Lil Wayne Goes On Anti-Miami Heat Rant: “I F*cked Chris Bosh Wife”, “I’m the new Pac”

(AllHipHop News) There are reports coming out that Young Money rapper Lil Wayne lashed out at the NBA and the Miami Heat players during an early Monday morning performance at Stereo Live in Houston during the NBA All-Star weekend.

Both Karen Civil and Shaheem Reid sent out a serious of tweets quoting Wayne blasting LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh.

Maybach Music Group rapper Meek Mill, who was in attendance at the show, seemed to confirm that Wayne suggested he had slept with Chris Bosh’s wife.

Wayne has been very verbal about what he feels has been mistreatment by the Miami Heat organization. Wayne recently claimed the he was kicked out of the Miami-Los Angeles game on January 10th for rooting for the visiting Lakers. The Heat stated that Wayne was not removed from the arena and left on his own accord.

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This is the second major sporting event weekend this year where Wayne has left with news of him beefing. During the Super Bowl festivities a few weeks ago, Wayne got into an altercation with a cameraman after a celebrity football game. He claimed the camera operator pushed him, and that’s what sparked his angry reaction which included telling the man, “look at me motherfucker. Look at me when you apologize.”

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In the portion of Wayne’s rant in the video below he can also be heard saying that The Heat had him banned from NBA games and that he is the “new Pac.”

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78 Responses to “Lil Wayne Goes On Anti-Miami Heat Rant: “I F*cked Chris Bosh Wife”, “I’m the new Pac””

  1. Mr. Starr Vision

    Wayne Clearly Wants Attention, Go Sit Yo Bitch Ass Down…This Nigga Mad Because They Don’t Come and Speak to Him When He’s Sitting Courtside…Bitch Ass Nigga Don’t Nobody Owe You a Hi Five!!!

  2. Darren Myt Collins

    I think wayne is jelous….and envious…he wants to be in the NBA in crowd. He sees Jay-z choppin it up with lebron courtside and other artist. Nobody talks to wayne…everybody in the nba knows he’s a dork.

    • Richard Savage

      i was thinkin the same thing. Even Drake gets love from every player in the league. I wonder what their beef with Wayne is tho. I dont like Wayne either but i wonder why they seem to dislike him too

  3. Ramesses The Great

    Lil Wayne is a very talented artist and those other guys are very talented basketball players. My point is they all do their job and it’s to entertain us, so stop getting so bent out of shape over our court jesters.

  4. Darren Myt Collins

    Then he got the nerve to say he the new pac? NEGROE PLEASE…..pac would slap the shyt out of wayne for that DISRESPECTFUL EMMIT TILL LINE

    • Bumpy Johnson

      The outlaws need to ride for pac man…celly cell,big syke, spice 1, ray luv, mac mall…where these niggas at. PAC put them on…..E 40 somebody need to knock these niggas out for Pac name.

  5. Denzil McRae

    Thats what happens when you grow up with no education what so ever and no adult role models to teach you any sort of anything.

  6. John Dough

    Miami Heat lying. why would wayne make up a story about getting kicked out it makes no sense what does he have to gain from it? last i knew he was one of the top recording artists of the decade he didn’t need to do it for attention so what other reason is there.

  7. Oknas

    Dumb ass wayne glorifying Pac 15 years ago at 25 years of age. Pac at 40 wouldn’t be so ignorant. DIs the same nigga that dissed Emmitt Till

  8. Q.

    LOL@ Lil Weezel trolling the NBA…He knew exactly whose wifey not to diss tho’…

    I could clearly picture D-Wade serving this clown for talking slick about Gabby. Plus he’s from the CHI, so that Emmett Till line don’t fly.

  9. Lionel Suarez

    If a little turd walked out of the toilet, did a bunch of meth, and started rapping, it still be more talented and better looking than Lil Wayne. Speaking of Lebron, what’s up with him throwing illuminati hand signs during the All Star intro?


    I told you all, this fool thinks that after he says “Fu#k New York” and get away with, now he can continue to do so with everything and everyone….This is the year that Lil Wayne’s career goes from high to low….It’s a dam shame how rappers feel that because they already fooled us and took our money then they can sit and display the shady, disrespectful character in which they really are…Your career was about to end anyway Lil Wayne, but the least you could have done is choosen a better way to depart.

  11. Dee

    fuk this nigga im from the streets? how? u been on tv since u was 13 these niggas promote im from the streets to sound hard fuk outta here a nigga will run up on wayne quick u aint no threat wtf

  12. Lyve Wire

    why do yall hate wayne so much?? im not a huge fan of his, but damn. hate dude, but read articles about him???? and where was the mob when remy martin used the emmit till references years ago? right is right. wrong is wrong. things shouldnt be allowed or accepted depending on who is saying /doing.


    Every time I think this blood mascot can’t get any mire foolish
    Bam bat man he does a One up. I love my brothers n sisters
    But them ……. Yeah n whatever broad key him
    Tap u wouldn’t want no how. Skateboard rock star ,

    Him n Ricky can have a group bi polar boys 1st
    Single ” I don’t know who the f I am so how could you ?

  14. Oknas

    Instead of dissing the players why doesnt he just diss the organization? The owners? The NBA? David Stern? You going after players and you dont even know if they made that decision. Lebron Wade and bosh dont own shit on the heat, they just play for them. Blacks are quick to go after blacks for alittle or no reason without proof.

  15. ehh?

    Wayne is like 5’3 and these dudes range from 6-4 to 6-10? I’d love to see him come at these dudes on the streets. Skate away while you can.

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