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Signs The World Is Coming To An End: The Zulu Nation Steps To Worldstar


I told you this was on the horizon.

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I was a bit off, because there has been no formal convo from Kool Herc or Bam, who I was told would actually do the speaking. But, the Zulu Nation is stepping up. Wonder what this will turn into, if anything.

Mr. O’Denat,

On behalf of the thousands of members of the Universal Zulu Nation, of which I am Minister Of Information, I write you this letter in peace and hope these words find you in the best of health and spirits. Brother, we at UZN have the utmost respect and love for all who choose to take our Culture to new heights, and we thank you for your part in creating new media that preserves our culture. It is with great sadness that we bring to your attention the obvious ills of your site, Mister O’Denat, you are well aware, or should be well aware that many are viewing your site’s content as very graphic and extremely violent. Before you brush this off as just another person’s opinion of your site and
the content you publish, please do not get it confused. This is not the case.

As I mentioned earlier, Mr. O’Denat, I am a representative of the Universal Zulu Nation, and we take our Culture quite serious. You are a Black man who has accomplished quite a lot without a formal education, and I’m quite sure when you dropped out of New York’s Grover Cleveland High School, you would never have imagined that you’d be as successful with your company, World Star, LLC. Doesn’t it bother you just a little that another Black man (that man being yourself), has “made it” out of the “ghetto”, only to display unnerving images and videos of young adults berating, belittling, and beating each other solely for the purpose of the enjoyment of who you are led to believe are “millions of Hip-Hoppers?”

Mr. O’Denat, the followers of your site are impressionable young men and women who “follow” you for a reason. As salacious as you may want your site to be, our youth are looking for answers and solutions to the many problems that plague our communities. The young people use your site as an outlet to escape the world they are living in, only to find that you place them right back at the starting point. Brother, you are well aware, or should be aware of the way Haitians are treated all over the world, including their own country. After all, Mr. O’Denat, you are Haitian, and you have even labeled yourself as a “Haitian Ghetto Nerd”, to gain God knows what kind of accolades. I am not Haitian, but I find it deplorable for a Haitian to associate such a dignified people with the “ghetto”, when Haitians come to this country to escape ghetto life.

Brother, I am sure you heard God speaking to you when the earthquakes in Haiti destroyed so many lives, and many of us di a fair share of work to help those in need. The repair for the damage done physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially will be an ongoing process that will take decades. But one of the brilliant brothers of Haitian decent is instead showering the world with what you call “the CNN of the Ghetto”. Brother, you are sadly mistaken if you would like the world to believe that hype. If you understand journalism 101, news is reported with two sides. Your excerpts of ghetto life, your lack of morality when accepting uploaded material, and your drive to maintain a site for the sole intent to destroy our Culture’s standing in these Americas is both uncouth and unacceptable by all of us at UZN. We are hereby separating ourselves and our followers from your site and what it supposedly stands for. Brother, if you were in fact the “CNN of the ghetto”, then you, as a former resident of Queens, NY should already know who Zulu is and what real Hip-Hop Culture is. Mr. O’Denat, there are many real Hip-Hoppers from Queens who laid the brick in the wall that you are trying to tear down.

You should already know about Run-DMC, Larry Smith, Salt-N-Pepa, Nas, MC Shan, LL Cool J and the founders of FUBU Clothing, to name a new. These men and women purposed to create a platform of expression for our Culture, and through the years, they have maintained and preserved that Culture. Mr. O’Denat, you are a Haitian, so you should know how serious Haitians are about their Culture. We are just as serious.

This is a new year, and the Universal Zulu Nation has begun a movement against anyone who is against us. Mr. O’Denat, either you are for Hip-Hop Culture, or you are not. There is no in-between, and no matter how many people have hyped you to believe that WorldStarHipHop is anything close to what this Culture is, they told you a lie. Mr. O’Denat, Hip-Hop Culture is FOUNDED on four spiritual principles. In case you haven’t already been schooled on what those principles are, they are: Peace, Unity, Love and Havin’ Fun. Mr. O’Denat, I pray that you do become a “CNN of the ghetto”, and that you someday get a camera and go to the ghetto yourself to record both sides of our neighborhoods. We still do have neighborhoods, brother.

Mr. O’Denat, can you imagine how much more hits WorldStarHipHop would have if you were intuitive enough to record rising Black political stars and activists, and some of the issues they discuss when trying to fix our problems nationwide? Or videos of Black political superstars like Barack and Michelle Obama. I would have loved to see the behind-the-scenes footage of the President at home with the wife and kids – on your website. I invite you to meet me in The Bronx, Boston, Virginia, The Carolinas, Chicago, DC, Maryland, Detroit, or any place that you feel more comfortable, so we may discuss the realities of “the ghetto” and how you can be better involved.

Mr. O’Denat, in closing I am asking you to remove the footage of the young man being forced to strip naked outside while people look on and another young man beats him with a belt while the camera man pours water on his fully naked body.

This is the link in question, Mr, O’Denat:

Click here.
This is not the first time you have posted content that has been of this nature, and from the looks of it, this is probably Child Pornography. Therefore, I will forward the link and the video to the proper authorities to be sure that these young people are in fact of age and in full consent of being on your site in such a demeaning fashion. I’m unsure if this will bring about any charges, as there is a huge rumor on the streets that you are in fact working for the feds and are using your site as a cover up. But who knows? Mr. O’Denat, I again ask that you look into the fact that you and your site have misused our Culture’s name, committed fraud and falsely advertised your site as “Hip-Hop”. You have forced the hand of the Universal Zulu Nation to take further action should you continue to promote your “CNN of the ghetto” as “Hip-Hop”, and we are asking with all due respect that you include a disclaimer at the bottom of the front page of your website concerning your company and Hip-Hop Culture. A great
footnote on your site should be:

“World Star Hip-Hop is in no way affiliated with real Hip-Hop Culture or its’ founders or the Universal Zulu Nation. This site solely for entertainment purposes, and does not promote Hip-Hop Culture”

Mr. O’Denat, you are free to use the above language, or you may use any language you see fit that parallels the language above. Please contact me at your earliest convenience, should you have any questions or concerns. I can be reached at or 617-297-7423.


Quadeer “M.C. Spice” Shakur
Minister of Information
Universal Zulu Nation

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Sean Taylor


    • Charter

      Proverbs 23:9 — “Do not speak to a fool, for he will scorn the wisdom of your words.”

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  • Future Patrick

    fitting. i hope something great comes out of this letter.

  • therealjjohnson

    My brother iLLseed…why exactly would this be a sign that the world is coming to an end? If anything this is a good sign that someone reached out in a respectful and meaningful way to attempt to curb the nonsense that goes on on that site. Its not just Worldstar…the quality of the “information” for lack of a better word on this site has dipped in recent years to be of the same energy as Worldstar. I wouldnt be surprised if yourself and or mr jigsaw received the same type of letter.


    • Because he is saying he supports worldstar. Illseed is a ignorant dude! It should be positive changes for hiphop. That should be the title.

      • cant change hip hop without changing the streets and the people that live in these streets

      • Celz

        That ignorant ass website is a great place to start though.. If there is a bird flu outbreak you don’t sit down with a team of scientists and philosophers to figure out if birds came before eggs.. You take positive steps to prevent further damage and you start at the easiest step..

    • Eli Pinilla

      I was thinking the same thing….so the pioneers of the hiphop culture are trying to save and preserve it from the hands of ignorance and greed, and its a sign of the world coming to an end?!?!? Illseed be losin me sometimes.


        I think i remember ya from piff com

    • Q.

      TRUE STORY: Once upon a time I considered AHH the CNN of Hip-Hop. 🙁

      • Forbezdvd is that new cnn for hiphop I am telling you. They give it up over there.

      • Choppa


      • 4UMF is the new CNN. (#I’mJustSayin’)

      • Calico Joe


      • Ya’ Heard!

      • Frank


      • I never heard of it that is a hiphop site?

      • It’s a “NEWS” site, and we are hiring, so Join TEAM 4UMF.

        Hip Hop, World, politics, we cover it all. If anything, sign up for the news letter & get your news first.

        For purely Hip Hop, AHH = #1 Site

      • its good site man & they cover interesting news stories & leave out the stuff that most people probably aint interested in

    • obaminator

      I think illseed was trying to say signs the world is coming to an end for worldstar, kinda backfired lol


  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    if I were q I would print that letter out ad wipe my azz with it.

  • Q is an informant. i cant tell you how many times I have seen the news and they are talking about a video that is on world star. the feds want you to post your crimes. there is now better witness to a crime than your own camera…. now run along and upload the key witness to your crime

    • EL_BARK

      How is Q an informant i dont think u know the meaning if the word. An enabler maybe, but Q doesnt make anyone upload their video. If you stupid enough to upload a video of you committing a crime for E-fame. Then you should be able to deal with the consequences. The feds watch all hip hop as well. If anything chuck is an informant as well then cause he actually turned over / cooperated when he got dexter issac statement. & turned it over to the feds, after dexter sent it to ahh

      • Are you serious about the last part?

      • EL_BARK


      • Yeah, it can be!

      • Chris

        Cosign. Q isn’t forcing anyone to snitch on themselves. Nggas will gladly do that on their own.

      • if you dont believe that just turn into any 1st 48 episode

      • That does not mean he is not a collaborator in some way. Possibly even an agent provocateur. No, he’s not forcing anyone to upload the videos. Over half of them shitz don’t even pertain to the culture. But…. he is providing a forum for it . COINTELPRO is still in effect. The Alphabet groups simply changed tactics to keep up with technology. I take it you’ve read Agents Of Repression or maybe The COINTELPRO Papers? You think the FEDS stopped hiring Black folks? Nah, they got prisons full of potential plants that are willing to do anything to taste freedom again..

      • EL_BARK

        Just cause somebody provide a forum, it doesnt mean he working for the gov….. Example: if i rob a bank, that like me saying it the bank fault for for keeping the money in its establishment. The bank provided the forum/ oppurtunity by having money in it???? See my angle…

        When he first started wshh 2002, he didnt tell people here a site upload your videos of you commiting crimes did he???
        But if people took it upon themselves to upload their videos commiting assualts etc, its their fault… Not Q…. Its called accountability.
        We tend to put so much blame on the boogie men, government & agents and over analyze things. When we font have too. Dont get me wrong the gov is foul. No doubt. But saying Q is an “agent” cause people chose to do stupid stuff and post it on his site, that doesnt mean he a cooperator or a gov worker. Come on think about it. Couldnt the gov just set up a site, under a fake LLC named, and still get the same results with out Q????….. What role does Q play as agent, when he not providing no real value???? Or intel????

        An agent in this sense that yall are using it. Are highly trained people who infiltrate and organization, to filter info, cause distraction or dis-assemble a organization. Using tactis…..
        They are vital because they put time in to gain the trust of the people they are spying on. Q is far from that……..

        The gov could go get joe blow to start a website, & do the same thing or they could simply start a wshh theirselves & conceal their identity…
        People stupidity is what got them lock up not Q,
        If you film yourself doing a crime & dumb enough to post it you desrve to be in jail. You need to think about the people motives for posting the videos in the first place. 9/10 its they do it to embaraas somebody or prove they a real niggas, or want e-fame… Q not the problem its social media in general, thats has cause people to do the dumb shet.
        Fame is a powerful drug….

      • Action Ant

        Remember. He charges people to put actual hip hop up on the site. But allows people to post ignorance for free. Then still calls the site “hip hop”.

      • EL_BARK

        That neither here or there….. Allhiphop charges people to get an write up on here as well????? Does that prove anything on the issue of him being an agent… A company or website has overhead i am sure.
        He charges people cause his website get traffic, with means promo for the artist. I am sure he charges the rappers because, that the lane in which he can make a profit. that business. Doest make ir prove he an agent. I not defending him, but before you called a person an agent, i would hope one would has some concrete proof or evidence. Which i havent seen.

  • Eli Pinilla

    I tried calling that number, but the google suscriber is not available lol I just wanted to say thanks

  • Q.

    Replace the words “Hip-Hop Culture” with “Humanity and this letter takes on an even deeper meaning…

    I’m glad you all published this, so the records will show that the transgressions committed against the Culture were addressed in a Proper and Noble fashion. The consequences of any resulting action or lack thereof falls squarely on the shoulders of the perpetrators.

  • They coulda left out the huge rumor thats floating around on the streets.. snatched every bit of professionalism out of the letter.

  • Tre C

    Mr. O’Denat, can you imagine how much more hits WorldStarHipHop would have if you were intuitive enough to record rising Black political stars and activists, and some of the issues they discuss when trying to fix our problems nationwide?

    I’m unsure if this will bring about any charges, as there is a huge rumor on the streets that you are in fact working for the feds and are using your site as a cover up.

    After those two statements, the letter took on a different connotation

    • The whole letter was a spanking, but should have been better written to be more positive.

    • yea i feel u, kinda loses the message he is trying to get across when he says that.

      & also how he would like to see videos of Black political superstars like Barack and Michelle Obama who are worst example of what hiphop is or complete opposite of anyone doing anything good for hiphop culture..
      not to mention that he will report people to the police (about a video that has been on tons of news sites) just because he doesnt like the content on their website

    • Soul Cracka #1

      tru, the whole tone of the letter changed at that point…kinda took away from the first half of the letter a lil bit, which was positive and got his message across…when you tryin to get somebody to change somethin you dont throw accusations like that at them either, not a good tactic

  • JohnnyQuesst

    Wow. This is a “Signs The World Is Coming To An End” subject. Are you serious illseed? I think I lost all remaining respect I had for you (if this is the real you) and this site. WSHH does nothing but promote ignorance and ruins the image of the African American community. The Zulu Nation decided to step up against WSHH, and you guys call it a sign to the ending of the world? People like you make me ashamed to be who I am.

    • Jas1ne

      Illseed titled the article that because who is he going to copy and paste from when wshh gets shut down. Lol

  • Galactus

    Wtf???? Foolish Tyler The Creator gets epic win and zulu nation standing up against foolishness and its signs the world is coming to an end??? Illseed needs a rude awakening … and i guess ahh is not a problem?? This is PROOF AHH IS PART OF THE PROBLEM.

  • Goldy

    MAN…….. why they ain’t write no letter to youtube…. they can’t tell this man what to put on his site…. whats up wit these nggas… they need to get they own site then they can put whatever they want on it….. wit that long as letter…. i bet Q stop reading that shit afther the first few lines…. but i know Q do be working wit the police.. i seen it on the news

    • Guest

      It’s the point of it being called Worldstar HIP HOP. When most of the videos have nothing to do with hip hop.

      • Goldy

        well that is true…. they should just change the name to Worldstar

    • Calico Joe

      It’s about the site begin called Worldstar HIP HOP. When most the videos have not a damn thing to do with hip hop. You must not have read the letter.

      • Goldy

        well that is true…. they should just change the name to Worldstar

  • STWICTAE??? wtf??? what kinda crack ya’ll smokin there at AHH? This site use to GO HARD but ya’ll started infiltratin your own build w/ fake-a$$ screen names & propoganda right around the time of the first Obama election..they use to break hundreds of posts & comments a day, but I guess what the builders were talkn bout was too progressive cuz ya’ll put an end to that. This site is like a pit bull without teeth, ya’ll took the bite out of it. Please stop putting World’s Most Dangerous Site, unless you mean that in a counter-revolutionary way, because this site had potential until the owners committed revolutionary suicide.

  • youngplaya

    I been checked out on Worldstarhiphop. The site is complete garbage nothing less.

  • Darren Myt Collins

    Although I agree with the ZULU nation……their is nothing wrong with their aim just gotta change the target. I have always felt like Worldstar should just be “WORLDSTAR VIDEOS” instead of “WORLDSTAR HIP HOP”. But really….lets dig deeper, it might just be hip hop after all…or at least a reflection of it. How many rappers do we listen to that PROMOTE AND TALK ABOUT VIOLENCE…MURDER, SELLING DRUGS, TREATIN WOMEN LIKE CUM RAGS, GETTING HIGH, GETTING DRUNK. All these elements are on the worldstar website. Every video that is posted deals with one of these things in some way and more. Now when i say there is nothing wrong with the aim just gotta change the target….I would rather see this letter sent to ALL THE RECORD LABELS AND DISTRUBUTION COMPANYS THAT MARKET PROMOTE AND FUN THESE ARTIST THAT SPEW THIS SHYT ON MAJORITY OF THEY RECORDS. Its starts their…THE MUSIC HAS MORE INFLUENCE ON PEOPLE THAN A WEBSITE EVER COULD. but these are just my thoughts…..If worldstar hip hop shut down today…IT WOULD NOT CHANGE OR ERASE THE MORAL DECAY THAT IS HAPPENING IN AMERICA. realest shyt I ever wrote.

    • jacksjus

      I agree but that still doesn’t mean it should go ignored. We have to start tearing it down one thing at a time. How many of those violent videos did you hear someone shout out Worldstarhiphop? It’s possible that some are doing shit just to make the site.

  • jacksjus

    I stand behind Zulu Nation 100% on this one. Somebody has to be more responsible.

  • jacksjus

    By the way Illseed, why is this a sign that the world is coming to an end? Is that how you really feel?

  • Prince

    All do respect to Zulu’s been a long time over due.your reasoning doesn’t sit well with me.bosh is his own man..he has his own voice.his own man.

  • AK

    Worldstar does put up a lot of conscious videos they’re just focusing on the negatives. Its all entertainment at the end of the day no one goes there to listen to hip hop, they go to get entertained so they put up anything. Its also a good platform for upcoming artists to get recognized.

    • Celz

      Fucc that.. If you need Worldstar to get on you’re not going anywhere

  • lol. zulu needs to take a walk thru the hood and start there, if they would like to fix anything. maybe write a letter to crack dealers

    • Celz

      how do you know they don’t?

  • there will always people who do whatever they can legally to make as much $ possible.

    i dont know what Mr. O’Denat does but it seems like he basically does nothing except post videos that people send him & he makes tons of money.

    i guess its called hip hop bcz almost every video is something hiphop fans might find entertaining- even though not all the videos are hiphop related…
    also like this letter says Hip-Hop Culture is FOUNDED on four spiritual principles Peace, Unity, Love and Havin’ Fun & i guess this site could be put in the havin fun category for the visitors.

    either way people should stop giving anybody else the power to destroy hiphop culture. take ownership & do positive things regardless what worldstar does.
    many people use ‘hiphop’ to promote things that are destructive while making tons of money for themselves.

    & if little kids get on there then thats the parents responsibility & cant expect someone who runs a website to care about that.

    **ALSO i do have to give props to worldstar for posting videos like “immortal technique on alex jones show”. if u didnt see it, search for immortal technique. many people would never know about that information if it wasnt on worldstar & its very important information

  • Golgo 13

    thats 1 long ass letter

  • Mr. Freeza

    The Zulu Nations power level is OVER 9000!!!

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