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Hip-Hop Rumors: Frank Ocean Sneak Disses Rihanna And Chris Brown?

Now, that Frank Ocean may not be pressing charges, but it seems that guy has a way of being passive aggressive with his disses. See, there is this thing called Tumblr and it is a blog that’s sort of like Twitter. You can like blog posts or re-blog them. Well, Frank’s blog is popular and a lot of people follow it. So, people were a bit shocked to see that he had “liked” a picture of Rihanna after Chris Brown beat her up brutally. Nobody really knows if it is a fake or not, but right now they are taking it as real. I don’t know, but I could see dude harboring some angst against Breezy since he and RiRi have something in common. I don’t know. Peep the screen shot. More CB / RiRi Rumors below….



Rumor has it, Deelishis actually jumped out of a window to avoid the rage of her drug dealing ex boyfriend. Reminds me of the rumors about Erick Sermon.

In 5 years, Rihanna says she wants to have a baby with Chris Brown.

Rihanna has added new security. No, it has nothing to do with Chris Brown and everything to do with her crazy fans, one of which attacked her recently.

Idris Elba has left the acting game for a bit to focus on his music.

A reason not to get that tat so fast per Iggy Azalea.

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  • I am tired of these people…Omg, they can’t sneeze without making headlines.

    • brotha_man

      state of hip hop…..state of music

  • Romia Blue

    I just want to know who keeps asking Riri for permission to keep making her pictures the poster child for their ridicule? if the ass kicking Tina Turner took won’t stop females from leaving at the first sign of trouble, then RiRi shouldn’t be forced to be the new spokeswoman for going back after abuse. I love both of their music but Frank Ocean’s confused ass can take several seats for this low blow. You claim he threatened to kill you but you didn’t press charges either.
    Bytchassedness – table for one!!!
    *goes back to Cee-Lo’s ~ Awful Thing*

    • ImaFoolBoy

      I feel u…she still stupid as hell tho…just like every other broad who runs back to their man after getting beat down…including some female family members of mine

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        did tina ever look like rhianna did in that photo damn i hope thats photoshopped cause if she looked like that and went back with dude for anything outside of revenge she is seriously sick … and needs help ….!!

      • Romia Blue

        Only by her docudrama, Tina was raped, beaten and abused over DECADES. someone made a comment about what if this was Aaliyah…Liy’s reputation of a good girl gone bad was never that. Plus her family was a strong foundation. Not saying that the abuse RiRi’s father dished out should be focal point but it’s not like this is something she’s not use to. That may be her understanding of “love”. Only difference is they shyt was in the spotlight but Mr. Fenty’s transgressions was contained to their family. No way in hell dame Dash would’ve gotten away with it because somebody woulda put the stix to his a$$ but at the same time, Aaliyah would’ve never stood for it from jump. If pain and violence is what you know and you can take it…then good for you. I’m just tired of folks using her pictures to make their point like it’s going to change something. Google domestic violence…there are some WAY worse off than Ri.

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  • Negro Peligro

    Isn’t that a female trait? Passive agressive diss. MEN DON’T SNEAK DISS.

    • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

      I don’t know how sneaky it was. seemed pretty obvious to me. it was just a somewhat creative way to make fun of Chris.

    • YaheardSyndicate

      what are you talking about? Jay Z got like a hundred sneak disses

      • andone

        had to up ur comment… but only bcuz it reinforces @twitter-266910229:disqus point!!!

  • Tre C

    Frank is an attention whore just like Tyler. not surprised

    • Josh Sykes


    • Weedras

      you gotta include CB and Rihanna in that boat bruh…


    iggy can get it

  • solo0ne


  • Singers and rappers need to have their phones taken away and be limited to emailing..mofo’s can’t stop sharing a little too much

  • speedy37

    Kill your self frank ocean,fucking retarded boti boy

  • Shatisha Andrea

    First Frank LIED about CB jumping him now this? He’s clearly jealous!

    • brotha_man

      he probably likes him….if anything he is jealous of RIRI

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………zzzzzz huh what you say something.( falling back to sleep) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  • YaheardSyndicate

    everytime i see those pics it just reminds me of how wack and d** riding, the media, the black community and the world has become. If someone did this to Alliyah while she was alive, every rapper, singer, would be ready to bomb on and ban whoever did it.=. Nowadays though people are such d** riders, you can beat up a black woman (a famous one at that) and as long as you sing and dance people will make excuses for your behavior and “respect your grind”. Why does anyone let alone Chris Brown deserve a second chance? Its like the Grammys, The Websites, the world, acts like if they speak out they are “hating”. Maybe im “hating” but Ill say it.. Beating up a woman, is wack, and Chris Brown will always be wack.

    • Weedras

      By now dudes would have labeled Aaliyah a ‘slore’, would have already alleged she f*%ked for tracks and they would probly treat her the same way… ole girl Rihanna though is a chick that likes them ass whoopings cause she crawled right back for more…

      • DJ7

        Didn’t she? (Aaliyah) I mean….. I’ma let it go, might be some sensitive ass cats in here today

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        who cares if she did or didnt … folks werent physically abusing her …. chicks give up the box every day for less so i dont faullt her if she did … which i doubt it cause her crew was tight … Timbo, Tweet & Missy

  • Cookie Fox

    Yeah, Its Just Trying To Remind Everybody Of What Happened, Not Really A Frank Ocean Fan, I Thought He Was Dope When He First Dropped, But He’s Becoming Known By Drama And Not The Music 3 More Years And The Media Wont Let Him Go, They’ll Just Keep Building Cases, Learn From The Past….

  • greeneyedbandit

    Somebody might have hacked his account…..or Maybe he was on his imaginary monthly.

  • Weedras

    so let me get this straight… there’s no proof the blog is his… yet its posted up alleging its his and ppl running with it… smh… that shit crossed my tumblr dash and i liked it and reposted too…

  • Mike Swiff

    Hey Frank Ocean (lol) funny! Hey RiRi… “More ass kickin to come” dumb ass!

  • Mike Swiff

    Hey Frank Ocean (lol) funny! Hey RiRi… “More ass kickin to come” dumb ass! (repost) lol