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Hip-Hop Rumors: A G-Unit Reunion?


50 Cent may not want The Game in a G-Unit reunion, but he’s got some talk going based on a new interview! The General recently held an interview where he proclaimed that he would be interested in touring and reuniting with the original members of G-Unit. For those that don’t know, that means Banks and Yayo. He also said he would be touring as a solo act…and they would be there. He eliminated the possibility of The Game and Young Buck (Buck is still in jail). I think they need to re-form the best parts of G-Unit like MOP and Mobb Deep and tour like that. They would kill it!

Theses guys look like killers too.

Illseed, Out.


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  • 7yoyo7

    Lil Fame and Billy Danze (MOP) are getting old and fat man. IF thats gonna happen, they’ll have to hit the gym like 50 told them before…
    I wish they would tour with the Unit and the Mobb though. That would be dope.

    PS: Finally a rumor that I could click on! Dont fall back Illseed!

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  • Guest

    ^^^You know Billy Danze is a certified personal trainer right?

    • That’s like going to a barber with a fugged up haircut!

      • Young Goku


  • Tre C

    When was the last time anybody listened to music by G-Unit? I find it hard to believe people are going to be lining up to see these guys

    • if they made bunch of new hits like they had before it could be a success

  • Guest

    Gunit aint shit witout the original #Gunit$outh,which would be ME,the #real Sosa,YoungBuck,Dtay,Hi_c n LilMurda ..sumbody of importance please question my autheticy.

    • ddsdavey

      I question your spelling but im not important just educated!

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  • PL

    Slow day in office…hey let’s bring back… A. The G-Unit Reunion rumor. B. The latest Kanye West rant or C. Imaginary, reachin’ Beef rumor…

  • Ji-Ji-jU-ah-Ji-Ji-jU-Ah-Gee-Gee- UniiiTTTttt!

    ( Or G U Not? )

  • mop sucked..only 2 good songs they had while on gunit was wartime and when death becomes you…havoc is still signed to gunit as a producer…prodigy is still gunit..

  • Golgo 13

    i swear the last g unit album flopped anyway probably that’s one of the reasons why 50 cent aint interested

  • louisboi

    That’s not a reunion, that’s pretty much G-unit as is! a reunion would have buck, Game, and/or Mobb deep and them. that’s B.S, for me to even consider this, I’d need the Game to reunite too. I new it was the beginning of the end for G-Unit the moment they split with Game.

  • Simon

    only buck and game my favs, but he elimintated.. smh

  • Without Game this would not be a big deal or a huge payday


    50 aint with nobody he started with sad for him I bet he gon feel that lonley pain one day, anyway can sombody tell him to chill with that eyebrow pose, who the fcuk do he think he is?

  • water_ur_seeds

    its a g unit reunion then, atleast need buck…

  • 12th Man

    Game’s my favorite rapper, so obviously I don’t like 50 Cent. That song he did with Eminem and Adam Levine, he’s still taking shots at Game and Buck. No possibility of a reunion. Nor do I wanna see one!


    its the unit of course

  • ezikakop emalahleni

    Bring Game back.