50 Cent and Fat Joe

Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent And Fat Joe Collaboration On The Way? More Chris And RiRi Stuff!

50 Cent and Fat Joe were two of the rap dudes with the most beef in a minute. That wasn’t no Frank Ocean / Chris Brown mess. These dudes were going at it, if they  were to ever meet. But, they made up last year in light of the death of Chris Lighty. Now, the beef may officially be done. These dudes are rumored to be collaborating soon.

I think these rumors started with an interview 50 did. I wouldn’t bet on it though.


Man, I wish these fools would get married or something, because I am sick of writing about them. Really doe…it on, its off. The Tran chick is lingering around….come on! The latest is that the pair celebrated Rihanna’s 25th in Hawaii. Good for them.

Rihanna celebrates her birthday with Chris Brown on romantic getaway in Hawaii. The two were holding hands and kissing on the beach.

Is is me or is RiRi lackin’ in the back-end? Awhhh…who cares? She’s winning!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.</em>
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46 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent And Fat Joe Collaboration On The Way? More Chris And RiRi Stuff!”

  1. TY

    50 Should make a record w/Fat Joe. that beef was 100% senseless. like Jadakiss, Joe Budden, Styles P, Nas, & R. Kelly. Damn 50 was reckless back in the day lol nigga beefed w/80% of the industry

    • Joseph Thomas

      he’s still doing it now!!!! plus i believe he does it thru the dummy on his lap called “Game”……they both are clowns

    • danny4572

      he wasnt “beefing” with any of the names u mentioned… yea sure he would take shots at them but its not the same as with fat joe, ja rule, rick ross ect… and i dont think he should make a song with a “man” who fllat out disrespected his music and is basically a big fat phony

  2. sa

    what happen to rihanna ass?
    50 and fat joe collab is just a fake ass rumor that shit will never happen but i do think they should make a song it would b good for NY. i think 50 and Cam should do a track together, that shit a be epic.

      • brotha_man

        only if thet went back to they old styles. fif is basically pop…..and joe was dope back with D.I.T.C, now he thinks he’s from Miami

      • EDOGZ818

        I was gonna say…SMDH!

        I was borderline with the collabo being good for NY.

        He jumped out the 2nd floor window with that Cam comment, and didn’t even bend his knees when he landed.

    • Bman22

      Let Rihanna live. Her ass is fine. He’s 25 and built to last into her later years. Broads with these oversized asses all get fat as they get older. All of them. These chicks with these donks will be looking like Aretha Franklin in 15 years or so.

      • crucob

        Who said anything about wifing them & waiting around for 15 yrs? CTFU.

      • Bman22

        You never know who you might end up with, homey. And why wouldn’t you want to wife up a chick worth $80 million and looked like Rihanna? Think, nigga!

      • crucob

        I was talking about you complaining about big booty chicks. Just cuz you phucking big booty hoes, that don’t mean you want to wife big booty hoes, so why don’t you try some reading comprehension, nigga! LOL. FYI, skinny bitches have just as much potential of turning fat in 15 years as big booty chicks have of staying the same size, it all depends on their lifestyle. & just cuz you wife a chick with 80 mil, that don’t mean YOU getting ANY of it. Marrying for $ is what hoes do anyways, long as a woman has a job & ain’t a bum bitch, I’ll phuck with her.

      • Bman22

        My first comment was directed towards big booty hos, so instead of reaching for comical comebacks, read what I am saying. And of course you’ll “phuck” with a chick with a job. That’s your lane. You’ll likely never have access to bitch worth the type of money I’m speaking on. Isn’t Chris Brown better off with a chick with Rihanna money than just a random broad? What’s a random chick gonna do for him if he falls off? At the end of the day, I agree that there’s nothing wrong with smashing big booty hos. I was really trying to make the point that her total package ain’t to be fucked with.

  3. Your Dog Needs Training.

    You place HTML on the source not the page. If I was your boss I heads will be rolling, there is a lot of journalistic errors lately and you continue to ignore the readers. What does a sub editor / editor get paid to do?


    • $28825362

      They don’t care because the site still gets traffic. The readers can complain all they want. If the internet traffic slowed down then things would change.

      • Your Dog Needs Training.

        Totally agree about the traffic bit. But when there are alternatives you just got to be on top of your game.

        Who knows they could get even more traffic if there was some improvement? Only thy can tell as they have the data and analytics to see what’s going on.

        But lately I am having to go to other sites to read hip hop news, back in the days AHH was my main go to site for everything hip hop and that was because I could count on them for all the latest news with no BS.

        If think they could do much better by listening to feedback. This is where a lot ot organisations go wrong. Listen to feedaback and the traffic increases. People stay longer on the site. You can then attract advertisers and all this translates to revenue.

        I can’t believe I have just given away information I usually charge top ££££s for. But oh well when you genuinely care about something !!!!!!!!!!

        Give us readers what we need. That’s not too much to ask for AHH.

      • EDOGZ818

        Hit up Chuck, via twitter, facebook, etc. & voice your concerns, and he will take them into consideration, especially if respectfully submitted.

  4. DiscoverDior.com

    50 cent needs the buzz, and Fat Joe needs the money…This is more of a fail for 50 cent because of the effort that he used to end Fat Joe’s career, only to end up joining forces…”If you can’t beat’em join’em”…..This is a win win for Fat Joe because this guy 50 has tons of money and still found a need for artists who he dissed in the past.

    • Super_Hero

      I’m sure Fat Joe has more money then you. Just because you owe tax doesn’t mean you are broke. It just means you been getting money with no tax withheld. Some of the most realest gangsters, the mafia, when to jail for tax because the feds couldn’t get them for murders.

    • EDOGZ818

      You didn’t factor in the Chris Lighty connection.

      Deading beef, after a tragedy that makes you realize how senseless it is, isn’t desperate.

      One thing for sure, win, lose or draw, Fat Joe has always been ” ‘Bout ‘it “.


      He is on par with 50, but not a lyricist like Mos Def, etc.

  5. hoeyuno

    You think if Chris brown and rihanna got married y’all would stop talking about them….. the first day rihanna got caught getting changed and not seen wearing her wedding ring y’all would be right there speculating… as gay as these TMZ articles are I’m sure there good for business.

  6. hoeyuno

    I heard they met kanye for lunch and he was wearing the same pants rihanna was… talk about embarrassing. so rihanna respectively left to change.

  7. greeneyedbandit

    I used to love Fat Joe…..would like to hear new music from him. Anyways…..when did 50 end Fat Joe’s career? lmao! Girl, where did you get that from?

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