Hip-Hop Rumors: Guess Who Joined ASAP MOB?


You know Hip-Hop is coming full circle again. Once upon a time, Hip-Hop was “cool” to the masses and then it wasn’t so cool, because every damn body was on it. It was selling more but it wasn’t as cool. Get it? Now, that sales are down and dudes are hipper, people are on it. I caught a whiff of a rumor that ASAP Rocky just got a new member to his MOB. Well, he’s got a crew and they are all pretty popular. I admit, I cannot keep up with all the names. Anyway, I heard that they bonded with actor Shia LeBeouf and he’s in the crew…maybe.

Now, this all started last week at the Kendrick Lamar concert, where Shia was a guest in the house and A$AP performed. He reportedly talked with all the guys and was very cool, he and his girlfriend. Hey…he’d be a great asset to any team. Much cooler than the last Transformers movie! HA! just kidding.
Shout out to Shia…I hear he’s the real deal and down with the real Hip-Hop.

Illseed, Out.


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42 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Guess Who Joined ASAP MOB?”

  1. SpaceAge2012

    C’mon son! Is this even Hip Hop news?! Just cus LaBeouf was chillin with them don’t mean he’s bout to grab da mic & start spittin bruh.

  2. Gamer

    Shia looks like he was a quarter coke line, two drink sips away from passing out..he gave em a co-sign but he’s now ASAP? I’m sure once the drugs wore off he was like “oh crap, i did that on video”

      • andone

        wat does it matter… they both reppin “REAL” hip-hop… dw must not be in the know and i take it u must not be either?

      • read a book

        asap and k dot real hip hop do the the world a favor put a 44. to your head and see how many times u can pull the trigger

      • andone

        why dont u do ur self a favor and “read a book” preferably the bible or somthin of that nature… SMH!!!

  3. TruthSerum

    Guess Shia got tired of hanging out with Cage and listening to him cry his emo heart out about his life lol A$ap do look like more fun to hang out with

  4. RachRockinOut

    I wonder who out of his crew goes with him on tour. I’m seeing A$AP live on the 24th at the Xcel and gotta wonder who is gonna show up to perform with him. Hopefully the Twin Cities are filled with the whole crew that night!

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