Media Outlets Bidding Over Christopher Dorner Death Pics

(AllHipHop News) Christopher Dorner transformed from anonymous to public enemy #1 to a cultural commodity and the prize in a competition among media outlets, for his burned corpse’s pictures.

According to TMZ, the seller of the photographs came to their offices and displayed the pictures. Allegedly the dismembered body of former officer of the Los Angeles Police Department turned vigilante had a charred midsection, several missing limbs and the top of its head gone presumably due to a self-inflicted gunshot.

Interestingly  enough, several body parts remained barely damaged including his eyeballs and teeth which was convenient for the LAPD in identifying the body.

Early reports state that Christopher Dorner’s driver’s license was found beside his disfigured body setting off skeptics  to question how a driver’s license remains intact in a fire that left Dorner’s body unrecognizable. Since Dorner’s February 12th death no photograph of his body, driver’s license or the three different wallets  multiple news stations reported were found.

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Teresa Evans, the training officer that Dorner had a dispute with that led to his eventual firing from the LAPD tole that it was her tip that led to police finding the infamous manifesto and making Dorner a suspect. After the death of Monica Quann, daughter of Dorner’s former lawyer Randall Quann, Evans said she had a “nagging, sinking feeling” that Dorner was the culprit:

“In my mind, it felt like such a long shot. But my gut feeling made it a lot stronger than that. I just knew. Something told me that there was some kind of a connection.”

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  • InTheNightKitchen

    This whole case from Genesis to Armageddon is suspect b!

    • She found the manifesto?

      Interesting….like Mark Furhman with the glove?

      • BernardPerez

        What I tell you… They aint get dude they planted all that ish to derail the momentum. Dude was a marine he wasnt going out like that…

      • Navy….not Marine #IJS

        You did call it though!

      • OCYRUS

        yeah now they got mark furhman A$$ on cnn as some kind of panel member

      • This ‘chet is getting crazy!

  • BossBeaux

    My Country Shitted on me she wants to get rid of me cause of things I seen- Nas

    • pow wow

      Stillmatic dope track

  • winteralfs

    If Dorner had played his cards differently he could have really set himself up as a hero. Now hes just a cowardly rapid dog who was put down. He killed Monica Quan in cold blood, and took out her fiance as well, and this was not good strategy or morally defensible. She was a great person and bore no relationship to his beef with the LAPD beyond sick revenge against her dad. Of course her death not only punished him, but also her mom and other loved ones. More innocents. Same story with her fiance. Clearly her family was not racist given her black fiance. Dorner lost all of my sympathy with the act of gunning her down, and whatever support I would have granted him turned to rage with her death. I dont doubt he may have been treated unfairly by the LAPD, or that some of his accusations indeed had Merritt, but with his decision to gun down Quan and her Fiance in an ambush he went from righteous hero to cowardly villian. I would have stood behind him and cheered him on, supported his fight had he not chose that path. A more honorable fight, and he could have had millions stand behind him instead of a couple thousand ignorant militant leftists. It was idiotic strategy on his part, evil blood lust that was not just immoral but forever undermined his supposed goals.

    • The black fiance doesn’t prove her family wasn’t racist, but that really doesn’t matter.

      I agree, he should have handled it differently, but doubt he would have ended up a hero.
      He tried the first time & ended up screwed.

      He should have either sued, or applied for work elsewhere.

      • winteralfs

        There were many ways he could have fought his fight, he could have even continued his fight violently, but at least have chosen his targets honorable. There are many ways to get your cause noticed in 2013, and he blew it.

      • He could have taken it to twitter!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM


      • biafra

        But you and i know that dude isn’t dead because, nobody really dies.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      Chris Winters – your Wrong – your talking about behaving intellegent when dealing with lying generations of rabid dogs – Dorner did everything right and we need a new one every 6 months – that’s what these rabid dogs react and change to – they don’t care about the pain they cause unless you Hurt em’. – blame the right people.

      • winteralfs

        Thats fine, make another “Dorner” every 6 months and watch the race war begin for real, or maybe that is really your end game. The LAPD will not change due to Dorner’s actions, not one bit. His name will not be cleared. And myself and many like me will quietly side with the LAPD going forward in any and all disputes, remembering the anger and hate we had for Dorner, and to a lesser extent, those who sided with him. Those who were formally sympathetic when stories of alleged abuse by the LAPD surfaced will now immediately close off and remember Dorner and who he chose to target. If you want to use military terms, as I am sure you viewed this vile killing spree as a “war”, Monica Quan was a pointless soft target, and her murder served no purpose other then to shock the public, and hurt her and as many of her loved ones as possible. These loved ones had no relationship to the LAPD, and no relationship to his original cause. She was a personal target chosen by Dorner for the sole purpose of inflicting emotional pain and satisfying blood lust. Had he chosen the actual LAPD and taken them on soldier to soldier, or at least specifically targeted those who directly wrong him, he would have had honor on his side. He set his own cause back indefinately, and he damned himself rightly to hell.

      • True.

        RIP to the victims!

        With that being said, folks who call for a Dorner every 6mnths, will still be making that call in 6yrs, because they won’t answer it.

        First step of freedom is recognizing slavery.

      • winteralfs

        Who wont answer it and why not?

      • The people calling for another Dorner,…why won’t they answer it? Ask them..

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Chris – the significance of another Dorner every 6 months will shine lite on the issue of cowardly people haraasing Negros trying to honestly work a career – these cowards will only learn this way. – blame them and send them and their supporters to their reserved place in Hell.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        they look around, count the numbers, when they out-number Negros greatly – then they start dis-respecting and getting brave, lying, etc. – Hell burn em’ and their supporters.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Chris – what do you expect Dorner to do – when he had a daughter, and no income to send her to college because of being lied and cheated out of his career? – I know, you expect them to suffer in silence like the millions of others. – your not being realistic – and we’re ready for you.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        now dorner is dead what can he do for his daughter now ?? if it was all about her he def F’d up 🙁

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Kevin – I was just showing how the enemy cares nothing about a daughter, when they lie her daddy outta a job.

      • winteralfs

        “Lieing” Dorner out of a job, while an injustice, does not equate to murder, and especially not the murder of an unrelated victim. Also, Dorner had no children. Part of his explained reasoning for targeting the kids of those he blamed was that he had no children/family himself. Dorner’s own mother and sister had distanced themselves from him and had nothing to do with him even before his killing spree. That reveals a lot about his character and his mind set. He had 2 ex wives and at least one public ex girlfriend, all who had nothing good to say about him.

        There is no question the LAPD has blood on their hands and there are plenty of examples of the LAPD abusing power and bullying communities. Monica Quan had nothing to do with this. Had she not been targeted I would probably have rallied behind Dorner and his beef, but now I am forced to choose sides, and I will never choose the side that targeted her and gunned her down.

      • Lady_Ce

        As much as I don’t condone Dorner’s actions to “clear his name”. There appeared to be a common theme to his targets, police officers and those related to an officer. It wasn’t as random as it may appear to be. He did encounter several civilians who went unhurt, so he was somewhat methodical and in his view point “justified”.

        In reference to his relationship with his mother and sister. Prior to his death Dorner lived with his mother. His manifesto highlights an unstable relationship, but it’s questionable as to what degree, since he lived with his mother. I’m sure he would of had enough money to purchase his own property. Family disputes aren’t abnormal, again we don’t know the details, but it doesn’t look favourable though. As for his exes lol…both were short lived relationships. I wouldn’t faithfully believe anything an old flame had to say. On the contrary, Dorner’s old friends and comrades described him in a positive manner. I’d say the latter holds more credence than the former.

        In the aftermath of these sad events I’d like to see the LAPD be thoroughly investigated by an external body. I’m intrigued by Dorners allegations and believe a lot of what he claims as truthful. Irrespective of his actions. The LAPD are renown for their racism and abuse. Dorner cited names in his manifesto, why aren’t these people being investigated? Every article I read propagates the moral encompass of Christopher Dorner. what about the officers named? why aren’t the government examining the confines of the LAPD? strange huh, corruption as it’s finest!

      • winteralfs

        Had Dorner chosen a different strategy, there is an almost 100 percent chance he could have gotten the media and properly neutral authorities to further investigate his accusations. He could have had a real chance at clearing his precious name. He could have easily had the support of millions. He could have been a hero. Instead he muddied the waters with immoral murderous actions against innocents and random law enforcement, not one direct attack on the LAPD.

        In fact, had Dorner’s goal simply been to seek violent revenge on those who wronged him, he could have staged his attacks quietly and held off releasing his manifesto, or simply stashed it in a safe place, till he was finished. There is little doubt he could have done a lot more damage against those who specifically wronged him if he had remained under the radar and attacked them one by one. It would be how a true special ops type, a true pro soldier, would have handled it. But that wasn’t Dorner.

        Dorner’s ego was too big for either of those scenarios. That is why he chose the path of murderous revenge by targeting innocents like Quan, and shouting his manifesto as loud as he could like some toddler throwing a tantrum, which in the end is what he was emotionally. A big, selfish, violent baby. This was not about cleaning up the LAPD, or helping out anyone in LA, or on these boards. It was about Dorner and his pride and ego, and nothing else mattered to him. It cost him everything he said was important to him, and it even cost him his soul.

      • True, even on the significance of a Dorner every 6 months, but..

        >>Chewing on mouthful of Chinese food & In MMG’s ChinPlay’s Voice:
        “YOU DO IT! YOU DO IT!”

      • Calico Joe

        Man you killing me with this emotional outcry over Quan. Now I could understand if you were related or had a personal relationship with her. If not, What about the two women who nearly got they heads blown off by the LAPD for thinking THEY was Dorner? No sympathy for them? Or the many other INNOCENTS executed by law enforcements for no reason besides being black? You placing your hate towards the wrong person in my opinion.

      • I think he does know Quan, but you’re dead on with your assessment.

      • Calico Joe

        If that’s the case, I can respect where he’s coming from. It’s always tough losing someone no matter the situation or cause of death.

      • winteralfs

        Of course I have sympathy for the two women shot delivering papers. But they were accidents. Police brutality, for sure, but not deliberately targeted. If Monica Quan had been shot accidentally in the cross fire by Dorner as he was gunning for actual LAPD, then that would be one thing, be he went out of his way to blow her away. Its in a different category. Like I said before, I would not have any love for the LAPD and probably have rooted for Dorner had he not gone after the daugher Quan, but he chose to, so now I dont.

      • Calico Joe

        I can respect that. I see your point.

      • Jesse lo

        It’s really pointless to argue with people in here. Once you make a valid point they resort to “well how do you know Dorner even wrote the manifesto” or ” regardless I hate cops anyway”. Bunch of convenient conspiracy theorists. Only cry conspiracy or media foul play when it’s in their best interests.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Chris Winters – you never tried to go about your career honesltly while being harassed often by white cowards that behave bravely only when a Negro is outnumbered – so your complaints are not valid because you don’t know what your talking about – as for you and yours that side against my family – Come on over – my commitment is to send you to the rightful place that’s reserved for you in Burning Hell.

      • Jesse lo

        Really I’m half white and half Mexican. Used to try and go about my business and go to school and work and do the HONEST thing. You know who outnumbered and harassed me? The crips which yes means African Americans. Have I bought a gun and shot up every black man in blue? no! Because it doesn’t make sense, but if I carried out some Chris Dorner type manifesto shit it would be a whole other story right?

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Jesse lo – there’s no comparison in what your trying to compare – crips are a lawless group that harassses everyone arond them, mostly thier own race, not like Government funded lapd, which is legal organization with careers being toyed with.- you could have called the police (and don’t come back of course) and got helped – he told the police and lost his career. – your comparison is baseless.

      • Jesse lo

        Call the police that you have consistently labeled corrupt is your suggestion? I’ve always wondered what the people who bash police suggest doing in the times law enforcement is actually needed.
        And what I’m comparing is the revenge factor.You have been very vocal about the police deserving what Dorner was dishing even if they were uninvolved officers. Would you advocate for me dishing out revenge to uninvolved black men wearing blue and appearing to carry themselves as a crip? ( lawlessness and government funding aside, we are speaking strictly about killing uninvolved people)

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Jesse lo – I didn’t suggest anything to you – and I didn’t bash the police – and I didn’t say the police deserved anything – or un-police people either – I talked about enemies harassing Negros working their careers, any and all careers (if the Negro allow it – I don’t) – so re-read my comments, learn, then holla back – as for me advocate you dishing revenge – your wrong again, I won’t advocate or talk you out of anything, that’s your life – but I do suggest you learn to read and comprehend English because you proven you don’t.

    • scullyson

      So you cant be racist if you are engaged to the opposite race ? Yeah sure yah rght..(pun intended)…Thats ridiculous.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        scully – your wrong with chris – only 2 sides, Dorner and the Police spokesmen – and we belevie Dorner. because he has no record of distrust like lapd.

      • winteralfs

        Please explane this further.

      • Not many white supremacist would turn down a beautiful Black woman.

        I’ve seen it 1st hand. Aryan Nation dudes with Dominican wives, etc.

        I think the daughter & fiance were way off base, IMHO.

      • scullyson

        Please *explain ? Please explain how you can know for certain what goes on in ones mental.

  • hoeyuno

    ha ha his wallet with id was found. you know they don’t give a fucc how bullshit there story is

    • Dude was kinda careless with his multiple wallets & ID cards.

      Dropped one at the shoot out, one at the attempted boat jacking & again at the last standoff?

      He needed one of them jawnts chained to his belt………or they were planted.

      Obviously, he couldn’t hand wrestle a ninja without losing his wallet!

      • hoeyuno

        Ha ha he needed at least 3 chains. the dude obviously had some mental issues but with the history of the lapd it was hard not to root for the big dude. and dorner did win(in his own way). all he wanted was for ppls to believe that he was shafted by the blues….. shit got mad funny when the lapd started putting guards on there ppl and dorner started shooting at them.

      • That ‘chet was serious. Whoah!

        People definitely believe he was shafted, that isn’t a far stretch, I mean, it’s actually perceived as normal.

        Dorner was crazy for thinking they wouldn’t shaft him as well as other actions.

        He waited until he got out the military though, they don’t play that ‘chet!
        Had he still been in & they sent “chasers” after him….it would be a real short movie.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      media is truth dot com lol 😉

  • You go Teresa Evans! Too many homeless people out there that need you to continue kicking and beating the shit of them.

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  • scullyson

    This whole thing is strange….Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear..bottom line….three sides to a story ? nah ..This BS has about 10 sides…smh

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      scully – your wrong again – beleive ALL of what you see.

      • scullyson

        lol..If you say so….

      • Calico Joe

        It’s more like read everything, listen to everyone, believe nothing unless you can prove it to be the truth.

  • Nunya Beezwax

    Who told y’all he killed Monica Quan and her fiance…

    • Calico Joe

      The lapd

      • winteralfs

        So then who killed her if not Dorner?

      • Calico Joe

        Just a lil sarcasm. Me, for my own personal reasons, don’t like the police. I know all police aren’t cowards that hide behind the shield, but giving their background on being corrupt since my great grandmother was a child. I look a those funny who sign up for the academy.

      • Nunya Beezwax

        Fact of the matter is he’s good and dead and a dead man tells no tales…It’s bigger than what’s being said in the media…Isn’t it funny how quiet it’s been regarding this story as of late…hush hush and rushed autopsy an on to the next story…something ain’t right and don’t think for a second if we don’t question occurrences like this, if we don’t question the morality of those who are supposed to be serving and protecting us (that’s what I’m told my tax dollars are going to anyways), they ain’t finna do us dirty and lie about it like they did this brotha.

      • biafra

        Nobody knows.

        ““In my mind, it felt like such a long shot. But my gut feeling made it a
        lot stronger than that. I just knew. Something told me that there was
        some kind of a connection.”

        Gut feeling, i never trusted anything that has to do with gut feeling and i won’t now. if this is what led to connecting Dorner to the murder, then i have nothing to say.

    • biafra

      Good question. i wanted to ask that. Why is chris basing his hatred on something that he can’t verify? i heard a former LAPD member say the manifesto was doctored. i followed this story up but gave up because it was leading nowhere. This whole shit is farce.

      • winteralfs

        If its true and he didnt, then im all behind him, but i was taking the report at face value. He did threaten her himself in his manifesto. At this point im assuming he did it.

  • Nunya Beezwax

    If you can not see how concocted the LAPD’s take on this is…you’ve been asleep for the last century…they killed that brother in cold blood for reasons unbeknownst to us…then the officer who is part and parcel in the dismissal of Mr. Dorner happens upon his manifesto…her hunch and this story is bullshite!…

    • winteralfs

      Why didnt he hunt her down, the officer who lied and who hurt him, Evans? Wouldnt she be the obvious and direct target of his anger? Why start with Monica Quan, to what purpose? So what do you believe really happened?

    • Lady_Ce

      One thing I know for sure is that someone edited his manifesto. Having read both copies (edited and unedited) it had to be doctored by someone who know Dorner to a certain degree. I wouldn’t be surprised if Evans was responsible for editing the manifesto and using her supposed “hunch” as a lead to the suspect.

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  • Lisa Smith

    Now that’s a damn shame – Google Blackcrushdate

  • Aaron Mason

    Why do idiots attempt to paint anyone who doesn’t
    agree with the cops breaking the law with impunity as Dorner supporters?
    It has much more to do with non-support for corrupt, inept, armed and
    dangerous police officers. They shot up an entire neighborhood, while
    trying to kill two newspaper delivery women in a vehicle that didn’t
    match the description of Dorners. They stopped a guy on his way to go
    surfing, also in a completely different type and color of vehicle than
    Dorner’s, let him go, then rammed it with their cruiser before opening
    fire on the skinny white guy. They were recorded intentionally burning
    the house down then come out and say “We never intended to burn the
    house down.” What the hell is wrong with you freaks who support this?
    It’s a shame the cops chose to commit arson rather than bring this
    alleged killer to court and prove him guilty. Instead of upholding the
    law they committed a felony. Now instead of a convicted murderer we have
    a martyr. Nice going fools. I guess that’s what steroid abuse will do
    to you!

    • winteralfs

      I agree in that I wish Dorner was captured alive to face what he had done in court and also forced to answer for his actions. I wanted him to live long enough to regret what he had done. I am angry and disappointed, though sadly not surprised, at the cops for burning the cabin and not taking Dorner in alive.

      I think what I get tired of is people giving minor lip service to the victims of this killing spree while quickly moving on to the topic which they are chomping at the bit to address, long standing hatred for the LAPD.

      This story should be 85% about the people Dorner killed, and 15% about why he chose to do it. But his supporters want to make it 95% about the LAPD and 5 percent about the victims, which most cant even name. Many simply call them collateral damage.

  • 2pac

    You a fool if you believe that man dead,how the hell can a license still be intact in a fire but buildings burn down from fire.