Top 10 Things Hip-Hop Ruined

Hip-Hop is a powerful force.  Its voice reaches millions and popularizes so many things on a regular basis. Rappers have been unofficial spokesmen for countless brands, products, trends, and styles over the years, and that is something that shows no signs of slowing down.  On the flip side though, Hip-Hop can ruin things easily too.

In a culture that prides itself on being cool, edgy, and fresh, “out with the old and in with the new” in Hip-Hop is routine. However, sometimes rappers go overboard with things and end up doing more harm than good while trying to be hip.

Recently, Hip-Hop has ruined privacy with all the talk about Adrienne Bosh.  But this is not the first or last time that Hip-Hop will ruin something.

As the saying goes, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions;” rap is no exception.  And so, made a list of 10 things that Hip-Hop ruined.

Hip-Hop Ruined Rap Collaborations

There was a time when rappers would collaborate and fans could simply enjoy the records that were made.  “The Symphony,” “Flava in Ya Ear (Remix),” “The Grand Finale,” and the list goes on.  But eventually the focus for discussions about collaborations became, “Who got who?” instead of “Is this a hot song?” Not to say the former can’t be a discussion point, but it shouldn’t overshadow everything.  Hip-Hop is competitive enough as it is.  Can’t we all show a little U.N.I.T.Y.?

Hip-Hop Ruined Happiness

Being disregarded as a rapper because of lack of ability is one thing, but being written off for not being “tough enough” is absolutely ridiculous.  There’s a reason DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince won the first Rap Grammy ever.  Hip-Hop has been significant in expressing struggle which is important.  However, it’s also necessary to acknowledge the more pleasant things in life too because that is what makes overcoming any struggle worth it in the end.

Hip-Hop Ruined Writing Down Lyrics

Ever since it became common knowledge that Biggie didn’t write his rhymes down, countless emcees have adopted that approach.  But few emcees can compose raps from memory like Biggie did and so the fact that other rappers don’t write their rhymes down is reflected in the quality of the music that’s recorded from memory.  If only one of the greatest wasn’t so damn good, rappers that followed in Biggie’s footsteps could’ve helped Hip-Hop sound a lot better than it does sometimes.

Hip-Hop Ruined The Black Power Movement

In the late 80s and early 90s, there was a movement of Hip-Hoppers that were decidedly conscious.  Led by the likes of Public Enemy and KRS-One, these rappers pushed the line on social commentary and pushing the race forward.  Then came N.W.A, with a bunch of talk about niggas and bitches. They changed everything and while they had a few social bones in their body, it was later revealed that it was mostly Ice Cube.

Hip-Hop Ruined Intimacy Between Men And Women

Once upon a time, LL Cool J wrote a song called “I Need Love.”  In 2012, 2 Chainz wrote a lovely song called “Birthday Song,” where he proclaimed all he wanted for his birthday was a “big booty hoe.”  These days relationships are the equivalent to finding a spot and hanging out.  2 Chainz is only one is a milllion rappers to reduce the women to a couple of body parts.  Damn it, Hip-Hop.  A slow song ain’t so bad….

Hip-Hop Ruined Body Artgucci-mane-300x300-2011-06-22

Tattoos are used as a reminder of something significant by way of inking the skin.  But they are permanent and, in many cases, available for the world to see.  While some get tattoos for more conventional reasons, rappers have been known to go left field with it and turned something special into something silly.  For a few examples of such instances, see Gucci Mane’s ice cream cone face tattoo and the red stars inked on Birdman’s head.

Hip-Hop Ruined Spelling

Tell the truth…you tend to spell the word ludicrous “ludacris” like the famous rapper!  Or freakin’ fabulous Fabolous.  Fab, the rapper, had the nerve to spell it wrong in his first 100 songs, permanently ruing that name.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Rappers and Hip-Hop have consistently mutilated very reasonable words for no real reason.  Back in the day, “the” was “tha” – FOR NO REASON! Tupac, the don, loved to replace “s” for “z” in just about everything (i.e. Better Dayz).  We collectively took the n-word with the “er” and added an “a” – and somehow it mystically turned into a term of endearment.  Nowadays, this affliction that started in the 80’s has kids texting illegible sentences in the name of youth.  No, its just piss-poor spelling.

Hip-Hop Ruined Retirement

There have been many rappers over the years (Too Short, Master P, Jay-Z, just to name a few) that have said they were retiring only to return to rap within a few years after first hanging up the mic.  Could retirement be a marketing tactic?  Or is it just a way to fall off gracefully if the “last” album flops?  Either way, a rapper has yet to return from retirement and catch a second wind that exceeds their first.

Hip-Hop Ruined Auto-Tune

When Cher used Auto-Tune for her hit “Believe” in 1998, that could have been the end of it.  But with the emergence of stars like T-Pain in the late 2000s, a lot of Hip-Hop artists got in on the Auto-Tune craze.  Kanye West even recorded an entire album using it.  Eventually, it was run into the ground because it went from a cool effect to gimmick.  Hip-hop literally hasn’t sounded the same since.

Hip-Hop Ruined Video VixensKat-Stacks-1

Sex, drugs, and rock and roll.  With that in mind, one would think that rock music ruined models more than rap. However, that isn’t the case.  Supermodels Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell, among many others, have made appearances in music videos for rockers and then gone on to achieve worldwide fame and lengthy careers in the limelight.  Rap video models, on the other hand, write tell-all books (Karrine Steffans), go to jail (Kat Stacks), and join the real estate industry (Melyssa Ford) after the cameras stop rolling.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

  • Hip-Hop didn’t ruin ANY of the aforementioned, perimeter bullshit did. Half of this list had nothing to do with “Hip-Hop” at all. Too bad this bullshit list got posted on AllHipHop in the first place. I guess Hip-Hop ruined lists and quality blogging, too…

  • dc

    this article is trash, bruh.

  • Reblogged this on JEM'APELLE PR and commented:
    This hilarious!!!!! They killed it when they said hiphop ruined body art with the picture of Gucci and that damn ice cream cone on his face!!!!!!!! I’m done (DROPS THE MIC)

  • JM

    Who wrote this? Have you even listened to Straight Outta Compton?

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  • Brent Folks

    Hip Hop didn’t ruin anything. Rap has ruined everything. To put Common, Mos Def, ATCQ, De La Soul, Native Tongues, Digable Planets, KRS-One, Public Enemy, Ice Cube, etc. in the same category as OJ da Juiceman, 2 Chainz, Yung Berg, Trinidad James, Future, Waka Flocka is the issue. Every genre of music has different subsets. For example, everyone isn’t lumped into a rock category. You have heavy metal, soft rock, chainsaw, grunge, alternative, electronic, garage, etc. But for Rap, it’s just rap. That’s the issue. Rap has ruined the essence, marketing, and mainstay of Hip Hop.
    Also, rap has made it easier for ANYBODY to come in and make money with using a MPC and a keyboard. I can’t go into a dentist office and take over and be a dentist on the spot. I can’t go into a car shop and change the engine without some advanced skills or knowlede of the industry. But ANY/EVERYBODY thinks they can go into a booth and spit 16. That doesn’t make sense.

    • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

      But rap is just about rhyming words and having fun. It’s easy. I just think that the wrong people are gettin’ in the booth or at least they’re saying the wrong things when they get in the booth.

      • Super_Hero

        But there is little to no creativity with their rhymes. Its talking crap with cat in the hat rhymes on a beat. Yeah that is easy. with the right beat you can blow up.

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        Hahaha. Yeah, it all depends on the artists’ agenda. Are they just making party music, music to chill to, trap (drug dealing) music ? I mean, it just depends on the rappers’ mindset and what the listener likes. But I really do hate all of the negative secular shit that people make though..

    • Just real quick.. I agree with most of what you say Brent Folks and hard core hip hop and rap are 2 different things… but in the case of your dentist analogy and an mpc it still takes talent. As much as I wanted too I could not walk on a basketball court and compete for an NBA position because of the level of skill it takes… Not even if I had the latest and best gear on the market. The skill has value and people pay for that value. If a someone buys an MPC and makes a track that people like that in itself is talent and it has a value directly related to demand. Just because it does not conform to hip hop and the true spirit of what I love in hip hop’s roots it does not decrease its value. Just my 2.

  • FuckYou


    • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

      It’s hard to find people with a “universal” mindset. What I mean by that is; it’s hard to find people who consistently have the right (positive) formula for everything that they do, so when you get these type of websites and stuff, they’re usually created by an imperfect person who may or may not have the best motives or system that they choose to live by, so a lot of the time, more “bullshit” just gets introduced to the world instead of what the people really need.

  • water_ur_seeds

    (certain) hip hop ruined a few generations of youth… hate it or not…

  • Super_Hero

    Biggie didn’t write rhymes down? I remember him on the radio and they asked him for a freestyle and he said no. He wasn’t good at freestyling. He said he gives props to rappers that actually freestyle. He then spit a written rhyme.

    • MiiUziWeighsATon

      He wrote rhymes in his head via memorization…same as Jay Z….a freestyle is free flowing words that rhyme but not necessarily having any particular format….Big had whole songs with hooks stored in his mind…doesnt mean he can freestyle

    • Krook Rock

      he wrote them in his head as I do….i listen to the beat and recite my rhymes over and over as i add to it and finish 16 bars as fast as someone actually writing, but I memorize mines then kick it…they reading off iPhones and shit

  • Come to think about it. Smh…


  • VentKing11

    They forgot to mention that it also took the art out of rap songs. It basically ruined the idea of having a concept or having an actual story when making a rap song I mean. Very few of the songs on the radio are nothing more than unrelated freestyles. That’s all lil wayne has been doing since Carter III and also why he isn’t as good as he was getting at one time with his bars. Now he is (like most artists now) a formula rapper living off his already established image trying to appeal to skateboarders and ish when he’s freaking thirty. As much as I have loved both rap and hip hop (and yea there’s a difference)…rap took the art out of rap songs – all you got to do now is grab your nuts, talk bout how much money you got, tat yourself to death, claim some false gang affiliation, brag about sleeping with another man’s wife, and do crazy ish from time to time to keep your name in the papers and you’ll sell millions. Real lyrics, concepts, story telling, nannnnnn – thing of the past.

  • VentKing11

    I mean for real, how long could it have taken to come up with the line “all I want for my birthday is a big booty girl…”? Tomorrow, I think I’m going to write a song called:

    “I Woke Up This Morning and Took a Big Ole Sh**”

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  • D. Rose in the paint

    Rap recently ruined streetwear…I remember in 2004-2009 you could rock Supreme, Diamond, Hundreds and be different……now rappers have blown these labels into the mainstream killing the exclusivity and streetwear culture. Now every black dude dresses like a 2007 hypebeast, and the original streetwear heads have moved on out of necessity.

  • D. Rose in the paint

    Rap ruined hip-hop……marinate on that one

  • james bryant

    rap always got to be the scape goat what about how crazy some people act while listening to rock i guess since rappers have alot of influence they just want to blame the culutre parents should step up and talk to they kids more be involed in there life if a rap cd have to raise your kid dont make sense to me people want to blame rap for all the bad things people never really talk about how master p baby from cash money go to there old hood and help people out now dont get me wrong there r some rappers that r garbage

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    Fake thugs on drugs crippled Hip Hop.

  • Mega Don

    Fans ruined hip hop

  • David Garfinkel

    I’d say it’s mostly commercialism that f’d it up. PE and KRS were mostly underground acts. I like big butts, popular, makin money. Old school artists pretended they were rich. 90’s and beyond, they were rich. Political almost never meets up with popular in America.

  • Krook Rock

    Hiphop didn’t do it u dumb ass! The evil industry did. They used Hiphop to manipulate self destructive ways in our people. You are right about what is wrong, but don’t ever blame Hiphop. Hiphop only does good for our people. Wen evil people with money are behind the scenes mass manipulation is happening.

  • Mack

    The Man ruined hip-hop.

  • David Tee

    There was no secret dumb down hip hop conspiracy, talking about shooting people, pimpin hoes and drugs sells. People want to hear that shit

  • Celly C

    Hip-hop ruined hip-hop…