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Hip-Hop Rumors: Joey BadA$$ Roc Rumors Confirmed! Kanye Spazzes!


“I am Michael Angelo. I am Basquiat. I am Walt Disney. I am Steve Jobs. Of this music shit? Please!?”

“And there’s no motherf***ing awards or sponsorships or none of that s**t that can stop the dedication to bringing y’all that real s**t.”

“No matter how they try to control you, or the motherf***er next to you tries to peer pressure you, or try to get the best of you, or see what you did and take the rest of you, you can do what you motherf***ing want.”

Here is the video:

I’m starting to love Kanye again!!!! GO-OFF-A-GO-OFF!


Well, I knew there was SOMING TO THE RUMORS! A ways back, I had posted that Jay-Z was looking to get the young BK rep. Well, there was some debunking of that rumor and it sort of went away… all we really knew was that he wasn’t signing. But, the young spit doc revealed that he straight turned it down.


Well, it looks like this “beef” has been tempered. It feels like Miami is a hot spot right now. Leave these people be, because out feels like its going to pop. But its not. Pitbull is reppin: “@LilTunechi the world shows me love and vice versa but miami is all I got no disrespect just the truth.”


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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  • $28825362

    I’m starting to think more and more that Kanye is talking about Jay-Z and these two not seeing eye to eye anymore. I bet Jay, Kim, Kim’s Mom and everyone else is telling him, “hey do this and make more money…” and Ye is saying I do me – always have – always will.

    • Chris

      Wouldn’t be the first time for Jay-Z.

      • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

        at least he straight up admitted he dumbed down for his audience

    • hlsantana

      yeh I think he’s talking to Jay and B. If u listen to his first album you’ll see why this guy is fed up. I guess he seen the light

  • andone

    “I am Michael Angelo. I am Basquiat. I am Walt Disney. I am Steve Jobs. Of this music shit? Please!?”

    “And there’s no motherf***ing awards or sponsorships or none of that s**t that can stop the dedication to bringing y’all that real s**t.”

    “No matter how they try to control you, or the motherf***er next to you tries to peer pressure you, or try to get the best of you, or see what you did and take the rest of you, you can do what you motherf***ing want.”

    ^^^thats why i got rep for ye!!!

    • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

      save yourself the embarrassment and find out what basquiat stood for.

      • andone

        even hitler had an impact on the world… my point is the n!gg@ is keepin it 100(in case u missed it) so there’s no reason to be embarrassed here… bcuz i can respect that and id rather have an enemy that would slap me in the face instead of stabbing me in the back… no hate!!!

      • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

        You’re missing the point and i’m not hating either but understand the message he is perpetually spreading in his lyrics it’s the same useless nonsense as all the flavor of the week “rappers” which he can clearly be above if he wants. He might be keepin it real, aint no way he’s keepin it 100 though. Hitler had a negative impact and nothing good became of it. much like most of ye’s lyrics today nothing good comes of them so it’s kind of an oxymoron. and really Hitler shouldn’t be used for comparison lol just saying.

        tl;dr He’s saying one thing but representing another.
        all the people he compared himself to stood for the greater good of humanity.not to mention intelligence

      • Michael Thompson II

        Exactly. Over the years, Kanye music has been so watered down that its quite embarrassing.

      • andone

        never said u were hating tho… and in no way was i “missing the point”@ all, its a known fact that kanye’s music continues to be above par… homie makes everyone else step their game up, regardless if u like wats said or not… also the quote was obviously based off “IMPORTANCE”(in case u missed it???) but yet u felt the need to comment/reply… for me on the other hand, i deeply appreciate the honesty as mentioned above in my original post… bcuz id rather have a real enemy, than a fake friend(hence the hitler ref in case u havent figured that out either… SMH)!!!

      • man can u plz tell these hatin ass niggas !!!

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  • Kanye’s inner Frank Ocean is rearing its head again..son you sample and tap a drum pad on an mpc for a living your skills are not out of this world.I’m sorry but Pete Rock made reminisce using an SP1200 and is to this day one of the dopest pieces of music made with what is now ancient technology and still better than any Kanye beat i’ve ever heard. Put ye in a studio alone with some sheet music and no computers tell him to come out with a track and then we can talk. Oh and if you didn’t know the digital window on an sp1200 is about 1/6 of an iphone screen and you had to track things out manually with no truncate option. One mess up and you were done.

    • Opposite Of Everyone


    • Q.

      LOL Hilarious. Pete is Top 5 DOA, no question…
      To be fair though, Kanye has put together some classics (mostly in the first half of his career, aka “chipmunk beats”). And most of the great sample-based producers can’t necessarily read sheet music. SP, MPC, DAW, keyboard, etc. can all do damage with the right artist behind them.

      • How so if all hip-hop instrumentation is done in one single notation? Kanye’s provided music to big named artists that’s why he’s considered a classic but technically his music is far from it. I still hear folks playing beats from the first chronic album..when was the last time you heard anything from ye’s catalogue that’s been out more than 5 years?

      • Q.

        When you sample, you don’t have to be a master of notation to make hot beats! You can hack your way through, obviously. Kanye has a good ear. If you go back and look at his early work, he was producing dope tracks for damn near everybody in the game before his solo project even came out (Mos Def, Talib, Common, Erykah, Rocafella artists, et al). That pre-College Dropout material is still bumpable, plus a number of joints off his first three solo LPs. Personally, I think his electro stuff is hit or miss, but I give him credit for trying to branch out artistically, which most Hip-Hop producers DON’T DO. He’s enlisted a lot of help with his recent albums, which shows he’s tried to expand his repertoire. Even if he never made another beat, he’d still make the Top 10 DOA list, Producer wise… IMO.

      • Dude ok let’s do that..let’s go back and listen to the early Kanye sound..then take a look at about 5 years before Kanye came along and who was doing that exact same style of music? In my opinion Kanye West was a cheap in-house alternative to Jus Blaze for Jay-z and nothing more which is why both Jay and Dame were so adamant about him not becoming a rapper in the first place.Listen man i’m not one to knock people but all this Kanye is a genius talk is bullshh..I side with Quincy Jones take on this. Kanye to me is exactly what Swizz Beats is a complete rip-off of someone else’s signature style. Dame Grease= Swizz, Kanye=Jus Blaze..problem is the two guys they ripped off can actually go in sit behind a drum set or a piano and make an instrumental. Also notice theproduction credits on Ye’s work..it screams “Glorified sequencer” which in my opinion is not a beatmaker. Folks realized who NOI.D. is after DOA and still don’t give that man his credit due for making up most of the dope melodies on Kanye’s music the last five years.

      • Q.

        Fair enough…Kanye most definitely took notes from the vets around him, his mentor NO ID as well as Just. Though it’s also possible for a student to outdo the teacher (not saying Kanye did that, in terms of quality)–Dilla patterned himself after Pete, but ended up outdoing him in different respects. Kanye is a creative cat, granted, but I wouldn’t necessarily say he’s any more of a genius than the other greats. I like most of his work, though I will admit that some of his beats have a replay limit LOL, but I think that’s because he’s tried so hard to make a pop sound. He’s def brung a unique voice to the game, but I don’t buy into all his self-congratulatory yang–that’s just his insecurity talking. But as you pointed out, Dre used Scott Storch for a lot of his key work, so that just shows that even some of the greats are not islands when it comes to production.

      • Q.

        Just for sh!ts and giggles, here’s my Hip-Hop Top 10 DOA (unofficial, off the dome) IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER:

        Pete Rock
        Marley Marl
        Just Blaze

        (Honorable Mention: DJ Quik, Timbo, Organized Noise (collective), Alchemist)

        Throw yours up.

      • Beatsmiths ok here we go..

        Premo (you know this man lol)
        Large Professor
        Q-Tip (he put the master touches on illmatic)
        Scott Storch (Dre’s best years were working with scotty)
        Kayser9soze (Check out “sound architect” on Itunes…I found out about him through my pops. Does alot of commercials,game, movie music. He’s got another joint coming out soon two a sequel.)
        Havoc (Massively underrated)
        Jus Blaze (Had the priviledge of seeing him make a beat from scratch at an ASCAP event..nothing short of amazing)

      • Q.

        Aight…Solid lineup. I did mean to add Hav to my honorable mentions too–he most def is a talented beatsmith… I’ma have to check out Kayser9soze’s work.

    • Eli Pinilla

      Mecca and the soul brother might be the best produced album ive ever heared. The fact that he used an sp1200 for all those beats is mind bogoling

    • Pete was a DJ & manual tracking was normal back then.
      I mean, technically, Pete could make a beat with scratches.

      • These kids have no idea that it took pete rock nearly two days to pull them horn samples for TROY and do manual sound isolation to drown out the other backing instruments. Technicians bro.

      • None!

        I have a 12 channel mixer, that I use for a 4 track sound board ( From the 90’s ) and it’s totally different than today. No shots, but I know an elderly white lady that is the “DJ” at a bar.

        She plays CD “BLENDS”, etc., but it’s nothing like a DJ that needs a towel to wipe the sweat when he’s on the 1200’s.

        The good news is, they have DJ championships, and the winners, of all races & nationalities, get BUSY!

  • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

    kanye aint saying nothing anymore don’t let him gas you. Unless he go’s back to conscious college drop out days there aint nothing special bragging about the same ish as everyone else right now. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it once more. Ye and Hova have the power to reach the youth/masses with something poignant and powerful like John Lennon or Bob Marley. Yet they want to just brag about
    possessions instead of helping wake up people as to the state of how f*cked our world is. The people ye mentioned he could never touch he might have the popularity but those people stood for much more than supporting consumerism, basquiat would sh*t on ye i’m sorry.

    • Church!! He turned into everything he despised on “heard em say”

    • AfricanSoul

      Yes indeed! Very well said.

    • sakiru oresanwo

      True as that might sound, hearing about rappers/MCs etc brag about what they have was also inspirational for me to be successful financially and otherwise in life and I did it without busting shots or making anybody cry. at the end of the day it depends on the individual who is listening to their message and how they wanna interpret it.

      • Material possessions?

        Jay Z Vs Krs – Jay has more $$$…..but KRS has more skill.

      • sakiru oresanwo

        Yes material possessions hence why i said “was also inspirational”,I draw inspiration from alotta people for different things,friends/family/entertainers etc even ninjas from this site.because 1 or 2 ppl dont like or disagree with someone doesnt mean they dont or cant inspire others

      • That’s different than promoting consumerism, the whole value = spending mentality.

      • sakiru oresanwo

        Alls I know is I admire n I’m inspired by his success but not the spending as I’m not a spendthrift lol

      • I hear that!

        On Spendthrift?

        Man listen, I’m about to clip coupons….except they don’t have them for the cheap stuff!

      • sakiru oresanwo

        Now that’s keeping it real 😀

    • ONE

      I wish he would go back to the college drop out days

    • ms marjane

      thank you. i believe that kanye is a talented and creative recording artist..but i really don’t see ye as some creative luminary. it’s funny he left out herbie hancock – another humble and incredible artist who’s career he took a sliver of and used as his own fuel for the last several years. some rap artists get confused by their own art form – just because you definitively say and present yourself as something, does not make it the truth. the true visionarie artists value their gifts in such a way that they learn to care about other people through their craft – not just themselves. These messages of narcissism are so cliche. I wonder at times whether this entire generation of rap artists realize how much they look like hair metal bands from the 80s, and WWF wrestlers. Disposable. Kanye thinks he’s really educating us about having power and being ‘on top’, and in charge, and all that he’s showing is that he is really not in charge of himself. “You can do whatever you want!” Can someone tell him – no shit?! Maybe he hasn’t noticed that the children in his own city are blasting eachother on the regular.. just because they want to?? The real confusion is around doing what you NEED to, Kanye. He has really strayed from offering any real content in his message. He has this enormous microphone and is struggling to hold it. Sometimes I hear these guys liken themselves to the beatles and other great people, but they really don’t stand for enough to make those comparisons.

  • Oknas

    Ye drugged up lol

  • Q.

    Kanye started off mostly pure, then crossed over to the dark side, fuggin with Jiggerman. Now he’s reached the hangover stage of his long-coveted fortune & fame. He’s acting out due to being at war with his own conscience/Morality…IMO!

    Shoutout to Joey for not signing with the devil. The young god seems to have a good head on his shoulders… If Wacklemore and Wac Miller can blow indie, why can’t he?!

    • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

      “acting out due to being at war with his own conscience/Morality”
      which is a good thing recognizing and not being in denial of self is the first step and he’s clearly disliking it so hopefully he’ll get his ish together.

      • Q.

        Hopefully. Cat is in it deep though… Music aside, his worst mistake was impregnating a married tramp. Now he’s in the yoke for 18 years, 18 years (re: “Gold digga”). And when that relationship finally goes south (and it will), that’s more stress and turmoil to deal with, fighting over parental rights. He best to be assembling a sharpazz team of lawyers. LOL

  • WillVetterGoodin

    THIS JUST IN!!!! Kim K has just signed to the ROC!!!! Apparently ANYONE can get a record deal these days. LAME. WHERE THE REAL TALENT???????????????????

  • Amaron Mathis

    They say always be humble but how many of the greats are humble? you have to be at a certain level of confident or cocky to even be at the “greatness level” i mean name 1 athlete/artist etc. that is truly a great that doesn’t consider himself the best at what he does?! and lets be honest. lets compare Kanyes work to any artist since 2000 and i bet you cant put 1 artist that has a better catalog. from hit singles, album sales, number 1 hits, quality music, critical acclaim albums ETC. nobody has the bodywork Kanye has. i mean hes egoistical as shit but Michael Jordan would tell you pre-game hes going to come and bust your ass and he would do it. Kanye cries like a bitch but damn his music is good.

    • Q.

      I agree, however, there’s a difference between saying it and doing it…or even how you say it. It’s not an issue of talent, it’s a matter of Confidence vs. Cockiness, Humility vs. Hubris. MJ was most def a sh!t-talking mofo, but he’d whisper it in his opponent’s ear as opposed to saying it in front of a camera, and pissing off fans. He was a master at controlling his public image (aka market value) Proof: I grew up a Bulls fan, and didn’t find out about MJ’s trash-talking ’til years after. LOL With Ye, it’s just the same insecurity carried over from before he got put on. He hasn’t learned to let that go. Now he comes off as a douchebag, and instead of winning admirers, he has millions of haters rooting against him unnecessarily, when he could just as easily fall back, STFU, and let his music and money speak for itself.

      • Really?

        Michael was psychological with the way he worked dudes on the court.
        example when playing Charles Barkley and the suns he took their entire team out to eat at his restaurant and paid for them to eat. Then the next night he took em to school on the hard wood. Butter em up just to slice em down.

        So good at messing with your brain it almost should have been illegal.

      • Q.

        Interesting–I never heard that story. He and Charles B. were like BFFs anyway…I believe MJ had most players’ hearts from the point he started dribbling. Many came, all were conquered. Oh, how they tried though! LOL

      • MJ was notorious for that ‘chet!

        Put you in his movie one day, and his highlight reel the next!

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  • BulldogCG

    Kanye been that dude, weak minded people can’t understand a brotha playing by his own rules.

    • hell yea .. weak minded fuckin people always hatin and sayin outlandish dumshit jus to prove a pointless point.. dis niggas music past and present is fuckin hot

      • BulldogCG

        and be deep as hell. Plus that twisted fantasy actually got dope shit out of rick ross, and he started pumpin Pusha T. A real producer make everyone better, he make people better with his production. Folks is lost.

  • Hassan Niggaside305

    Music is not the same as 20 years ago, now, its all about fame and money so these artistes will say and do anything. The message that is being put out there will eventually lead to their ultimate self destruction.

  • Eli Pinilla

    If kanye was michael agelo, hed paint pictures of himslef in heaven. If he was walt disney he would make rides of himslef. If he was steve jobs, we would get ipods with only his music on it. Shit, if he was bob ross he would paint landskapes of his backyard lol it dnt got much to do with the industry, thats just who this dude is…

  • maya

    “Shit…shit…shit” is the only true thing he said up there.

  • Tony G.

    Yall killing me with the Kanye’s spazzing shit..Kanye is freestyling so to speak…aint saying or doing anything different than he always has…

  • greeneyedbandit

    I would hate to see Kanye and Jay-z fallout with each other

  • that nigga bout to raise a daughter with a slut-for-profit…. his opinion is irrelevant.

  • HipHopScotchOnTheRocks

    Lol @ “Michael Angelo”

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