Hip-Hop Rumors: What happened To Flavor Flav’s Ex Deelishis!

This started out kind of funny, but turns out that Deelishis was beat down by her HUSBAND! Now, they are separated, but I guess the man is having a hard time giving up that big butt! The funny thing is, she was reportedly caught out there at the wee hours of the morning with comic Michael Blackson, The African King of Comedy.

Here is a partial report:

An alleged drug dealer faces new legal problems after prosecutors say he assaulted his estranged wife, Deelishis, a model and reality show star who won the VH1 reality show “Flavor of Love 2.”

Federal court records shed light on a minor celebrity scandal that broke earlier this week when a popular Web site claimed Deelishis was assaulted by a pack of angry strippers.

Deelishis, real name Chandra London Davis, denied the report. The 35-year-old Farmington Hills resident, known for her ample derriere, posted a message on the social-media site Instagram, saying she tripped on icy stairs while wearing expensive designer shoes.

“I am fine & will be even better in a few days!” she wrote.

Court records offer a darker explanation.

Deelishis was injured jumping out of a second story window Sunday in Farmington Hills after allegedly being assaulted by her estranged husband, Franklin resident Orlando Gordon, according to federal court records.

Gordon was free on bond and awaiting trial in federal court at the time of the incident.

He was indicted in January 2012 along with more than a dozen others and accused of participating in a drug-trafficking operation involving thousands of pounds of blow and kush.

Prosecutors asked a federal judge Thursday to revoke Gordon’s bond due, in part, to the alleged assault.

“Gordon has engaged in criminal conduct that endangers the community — from driving while intoxicated to assault and home invasion,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven Cares wrote in a court filing. “These criminal acts show that no set of conditions can reasonably assure the safety of the community and Gordon’s bond should be revoked.”

U.S. District Judge Sean Cox will consider the request March 12.

Court records and a police report portray a violent incident Sunday at the reality-show star’s home on Muer Cove north of 13 Mile, where Deelishis lives with her two daughters.

At 4:20 a.m., Gordon smashed through the front door and struck Deelishis in the face, according to court records.

Deelishis, who had been sleeping in her daughter’s bedroom, ran to her master bedroom, where her friend was asleep.

The friend?

Michael Blackson, a popular stand-up comic known as The African King of Comedy.

He performed Saturday at the Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts in Detroit.

Gordon allegedly chased the comic and hit him in the face, according to court records.

Deelishis, meanwhile, locked the bedroom door.

Her estranged husband tried to get into the bedroom, prompting Deelishis to rip open the window screen and jump two stories to the ground, according to police.

She later fled to a neighbor’s home and Gordon left his estranged wife’s house, according to police.

“Davis was in a lot of pain from her right wrist,” according to the police report. “Davis also had blood on her right hand.”

She was taken to Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital.

Gordon is scheduled to stand trial April 9.

He is accused of heading a large-scale drug ring with a second man, Wendell Tobias of Detroit.

During a prolonged investigation, federal drug agents have seized more than $1 million cash, classic cars and more than $130,000 in jewelry – including Deelishis’ engagement ring and Rolex watch.

SOURCE: Detroit News:

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  • therealest1

    Leftover no name shit.

  • therealest1

    Although this is messed up if it went down like that with her, Michael Blackson being supposedly involved just makes it a laughing matter.

  • El Chapo Gwapo

    He punched Michael Blackson in the head and he said “Please don’t hurt me, I’m just a beetch ass niggah” lmfao

    • mosestobymcgeethree

      wonder if he did the he bitch dance after that


      i was gone say the same shit…lol

    • SpaceAge2012

      Lando is a straight up Gangsta! Michael Blackson u mudasucka!For u 2 even consider goin to Deelishis house to smash her with that man’s daughters in da crib,u get da He-B!tch dance u b!tch ass neegah!

  • Solo Dolo

    Man….thats what you get when you decide to marry a drug dealer…..these bitches out here smh

    • I thought “That’s what you get when you marry these B’i$he$ out here. SMH”

  • Thee_One1

    Maybe I can smash now. I live close to F Hills.

  • Thee_One1

    Wait a minute it just hit me who blackson was. LMAO damn…she really into those weird looking dark dudes i guess.

    • SpaceAge2012

      Nope! She’s in2 any nigga with $.

  • dominicancoke

    Is this the ho chronicles? Michael blackson got hit and said the following i cant get jiggy with this shit modafoka!

  • greeneyedbandit

    I bet it was the brother’s first night over there too…..poor fella!

  • BossBeaux

    Damn the homey found out how real shit gets in the D thats why they tell you off the back if you not from around them parts watch your back cause my city can and will catch you slipping as Trick Daddy haha!

  • TheBigCheeFa

    deelishis need to leave these crazy ass men alone,especially these dope boys

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      right come give a 9to5 brother a shot … @worst i just hit and quit lol

  • RBG4Life

    Left Michael Blackson hanging as she locked the bedroom door and dipped. smh…I know he was like “wtf going on up in THIS m*tha f*cka?!” It aint funny, but lmao