Pitbull at BMI Awards

Hip-Hop Rumors: Pitbull Takes Aim At Lil Wayne…YUP!

“Moral of the story, don’t s**t where you eat…”

If you listen in between the lines you can hear it, but the last bit of talking you get the point. The thing is, Pttbull starts talking spanish so if anybody can translate, I’d appreciate that.


But you know the deal – Wayne dissed the Heat and the NBA and then said something that resembles an apology. People forget…Pitbull is a rapper. He’s getting that paper, but he’s a rapper from the gate. He uses those skills over that god awful “fake Harlem Shake” beat.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Eli Pinilla

    Pitbull came up under luke. Hes gone ride nomatter what kinda corny ass music he makin

    • D_Ably

      thats a lot of corn

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  • Ronald Booher

    this is a bad look overall. Wayne never dissed his city.

  • “So when we show love to those that get they city destroyed by a hurrican and then they come down here and disrespect us, do me a favor stop eating so much d**k.” That’s the translation.

    • Ohh ‘Chet, that’s basically exactly what he said!


      He been dissed Wayne for kissing Birdman & calling it Black mafia ‘chet!

  • Somebody need to say something to dude. He too comfortable letting anything come out his mouth. First he say he cant stand New York. Then he brag about sleeping with another mans wife, Bosh should put his foot in that nigga chest next time he see him. Niggas have lost they lives for disrespecting a mans wife. As men we know you gotta be ready for war when you start on a mans family

  • Ronald Booher

    *waits for Pusha T to “coincidentally” work with some Miami artist that dissed Wayne

    • TD King

      Pusha T will Finish Lil wayne if he put out the track with Manny fresh

    • Weedras

      damn! you seem to have become obsessed with Pusha since he dissed YMCMB lol!

      • Ronald Booher

        Not everyone goes to both sohh and Ahh and anytime I see the exact same story covered at the same time I make the same point. You are obsessed for taking any time to ever focus on any poster save for a blatant troll which I never have been.

      • Weedras

        lol!! dude you’re a clearly a Wayne stan who’s highly offended that Pusha T went at your idol and the fact that i spotted on two different sites doing it proves my point… if your trying to say i’m a troll that’s far from it because when you troll someone it may have no basis but i have evidence of what i’m saying so spare me the bullshit..

      • KMajor87

        I think u mad cuz u got caught “patrollin” like officer ricky

  • TD King

    WTF Fabolous is the only one who stand for NY all the others give him a pass Now shit look the same i hope it’s not only Pitbull who’s gon stand for MIAMI and Bosh need to do somethin… talkin shit about a Nigga wifey even if it’s true… Danm Nigga gotta Do some for the Pride this shit so Disrespectful


    harlem shake my ass its the cracker shake

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  • That Cuban boi pit told that punk nigga Wayne “after 305 looked out for you niggaz from N.o and then you come over here and disrespect, do me a favor fuck boi get our dick out ya mouth” haa haaa niggaz not from FLA prolly think pitbull some sweet party artist, he getting that pop money but in 305 that boi WILL get you popped money….damn Wayne you don’t know bout them CHICOS??Ask about us we make them gangbangin west coast esays look like marshmallows ….305 WE RIDIN BITCh

  • greenhouse records

    If you dissed the home team you dissin the city.

    • trick daddy needa get at wayne then sh!t would get interesting

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  • Folks only remember pitbull from party songs and them polyester suits but they forget who dudes step pops was (you’ll be shocked!!!) and who he really came up with in the game..remember the video of this cat cold cocking ole boy that got too happy at the show and tried to get up on stage..lol

  • Mike Swiff

    Pitbull AKA Bitchbull speak engish whore! you make those techno records speaking english now all the sudden yo bitch ass cant think of english words??? Miami (Im saying it and I ain’t down with lil Ugly) is weak, F Miami FL. who cares lil Ugly has a ugly right to say what his ugly ass wants to say…Maybe Bitchbull needs (Rosetta Stone)…huh?

    • gerald bransol

      shutup wayne is garbage and need to shut the f up wit his shit he sayn n rappn

  • Derrick

    lil wayne needs to just concentrate on music and stop trying to stir up shit!

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