Lil Wayne Bites Back At Pitbull’s Bark

(AllHipHop News) Lil Wayne may be realizing that the Miami Heat supersede him in the pecking order of Miami celebrity. After Miami’s honorary President, Pitbull released a scathing diss record titled “Welcome to Dade County,” directed at the Young Money boss, Weezy took to Twitter to voice his shock and dissatisfaction:

While Pitbull never mentions Lil Wayne’s name directly in the inflammatory record, he makes it clear that disrespecting the Miami Heat while residing in Miami is grounds for a verbal attack:

You talk Miami, if you talkin’ Heat
moral of the story: don’t shit where you eat.

Lil Wayne is not only receiving flack from past collaborators but other Miami music legends. Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell of 2 Live Crew fame  responded to Lil Wayne’s disparaging remarks to the Miami Heat with an Uncle Luke’s Gospel blog post that called for Rick Ross to speak some sense into the 30-year-old skateboarding rap titan claiming Wayne “”treats Miami like his b**ch because people let him.”

Back in October of 2011, the former king of raunchy rap took to his personal blog to denounce Lil Wayne and others (DJ Khaled and P. Diddy to be exact) for living in Miami and not giving back to the community.

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Not one to bite his tongue, Wayne returned to Miami’s 99 Jamz and claimed he never read Luke’s post and actually has never actually met him. The man who has sold in excess of 12.5 million records in his career also feels it has been an anti-Lil Wayne movement since he first arrived:

“Ever since I got out here there were billboards saying ‘Lil Wayne go back home,’ and I never did anything.”

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Lil Wayne’s I Am Not A Human Being II album is set to be released on March 26th and plans on releasing his sequel to 2006′ collaborative album Like Father Like Son 2 with Birdman and Tha Carter V in the future.

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Listen to “Welcome to Dade County here.

Check below for Lil Wayne’s full interview with 99 Jamz:

61 Responses to “Lil Wayne Bites Back At Pitbull’s Bark”

  1. yourdad

    Pit never dissed him, he only stated facts. The way Wayne disrespected the city he lives in now is uncalled for. Props to Pit for standing up for 305 when he didn’t even need to. Wayne and all these fucks like Ross, etc. are still rapping trying to stay relevant and rapping in the street. Pitbull is hosting New Year shows with Ryan Secrest and A list Celebs, chilling with Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, etc. but these fakes fucks in MMG and local rappers (besides Luce) never said shit.. soft ass niggas. They had to let Pitbull do it.. again, props to him.

      • yourdad

        it doesn’t matter, he’s living in Miami, shitting on the team and disrespecting Chris Bosh. See it how YOU see it but Miami loves the Heat, the people love anything to do with their city… so when you have an outsider shit on anything Miami, people will get upset. If YOU were from Miami you would see what is buzzing in the city- people making videos- funny videos, diss videos, etc. against Wayne because they feel offended- and that’s perfectly normal.

      • Jordan Pauley

        I totally agree… Because as die-hard San Francisco Giants fan, I felt insulted to see Tyga in front of the Bay Bridge wearing Dodgers gear… And I love L.A. It’s like the dopest place on the Westcoast to be young but that was like ultimate out-of-pocketness. I feel why Miami feels how they do.

      • anemia716

        That’s completely different. Maybe he was in the Bay, for whatever reason, and wanted to take a picture next to the world’s best engineered bridge. What, he can’t to that unless he’s from the Bay or is it he just has to change his attire first? Why are you so sensitive?

      • Ronald Booher

        The bay is notoriously gay everyone knows that. If you are such an adamant Giants fan perhaps it should have been you that got beat up at that Dodgers game…I don’t condone violence but you are asking for it with such a strong, negative, attitude over a man’s personal opinion on a few individuals.

      • anemia716

        I’m not even from the Bay, nor am I a baseball fan. I went to college in SF, but I’m from Buffalo. Sorry. Nice try. Now, may I ask you, why you’re so sensitive?

      • Adopefemalemc

        The Bay home of the Panthers, where they started breakfast programs to feed the impovershed youth in the community. The Bay is where 16 year olds join the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense (Bobby Hutton) and DIE for their cause. The Bay is where those the likes of Bobby Seale and Huey Newton come together, unite the people, and start nationwide movements. The Bay is where they stand up to the police. Granted, the corporatization of Hip-Hop made mainstream music horrible EVERYWHERE for EVERYBODY, the Bay still functions as one of the only places where grassroots organizations are TRUE TO THE REVOLUTION. When Oscar Grant was killed, THE BAY WENT HARD & it was the civil unrest of the PEOPLE that caused them to hunt down Johannes Mehserle and BRING HIM TO JUSTICE. YOU NAME ONE OTHER PLACE IN USA WHERE YOU CAN SAY A COP WAS RECENTLY CONVICTED ON ANY LEVEL FOR KILLING A BLACK YOUTH. Don’t ever speak on the Bay, they get down for real causes there.

      • Bundy Craig

        No one loves the heat..They love them caused they won. What about 4 yrs ago when Miami AAC was empty every night!!! And once LBJ leaves and there not winning again it will be empty again.

    • therealest1

      Its crazy how Pitbull had a big transition starting out as a street rapper to club, mainstream song rapper now. At least its gotten him over into more visible things.

  2. DiscoverDior.com

    He thought that it was cool when he said “Fu$k New York”, now he’s basically doing it to Miami, Wayne is asking for trouble with his silly comments…..And rappers wonder why random people want them dead.

  3. WillVetterGoodin

    How are these losers gonna give back to the community when they won’t even pay their taxes????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. YaheardSyndicate

    Ive been all around the world, and Pitbull is probably one of the top 5 most popular rappers across the globe. He’s come along way.

    • EDOGZ818

      Indeed, plus he went at Wayne’s neck before, over kissing Birdman & calling it “Black Mafia ‘Chet”, so he is consistent….and he kinda eithered Wayne with the diss in Spanish!

  5. alex rudkovsky

    lil wayne is the biggest sports bandwagoneer if thats even a word!
    the bottom line is the dude is from NOLA. So rep NOLA, live there support your teams! as any normal fan would do. Nah not this guy. when Greenbay was in the superbowl all of a sudden wayne was a greenbay fan. The dude switches teams as fast as he switches bitches.

  6. London

    i was watching something the other day in new orleans they was saying wayne never goes back there so him talking shit about another city doesnt come as a surprise he obviously has mindset and attitude where only he matters.

  7. Lyve Wire

    if only miami bought his records, then it would be a problem for him. but thats not the case. another lil wayne ‘issue’ over magnified because its coming from lil wayne.

  8. VentKing11

    The Wayne been actin, he aint just disrespecting Miami…he disrespecting life. Dude, life too short to be causing unnecessary drama in these hard times, ESPECIALLY with the cake you eating…beefing with basketball players cause someone didn’t acknowledge your presence? C’monnnnnnn. Where they do that at?

  9. Super_Hero

    I got to respect Pit Bull. Wayne dissed the Heats and Miami is reacting. Wayne dissed NY and Busta, Jadakiss and the rest of them made excuses for Wayne.

  10. hatethetruth

    Nice Headline, Sounds like the writer of this article is gagging on Weezys tatted dick…but based on the facts that Pit did not create a diss record but a fact record…Pitbull is like the President of Miami and knows how to make the right music for his city and the world…I wonder when allhiphop will start giving more props to the Latin brothers doin their thang…Sen Dog of Cypress hill recently had a heart attack and Allhiphop didnt even have an article for him or a tribute to PUN….wtf? I guess Lebron being illuminati is more important…..gtfoh

  11. dayleedumped

    funny shit bout this is that not only he made a song getting at wayne.. but it’ll probably be playin at the clubs making money and shit lol killin it

  12. Darren Myt Collins

    To all of you saying “Wayne just said fcuk the Miami heat and NOT the city” its not what he said, its HOW HE SAID IT and where he said it. Then he commenced to say he wanted to take it to the streets… then he said he fcuked one of the players wives. If all that wasn’t enough..his bubble head daddy…stated “If wayne says F*ck you, then its muthaf*ck you, whoever don’t like can die tonight” That was alot of UNECESSARY SHYT. Now wayne want pity? Now got a couple of people on his head from miami and he’s confused. If luke and Pitbull are overeacting…Lil wayne overeacted first. There are consequences to your actions…now he got to live with it. It to make matters worse he lives in Miami.

    • Chris Frankie George

      Darren its not that serious, that type of stuff goes on all day, everywhere. Except for the eff miami in miami niggas don’t diss while there in the hood. Bosh wife is a str8 hoe…. cam, wayne, now bosh…….. lol. Now Bosh marry her now she ain’t a hoe… IN MY CHRIS CARTER VOICE C’MON MAN!!!

      • Darren Myt Collins

        You are missing the point….bottomline Wayne said he wanted to take it to the streets…..Baby said somebody could die tonight. Now what streets was Wayne talking bout? We can only assume the MIAMI STREETS since he lives there. Like i said Wayne is NOT EVEN FROM THERE. If you went to Chicago and got on a platform and Said f*ck the bulls…..we can take it to the streets…and if ya’ll don’t like it you can die tonight…and you not from chicago….You don’t think somebody would take exception to that?. The problem is we living in a world these days where anything goes and people feel they can say whateva AND NOT BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for it. Wayne has said alot of stuff in the last few years that has been suspect AND HAS NOT BEEN HELD ACCONTABLE OR CHECKED ON IT.

      • Ronald Booher

        You can’t take everything someone says out of emotion literally. Luke already didn’t like him so I call this an excuse.

      • Darren Myt Collins

        I call it a accumulation of things….i just think that miami heat thing broke the camels back….thats all….it my be some behind the scened things that have transpired also…..just my opinion…

  13. Tony Florence

    Pitbull turned on his friend because he does not like a basketball team. People can say what they want about Pitbull doing the right thing because he’s defending “his” city, but in my opinion, no real man is going to turn on his friend over whether or not he likes a basketball team.


    wayne said how he felt niggaz made cuz he shitted on da heat so what he an no nigga any way but he should def stop frontin on da cities that support him b4 he become local


    fcuk weezy, fcuk birdman and we can take it to the streets in nyc fake ass gangta wanna be blood is all i see………………………………………..

  16. Paw

    I was born and raised in Detroit! Piston fan all the Way… Now the Pistons suck right now. And I have no problem with You telling me they suck… I’ve never hated Wayne. But if Wayne lived in the D. and spoke like that… I would call it disrespectful. I wish no harm, but Dude need to be humbled. And say what You want about Pit Bull but Dude came from a lower bottom than Wayne. You aint a real ne if You think You bigger than life.

  17. bjwampler5433@gmail.com

    i know this is off the subject but i want you to be the first to know too short is dead and has be shot in las vegas lastnight.

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