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Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye Rants Again: Co-Starring Lady Gaga, Timberlake And President Obama!

Another Day Another Rant!

At first I thought it was an old one from a different camera, but its not. If you listen, there are some differences. He disses the hell outta Taylor Swift, while riding for Beyonce. He seemingly was dissing B the other day, but now I think that may have been media hype. He also seems to take shots at Lady Gaga, the president, and slick talks Justin Timberlake. The Grammys get it a bit too. He said all of this while in an opened straight jacket.

I ain’t mad and Kanye ain’t cray. He’s just speaking his opinions while emulating a mental patient in front of adorning fans.


Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Jesus Christ pose

Illseed, Out.


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  • johnblacksad

    i’d be like gimme my money back… not payin to hear all that sh!t

    Ye you doin too much…

    • Crooking the beef 4 buzz hook?

      Egotistical? He does have a point!

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  • Kanye is boring.

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  • PL

    This nigga should do stand up…

  • WandaInMyOpinion

    acting “NUTZ” and “ECCENTRIC” is the new Cool.. but it is actually overdone and boring #YAWN

  • Romia Blue

    the publicity he wants, this site has given him in the rumor section 4 times over…if his next album goes wood after this, I’ll be surprised
    *Goes back to Talib Kweli & Marsha Ambrosius – Take It Back …indeed

  • Cookie Fox

    I Think We Need More Kanye’s In The Game Because Thats What Hip Hop Is About: Being Misunderstood, Lashing Out Against All The Wrongs In Society, And Being True To What You Particularly Feel…That’s Real Hip Hop…

    • maya

      But REAL Hip Hop is supposed to be authentic about it. Kanye is doing it for the glamour. It’s all show.

      • Cookie Fox

        If You Check Out The Video, He Talks About It Being More Than About The Money, If You Listen To Kanye’s Music Closely Like I Do, He Always Encourage The Black Community, When I Listen To Kanye, I Know He Gone Say Something Good And Encouraging, But Keepin It Funky, Hip Hop Has Always Been About Glamour, Show Me One Place (Not Group) In Time When Hip Hop Wasnt About Glam? It Reflects The Streets, And Dudes On The Streets Is About Stuntin And That Cash. Now, With That Being Said, Our Artist Do Have A Responsibility To Lead The People, But I Cant Act Like Whats Being Said Aint The Same Shit Around The Way. Its Just Like…Everybody Want A Better World To Live In, But You Cant Put That Burden, Nor The Burden Of The Message Of A Better World On One Man, We All Have To Bring About Change, Thats The Only Way…

    • yea more hip hop artists that talk about pop stars is what hip hop has been missing for awhile.
      hip hop artists who get into it with bball teams & anouncers is all we got!

  • Markesha Luvgreen

    This fool has lost his everlasting mind. Smdh, if his mom was still alive she would not be to happy. His mind is so screwed up and soon he’ll end up being a sell out. He’s such a LOSER !!!! And honestly ya’ll know jay-z ain’t gon let him slide with those comments he made about him and beyonce….I’m just sayin.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    “The Audacity!”

  • mike malarkey


  • Q.

    AHH has been riding Kanye’s sack all week!… His new project must be coming out next month.

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Would smash Kim K while with child….I know thas a horrible thing to say but, sshhheeeessh….them hips look exciting an inviting

  • maya

    LMAO @ “Beyonce be dancing in heels and s#!t.”

    Is this what we’ve become?

    The funny thing is, all these comments are coming from a dude who is having a baby with Kim Kardashian. Nuff said.

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  • Young Goku

    Welp..I guess Ye is crazy because he’s talking about shit other folks won’t do cause they’re scared, But y’all neggas ain’t in the music industry working for the jews, So you can’t be on the outside looking in saying sh** , He saying some real stuff & you cats are too sleep to understand where he’s coming from, Yea he’s having a baby with Kim so what? Half of you neggas would do it too, I admit Ye has lost himself down the road, But now he’s going thru an awakening & starting to speak out against the stuff that he & other black entertainers go thru, Maybe this is something that will make him go back to the Kanye from southside Chicago

    • we would have a baby with kim to get child support from her, but not because she would be a good person to have a kid with

      • Young Goku

        Lol i feel you

  • john may

    His wearing a stray jacket, and taking shots at people who are his friends (his not being serious)

  • yea ok u got an album coming out.
    have u heard of a press conference?

  • a GROWN man complaining about female POP STARS….. Gay.

  • Lyve Wire

    dude loves attention. ppl love giving it to him. win, win…. for somebody. not sure for who though.

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  • KayneEast

    He always gets so mad when wearing skirts, sheesh.

  • Pierre Elliott


  • n dot c

    the new LITTLE RICHARD