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Beanie Sigel Sentenced To 6-23 Months For Drug Charge

(AllHipHop News) Former Roc-A-Fella rapper Beanie Sigel was sentenced to 6 to 23 months in county prison on Wednesday after pleading guilty to drug charges from an August 2012 arrest in Tinicum Township, Pennsylvania according to reports by the Delaware County Daily Times.

Sigel (born Dwight Grant) and a companion were stopped by state troopers on I-95 for traffic violations around 3:00 a.m. on August 29th. Police found prescription pills and marijuana on the driver of the vehicle, Gerald Andrews.

Sigel was asleep in the passenger’s seat at the time the car was pulled over, but was searched by the officers as well. Police then found codeine, pills, and $4,500 in the Philadelphia emcee’s possession.

A .38 caliber Smith and Wesson was also discovered in the car. Sigel and Andrews are prohibited to carry a firearm because both men are convicted felons.

Sigel had been detained in jail since being arrested on drug possession, possession with the intent to deliver, persons not to possess firearms, firearms not to be carried without a license and conspiracy charges.

Yesterday, he pleaded guilty to the illegal prescription drug possession which is an ungraded misdemeanor.

“Mr. Grant has been a successful entertainer and musician in the Philadelphia community for decades,” said Sigel’s defense attorney Carson Morris. “Obviously, he’s had an incredible amount of success and opportunity in his life. He’s also made some mistakes, which have ended up putting him in custody. He’s ready to go ahead and put that behind him and move on with is life.”

Beanie Sigel has had several run ins with the law. He served a one year federal sentence for a gun charge he received in 2002. He was arrested twice in 2003 for assault and attempted murder. He was not convicted of either crime.

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In 2010, Sigel pleaded guilty to tax evasion after the IRS accused the rapper of avoiding to pay $728,536 in federal taxes from the years 1999 to 2005. He was sentenced to 24 months in prison.

Sigel’s attorney also mentioned to the judge that the rapper is experiencing serious financial issues stemming from owing back taxes.

Sigel released his last album, This Time, just hours before his August 29 arrest.

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29 Responses to “Beanie Sigel Sentenced To 6-23 Months For Drug Charge”

  1. johnblacksad

    Sigel said :
    “They say thunder don’t strike the same place twice,
    well, my man got life for the same case, twice!”


  2. BossBeaux

    Beans not trying to change you but give you some game so you can make the transition from the streets to the fame! Say what you want about Jay even a broke clock is right twice a day good luck Beans sit down for a minute get your head right and come out focused on something other than the streets its a lose lose situation that’s why its called the game, trap, etc.

  3. Romia Blue

    I just don’t feel sorry for this dude no more. I mean Jay gave you your own distribution-state property ~hell FEDERAL property now~ you made (direct-to-dvd) movies; nobody can’t say this dude didn’t have opportunity. Is this what keeping it real gets you? Every picture is this dude looking like an 8 yr old kid who just stole the candy cigs from an ice cream truck.

    • Mos High

      Im just waiting for some of these people on this site and say its was Jay-z fault, Beans just seems to be in that institutionalized mind state. All I hear from Beans and Dmx is jail and drugs. terrible. He was around jay dame and other big people in the business, how you get yourself so messed up on taxes. Either crooked accountant or just plain ignorant. Get your self right for your childrens sake

      • Gamer

        He didn’t sign him for his mic skills alone..he signed him for the street rep that came with him. Others of similar situation have had to reformat themselves in order to keep doing rocafella business, beans was Roca’s problem sover tho so there wasn’t that period every street dude who gets put on goes through of mentorship but Beans is a grown man he shouldve/could’ve done it himself.

      • EL_BARK

        I try to people that, all the times. Jay signed him for street cred, the fact that he could spit was the bonus. But jay still shitted on him. Even if you felt the need to seperate yourself from him. Its a way u do things.
        There relationship was deeper then rap, & when jay money reached a certain level he felt as though he didnt need the streets guys.
        But its the way he went about it. All them years they was like family, at the end jay treated him, like an employee. Thats why sigel was so pissed, considering the fact he put his neck on the line for jay.

      • Romia Blue

        It’s just like jay has said…If I teach you to fish, don’t expect me to fish for you. Jay gave this dude a lable, distribution. he gave him opportunity. now if want to stay that street dude phucking up your future, then fine. But how folk crap on jay cause that’s not what he wanted? When do you grow up? what 40 yr old street dude you know is successful in the street game? How many times do you need to get bailed out? given an opportunity? Sigel KILLED his verse on Ignorant Sh*t…Even FAM gotta get cut off some time when they screwing up. So how he was treated, whether like fam or employee was just. You step on my toe, I’ll forgive you. But damn now you just standing on it expecting me to move cause that’s what you wanna do? nah dude. Just like Jay made me, make another me. create another roc-a-fella. create some new talent under State Property…dude too busy doing street shyt. Stay there then wit cha ignorant ass lol…see where it gets you. Oh, back to prison…

      • EL_BARK

        You cant have it both ways. When jay or somebody had an issue or a problem… Who did they got to. You used his street rep for protection, but then will you felt as though u were cool. U shetted on him.
        Their relationship was much more then rap, when cats was coming for jay head in NY, he will call sigel and ask him to intervene….
        When jay had problems with dipsets, who did he call to handle it.
        When kayne was about to get robbed, who did ye called to come get him…… Its not about growing up, its about loyalty and the lack of it.
        Sigel has risked his freedom for jay on a few occassion, then when sigel needed jay to do him a favor, he shetted on him. If some people cant see sigel, gripe about that its because they never been in the situation he been in. How would you feel its you put your neck on the line for your friend only for them to shet on you, the way jay did.

      • EL_BARK

        Also jay didnt give beans shet. Jay didnt give him no company
        Bean pay for the company LLC fees. Also jay made money off the state property brand so when you give somebody domething & you making a profit from it. Is it really giving a person something???? No.
        Its not like sigel kept 100 profit from state property clothing or the state prop albums. So its wasnt giving to him. They used sigel brand and paid him a percentages for using it….. Jay made money off of freeway,
        Jay made money off of touring with state property. So jay didnt give them nothing. He was using them to make money & protection.

      • hoeyuno

        Yea my comment looked all fucked up but I meant to say if this will run concurrent… you got me though…ha ha

      • bisolabliss

        Thats not what I heard Bark. Face was saying when chatting with Sean P that Beans had another pending Federal case aside this one he’s presently serving and that the Feds don’t do concurrent rather they stack stints. So Beans might still have another Fed bid waiting to be served

      • EL_BARK

        When did dace say this???
        This bid was a little county bid, its wasnt federal.
        The only fed case he has as of right now, is the tax evasion case.

        The judge in this case as part of his deal, allowed this 6-23 month be served concurrebt with his fed tax evasion bid.

        At first i thought he was in the fed, cause the fed had isdued an arrest warrant, after this case. But rather then commute him back & forth. The fed let the county kerp him, until he settled this case. At his sentencing, the judge said it will be up to the feds, if he will get timed served for the last 6 months, & the judge wish him good luck with that.

        So at the very least he might still do his 2 year bid starting now, if he dont get the credit, for the time served. If the state jail, said his sentenced can be served while doing the fed time, the fed cant object to it…. The feds will allowed you served time concurrent if the judge choses too, white collar criminals get a break all the time.

        I dont know about no other fed case pending, but i could be wrong knowing how they operate.

  4. FREEfromslavery

    here’s a little advice for all my black people out there stupid enough to do any sort of felonious crime at this point and time in amerikkka. dont even think about it because as the numbers show across amerikkka ” u niggas stink at doing crimes, period.” as a people we keep doing something were terrible at. whitey builds more and more jails because he definitely knows yall suck at crime. u street niggas keep earning your jail stripes while us normal black people enjoy our freedom. beanie must be in a desperate state of mind now a days. sad because i like beanie as person.

  5. chairm of the board

    Beanie Siegel had a record deal a record label and clothing line and never want Platinum I was rooting for him when he signed the ruff house record deal now just forget about it his career is over

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