Hip-Hop’s Dirty Secrets: Daddy-O on Foxy Brown, Coast Beef and Labels Ruining Artists

As a co-founder of Stetsasonic,  one of Hip-Hop’s first groups, Daddy-O, has witnessed a lot over time in the music biz. Today, he still has his hands in artist development, internet strategy, public speaking, as well as being a celebrity DJ. As a producer, Daddy-O was responsible for Mary J. Blige’s “Real Love” remix, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Higher Ground” remix, plus many more. Daddy-O has decided to share exclusively with AllHipHop what he has seen since he started as an artist in the late 70’s. From Lil Kim and Foxy, the East/West Coast beef, to behind the doors of labels, he speaks on it all.

Labels Really Do Stop Artists’ Careers
Never leaving the mic, but putting it aside to help those with Hip-Hop dreams similar to his, Daddy – O took on the executive role and was shocked by what he saw.

“I went to work for labels to prove the critics wrong, but they were actually right. I wanted to see how things really went down behind closed doors. When I got to MCA/Universal I signed an artist and had to literally get MCA to take the advance back. I wanted the money to be given back because they were messing with his career. I felt they didn’t understand what they were dealing with.”

There Wasn’t a Real East/West Coast Beef
Daddy-O has no idea where the beef came from because he always saw Tupac and Biggie joined at the hip.

“The first time I saw Pac he was coming down Fulton Street with Big and Cease, and all of them. I asked who was that and was informed it was Tupac, I say Digital Underground Tupac? I’m told it was. I also recall, because I was there, that the first time Pac was shot Biggie didn’t have anything to do with it.”


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Foxy Brown Was Jealous Of Lil Kim
Daddy – O feels it was clear that Foxy Brown wanted what Kim had around her. He could see that anytime he worked with, or were around the two of them.

“Kim and Foxy both started in my home. I knew Foxy’s management, and Junior Mafia were pretty much created in my basement. Foxy wanted that type of team Kim had. That solid unit. I feel that Foxy Brown is a better rapper of the two though.”

20130224-155020.jpgStetsasonic Had Varying Visions

Being in a group isn’t always easy. It presents different challenges. Learning to accept that comes with making music.

“They didn’t always agree with Delite and me, the founders of the group. The hardest part about it, and also the dopest part, is so many people being involved. You come up with an idea and other members doubt it. But that’s what makes it work, because you figure out how to work together.”

Bonus: LL wrote MC Lyte’s rhyme for Self Destruction

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    • EDOGZ818

      “Stetsasonic, our name, if you find it hard to pronounce, then learn how to say it & fix your mouth!”
      “Stetsa means style & sonic means sound!”

      “Go Stetsa! Go Stetsa!”

      “Free South Africa! Free South Africa!”

      Man, talk about classical Hip Hop!

      Literally, Game Changing Hip Hop.

  1. Slaughtr

    Damn just this once you figured out what hip hop articles are by not segregating so called old school artist.the old school is the first school and today the younger generation really needs to know the history so they can respect what they love and the players that made it possible. I met Daddy O and Stet years ago and he changed my whole outlook toward being innovative.Respect to Stet they rocked hard.

    • AKPifstars

      I think he basically means behind close doors if they dont know what to do with you then your Career’s on the backburner

    • rap genius

      they sign artists and end there careers by not pushing them or investing in them. they had a blueprint from the bigger bosses of what type of music would sell and it became their decision if they should push this rapper to the top or not…he gave the money back because under contract they can just leave you there and never let you put out or even record or record if they did not like you for their own personal reasons. That’s what he meant all labels do it especially SONY.

  2. MiiUziWeighsATon

    I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Stet perform….crazy stage show….all them niggaz could rap but DaddyO was the standout MC and his stage presence was top notch…never knew he was a behind the scene dude now…thas whassup….good read….I always knew Big had nothing to do with Pac getting shot/robbed….they were too too cool for that, plus Big owed a debt of gratitude for Pac schooling him on industry shyt….not that it helped cuz Puff still robbed him

  3. ChampLeads

    I don’t get why no dude then, go IN on @LilKim & #illnana & get it squashed. “I hate U, but I LUV U” quote per Kim on Foxy. ayo, why not give more details on the original #thelma&louise of rap? With Fox’s Firm in place, she had that “fam” rye? @professordaddyo I would have blinded them chicks=Foxy & @LilKim & got that $money$ – U gave the interview but Y didn’t u intervene? SMH

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