Ice-T and Coco

Hip-Hop Rumors: Bad News: Rapper Has The Nudes And Wants Ice-T To Pay?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But, it seems that somebody is confirming that Coco has real nude pictures coming out. I guess this ain’t no big deal if it ain’t in the context of her as a married woman. But it is. The latest is there is somebody named Pam Nikki Baker and she has confirmed that there are actual pictures of Coco naked as taken by AP.9. Seems like there are several and they are off the booty and some other play. AP.9 is looking to charge Ice-T for the pics or else they are going to go to the media.

Ahhhhhhh….this some BS. Here is the vid.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • I’m hating on AP9, but he has a point, he had no obligation not to poke Ice T’s wife!

    She has to go! Divorce & keep your bread Ice T!

    • Nah. He a hoe ass nigga for everything he doin.

      • I’m all for hating on AP9, ICE T is an OG, but on the flip side….he’s milking it for all it’s worth…if true, he was paid $500K for an interview in Star Magazine….but why didn’t they buy the pics for $100K instead?

        That seems suspect, but if true & he gets more for the pics……I’m not saying he’s smart…I’m Just Sayin’.

      • Thatcouchaintyours

        AP 9 is a how ass nigga. That is some straight hoe shit…

  • Has anybody thought this is a publicity stunt by them to get her name in the Lime Light….Maybe a reality show??? Just something to think about. I doubt she would be so dumb to do this knowing the consequences. Perfect example…Kim Kardashian. With that being said follow me on twitter.

    • Chris

      Fck yo’ twitter, ngga.

      • Falcon Seven

        you a fool yo!! lol

      • $28825362


    • She already has a Reality Show dumbass!

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  • A.P. deserves his face getting bashed in..not because he allegedly slept with the woman but because he’s going the video heaux route of getting money by blackmail a man over his wife..that’s some real sucker ishh right there. If he did smash he did keep it moving tho, if he didn’t hegot a little buzz but keep it moving.

    • Thatcouchaintyours

      That’s what I’m sayin.. These goldiggin’ kiss-and-tell niggas on this Karrine Steffans ish are b*tch niggas…Also, you know you don’t have any real talent when you are first known for something like this instead of your music. I didn’t know who AP 9 was before this and a lot of other people don’t either smh…

  • Falcon Seven

    if ice divorces her ,she would literally kill the porn industry an ass like dem porn hoes would be in serious trouble!

  • $28825362

    Ice should just ignore this clown. I would tell him let the photos come out it’s just free press for us. Then what Ap got? Nada

  • Oknas

    I’d smash Coco too lol

  • Really?

    The highlight of the this guys life is that he slept with a famous guys wife.
    Congrats for being known for something so foolish.

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  • sakiru oresanwo

    I’ma wait for the pics before I believe

  • Show the pics if you got em. You was supposed to “shock the world” 2 months ago with these alleged pics. Now you bring another no name out here to co-sign? FOH.

  • greeneyedbandit

    Poor fella….in love with a married woman!

  • timwest1000


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  • LMAO!! dat nigga bout to pimp a pimp!

  • Kyle Meta4ce


  • dont give him no bread…….give him the ho

    • Celz

      Smartest comment I’ve heard..

  • toreal

    I want to stick my dick in Coco’s ass.

  • RockyMountainRaider

    Shes basically naked all the time anyways.

    • DreamZ

      Right. wgaf I know not ICE

  • Mitchell Patterson

    I don’t understand this tactic. The male superhead route..
    Are your rhymes that wack, son? This is all you could come up with…
    You need to turn in yo damn whistle…

  • Brick Soulja

    Ice should have sent Coco off the dribble and it would have already been in a pimp’s socket.

    • Celz

      Dam Brandi you sound like you got a couple out on the track..

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