Kanye West

Hip-Hop Rumors: Video Of Kanye West SCREAMING After Jay-Z, Justin, Beyonce Snubs

Well, this was interesting. Most people focused on Kanye dissing Jay and them. But a new video has people saying Kanye maybe suffered some king of break down.

The video is a just…well, just take a look for your self.

And for some Black history….

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • GregSki86

    N*gga realized he wifed a h*e, gonna lose half that fortune to the h*e if he think of gettin’ married, and his daughter gonna be a h*e to.

    • BossBeaux

      Talk shit about Kanye and Kim all you want they deserve it but c’mon son what does the kid have to do with it like it decided one day that he or she wanted to be born!

      • Evelyn W

        No, his publicist decided that, just like that fake marriage & now her ridiculous marriage ‘advice’. Niggs love them some white chicks to beat up and drag around. That’s his PERFECT BITCH. NIGGAS EM-BARRASS.

    • To hell with Kanye, his actions are predictable.

    • Come on son, hatred against an innocent kid?

    • Calico Joe

      I hope for your sake you don’t have kids. Talking bad about unborn babies for whatever reason ain’t cool.

      • Evelyn W

        But don’t libs murder their own unborn? Obama doesn’t mind.

    • Choppa

      Bitch ass South Jersey niggaz i tell u

      • Frank

        Never heard of a bitch ass south jers nigga. Never.

    • Evelyn W

      ‘N*gga realized he PRETEND wifed a h*e.’

  • Guest

    Already attributing sin to an unborn child..smh. If that aint a hater move, then i don’t know what is.

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  • Eli Pinilla

    Kanye is a media hoe!!! Dnt care how good the music is. If I dnt like the persons moves, I cant get behind them. Ye lost me after late regristraion.

    • andone

      wait… so ur sayin bcuz a site wants to swallow his rants that makes him a media whore… u really think he inboxed them the footage lm@o… i usually up ur comments but this had me rofl… u say it as if were talkin about officer ricky here c’mon man!

      • Eli Pinilla

        No, im sayin hes a media whore because hes a media whore…so he just said that to those people in attendance? He didnt think the media was there or would report it?? So he only stepped on stage on mtv for the peole that were there?!?!? So he went on rants for not winning grammies only for the board to hear? So hes naked on a mag with his bm only for the supporters of that magazine??? Everything he does is with thd intention of grabbing attention..im listenin to college dropout right now. Wouldnt think its even the same person we talkin bout right now. And people say nas lost his way, shiet!!!

      • andone

        while those may be facts ur still squeezing in ur opinion and it doesnt help ur argument, bottom line we shouldnt knock a n!gg@ for keepin it real… look some ppl jdgaf and kanye happens to be one of them, its up to u if u want to sensationalize it or not(ahh included)… truth be told, i dont care if/when he does outlandish things cuz @ the end of the day he would still have his talent and stand out in hip-hop either way, that is S.A.F.E to say… imo dude is jus venting the best way he knows how as he should, after all the stage is his hahahaa… but that first comment came off hateful bruh, jus wanted to point that out… and nas last album was trash, this is comin from someone who has been a fan of his!!

      • Eli Pinilla

        F*ck the kanye argument… life is good was wack to u???? Trash!?!?!? Thats harsh man. He got loco motive, the don, queens story, stay, bye baby, nasty on that shit.

      • andone

        i didnt bring up nas in the first place, but your right trash was a bit harsh and i hate to talk down on vets… i jus expected too much i guess, its that i wasnt very impressed wit the overall project( plus i was a lil salty over the rozay ft too)… he actually has songs that are stories and not jus rap, homie did his thing and i take take that back… but wat hurt me the most is that “trust” wasnt on the album!!

      • Eli Pinilla

        I feel u on the ross feature, and trust is my shit….some of the beats were weak and swizz killed summer on smash. But “stay” is amazing. That shit gets the replay treatment everytime.

      • andone

        not weak so to speak but rather overly dramatic in some cases… however nas did put forth a serious effort and i got to applaud that… i was jus gassed to get a solid disc from him that i wouldnt have to take out my changer for @ least a month( even asap got a pass wit me on the gp ft, same thing wit gkmc and the drake ft)…. instead it got two spins, then imported into the never ending library… not very memorable in other words with a few exceptions…

        but to end the discussion tho these “media” outlets and famed blogers are thirsty af to even be trusted… and we all know ye is not ordinary on a good day but the good he does will always outweigh the bad no matter how its reported… its hard for me to not acknowledge that!

      • Slaughtr

        fck even going back and forth with slim.

      • Slaughtr

        I agree with you it is what it is niggaz want to sugar coat and find excuses.

  • how the hell this fool supposed to explain to his daughter why mommy on all the pornsites for free… Id be ranting on stage too!

    • Choppa

      Too bad chrome infantry aint on no sites.. lol

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  • Casor_Greener

    LMAO this dude is a clown

  • TruthSerum

    Kanye West acting like a spoiled brat in public????


    I bet the sun came out this morning too huh???

    This douche acting like a douche is no longer news…….Want to shock me with a headline, post something like “KANYE WEST APPEARS IN PUBLIC AND DOESNT MAKE A FOOL OF HIMSELF”……

    Then I’ll be surprised

  • Q.

    Damn. Sounds like the fake and superficial lifestyle’s not all it’s cracked up to be…Dude had a Britney meltdown there!

  • $28825362

    Jay-Z told em:
    With same sword they knight you, they gon’ good night you with
    Sh, Thats’ only half if they like you
    That ain’t even the half what they might do
    Don’t believe me, ask Michael
    See Martin, see Malcolm
    You see Biggie, see Pac, see success and its outcome
    See Jesus, see Judas; see Caesar, see Brutus
    See success is like suicide.
    Jay also told em (on Kingdom come):
    You’re in the mist of the ride of your life
    But you gotta keep them hits up –
    Can’t put your guard down gotta keep your mitts up
    Take a sip sir
    It’s so in intoxicating ain’t it
    Try not to get jaded, Hollywood’s been good to ya
    Startin’ feel like birds to ya
    Don’t lie – Gon’ fly
    You addicted to the lights
    Without the fame how you gon survive
    It’s like livin on heroine
    You so highhhh.
    And again Jay told you on America Gangster (Success):
    I use to give a shit, now I don’t give a shit more
    Truth be told I had more fun when I was piss poor
    I’m pissed off…is this what success is all about?
    a bunch a niggas acting like bitches with big mouths
    All this stress, all I got is this big house
    Couple of cars, I don’t bring half of them shits out
    All of this ace of spade I drank just to piss out
    I mean I like the taste coulda saved myself 6 hours
    How many times can I go to Mr. Childs, taos mobu
    Hold up, lemme move my bouwls…
    I’ll shit on y’all niggas, OG tell these boys
    (Ya ain’t got shit on my nigga!!)

    • Young Goku

      Damn, I never really looked deep into these lines, But now since i understand how the game really works, He was dropping a gem smh damn

  • dominicancoke

    Cocaine is one hell of drug

  • 8Galaxy5

    Kanye should get a good beat down.This guy walks around the planet like an attention seeking little who*e.He doesnt like anyboy but himself getting attention.He is so corny i cant stand the guy anymore.
    Big headed cocky little prick

  • patriot_CA

    I think he is going through some personal issue and the stage may be his only outlet of the frustration and pain……..Either that or this nigga has finally broke the insane barrier.

  • Kanye must have suffered some king of breakdown, I assume you mean kind, editor/ sub editor?

    • andone

      its called journalism???

  • James Powell

    just like i said he got some spit on his mind and he releases it on stage makes for a great show he aint the first artist to act out on stage many others have allhiphop doesnt post it

  • scullyson

    What did I just watch ? Was yeezy drunk ? on that molly ?…What the….smh

  • El Chapo Gwapo

    Maybe he really liked the sound of the acoustics… kinda like yellin into the Grand Canyon to hear the echo…

  • ONE

    Thats how I be feelin sometimes at work

  • Kanye “Popped a Molly & was sweating! WhoaaaaHHH!”

    • $28825362

      Bawhahaha. That was my first thought.


    Signed that deal with the devil and now regretting that shit huh KANYE

  • Apollo Showtime

    Truth be told there’s got to be a lot more going on behind the scenes than we know. From what I can “imagine”. KanYe’s got this baby on the way with a glamorized dick jumper, now he’s wanting peace in his life but his fame won’t allow him too, so he uses his talent and outlet (music/stage) to let it all out and then we call him crazy or demonic ritualist for him expressing what he’s going through so emotionally. He’s obviously stuck at a crossroads between real life and industry life…He wants out!!! I think he’s gonna pull a Lauryn Hill soon, disappear and reappear 10 years later with dreads and a MTv unplugged LP…This is after Kim K. had to leave him because “a nigga was gettin’ too weird” so-to-speak…Smh his child is the victim in all of this, I really hope he finds peace without sacrificing his artists like Big Sean, Pusha T and them. He should just play the background and make beats again.

  • Young Goku

    I hope you guys realize this was at the same show where he had his rant, He’s obviously going through it from the behind the scenes shit that goes on in the game & being a “puppet”, He’s basically trying to say he wants out, Same with Em, But he dealt with it in a different way, But seeing as how Kanye, Eminem, DMX, ODB & Pac Had their outbursts & acting the way they did was because they were fed up with the bullshit that comes with fame, You see, They’re actually venting out & trying to talk to the folks to listen, But the media takes it & flip shit to make it seem like that person is “crazy” & folks will believe it just because it was on the news smh, People need to think outside of the box for once & see why is he acting this way, What’s going on behind the scenes that’s making him heated, Y’all really think he’s doing that shet for attention? He’s always thrown tantrums in the public eye, He gets torn down in the media & folks expect him to act like it’s cool, It’s only so much someone can take & he’s regretting a lot of shet & his mom’s death still prolly hits him, But i think the way he got to where he is now is bugging him because of certain oaths they supposedly take, Bottom line is, The game ain’t what it’s cracked up to be, Set a price & don’t go pass it….

  • shit was staged

  • Get this guy a hype man


    also see mike eps breafast club interiew if u aint a real nigga u end up dead crazy or in jail see kat williams

  • This ni__a just almost made me pass out. Did some body poke him in the eye? lmfao

  • i’mreloaded!

    Dat shit scared me!

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  • Evelyn W

    Sell your beard’s 500,000 bracelet that she bought with African money and buy everything you need in life. Most people are lucky they make that much. Go away or just be gay. But, I’m sure even the gays probably don’t want you to come out. Frank Ocean and his crew who run around not making any sense on stage and still calling their own people fags in their songs. These people are all embarrassing.

  • Evelyn W

    Test tube kids and a lot of lies is HIP HOP. Padded baby bumps went out with Beyonce. Niggs got too smart for Gay-Z. They figure they would do some psychological stuff with the kneegroes this time. Frank Ocean must be wacking off to his boyfriend’s cover right now.

  • ReddiRed/

    Who really gives a shit