JayZ - JD and crowd

PICS: So So Def 20th Anniversary Reunion Concert

The Fox Theatre was alive with the sounds of classic songs like “Money Ain’t a Thang” (JD & Jay-Z), “Jump” (Kris Kross), “Yeah” (Usher, Ludacris, Lil Jon), “Who Can I Run To” (Xscape), “I Gotta Be” (Jagged Edge), “Welcome to Atlanta” (JD, Ludacris), “Give It 2 U” (Da Brat), “I Think They Like Me” (Dem Franchize Boyz), “Coming From Where I’m From” (Anthony Hamilton) and many more.

“I’ve made more hits with this man than anyone else,” said Usher, acknowledging Dupri on stage. “Congratulations to my friend, JD!” said Mariah, as she wheeled out a cake at the end of the show. Overwhelmed by the energy of the crowd and the support and well-wishes of his celebrity friends, Dupri was humbled: “Wow…this is crazy,” he said. “We did it! Thank you everyone – the fans, the artists..ain’t nobody f’in with my clique!”

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Photos: Exclusive Access, Paras Griffin, Sly White

Bow Wow

Brandon Casey (of Jagged Edge)

Kris Kross



Tamika Scott (of Xscape)

Pastor Troy


Luda and Jay-Z Waiting in the Wings

Mariah Carey and JD


Lil Jon, Luda, and JD

Young Jeezy

Jay-Z Surprised the Crowd

Money Ain’t a Thang

15 Responses to “PICS: So So Def 20th Anniversary Reunion Concert”

  1. Nemesis_Enforcer

    I wasn’t interested in going because I thought it was just So So Def artists. But the concert brought out a lot of stars and looks like it was pretty good.

  2. bigdoe6

    JD brought the industry to ATL in the early 90s. Dungeon Family contributed as well. If you watch Da Brat Give It To You music video from ’95, all the cameos from some of the greatest artists ever. JD was responsible for that. People hate on JD but you got to respect him for opening up those gates and creating those platforms for a lot of artists. Homie got 20 years in even when people clowned him on his personal life, dude still made hit records.

  3. Guest

    Yup, these are some of the few artists that made Hip-Hop so great…I remember it was the artists, the super groups, soundtracks, and the record labels…Tons of ways for the average recording artists to make more money…Nowadays it’s just the artists and nothing else.

  4. vtopshotta

    The concert was the bomb…people who missed it really missed out. As Jay Z said it was like an award show in there with all the artist…big up JD I had a wonderful time and will never forget my experience.

  5. VentKing11

    Seems just like yesterday when me and my best friend lost a dance contest to JD at SkateTown skating rink on Old Nat L back in what had to be the most fun childhood ever growing up in College Park, GA in the 80s…congrats Dupri you did it man. Always knew something was special bout that kid.

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