Hip-Hop Rumors: Founding Fathers Of Hip-Hop To Boycott Worldstar? Wayne Says No Apology For Bosh!

I wonder how this will play out? I am hearing that a number of the founding fathers of Hip-Hop are looking to get Worldstar shut down or something. I don’t know specifically who yet, but I heard that some of the real founding fathers are stepping up to the plate on this issue, claiming the popular site doesn’t rep Hip-Hop at all. Not sure how effective this will be, but that’s their stance. What say you?

Anyway, I’ve heard a bit more, but I’m not going to say it just yet.


Say sorry to Bosh, Weezy! That man needs that apology right now!! Anyway, here is what Wayne said in a recent interview, effectively saying sorry to Miami (not the Heat).

“Yeah, I heard about that, that’s what I want to clear up,” Wayne said in an interview when told the entire city of Miami was upset with him. “First of all, I ain’t have a cup. I can’t drink anything. Actually, I had a little bit too much to ‘think’ that night. Yeah, [laughs], I had too many thoughts on my mind that night but let me start off saying I don’t apologzie for that night. I don’t apologize for being who I am. That’s who I am. This is who I am and yes I did say those things. The only thing I do want to take back from saying that night is I said, ‘F LeBron,’ I didn’t mean to say that because me and LeBron are cool and I know his mom and we have a real good relationship. That’s my homie, it just slipped out. Other than that, I don’t take nothing back and like I said, I don’t apologize for being me. This is who I am. Now do you want an explanation for where all that came from?”

As for Bosh’s apology? Nope.

“That ain’t important. Actually I was just having a conversation with Baby when I said that or whatever I said. Like I said, those were my fans in there. I wasn’t on a television show, I wasn’t on a radio station, I wasn’t in front of nobody’s video camera. … That was my party and my stage, I can say what I want to sweetheart.”

Here’s the video:

How about a sorry for Emmett Till?

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They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Celz

    What say me? I say be careful they may boycott you next..

    • Chuck does put out good content a lot but then allows the boring, gossip tmz type of sh*t also that illseed spits. This site is not that ignorant. You can’t compare this site to WSHH. As much as I don’t really like illseed they have positive things on here that pertain to hiphop. They promote concerts rock the bells “real hiphop”. If you have that at least I will give you credit. Is this site better than UGHHdotcom no but they put more conscious articles out than them.

      • Celz

        Real talk that’s why I said be careful.. They have some great articles on here maybe once a week.. but they post some bs homosexual rumor with no proof every other day..

      • Exactly and you see me as the first one putting him on blast as I have done for years now.

  • Harrison Boateng

    WSHH nothing really hiphop about it lol just ignant ass videos, models , and fights and ocassionally RAP videos no real Hip Hop to it. Still it is entertaining

    • Tre C

      using the term “models” is being

      • Celz

        Half naked with no self respect or formal training standing in front of a camera is not a model..

      • crucob

        Cuz you have to be trained & talented to be a model, right??? Pfft, CTFU

      • Celz

        I didn’t say educated I said trained.. You couldn’t find one chick off the street who can walk in and be a real model i.e. High Fashion or Runway…

  • WSHH is a coon site. Minstrel show on the internet. Fk that site! Ban it!

  • RichFromBX

    good call on WorldStar…the site does nothing to help black people – every time a video makes it’s way on TV of black people acting a fool it always has a big fat WorldStar logo on it…if you took someone from Mars and showed them WorldStar they wouldn’t walk away with a positive thing to say about black people…

    • They set us back a million years my kid. Word! They don’t elevate they annihilate, destroy make a mockery of us allow racist to come there. Q is the worst owner ever and I will say it to his bitchass face.

    • Rich the site was never set up to help black people in the first place. If they had a motto “WORLDSTARHIPHOP” helping black people then we have a right to complain.

      It was initially meant to be a hip hop site where peeps could load videos. but they changed over time after finding out what brought people to their site. Hip hop is not the main focus now, but helping black peeps was never a motto.

      If black peeps stopped sending negative vids to Worldstar then the’re won’t be vids to upload. Blame the idiots who feel its cool to send the vids in. World star is just making money from people’s stupidity and providing what their audience wants.

      • RichFromBX

        “World star is just making money from people’s stupidity and providing what their audience wants..” exactly, except it’s not stupid people it’s “stupid” black people – there’s no white equivalente to WorldStar – it’s a black owned and operated site that has made the conscious decision to sell out they own people for profit – people can send all the videos they want but the second the sites decides to post it and make money, through advertisements on the site, they become a major part of the problem – I get their goal may not be to help black people but they’ve made it their goal to profit at the expense of hurting they own people – if this is accepted practice from within then no one can get made when whites catch on and cash in..

      • Rappers do the same they preach violence, drugs et al. I agree that it is stupid black and also white peeps sending in videos. If peeps stopped sending videos in then maybe that would hit them where it hurts and they may need to go back to the drawing board.

        I’m sure TMZ wasn’t initially founded to make a fool out of celebs they just found an angle that works.

        Look back on AHH chicken head convention LOL. They’ve evolved.

        For anyone who wants a low down on the chicken head convention ask one of the long standing editors to chyme in. LOL.

        That’s me done I am just helping AHH drive traffic by commenting on this topic.

    • king

      Black people don’t need a website to make them look bad they do crap on a regular basis

  • Worldstar hip hop changed business models a long time ago.

    When was recording stupid things such as fights et al on camera phones HIP HOP?

    I just go there to view a few comical stuff not for hip hop.

    • iight then the “hip hop” should have no place in the name of the website or promotion of it…cmon man…

      • Bumpy Johnson

        exactly …n since when was naked dumb hoes hip hop too?

      • Here goes, let me tell you how it all happened.

        1) they created a website with the intention of allowing people to post hip hop music on the site and charge artists who wanted to feature on the site. This helps the artist gain publicity / exposure
        2) Site started doing well became established WSHH became a brand.
        3) All of a sudden they realised that users where also happy watching silly videos and violent videos too. This drove traffic to the site and it became famous for fighting / beat down videos. That’s why people use the term ” I will worldstar you”
        4) Since a lot of traffic was been driven to the site because of the beat down vids and a lot of money was been made, they just continued to use those kind of videos to grow the company.

        It’s because world star hip hop is a brand and everyone already knows it. WSHH is also known for silly videos and beat downs and it is the go to place for many people looking for such videos.

        These videos have been the cheddar earner for the site, asking them to change will seriously hit their cheddar.

        The reason they changed the business model from hip hop vids to stupid / beat down vids was because it made them a lot of dough by getting the viewers to the site and making the site viral. Advertisers will pay more if you have a site that has lots of traffic.

        OFF TOPIC: Look at rappers many started off rapping this was their career then they discovered other ways of making money such as headphones, clothing lines et al.

        Its business in the real world. NEVER STOP WHAT’S WORKING.

      • STP

        Should be called “Worldstar Ni**a Sh*t”

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  • Tre C

    Even if they are somehow able to shut it down or bring enough negative response to the website, they’ll just create another.

  • Choppa

    I told niggaz yrs ago.. Q frm WSHH is them ppl! He workin against blk ppl 4 profit

    • BS, he isn’t working against black people for profit. WHY DO YOU SAY THAT?

      He is working to buy cribs, rides, and the finest things in life. They tested a number of things to find out what works and found an angle i.e uploading fights that people send in and other silly stuff. That is what drives traffic and revenue for worldstar.

      Why do you think the word “worldstar” and fights are synonymous?

      Although some of the videos uploaded do lead to arrests. But if you’re so dumb to upload a recording of yourself doing a crime to worldstar,or even commit a crime then you must be already wanting to sign a lease in a prison cell.

      • Choppa

        Do u kno how many muhfuckas den went to jail fuckin w WSHH?? That Nigga is FEDERAL.. TRust me

      • Federal? if he was he won’t be posting videos on the site. All he’d have to do is to pass the videos onto his handlers. Don’t you think so?

        If you’re federal you leave no track behind.

        Don’t believe street talk, analyse things first.

        Dude is only concerned about making money, its a case of if fighting videos or stupid videos will bring traffic to my site I’m going to continue to upload them. Don’t forget its that traffic to the site that earns him paper.

      • He makes money you hit on the head by means of “exploitation”of his people. You answered Choppa question in agreement. Q doesn’t care so he will destroy his people by means of ignorance and it is fueled by another source trust. Deadass

      • SC

        Last time I checked Q was not out there with a camera recording the crazy shit people do. Blaming him for the dumb shit people do makes no sense. If the people stop doing ignorant shit then there would be no “exploitation”.

      • Weedras

        WORD!!!!! how is he working against black ppl when its the ignorant dumbasses posting videos of themselves committing all sorts of crimes… regardless of whether it was posted on wshh or youtube if you commit a crime and the feds can track you down via the video EVIDENCE YOU SUBMITTED.. then that’s all on your dumbass…

      • Hector G

        Q has single handed control over what content is posted….and posting those stupid “i made 750,000 doing nothing” videos ain’t helpin anyone let alone the other unmentionable ridiculouseness that gets promoted by that site. BONUS: world star makes every non talent retard wannabe rapper think thay can actually make it… ya worldstar contributes intensely to everything that sucks about hip-hop

      • Weedras

        so that mean this50, inflexwetrust and similar sites like wshh should be called out too not just one… i only peep the site through links posted here or elsewhere… so the fact that other hiphop sites such as this one uses as a reference point speaks volumes… and whether we had wshh or not the non talent retards have youtube and other outlets to push their shit

      • Hector G

        i agree with what your saying but wshh is completely tasteless…’s jus bad and the other sites you mentioned aren’t even close to promoting the level of stupidity that world star does…if losers who couldent rap jus had youtube theyd get no views but wshh provides a confusing environment and you can thank them for riff raff, lil b and other awful artists who should have never been seen but got a bunch of meaningless views on worldstar. so they keep theyre career going, mainstream labels see…this guys getting views and proceeds to sign them….next thing you know, hip-hop is ruined

      • Many rappers preach hatred and killing and selling drugs ain’t that similar?

        We can go back and forth on this all day but we both are going to have difference in opinions and that’s Ok.

        I’m glad you brought some intelligence to the debate unlike others cussing people out. We need more people who can hold difference in opinions and still be civil with each other. THAT’S A RARE INGREDIENT IN OUR COMMUNITY.

      • Pheezmatic

        I feel u Get…thats real. What i dont get though is how some people take such a strong opinion against a man like this who clearly is exploiting youthful ignorance and the going ons of low-income communities and not have such a strong opinion about the dealer on their nearest corner. People make decisions that are best for them and theirs. Its just sad that that is what the public wants.

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        So True!

      • he could just pass most of them over & just post some to get more people to send em in so he can pass more on… & so on & so on.. or maybe not

      • dayleedumped

        that nigga aint FEDERAL.. i think hes just about the money, but if police are coming at him trying to investigate, and then say that they will shut his shit down if he dont cooperate… IF thats what being a FED is.. than ya he is.. but at the end of the day hes just about the money.. yeah hes probably making black people look bad, but shit so are drug dealers selling crack to black people..

      • Nope Choppa is right. The feds support that site you don’t believe me do your research I won’t go into details but I am not exaggerating bs. Q is working for the man. DEAD SERIOUS!

      • I’d love to know more.

        The only fed related stuff I recall was when they allegedly shut it down and that fool 50 cent was talking smack saying that he shut it down.

        I still disagree, but I may agree that they may use the footage uploaded to arrest criminals. Worldstar uses the footages to draw in users to the site. The feds could easily use some of the vids to solve crime for them its an easy way to get promoted and get higher up the ranks. The more crimes you solve the better your prospects I would have thought. WHy NOT?

      • Guest

        SMH! Son please please this is not about 50 cent that is irrelvant to this. Just research that is it. Q is an tool trust me. I can’t say too much the Feds use black websites, rappers especially as informants or puppets for their agenda. You have no idea how deep the rabbit hole really goes do you. It is not a joke. There is very sinister intentions behind that website. You want to support it fine do it but I am telling you anyone affiliated to that site is on a check list allowing themselves to be brainwashed. The site is pure slavery bs. Just research.

      • SMH! My brother please please this is not about 50 cent that is irrelevant to this. Just research that is it. Q is an tool trust me. I can’t say too much the Feds use black websites, rappers especially as informants or puppets for their agenda. You have no idea how deep the rabbit hole really goes do you. It is not a joke. There is very sinister intentions behind that website. You want to support it fine do it but I am telling you anyone affiliated to that site is on a check list allowing themselves to be brainwashed. The site is pure slavery bs. Just research. I am not disrespecting you also coming at you in a civil discussion aight. Sorry I tried to edit and it erased my post excuse the double post. Peace!

      • 2009, they started a “NETWORK” of informants, so what you saying, fits right in.

        Not saying it’s true….just that it fits perfectly.

      • Plus getting paid to be on WSSH as work?
        That can be expected, but when they shut him down………how did it get back up?

        When was it shut down?

      • Young Goku

        Yep, He used to work for the government, So he has ties

      • Go into depth, ‘chet was “kinda” believable until you said that, if it’s true, than the other ‘chet switches from “kinda” believable, to…”more than likely”.

      • Celz

        That’s what he said genius “He workin against blk ppl 4 profit” Did you even read the comment you replied to Mr. Getyourexbacknow? Let me guess you run a shytty website yourself lmao

      • Celz, you’re typical, its ok to show ignorance by insulting others and becoming defensive because you haven’t got enough intellect to hold a debate.

      • Celz

        There is nothing to debate you confirmed his assertion..

      • Don’t disrespect the brother man let’s be mature about this Celz. He came civil and never named called. Give back what people give to you. He came in peace being civilized and respectful. You can agree to disagree but he never came at you wrong. I am a real dude I don’t play sides I only side with truth.

      • Celz

        I called him genius and made a joke that getyourexbacknow sounds like a sleazy website.. He’ll be ok.. I didn’t make it too personal lol but dude is trying to defend that ignorance because it makes money.. That’s worse than anything I said to him..

      • RealMusicFag

        Please. That website glorifies ratchness.
        Yall got stop dickriding the wealthy.

      • I’m not worshipping the wealthy. I’m just simply stating the way things are.

    • chris reeves

      Yall act like HIP HOP works for blk ppl 4 no profit, Im quite sure none of those old MCs performed for free, and most of that old school hiphop wasnt educating the youth seems negroes just stay hating on each other. If the founding fathers and all of you all were so concerned yall should have just started your own hiphop websites to compete with worldstarand allhiphop instead of bitching about another black man’s hustle.

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        I think one of the things about old school hip-hop is that, even if it wasn’t about educating the youth at all times, it wasn’t so much about being as negative as possible like today’s rap. It was just fun not despicable.

    • Mannnn me and my people call Worldstarhiphop the “Devils Channel” ain’t nothing but ignorance at its finest!

  • Mike Swiff

    As far as WorldStar goes Im not feeling that; why do black people always feel that certain things bring us down as a people. You have dudes walking around with their asses fully exposed-those are black young men are they doing anything for black people?, how about the Hip Hop lyrics these little fake thug rappers rap about-WOW there doing a great job for our youth right?(smirk)..I dont’t hear white people saying the want to closed down “Talk Soup” or “TMZ!” (people kut that out! it is what it is!!) Lil Ugly: I’m half on your side I love that you hammered the Miami Heat…Not a Bosh fan but did you have to hit the dude in the face with your D*ck about his wife??…he now has a baby by? (insurance) Lil Ugly you gotta chill dude… dont you have a CD you should be working on?.. Do what lil uglies do! Be heard not seen!!

    • They’re ALL bad for us, guy. And we need to stop worrying about what white people do anyway. If they’re doing bad, LET THEM. Never interrupt your enemy while he’s destroying himself. {{-_-}}

      • DJ7

        Say that again B, I don’t think they heard you fam!!

    • Well said Worldstar is not a representation of the black race and anyone using it as a barometer to judge the black race s stupid and I don’t even want to be friends with anyway.

      Here is the mentality that we need to get rid off and its called ” BLACK PEOPLE DON’T DO THAT” mentality.

      Being black doesn’t mean you shouldn’t walk away from situations just because they say black people don’t do that. A lot of times we look down on each other, ever walked in the street minding your own business and you suddenly cross eyes with another black yungen that gives you the aggy looks? Well I have I just smile.

      It’s about time we stop pre judging ourselves and walk with our head up. as long as you and I behave in decent manner then other races will begin to realise hmm there are some decent peeps and stop the prejudice.

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  • it was just pillow talk between him and his daddy…… riiiiiiight

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    wshh is for low lives.

  • It doesn’t count until WE (the hip-hop fans) boycott WSHH and STICK TO IT. {{-_-}}

  • Blue Skies

    I just told myself I wasnt going to WSHH again. Came to AHH and immediately peep the artical. I think thats a great idea, WSHH is way too negative, it glorifies sex, money,violence and stupidity. We have enough of that where we sleep. MediaTakeOut is another evil site.

  • And another thing: Boycotting doesn’t do shit until you provide a viable alternative. Niggas still haven’t figured that out yet. {{-_-}}

    • SHHN for android for hip-hop..all newest videos. CinemaHaven android/iphone/desktop for tv and film

  • Tee Mac Morgan

    Worldstarhiphop is not just about HIP HOP READ THE TITTLE “world” MEANING people in the world doing crazy stupid things such as fighting “star” MEANING videos of FAMOUS people and last but not least “hiphop” MEANING MUSIC from rappers such as music videos beef videos and all the things that come with hip-hop but the site is not all about music READ the tittle what comes last in the tittle? I’m just saying the site tittle says it all

  • Felix Mademan

    The irony is the Rumors page has been using WSHH videos and features as its source material for at least the last 5 months. In most cases its a day or 2 late. FACT

  • mike malarkey

    fcuk that wshh the shit.. they not shutting that shit down…. where else can u see bitche$ getting uppercutted on buses? lol

  • Negro Peligro

    Man some of you conspiracy niggas is dumb. This ain’t no Anaconda Malt liqour. Channel 10 news exploiting with AINT nobody got time for that. So is the science channel with Honey boo boo. AIn’t got nothing to do with Color.

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  • @getyourexbacknow what are you the spin doctor for ignorance? Sounds like your playing the blame game bro!
    Worldstar is a detriment to HIP HOP CULTURE! OUR culture!
    “If black peeps stopped sending negative vids to Worldstar then the’re won’t be vids to upload. Blame the idiots who feel its cool to send the vids in. World star is just making money from people’s stupidity and providing what their audience wants.Blame the people who send in their fights and stupid videos!”

    Are you high? or maybe your just a misinformed white guy…cause you sound like a white dude…idk…but your giving WSHH the benefit of the doubt on EVERYTHING and its sickening reading your anal defense of Q and WSHH….fuck worldstar!
    True, Ignorance is bliss, but that doesnt mean create a platform to sensationalize the ignorance!? get real! WS is apart of the problem no matter how you try and shift the blame! Thats the same devilish mentality this country has been corroded with! An ENABLER is what you become! WSHH is an enabler of ignorance and if you think “well he’s just gettin his money” and see that way of thinking as routine, well sir you are a muppet minus the strings! and you too are apart of the problem!
    Furthermore, you stated WS is “not promoted to help black people…” of course its not, but what a load of horseshit my man! I dont know what part of the planet you come from but ANYTIME you have a product with the words HIP HOP in it…its not only promoted towards black people but it psychologically manufactured with stereotypes to depict what “black/urban/hiphop/street etc etc” actually is!!
    Your nieve disbelief that WSHH works AGAINST black people 4 profit is troubling but typical of a white person who doesnt know or has been desensitized to the plight of the black man woman & child in america!
    The fact that “the word “worldstar” and fights are synonymous” is not a plus… the fact that its called world star HIP HOP and its known for nothing more than fights, cheap promotion, cheap videos and bullshit cogitates an assumption to what “hip hop” actually is or means…
    I dont got to the site at all anymore… all Im sayin is, if Q wanna be ignorant take the hip hop part out of it…its not imperative to have call it worldstar hip hop if people scream “worldstaaaar” anyway…
    All in all I humbly disagree with EVERY point of view your trying to make sir…

    • Calico Joe

      I agree.

    • Hustle Dollars


  • brollya

    tel des old ass niggaz to sit they ass down and watch netflixs cuz world star aint goin nowhere…. plus its called freedom of speech so they can do anythin……. if mediatakeout and all them other websites aint gone den worldstar aint goin nowhere…. these old mufuckas really starting to get me mad for real…. its lik they jus do shit jus to get they name out there in the news for a comeback…. i hope wayne jus dont say nothin bout the situation so it a die down and den they have no lead way… no disrespect to emitt till but its been hella rappers using emmit till as a metaphor forever… smh at attention seekers man….

    • Guest


  • Super_Hero

    i been stopped checking WSHH. Too much fruity videos. WSHH home of the hip hop trannies and riff raff or whatever he is called. Also lots of those videos lead to police investigations.

  • disqus_eJ3DVUKJ4g

    To me everyone on here sounds dumb. WSHH is like youtube. The PEOPLE send in videos go after them. WSHH is what it is. We are quick to down someone else without checking everyone else. I don’t do WSHH but to blame Q is retarded because he does not make these videos. And to the dumba!@ that said WSHH is too negative and it glorifies sex WHAT ON TV DOES NOT!!! SMH

  • Jared

    Without even reading the comments I’m 90% sure every person that complains about world star hip hip is an active visitor on their site…lol

    • johnblacksad

      i could count with three fingers how many times i’ve deliberately been on WSHH… real talk… i might have clicked on a few other links but that’s about it… i couldn’t even tell you if it’s a bad website because i do’nt fcuk with it…

    • Celz

      Don’t bring us into your guilt trip cuz you got that shyt bookmarked lmao

  • southside4lyfe

    that nigga not federal as soon as a mf hit the upload button they the ones that is snitchin cause they recorded the video and put it up for the whole world to see it so most of the time it is they friends or relatives that recorded the shit and uploaded now you in jail cause yo dumbass people recorded a fight or some shit. That nigga is smart he cashin in on other people recording people’s failing’s and turns them into entertainment so the whole world can see what happens when you become a jackass. they always stay updated on the top shit meanwhile on here they be the last to update shit and make up false reports about artists.


    Worldstar is like Charles Barkely on TNT….Its big, nasty, and it ain’ t going nowhere!!!!

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    this is not reporting news if you do not even know who wants to shut down a mega website…

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    Q is all about profit and as he stated all the videos have titles so its up to you to click on them. kids should not be on it unsupervised.

  • brotha_man

    need to boycott this new era of hiphop go back and buy albums from the 80’s-90’s

  • Finally niggas awaken after 5 years of fuckery on that website.I swear you people wake up when its too late LOL.

  • Sydewayz Soundz

    Who’s he callin’ sweetheart?? Baby?

  • Taihair Djehuty

    Lil Wayne has no class. I’m just waiting for someone to get tired of his bs and just bust his jaw. No bullets cause that’s some cowardly mess and unnecessary. Besides, I don’t need him getting legendary status just for being shot.

  • AK

    the internet would get real boring without worldstar what a hater stance and they aint gonna shut down shit prob mad their vid got denied LOL

  • Galactus

    Them founding fathers need to have a stern sitdown with chucky jigsaw and illcoon for all the coonery and bafoonery AHH reps… and reps hard i might add!

  • Weedras

    So if WorldStar is against Hip Hop what’s the deal with This50, In Flex we Trust etc. because you can find the same ignorance, degradation and disrespect of culture on these sites also…

  • oxsign

    Did wayne call baby “sweetheart”?!?!?!?!

  • only niggas doing illegal shit they ain’t supposed to be doing worry about whether someone is FEDS or not. Get your life, ole consipracy-ass paradoid niggas!

  • sa

    what is shuttin down Worldstar gonna do?

    its alot of hiphop websites that dont have anything to do with hiphop.

  • ye worldstar is wack sumtimes especially on the weekends

  • Raoul Cannon

    They should shut down WSHH it is not hip hop it is like TRASH TV the worst stuff you can imagine on there……….. IF you need your credit repaired go to B2GC dot com if you need a JOB go to H4TU dot com man those are some cool sites the info is free

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  • World Star Ratchetness!

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