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Hip-Hop Rumors: Drama: Chris Brown & Rihanna and Blue Ivy’s Uncle!


Drake? Chris Brown and Rihanna have apparently broken up again over Drake? What now? Breezy col’ busted Rihanna sending Drake text messages. I guess, old flames die hard. Here is what the UK Sun is reporting.

RIHANNA and CHRIS BROWN have split up… for the time being, anyway.
The couple had a row on the night of the Grammys because the Bajan singer was sending text messages to her ex-boyfriend – rapper DRAKE.

The pair were seen looking unhappy leaving the event then spotted sat at opposite ends of a club last week.
A source said: “Chris and Rihanna had a big bust-up at the Grammys over Drake.

“She was messaging him and Chris saw and it didn’t go down well.
“Since that night they have barely spoken and have been doing their own things. For now they have split up but they will probably make up at some point.”


blue ivy photo

Matthew Knowles created a big, jagged pill when he cheated on his wife. He created a baby from the affair and rumor has it Beyonce will not see Nixon, her brother and Blue Ivy’s uncle! I mean, who cares – I know. I don’t either but the Star gossip mag is saying something about it. Here it is:

Beyonce is itching to add a son to her family, but let’s hope her daughter, Blue Ivy, treats him better than Beyonce treats her own brother!

Alex Wright tells Star that she is the mother of a baby boy fathered by Beyonce’s dad, Mathew Knowles, when he was still married to Beyonce’s mother Tina.

Sources say Beyonce was so furious about her father’s affair, she refuses to meet her little brother. But Mathew’s relationship with the tot, named Nixon, isn’t much better.

“We had an 18 month relationship. We were in love and even lived together,” Wright tells Star. “But four months into my pregnancy, he decided he couldn’t do it – and since our son’s birth, he has tried to deny Nixon full child support. This isn’t about the money. It’s about accountability, education and providing Nixon a secure life. “

Hopefully that baby gets to know his sister, because that would be criminal if he was punished for the sins of the father!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Swaggout

    More from illcoon. *edited* (I left illcoon in though. Sorry folks. Dude is deplorable).

    • Future Patrick

      They prolly the same person fam

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        I e-vouch for Edogz818… AHH Legal team all day…
        Like El-Barksdale put it… he just bringin balance to the board…

        That’s the ninja you need in your team if you’re going to WAR… no e-WARS either… BX stand up

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    • Galactus

      LMAO!!!! Thats Cold! I know Edogz means well, but ain’t no defending coonery and bafoonery. If Illseed really cared about the dude that rides for him, he would give him his $e$ jawn back, but i think it’s more on Chucky Jigsaw and Chucky don’t dig real sh*t J/S

    • EL_BARK

      Naw homie ask around…. I been on illcoon next & chuck for a while since 09 maybe. They even ban me cause i g-check they hoeassess…. Anybody that follow the site remember we damn near shut this site down for their cooning.
      And i mean literally shut this down.
      But edogz818 is a SOLID dude, homie… I know he defends illcoon sometimes,
      Much to the disliking if the posters. But when we complain this site was cooning for the worst, illcoon did allow edogz to bring dime balance to his sloppy journalism.
      Edogz even got off track a bit, and engage in e-beef.
      But never the less, he did attempt to bring balance to the board….. To off set illcoon constant cooning….. Ijs if he defends or try to level with illcoon
      Cooning & chuck and greg cooning. U can atleast see why???
      Edog came through the fire, and if you knew his story, you might agree also.

      • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

        you invest to much time on the site. you just gave a history of illseed and whoever edogz is. i hope they read what you type and laugh.

      • Glad you took the time to read it!


      • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

        you from york Pennsylvania my nig?

      • There are many E Dogz….but only one 818.

      • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

        That’s what’s up. I have some people out in Pennsylvania…..not sure what part.

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        Funny you act like you didnt know who edog was, but knows he from york? Smh

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        I typed edogzedogz818 into google because I thought maybe he wrote articles for ahh and I could check them out and the one of the things that came up was a dating website that he was on. the dating site said he was from york. I wanted to know if it was the same edogz. does that make sense to you? did my reason for knowing where he is from please you?

      • EL_BARK

        No but typing another man bame into google is a bit stanish & stalkerish…. Ijs

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        who cares what you think though? ijs

      • brotha_man

        yeah its a little….gay *takes sip of coffee*

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      • Swaggout

        See… I’m taking that on the chin. I never knew the pedigree. Much love.

        I’ve even gone back and deleted my part in our back n forths.

        Sometimes, a n*gga gotta do what’s right!

      • Guest

        of course u takin it on the chin..its the only place he can put his
        balls when u blow him this hard

      • Same :

        Peace & Respect!

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        do you guys need a room or something? yall act like illseed fucked yall n left u a 20 before he disappeared into the night or somethin ..idek why yall go hard at him for..and still come on the site every week, every month

      • I never go hard @ iLLy, some do ( STC ) to motivate him, some just crave the attention.

        Hate is the new love!

        Make it big & folks with hate.
        Some just like you ashy instead of classy.

      • Swaggout

        Okay, from herein… PUBLIC APOLOGY TO EDOGZ818!!!!!!! I never knew dudes pedigree!!!! Much humility and apologies to EDOGZ818!

        Even if brother comes at me with a rebuttal, I’ll take it deservedly on the jaw!

        Without knowing his full story, from your post I know he’s Godbody!

        Much power EDOGZ818.

      • It’s all good Famz!

        Comments wouldn’t be worth it without the E Drama.


      • johnblacksad

        Positive Energy…

      • peace!

      • You ain’t lying. I saw the post back then were putting their asses on blast but Chuck came correct and the format was improved. Illseedkiller was the main push though he was constantly on their ass and they banned him because he was not stopping. Then he had new accounts that cat was hilarious. You did your thing. They did let members write an article which was cool. Ed wrote one correct, did you get an article to write I can’t remember?

      • EL_BARK

        Naw, i was satified just to get my point across for them attempting to ban me. Lmao i think that back fired on them, cause other people who got banned just said fuk it, and stop posting. Lmao i came back with avengeance lol

      • This is true!

      • ISK was…..and still is off the chain!

    • Roast!!

    • Choppa


      #IJS hahaha

      Damn duke tell em’ y u mad

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  • fabbidavisjr

    Damn it sucks that this 2 year old girl has already seen more of the world then all of us in this chat put together haha

  • Calico Joe

    Hey Illseed, Kill Yourself!

  • chippc

    Damn i though they were gonna say Bey was keeping Ivey from Jay side of the family.

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  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    chris should just bang rhiana out and stop caring.

  • johnblacksad

    There were a time once when nobody would dare disrespect illseed… then some ninjaz started it, and it became a trend… smh

    • That’s the same clown from the Kelly Rowland’s crying thread that swore he’d never be back.

      He’s butthurt because I said:
      “You’ll be back…They Always come back”…& he couldn’t stay away!

      LOL~N & SMFH @ this generation

      • Swaggout

        See, I’m taking these on the chin.

      • Choppa

        Backpeddling huh? SMFH

      • Swaggout

        Absolutely. I shouldn’t of dissed EDOGZ. Takes a man to admit when he’s wrong n*gga! illcoon is still a coon though.

      • It’s all good Famz, & Illy does his job.
        On the real, he has helped many people from the comments, some have went on to better things, others have just used the to push to maintain.

        They do what they can & care about Hip Hop, but that is tempered with appealing to all audiences.

        Truth Minista Paul Scott, Davey D, Jasiri X and others are part of the team they assembled to help counter all the negativity surrounding us as a whole.

        They can’t make everyone happy, but they stay in their lanes & work as a team.


      • Swaggout

        Thanks for the clarity EDOGZ! Love is love!

      • $28825362

        You’ll be back…They Always come back. BAwhahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
        Man, I should have copy written that joint. lol

      • You should, it gets used a lot!

  • KC The American Pimp

    Whoa NIXON!! these BLack Folks named there son NIxon Pause lol lol

  • What did you think this black man was going to do once you got pregnant, take care of it…. LOL

    • Sounds like you talking from experience! LOL~N

    • nah prolly rape the baby like white men do

    • Freebe Jackson

      RIGHT!!!!! since he didn’t take care of his previous daughters and help turn one of them into what you lame smuts worship today!!!!!

    • johnblacksad

      but you love the black pipe tho… so what is a becky to do?!

    • tabetha cortez

      umm i think that black man dont even care for the baby

    • jazzoh

      Crazy how this same black man took care of his kids before made them stars and wealthy and his family the topic of discussion on blogs and websites

  • Lamonte Johnson

    that rihanna shit be like a damn tv show either they real good actors at getting gwapped up of tabloid mentions or them niggas is really that regular. They needa call it the basic life of the rich and famous lol. (if its true) homie seeing her texting “classicccc!”

  • msmarti

    Oh please…That’s Mr. Knowles problem, NOT BEYONCE’s and she owe’s no anything to a woman who helped to destroy her family…If the woman wanted her to have a good relationship with her illegitimate child, she probably should have waited til Mr. Knowles and His ex-wife Tina’s relationship had run it’s course and divorce’d before sleeping with him and producing a child. Beyonce’s knew him as her father for years who love and honored her mother, now you people are looking for her to be the leader in some ill-fated relationship drama her ill-responsible daddy drudged up. Please!!!

  • D_Ably

    How can she blame an innocent child for her dads mess? These carters always had a funny meaning for the word ‘family’. Shit them lames only had a baby to cash a cheque anyway so this ain’t no suprise.

  • 86Jordan

    “This isn’t about the money. It’s about accountability, education and providing Nixon a secure life. “ A secure life without the money? This is a oxymoron statement that only a 2 bit chump would believe.

  • Beyonce naturally looks like a grimy ass person.

    • jazzoh

      To me that response is an emotional one and natural especially being a woman it more than likely would be difficult for any woman some men even to embrace a child born out of an affair that their father had while married to their mother how would her mother feel about that this response is not shocking at all and I don’t think this makes her grimy it makes her average

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  • Nene

    Beyonce is dead wrong. She wouldn’t want people to treat her that way. That little boy didn’t ask to be born.

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  • tabetha cortez

    in think the baby looks like chris brown the face and eyes