• hoeyuno

    This is actually one of the best krayzie solos I have ever heard. Bone still mad relevent.

  • youngplaya

    Love Krazy Bone….so raw and str8 killed that East 99 album and that Sade song.

  • Cookie Fox

    Best Track I Heard From Kray In A Long Time, Really Enjoyed It!!!! Only Thing Tho, I Think Bone Shouldnt Worry About Defending The Throne Of Their Style, Everybody Knows Who Copy Bone And Who Dont Too. At The Same Time, You Gotta Allow People To Be “Influenced” From You. Even Micheal Jackson Was Influenced By Other Artist, James Brown Being The Primary. When You Are Great, You Overcome The Imitators And Bone Has Done That, I Personally Dont Want To Hear Another Song From Bone Defending Their Style, People Just Need To Hear Bone Flood The Game With Music And Then Everybody Will Truly Know, All The Records Are On The Internet, So The Truth Cant Die…Good Work Kray!!!! Keep Givin Them The Punchlines, The Fast Flow With The Punchlines Added Kills Them All…And Much Respect For Keepin It Hip Hop!!!