Freeway Ricky Ross

EXCLUSIVE: “Freeway” Rick Ross Speaks On His Biopic, Documentary and Nick Cannon

(AllHipHop News)  Nick Cannon might not have been old enough to drink milk alone when convicted drug kingpin “Freeway” Rick Ross was at his height, but now he will be able to see what is like to be a major dealer in a new film.

The charismatic comedian/rapper/actor/host will depict the street legend in the “real Rick Ross'” upcoming biopic, as well as being installed as Executive Producer of the movie.

While on the surface some may believe Nick Cannon seems like an odd choice to play a drug lord, the man born Ricky Donnell Ross believes it was perfect.

“I chose Nick based on a few factors. The role is 17-25 in age, many of our award-winning actors are much older than that range. Nick is a guy who captures my character when I was in custody in San Diego.”

More shocking than the fact that the former Nickelodeon star was Ross’ own choice is the fact that he made that choice over 15 years ago.

In a YouTube clip with him and Cannon announcing the partnership, Ross says he has wanted Cannon to play his role since 1996 when he was only 16.

Ross also said him and Cannon will be working together with his non-profit organization, Freeway Literacy Foundation. The film will be directed and written by acclaimed filmmaker Nick Cassavetes.

“Freeway Ricky Ross is a living American legend. A modern day street genius. To not know his story is to not understand our country, how it works, what it needs, and what it will do to get it,” Nick Cassavetes told in a previous interview. “From his modest Los Angeles beginnings to his meteoric rise to the top of the drug world, Rick’s ‘hustle’ was unparalleled in modern history….but when that government was done with him, it locked him up and left him as the fall guy responsible for the destruction of an entire community.”

The as-of-yet untitled biopic will detail Ross’ involvement in the drug trade of the 80’s, his incarceration and more. According to Ross himself, there will be no glorification of the drug trade and the lifestyle associated with it in an attempt to present an honest tale:

“This story will be real, and show how the War on Drugs took young kids and turned them into criminals and set them for prison practically over night. It’s not just an LA story my reach was across the nation into black, white, and all communities regardless of class. Our goal is to tell the truth, not a vanity piece.”

Ross seems to be determined to shed light on the inner workings and corruption of the drug trade as he also has a new documentary slated for release entitled Cracks In The System.

Directed and produced by Emmy award-winning documentarian Marc Levin, Crack In The System will delve into the mechanics of the old and new crack laws, the failed War on Drugs and even include commentary from Snoop Dogg, Warren G and more. Crack In The System is set to debut in the fall.

Check below for video of Nick Cannon and “Freeway” Rick Ross announcing their partnership for the biopic:

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  • andone

    id rather it be a full ft film… but ill take/check the doc no matter who plays FRR, not sure if has been done b4 either but none the less this story needs to be told along wit a few other as well!

    • Tony G.

      it’s gonna be a film..the documentary is something different..reading is fundamental

      • andone

        lol man u came all the way to bottom of this old @ss thread jus to drop a back handed comment like that bruh, really… dude ive been hearing about this for so long i that didnt want to waste any more time reading rehashed articles from AHH… but u got my point n!gg@, comprehension is fundamental!

  • Swaggout

    People forget that Nick Cannon was fantastic in Charles Stone’s ‘Drumline’. I never understood the career path he chose following that stellar performance.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      it depends on the director…nick cannon 1 of those actors who varies sugar to shit, usually a good director can make him a beast at it, potentially.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        well the guy directing this one directed blow so i guess we shall see … im def interested tto see if he can pull it off … cause even drumline wasnt a full blown out serious role …… imo this would be his first real serious role playing someone that doing grown man ish … but im kind of thinking the Real Rick Ross is a goof himself cause i cant see him liking cannon without being a goof this video of them together Rick was kind of geeking tho …. no one really knows the Real Ricks personality … so i guess we shall see

    • Q.

      Co-sign. Nick Cannon is a decent actor when he takes two minutes from cooning. He was good in “Drumline” and in “The Killing Room.” But he’s America’s favorite homeboy after Will, so I understand why he took the easy host money cheesing and speaking “Ebonics.” LOL

  • Taihair Djehuty

    I thought we were done with terrible Nick Cannon films?? 0.o

    • Really?

      That love don’t cost a thing was epic!…. Wait let me pass whatever it is I’m smoking.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        yeah cannon got some classic joints under his belt they maybe pg13 but the movie aint gotta have naked chicks, guns and dead bodies for it to be good ..

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  • dayleedumped

    nick cannon too fuckin goofy for this

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  • Freeway needs to go sit down somewhere. You put poison in the streets that destroyed urban families, you weren’t a pawn and you weren’t used. You earned millions the process and lost it all. I understand the man has done some good since coming home but lets be honest if he had 100 lifetimes it wouldn’t be enough to repair the damage he did to his own people. I understand some folks will disagree with me and i’m by no stretch of the imagination am I an anti-drug advocate but the reality is the reality.

    • Calico Joe

      I disagree. He was a pawn and he was used. You pointed it out in your comment about destroying the black community. That was and still is the plan. Think about where all that dope he put on the streets came from, he didn’t find it in his back yard. Research the Iran Contra and Oliver North.

      • OaklandOxymoron

        Exactly! Most people only see that he was a drug kingpin and totally ignore the fact that he was used.

      • How was he used fam? Did someone walk up to Freeway and say “Sell these drugs or i’m going to kill your family”? Nope. They didn’t. He wanted a way out and made a choice to use that medium as his gateway to wealth, he paid the price to for it as did tens of thousands around him. I know folks will say well lets go up the food chain and blame the people higher than him,well most of those people aren’t in this country. It’s documented Rick went to them most of the time, happily I must add. I understand about oliver north and contra but we allowed this ishh into our neighborhoods and we let guys like Rick serve as the middle man, and he was more than happy to be the bridge between us and them….until of course it cost him his freedom. Today we have drug mules who either carry the ish or have their families set ablaze in peru, colombia, mexico, chile, etc. Let’s stop always looking to point the finger elsewhere because it’s clearly evident Freeway was not scared of anything and enjoyed his the end of the day nobody forced him to do jack diddly squat.

      • Calico Joe

        I see where you’re coming from. We could go back and forth on this issue all day, but in my own opinion, as much hate and anger given towards these drug dealers should also go to the users. Same way a dealer has a choice sell dope or not, the consumer has a choice to get high or not. You can’t have one without the other. I don’t praise anybody in the dope game, but I cant blame them for all that’s wrong within our communities, especially when not a single black person in America, is a manufacture of cocaine. I can keep going, but I’m end with this… There’s a street where I live that stretches about a mile if that, with SIX liquor stores and only black residents in the area. Who’s to blame for that?

      • I feel you fam but i’ll say this..the dude I credit with saving me from myself was an O.G. from Cali who was a defected crip who came to the east to mentor kids as part of his rehab. This dude was a late 60’s baby so he was in that prime age when crack hit south central, I can tell you one thing fam we as a community were headed in a very positive direction prior to the crack epidemic, the crack epidemic set us back to the early stages of post slavery. You watch eye on the prize and that was our focus..all those people trying to get us educated had to take their efforts to attempt to keep us off them drugs. I say folks like Ricky helped destroy all that progress we made and while yes the consumer is just as guilty I can reiterate that a kid isn’t going to sling if it ain’t there to sling, a person with chemical dependencies wouldn’t get started on it if it isn’t there. Heron has been in urban environments since the 50’s but it wasn’t a commonly used drug, crack on the other hand was cheap and accessible to mid to low tier households and there is where the damage and danger is. I saw pics of what compton and south central used to be..sad how far we’ve fallen behind the plight. Blessings my brother.

      • Tony G.

        everybody wants to blame “the man” and “the system”

    • I agree, he is looking for a handout for all the poison that he pumped into our neighborhood….He is lucky that rapper Rick Ross shed some light on his life, but expecting a reward is just silly.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        the rapper rick ross shed light on his life ?? i swear some opinions need to be null & void lol

      • Maybe not you, but a lot of younger people ONLY know about the rapper Rick Ross……Lol @ “null and void”

      • SpaceAge2012

        I don’t think u really know what u’re talking about.U need to read Gary Webb’s book Dark Alliance & learn how the C.I.A. brought the cocaine into America and let Danilo Blandon & his cartel give it to Ricky & his boy Ollie to sell so that they could use the drug profits to fund the Nicaraguan Contras war in Central America.All Officer Roberts did was use that man’s name & image to create a character for his rap career.Get ur facts straight! On a side note, I’m glad that they’re finally making this movie cus I’ve wanted to see it since I read Webb’s book.Ricky if u read this,name it THE FREEWAY.

      • Lyve Wire

        im not expert in this situation, but why was ricky ‘chose’? they didnt knock on his door on some publishing clearing house ish. he was already a dealer. he mightve been a pawn after the fact, but it was already on his mind beforehand.

      • EL_BARK

        They chose rick cause he was the perfect patsy.
        Young dumb and ignorant. he couldnt even read, so when shet hit the fan, no way was he going to be able to flip on the gov. and his location near the freeway made its easy for him to move the coke through LA. You dont think they would got a rhodes scholar to sell it do you??? Lol

      • SpaceAge2012

        Ricky wasn’t a dealer in the beginning,he use to play tennis & his sponser was a dude who sold a lil coca on the side.He put Ricky on to the game & when Ricky started moving the dope & coming back to re-up faster than he had expected,he got scared & gaved Ricky the connect.See,the Meneses cartel had alotta dope but they didn’t have the clientele to get rid of it as fast as their boss wanted,so when they saw Ricky could move it,they became his supplier. Read Gary Webb’s book Dark Alliance,it’ll explain everything to you.

      • Officer ricky didnt bring anything to light except the fact that he is a con artist that has the ability to rap. This government pumped that shit into our community. Just like how they manipulate the black race to believe in freedom. we are all used. Ignorant or not.

      • The difference between Rapper Rick Ross and Freeway Rick Ross, is that the rapper only told the story through rap, Freeway did this stuff in real life, so it’s obvious that Freeway Rick Ross is the real poison to our society…Rick Ross might be poisonous to Hip-Hop but Freeway Rick Ross is poisonous to society.

    • Slaughtr

      I agree with you my man truth is truth and some egghead nigga tries to find excuse as to who put the drugs in the communities I lived that era and know about it and if you sold one fckn piece of crack to a pregnant women for example you a genacide killa point blank and of your own kind.When you niggaz going to stop glorifying somebody because they pushed bricks glorify the our people in Egypt who pushed bricks to build pyramids.It seems as if this generation of thinkers are dead brained followers with no vision to see the true face of anything. Get your mind off blocks we don’t own saying who was used and was a pawn when you do dirt to that degree the feds get involved so don’t play victim you made yourself hot and really I don’t give fck who don’t like or agree with what I said. Respect to this brother for saying the right shyt.

  • Nick Cannon did those Nickelodeon movies in the past.
    That does not mean his acting is bad.

  • nick cannon? yup not watching this movie.

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    everyone deserves a second chance and it looks like the Real Rick Ross has been trying his best to make the best out of his …..

  • Guest

    If nick cannon(horrible actor) can play freeway rick ross then god dammit drake can play larry hoover

  • dominicancoke

    (clayton bigsby the black Kkk members voice) if nick cannon can play free way Ross in a movie then drake can play larry hoover in a movie White power!

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  • son of nigraseed

    The things and people nigras worship…y’all truly are descendants of Ham.

  • Biba Adams

    I’m looking forward to this film and am happy for the contributions that Freeway Ricky is determined to make to his community as well.

  • chippc

    Hey, they laughed at Will Smith too when he first started doing serious roles…

    • Taihair Djehuty

      shoot, Mr. Carey ain’t no Will Smith lol

  • FREEfromslavery

    as if our medicated community really needs another glorified drug dealing movie. soft ass nick cannon will probably get to live out a big fantasy of his seeing as he is softer than a motherfuckin spongecake twinkie. guys like him dream to be hardcore street. freeway gets to remain a hero for being glamourized as an important distributor of drugs in our amerikkkan history. black & white amerikkkans are definitely infatuated with anyone selling drugs. modern day amerikkka was built on drugs. ask ronald reagan and oliver north.

  • Mike Swiff

    And Bow Wow is going to be Nicks right hand man LMAO this is funny as hell!

  • Freeway is just happy to getting paid again albeit the legal way.

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  • RichFromBX

    people will flock and spend money to see a movie about a drug dealer who was a major contributor to destroying the lives of 100s, if not 1000s of black families but won’t go to a library a pick up a (free) book to read about black people who are truly inspirational and contributed positively to the advancement of their people…SMDH!

  • SweetNYC

    Hating on Nick Cannon must be a hobby and I just don’t get it. American Son, The Killing Room, Bobby, all serious roles and Nick’s acting was damn good. QUESTION: RIGHT NOW Nick is starring or executive producing shows for BET, MTV2, NBC, Cartoon Network & TeenNick, at what point will people give Nick respect like they do Will Smith and Jamie Foxx?

  • youngplaya

    Peep game. How many lives does alcohol and tobacco take every year? Tobacco kills and alcohol, but the CEOs and distributors are never to blame. Everybody know what kills and is bad for their health. If you decide to do dope, idiot that’s your fault and you deserve the hell you put yourself in. I don’t believe drugs should be illegal, you can’t police morality at all. And giving someone 30 years for 5 Kilos is cruel and unusual punishment. If you niccas believe that shit is justified ya’ll blind as hell. This man can have his story told, just like Boston George and any other American Gangster. Just like any other person in America, this man was a product of his circumstances and his choices. Did he make all the right decisions? No Do you make all the right decisions? NO….What would do for stacks on top of stacks, millions and the freedom to live how you please? Probably the same and worst than what Ricky did. Niccas got more to say about Ricky Ross than George Bush, Oliver North, and Ronald Reagan who sanctioned bringing the cocaine into America as a form of chemical warefare on blacks. If you don’t know that you need to pick up a book.

  • The difference between Rapper Rick Ross and Freeway Rick Ross, is that
    the rapper only told the story through rap, Freeway did this stuff in
    real life, so it’s obvious that Freeway Rick Ross is the real poison to
    our society…Rick Ross might be poisonous to Hip-Hop but Freeway Rick
    Ross is poisonous to society..

  • Ambria graham

    Nah Nick to weak!

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  • Slaughtr

    He was used shut that shyt up!!! the addict was used.

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  • Tony G.

    While all u ethugs are dissin Nick Cannon for not being tough enuff or not being street enuff or whatever it is that u apparently have to be to be accepted by most of ur people these days..the fact is that his resume on and off screen is pretty impressive….No he’s not Denzel..and yes there may be some others that would be a better fit for the role..but shut ur crab in a barrel asses up and let the man do him…maybe he was hand picked for a reason…

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