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Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Lupe Fiasco Ranting Or Speaking Truth?

I love these dudes from Chicago! They are taking ti back and, if Chief Keef comes out of the bing as a Black Panther, the revolution will have started!

I love that these dudes. They call it a rant, but its more than that. Its speaking that trust as they see it! At least they speaking on something. Most people can’t do that. So they are saying Lupe ranting again. Following in Kanye’s foot steps? Nah. Peep what he says and let me know what you think. he’s calling out rappers and radio PD’s… AND US.

Regardless, I think I know what Lupe thinks…..

Illseed, Out.


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  • DJ7

    I’ve been saying this for the longest

  • brotha_man

    I think lupe bi-polar or has some sort of personality disorder 50 % of the time the other 50 he may be on to something

    • This is one of the times he’s on to something!

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  • coast

    Lupe is labeled a menace to society for tryna do the right thing, by exposing what’s really going on in south central, while drinking his juice with the boyz’n the hood, and fighting for poetic justice, as he counts his dead presidents. Word!

    • SpaceAge2012

      Lmao..I like how u put that together.

  • TruthSerum

    The problem with guys like Kanye West & Lupe Fiasco speaking on social issues is that so many people ignore there message due to the public spectacles they make of themselves in other situations.

    When Chuck D was speaking about the system, there wasnt any Taylor Swift moment that you could point out to use against him and write him off as an ego-maniacal Jackass. Rhymefest doesnt rage delete his twitter everytime somebody disagrees with him like Lupe does. Its hard to respect a guy, no matter what he’s saying, when you know that behind the scenes he’s an emotional cripple.

    • Q.

      If an artist attempts to be noble in an ignoble industry, forfeiting mental/emotional health in the process… should they lose respect for that?

      • TruthSerum

        I’m just speaking on public perception man, not saying I agree with it.

        Put it like this, if you have a political figure who runs on a morality campaign, telling everybody they should live their life according to a set of principles, then right before election you find out he smoked crack with a hooker and paid for her to abort his baby, how many votes you think that guy is gonna get??

        Lupe talks all high & mighty about tolerance but then rage deletes his twitter and throws tantrums when people disagree with him over his opinion….. It just shows a lack of character, and its hard to follow somebody you dont respect.

        Personally I feel like people who are gonna advise the masses on whats right & wrong should learn how to carry themselves in public before they stand on the soapbox

        For the record I’m a fan of Lupe and agree with most of what he says, but I think he’d be alot harder to overlook if it wasnt for his juvenile behavior…. Same for Kanye, he could have the cure for cancer and alot of folks wouldnt take it serious just because it came from him. Perception is important when your trying to get a message to people, they have to respect the man talking before they even listen to whats being said.

      • OCYRUS

        I think they just sensitive I’ve seen Lupe cry on tv B-4 he not a politician, they (politician) room for error is almost nill. now if Lupe went out & popped a couple of niggs cause they owed him some money then yeah he a hypocrite, but @ the end of the day he preaching what he practice…

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        they aint sensitive they are human … we fault these guys for little ish like deleting thier twitter … come on son thats so light its not even funny … especially when compared to what they are talking about … just cause he deleted his twitter its time to ignore the facts and go blaze some green and pump up the gucci mane …. COME ON SON !!!!!! stop letting the little ish justify real sh*t …….

      • Celz

        He’s saying that’s how ignorant people think.. He said “I agree with most of what Lupe says”.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        my bag didnt notice that

      • SpaceAge2012

        Lmao..u must not remember that after Marion Barry got caught smoking crack with that prostitute he still got re-elected as mayor of D.C.

        Dispite their rage & temper tantrums we must realize that these guys are humans 1st & not just entertainers.Only naive ppl would expect these celebs to be perfect cus they’re on radio & tv,but that’s just not realistic.Every1 gets upset & every1 has their faults,but truth is truth regardless of the personal characteristics of the ppl speaking it.Shouts 2 my brother Wasalu II!!

      • Blue Skies

        “Every1 gets upset & every1 has their faults, truth

        is truth regardless of the personal characteristics of the ppl speaking it.”


    • Marchello Currence The Emcee

      But Have You Seen Behind The Scenes Tho?? I Think Kanye And Lupe Are Really Like This, I Think Lupe May Have Decided To Do It In This Time Because It Would Be Brought To Light Being That Kanye Has Being Going In….But Its Lupe And Its Kanye….I Think Its Good For Black People And Hip Hop…Hip Hop Is About Being Misunderstood, About Confronting Issues, Thats Why Dumb Down Music Is So Popular Because It Doesnt Speak To The Black Community, We Dont Have Any Leaders, Lotta Niggaz Flawsin, No Leaders To Speak INTO The People Tho. People Think That The Black Community Has Arrived lol….That Shit Is So Funny To Me…Until We Have Our Own Prosperous Communities Like The Irish, The Koreans Etc. We Have Not Arrived, Thats When You Will See Real Racism: When We Decide To Build Our Own Communities With Our Own Financial Opportunities, Not A Fuckin Recreation Center, That Just Becomes A New Spot To Smoke Bud At. I Think Black Leaders Who Have 8 Or 9 Figures Should Be Held Accountable To The Build A Prosperous Black America, Thats Where The War Is My Niggas, Thats Where The Struggle Continues. I Was Out In Queens About 3 Weeks Ago And Me And This 20 Year Old Kid Was At A Job Program Talking About This Shit, We Was Literally Outside The Place After It Was Over, Out In The Cold Talkin Bout This Shit….

      • TruthSerum

        I agree with your overall points….. But just imagine if there was a guy out there on Lupe’s level of popularity spreading this message who didnt have a history of making a fool of himself, how much farther the message would go.

        Its just reality man, alot of people will here a guy like Kanye or Lupe speaking about something real and say “Aint that fool got another awards show to crash” or “Lupe a hoe he cried like a baby in an interview over BS” and totally ignore what he’s saying……..Any message is only as strong as the public perception of the man who delivers it.

        I wish a guy like Rhymefest would pull a hit record out his ass and get the kind of attention these guys get cause he has credibility that cant be impeached as easily. Thats what made Chuck D such a powerful weapon, even those who hated everything he stood for still had to respect him. Lupe tho??…….I agree with most of what he says and have a hard time respecting him………He’s not built for the job

      • Cookie Fox

        Yeah I Agree Totally With The Fact That Any Message Is Only As Strong As The Public Perception Of The Man Who Delivers It, Thats True Bruh. I Also Feel This Way, In Order For Our Leaders To Go As Far As The Past Leaders Did, We Must Now Expect Our Leaders To Be Perfect, They Must Be Accountable, But We Can No Longer Hold Them To A Unrealistic Standard, We Have To Focus On The Visions Of Our Leaders, Because Their Vision Can Become Our Vision, No Matter The State Of Who They Are, Feel Me?

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  • LiveurlifeThisyear

    LUPE IZ speaking THE TRUTH its right there 4 others 2 see too!!! THEY DON’T want 2 see ’cause then THEY would have 2 do something about it!!! LUPE also CARES so I PRAY HE doesn’t wind up a broken man in This White Man’s World. In this nation filled with House Niggers!!! AND IF ANYTHING KANYE been on HIS LUPE lately!!!

    • Mega Don

      real comment

  • talk is cheap. is he doing anything about it while he’s promoting WPGC ?
    & he aint really on their playlist so all those artists are makin it possible for him?

    • alliswell

      you dont know what you talking about

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Yeah….F&F was hot…But you losing backing from people, cause the way you choose to speak about these issues. There is a SMARTER WAY TO PROTEST. This dude is very intelligent, now he’s gotta use that intelligence to his advantage. C’mon Lupe.

  • Bumpy Johnson

    everybody out there clapping but ain bout that action…no body ready for no revolution they just ready to cheer.

    • Mark Olford

      People are afraid to lose the little of nothing they already lost….most of us just haven’t figured it out yet…

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      its not even about a revolution tho … its about moral & integrity as an individual … what are you doing … mike jack said it long ago look @ the man in the mirror !!


    with all the money Jay-Z got I wonder if he has ever given back to Marcy jects, or any of his old neighborhood schools?? things that make you go hmmmm

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      come on son thats not even a question jayz did alot locally and aboard

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  • s0rethumb

    It doesn’t matter if some of the masses have felt this way for a long time or not. What matters is those who have a voice and more importantly a platform that reaches the masses are at a point in their career where they can speak truth to power regardless of the consequences. For that I am thankful hip hop will finally be taken back other people may want to take the country back and we want hip hop back. The labels are going to white wash rap even more with the Em’s, Miller’s and Macklemore’s but that’s alright because we no longer need the industry to achieve our goals in music.

  • RichFromBX

    “if Chief Keef comes out of the bing as a Black Panther, the revolution will have started!”

    seriously, thats what people on holding to as the sign of revolution – a 17yr kid who who cried to court after getting 60 days? good luck with that…

  • This is Crazy

    I like there music but kanye and lupe ranting to me about the poor is a joke. Lupe is a huge asshole in person and kanye is losing his mind as we speak. I also crack up at people who say “these guys never gave back”. People act like the ghetto is one big support you to get out fest. These guys made it out through hard work and sacrifice. Thats what they are giving back is the message. Stop asking for hand outs people!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      folks gonna sleep on this one but this is one of the realest comments here

    • dy


  • Marchello Currence The Emcee

    I Like Lupe, But He Didnt Wait Til He Got To That Definite Place Of Power To Speak Truth…

  • Aaron Davis

    Props to Lupe & Kanye for speaking truth even if they present it in a crazy way. The industry is fucked up & there’s no balance in mainstream radio hip-hop. Every1 has the freedom to write about whatever they want but none of the conscious shit ever gets any play on the radio. It’s an unfair system & I blame everyone from Artists, radio PD’s, Label Execs etc. There’s way more to hip hop than,”Pop a Molly, Im sweating”. Niggaz are destroying the culture instead of lifting it up

    • GregSki86

      N*gga did you ask Kanye’s skirt its thoughts on the matter? #Fail

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    chicago is so fcuked right now. we need a revolution.

  • When people are talking more about your “speeches” than your music…well you done fked up..

  • Ever since he “apologized” for calling out Chief Keef, it has been hard for me to take him serious.

  • GregSki86

    F*ck Lupe. I’m all about speaking your mind, but this n*gga a h*e. How you gonna hate on Obama but apologize to Chief Keef for callin’ him out. #P*ssyN*ggaSwag

    • buyo

      obama kills a million people, cheef keef raps about killin MAYBE 1… logic is your friend

  • Slaughtr

    On the real fck the moments listen to what is being said,you niggaz today think that the fight is over the fight is not over.Start really thinking more deeply about shyt and watch not participate this why hip hop has started to down grade musically ,lyrically, and some more shyt due to not reflecting on the issues at heart face to face.Racism didn’t go no where it’s just replaced with things like corporate racism and large scale race hate shyt most of you younginz can’t see. I applaud brother’s like Lupe who will die for something,regardless what the fck you or anybody feels about the truth being spoken there are times the messenger has to speak to the listener in a voice he can relate too.If that man feels like he wants to erase what the fck somebody says so what but most of you sck the dck of niggaz like Rick ross who pollute hip hop with fake ass bs..To me most of you niggaz who speak on this site are spectacles because your lost.

  • insaneangelic

    Lupe speaks the truth thing is people are so busy enjoying the Mainstream hip hop everything goes over there head. Just look at more than half the reviews for F&L2 people didn’t understand it so they blew it off. Sometimes Lupe does Rant but for the most part he’s going in telling the truth. I wouldn’t really group him with kanye just because Lupe for the most part doesn’t have fits and tantrums in the public eye like kanye, not to mention Lupe to on his record label so he could release his album the way he wanted while other artist are quick to give in

  • oldhiphoprap

    Lupe is speaking the truth. When that stuff started with Chief Keef no rapper came to his defense. Our young brothers and sisters are getting killed in the street each night. No body raps about that. Wake up people before it is too late.