz GD’s are nationwide. Get real. So that’s how you do it, get shot at and have someone else make a threatening video? Rick, you should just bow out the game gracefully with whatever money you got because you clearly have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.

  • BillyBobJohn

    Bang em was just one of 50’s street soldiers back in the day nothing more nothing less in 2013 his a nobody

  • speedy37

    U can’t do shit nigga u in Trinidad u r ban from america and there’s a gun shortage in trinidad lol niggaz gonna get there machetes.


    i’m sick of all this extra shit in hip-hop just stick to rhyming!

  • Lamonte Johnson

    This site is the epitamy of young new age fuckery talk. Cuz really only young ignorant or just flat out ignorant ppl say shit like “someone gone ride on the gdz for ross” how tf someone or even a group of ppl gone ride on a international gang? If so ride how? This person gone kill every last gd? It’s like ppl just don’t think of all possible meanings b4 saying shit

  • jango boy



  • hoeyuno

    Smurf just wants to be on someone’s payroll.

  • GregSki86

    This nigga might get found in a dumpster somewhere now w/ his as* cut up like a f*ckin science experiment

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    this video has beeen removed by user 😉

  • brotha_man

    “Somebody” bout to ride on GD’s. I hope u mean some country, no one person is gonna stop the GD’s…….except larry hover

  • Samideen Nichols

    where they getting this shit from,everyboby be gangster but noone too die ,this the most crazy shit ,it dumb hell u got angry nigga,s with scarf around there faces,this shit so crazy ,dam nigga hateing u because used another man in u rap,its suppose be side respect ,but living different times i see everybody got somuch hate them, forgot about love,and this shit not getting better everybody once be a gangster,in this rap bussiness they keep getting locked up ,need to do some real time they slapping these wanted bee rappers this little ass time try ten years for start ,they be stripe down everything they got cause when u giving a chance too turn life with these fortune its to good by them not too destroy them everybody around u give a chance i show what to do with it fortune and fame

  • Guest

    so basically this is gonna be the start of an all out gang war over a fat f@3king fake ass gangsta rapper.let this piece of sh#t lay in his bed,he made it.

  • so basically this is the start of an all out gang war because of some fake imposter.he made his bed,let him lay in it with out taking the lives of more brothers.