SIGNS The World Is Coming To An End: Ex-Fugee Director Explains Why He Impregnated His Daughters

WOW….this brother is crazy! I actually forgot about this debacle! But, what had happened was, this dude was pretty much the man at one point. Yeah, Aswad Ayinde directed the video for the Fugee’s “Killin’ Me Softly,” but what he killed was his own family in an attempt to create a “pure bloodline.” He gets a C for crazy and an A for a$$hole. Dude has babies with THREE – that’s right – THREE of his six daughters (there were three other pregnancies that I guess didn’t bear kids). He’s already been found guilty on ONE of the cases, 40 years for that one. Dude is 54 and he’s got four more to go. You see where this is headed. He’s got 6 daughters and 5 trials! OUCH! Dude, this ain’t funny, but for some reason, his daughter said he thought he was better than the rest of us. “He felt that I was of his own creation. He felt he was above the law,” she reportedly said in court. Ayinde won an MTV award in 1996 for directing The Fugees’ “Killing Me Softly” video. Now, he faces multiple counts of aggravated sexual assault, criminal sexual contact, endangering the welfare of a child and lewdness towards one of his six daughters.

Ayinde’s defense has been that he wasn’t raping his daughters….he was keeping it all up in the family. Man, this dude is accused of raping them as well as the mothers of his own daughters. He’s looking at over 100 years in jail. He needs to very concerned. Actually, no…he probably needs to ponder suicide as a viable option for a worth wild future at this point. Or, they gonna be killin’ him loudly.

At least he left us with this:

Illseed, Out.


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  • therealest1

    Incest shit.

  • Wow— I never heard that!! That’s straight crazy!

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  • TruthSerum

    And the saddest part is that he’ll go to prison, be put in the “At Risk Inmates” segregation Unit and be safer then dudes in there serving there time in GP for drug cases.

    • Datignantmofo

      And your point

      • TruthSerum

        My point should go without saying. If it went over your head and you couldnt figure it out on your own, I’m not gonna waste my time explaining it to you.


      • Dumb mafuckaz’ wont get it, keep it moving.

      • damn that dude is dumb as hell. talkin bout “and you point” he should just go be his celly

  • Matt Swan

    I can’t say enough of what should be done to him. “Creating a pure bloodline”? Didn’t we go through this with the Nazi’s almost 80 years ago with the “Master Race”? We see where that went. He will go to jail and go straight to PC. I agree with Meankitty, but I will say those holdin it down in there WILL find a way to make this right. The lowest of the low are the molesters, and I don’t see him lasting a year without a guard on him 25/8/366. I hope he makes the news again..as his burial commences. That might be harsh for some liberals, but for what he’s done to his OWN fam, there is NO excuse, NO apology, NOTHING he could do better with his life than end it himself, or wait for a slow one to creep up on him. I wish him the absoloute best in prision, becuase his stay will be short, and I wish the best for him in hell. Burn muthaf*kka

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  • hoeyuno

    dude thinks he’s some sort of profit cause he directed the killing them softly video.. dude needs to be castrated and thrown in a box…. closed case.

    • Datignantmofo

      You only know he directed the video because you read this article….He wasn’t in court saying i directed the killing them softly video so i deserve a cookie….Think before you comment sometimes, better yet you look smarter when you dont say a word.

      • hoeyuno

        I refuse.

    • Dilson / Mr. Spacely

      Did you mean Prophet? lol

  • LOL~N @ “Killing him loudly”

    Suicide is definitely looking like his best option!

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  • Tom Donahue

    Canadians are the only pure bloodline, hes out his godamn mind

    CANADA > america

    • Matt Swan

      If thats the case what happened to drake? That EMO MOFO wanna be rap singer isn;t pure by anymeans. And quite a few of ya’ll speak french. Aint nothing pure about France. Canada is nowhere near the quality of America.

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

      Canada = America Jr.

      • I got love for Canada, but you know Canada is like Diet America.Yall the diet coke of eeeeeeeeevil

    • TheFlood

      Canada = America’s hat.

  • Calico Joe

    Nice try Illseed. You think you slick? Despite that fact this was reported years ago, like ’06. You tried to use this story to make up for your “SIGNS the world is coming to an end” piece on the Zulu Nation going at Worldstar from yesterday. I don’t condone what that nasty bastard did. According to one of his daughters, he been raping them since ’88, It’s 2013. How is this a sign of the world ending? Good attempt for a rebound, but sorry you failed.

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  • Marchello Currence The Emcee

    He Probably Think In Some Twisted Way That These Acts Are “Righteous” But As Long As You Are Dedicated To God, Your Bloodline Will Be Pure Through Him.