Hip-Hop Rumors: LL Cool J To Play Christopher Dorner In Movie?

There was some talk that LL Cool J was going to possibly play accused cop killer Christopher Dorner. You know, the dude that was killed without really hearing his story. They say he killed himself, but was all mutilated so I am curious as to what really happened. That’s another story. During the ordeal, it was made apparent that Dorner had an uncanny resemblance to the Legend in Leather (LL) and people asked LL to stay inside because the drones were reportedly looking for the killer. Here is that pic:

Good think LL survived those drones. But as for the movie?

LL has decided against playing Dorner in a movie…at least for the time being.

“That’s not something to even talk about because there are families that suffered, people that died. And because of that, I think it would be disrespectful to them to … have this conversation about a film when people’s lives were on the line.”

I think if they can pull it together the right way, he’ll do it. LL is now regarded as a very real actor. He’s going to do it when the smoke clears a bit, in my opinion.

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  • Calico Joe

    He shouldn’t do it. Why even turn this into a movie, when it will be full of half truths? If it does happen the only people that should profit are the families of the victims, and nobody else. F*ck anybody trying to capitalize off someone’s death.

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  • DJ7

    LL does have an album coming so….. Same ole tricks I see

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  • ant662

    dude he was just asked if he was gonna do it by tmz and he said no that it was to early and it would b disrespectful to the families so where did u even get this flakey information. slow day i guess.

    • “To early” as opposed to “NO”.

  • son of nigraseed

    For the right amount of $ he’ll do it.

  • Golgo 13

    he looks exactly like him and by reading this i don’t think he shud do it

  • dominicancoke

    Great way to promote mass murderers give them movies im sure this wont inspire the next lunatic to shoot a school bus or college campus so he could be immortalized

  • TruthSerum

    First of all, to even discuss a movie about this so soon is disrespectful, I respect his answer.

    But since the topic is up for discussion, lets just look at it from an artistic standpoint for a second…… LL Cool J is not a good actor, one viewing of “In Too Deep” is all anybody needs to confirm this, and his work on NCIS is horrible as well. I don’t care how much he might resemble the real life person, putting LL in that role would sink the film. If your looking for a black man capable of pulling a role like this off you have to go for Denzel Washington, Laurence Fishburne, maybe Terence Howard, etc etc etc…… Somebody with experience in dramas…… LL’s only halfway decent acting was “In the House” or whatever that show was called. Not exactly Oscar caliber material

    • “You ain’t no cop Jay Reid!” >>SDH & getting tucked in police car : “YOU Ain’t No Cop!”

      That ‘chet was an instant classic “Think about her! Think about her!”

      SWAT, Any Given Sunday….if not LL…..not Denzel, Larry or Terry, not saying they aren’t better actors, just not for the role.

      LL all the way…with a good supporting ensemble, and it’s a hit…a low budget one, but still.

      • TruthSerum

        If LL was in this movie it would be like Nicholas Cage in the Wicker Man and wind up the funniest un-intentional comedy ever lol LL couldnt act in a high school play, he’d get blown off the stage by 14 year olds

      • Wicker Man was actually pretty good, but this movie will suck regardless of who is in it…we already saw it, and know how it’s going to end.

        Now flip it, and make Denzel the Chief that talks LL out after a vicious, 10K rd gunfight, in which LL proceeds to go Ram”Bro” on the LAPD for killing BIG, and a few other minor screen changes that incorporate ChemTrails, Tookie Williams and missing drug money…..and you got a movie.

        Ok, maybe not the BIGgie part…that was done in “Strange Days”.

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  • well if u curious on what really happen,

    The audio was captured on police scanners as well as being picked up by a local news broadcast. More than seven agencies, federal, state and local were involved in the final hours of the siege. The LAPD SWAT Team was airlifted in to carry out the final raid, with reports later confirming, “the SWAT team had the cabin surrounded.”

    “Alright, we’re gonna go ahead with the plan with the burners,” one officer says.
    “Copy,” replies another.
    “Like we talked about,” the first officer responds.
    “The burners are deployed, and we have a fire,” says another officer moments later, before the police dispatcher repeats the statement.
    Within minutes of the fire starting, police note that the cabin is “starting to collapse.”
    Police are also heard discussing if they are ready to “bring fire”.
    “Burners” is police slang for tear gas canisters, which are known to cause fires.

    In a separate clip carried by a local news channel, police are heard to say, “F*cking burn this motherf*cker,” and “burn that f*cking house down.” This audio appears to be from earlier in the siege following the initial shootout between Dorner and cops.

    In another audio clip broadcast by CBS Los Angeles, police are heard saying, “get the gas, burn it down,” clearly indicating cops knew use of tear gas would set the cabin on fire
    Shortly after smoke was seen rising from the cabin, police ordered online scanner feeds to be cut having earlier barred networks like CNN from carrying live footage of the scene and telling journalists not to put out tweets.

  • Translation ~ We gotta flood the masses with our side of the story as soon as possible! Get James on the phone…


    He already said no. bet the deal aint sweet enough… LL got one dimple… I would put lol but i dont like that lol shit for some reason, thats really for females

  • John Dough

    LL’s full response shows the caliber of media training he has and how honed his skills are. that was the most classy response imaginable to a question like that.

  • tab58064

    I think it would be a great movie. The reality of someone going over the edge after being fucked-over by their employer is worth being made into a movie if it is done right. I understand that people lost family members, but movies have been made after tragic events plenty of times. Personally I believed Dorner, but I don’t agree with how he handled it.

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