Hip-Hop Rumors: Did DMX Get Sonned By…Iyanla Vanzant?

Well, DMX is one of the meanest dogs around. Now, a few weeks ago, I heard that DMX was going to be on Oprah. I don’t think I posted it, but I was kinda wrong, but kinda right. He’s actually on OWN, but the interview was by national treasure Iyanla Vanzant. The interview looks extremely explosive! They get into a shouting match in the video below. Now, the thing is….we know DMX will spazz…but Iyanla Vanzant SPAZZES BACK! Now, that’s what I want to see! Watch the clip and tell me what you think.


All the Beyonce rumors finally got to my ex-girlfriend Keri Hilson. For those that don’t know, for a while, when me and Kelly Rowland were on hiatus, Keri stepped in. Anyway, there have been persistent rumors that Keri’s sneak disses of Beyonce have caused her to be blackballed and shut down in the music game. I’m thinking they are true. Keri has always been a talented singer/song writer. Now, she is basically a twitter star. Peep her online rant.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Eli Pinilla

    Dmx always been one of my favorites. I dnt give a f*ck if he a crackhead or whatever. His first three albums are classic. And his movies are better

    • $42993004

      i totally agree with you

    • nobyreece

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    • JerZeBoy

      I cosign. The first 2 albums were a game changer. Was the hardest/darkest shit!

    • Mos High

      Im sure you dont care if he is crackhead or whatever but Im sure his children damn sure do. I dont know what state DMX is in but in the last couple of years it just looks like things keep going the wrong way.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      DMX top 5 greatest…him ,2pac, Nas, solidified , the rest can fight over 4 n 5…actually Ice cube too…so yea the rest can fight over 5.

    • Mr.Kenny

      Do you care if he lives or die ?…I miss ol’ Dirty Bastard and I wish M.J. was still here too

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  • BossBeaux

    Damn Earl they won’t let you breathe but then again you keep giving them ammo because you can’t stay out of trouble but this chick is a loser she was the only one of Oprah’s prodigys that didn’t take off and is now trying to make a comeback but her lack of professionalism and sometimes harsh delivery has held her back for years I see things haven’t changed!

    • Mos High

      I couldnt is agree further. I havent seen the whole interview, but it never is good when a black man is talking filthy words to a uplifting black women. Who the heck are to call her a loser. Stop talking smack

      • BossBeaux

        Most high the difference between talking smack and what I’m doing is pointing out facts just cause she is on Oprah’s network that don’t mean that her sh*t don’t stink black’s in America need to wake up just cause a face that looks like yours is delivering The message that don’t make it right she is an interviewer your not suppose to express your opinion your suppose to ask questions and let the audience make their determination now I didn’t what led up to that cause they only show previews but the fact that she asked him if he was high off GP is unprofessional peace and blessings to you but dig deeper into her past and you will see

  • JohnnyQuesst

    I wish DMX would get his shit together and return to the game. Even if he doesn’t return, he needs to get his shit together.

    As far as Keri Hilson, leave the lady alone. There is too much hate in the world and too many far greater problems. If you want to be mad then be mad at the government. Be mad at yourself for not achieving your own goals. It’s easy to sit back with no assets and ridicule other people on what they did or didn’t accomplish.

  • Damn shame, look at his eyes. Glassy as hell, leave that straw and powder alone bruh

    • brotha_man

      its his life not urs. until u walk a mile in someones else shoes………

      • Until I walk a mile in someone’s shoes? This dude reminds me of my pops who was a music exec and had issues with substances..I’ve walked a thousand miles in the shoes of his kids bruh…I know what it’s like cuz. So yeah I know what i’m talking about…

    • Weedras

      not because someone’s eyes are glassy means that they’re automatically
      high or drunk…

      • I agree and if we were talking about someone with a history of sobriety i’d agree further but this is DMX we are talking about. Look at the part where she asks him if he’s high, look at his face cuz. Tell me that dude ain’t moonwalking on the moon.

      • Weedras

        lol! he did seem a bit off right there lol!

  • Mike Swiff


  • $42993004

    yo x we got that good shit LA COKA NOSTRA

  • TheCraze

    Great television!

  • Q.

    I bet the Big O had a “Big O” thinking about the ratings she’s about to get for the IYANLA/DMX premiere. LOL

  • greeneyedbandit

    I love Dmx~

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  • OaklandOxymoron

    Those Beysus fans are relentless lol

  • sixnoxrecords

    What most of y’all don’t know is that Iyanla was a notorious crackhead and street lady before she turned her life around. She was on it real bad. X don’t want it with her.

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  • brotha_man

    DMX is the realest in the game. coulda been better then Jay-z. IMO

    • Mos High

      Sure is the realest but he looks to like and mess and hopefully can at least get his life together and stay away from hard drugs

  • maya

    Funny thing is; all them people who tweeted them nasty comments to/about Keri would probably be happy as hell and feel “special” if she gave them some play and befriended them.

  • Ambria graham

    The dog ran into Ah Alley Cat!

  • Phillygirl

    Why is he mouthing her words when she yelling at him?! Must be scripted, LOL

  • faggots and fat bitches don’t like Keri hilson (gorgeous)

  • Weedras

    Keri Hilson Balckballed please!!? 1st album was solid last one was trash cept’ for one of two tracks.. and them videos of her run around in a see through panty while it was pleasing to the eyes it screamed a bit of desperation…

  • poor Keri.. taking them jabs at Beyonce is gonna eventually lead to the reason she kill herself.

  • As much as I’m a big fan of DMX, his passion, his story, his delivery, I never got over that line “if you gotta daughter older than 16, I’mma rape her/take her on the living room floor/right there in front of you..” Rappers don’t realize their daughters have to live in the culture they created long after they are relevant & other rappers follow in their footsteps & keep it going. It’s hard for me to hear rappers showin that kinda blatant hate to young women/females & then feel bad for them cuz they don’t know what the culture they create does to the society we have to live in. Girls gettin raped & found dead right & left and dumb a$$ rappers talkin bout “I gotta eat.” f u 2. Can’t make a whole album about “killin n1ggas” and say a prayer at the end & think you did something. We created this culture, tryna please the corporate man at the top, now we gotta live w/ the consequences, while the likes of Jay-Z & Puffy hob-nob w/ the rich, we still in the ghetto dealin w/ hate from society, hate from ea. other, hate from men, self-hate fr being Black in America, etc. If none of these rappers cared about pleasing corporate entities we’d be running the culture cuz they can’t do it w/out us. We pimped ourselves out and lost

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