Hip-Hop Rumors: Mike Jones Clears Up Those AIDS Rumors! Kanye West Vs Sway?

Basically, Mike Jones talks a lot about AIDs and HIV and that he don’t have it. Its funny that he talks about the old rumor that SOMEBODY from H-Town had the MONSTER. I will never forget Slim Thug sent me his actual AIDS test! HAHAHA! They discovered the internet and now they don’t email me no mo! Here is the video.

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Shout out to Sway. Sway also discussed the Kanye West diss over the hot list. Kanye said he bought Sway his first TV. LOL! Sway busted back though.

Meanwhile, ASAP Rocky aired everybody out.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • jaywills2003@yahoo.com


  • dominicancoke

    Mike jones who? mike jones…dude made sure he mentioned his name 9 times in each song even gave his number out too sad nobody cares now.asap rocky #1 rapper? lol leave that molly alone u a disgrace to harlem where big l is imortalized on walls while you out here wearing skirts rapping bout nonesense

    • fabbidavisjr

      Mike Jones look hella fruity taking self pictures with that erika badu on his head……He look like Tracy morgon on the longest yard.

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  • Mike Jones got something, but he is certainly looking gayer than a mother!

    • Bumpy Johnson

      thats what im sayin, he went from white Ts n grills to looking like a messy gay dude.

    • What gave it away? The greyish skin tone?

  • Mark Olford

    Where dis nugga been????

  • Ambria graham

    Sway stay in your line dude!

  • did he lose some weight?

    • Abrasive Angel

      That fool lost a gang of weight. He looks like he did it the wrong way. You’re supposed to work out to not look all sickly.

  • Slaughtr

    All you crab in a bucket azz niggaz stop hatin on a brother for once in your life.As far as Asap dude is not dope.

  • billybigbuks

    Praying fo’ dude……..he looks bad!

  • dr.kno

    i cant name one hot solo song from asap rocky…that list is fixed

    • johnblacksad

      Trilla… especially if you like that H-Town sound…

      • Bumpy Johnson

        that track isnt sayin much…why he sound like he from the H?

      • johnblacksad

        that’s the sound he said he loves/grew up on etc… eh… he be on that slowed/screwed/drank/purp sh!t…

      • Bumpy Johnson

        then he need to do it right….damn thats weird on how a dude from harlem grew up on and loves screwed up tracks….thought he’d grow up on bird gang n’em

      • DJ7

        what threw me for a loop was, his moms is a long time member of the NGE & actually named him after Rakim Allah…. we clearly don’t advocate what he’s spittin tho

      • Who? Mike Jones…Mike Jones! Mike Jones! Mike Jones?

      • DJ7

        Huh?…. -_- ….. We’re talking about the A$AP kid E

      • Wow! His Momz is NGE? His name is Rakim Allah & he uses ASAP Rocky?

        What happened?

      • DJ7

        You can’t party your life away
        Drink your life away
        Smoke your life away
        F*ck your life away
        Dream your life away
        Scheme your life away
        Cause your seeds grow up the same way

        ……A Better Tomorrow …. Wu Tang

      • SMDH!

        In JohnBlacksad’s voice: “So true, it sounds like scriptures!”

      • dr.kno

        i like the Trilla beat but that’s bout it…and he got other people rapping on that song with him too…im looking for a song with him by his self


    Mike Jones “Who?” Mike Jones may not have Aids/HIV but something doesn’t look right with him! Paul Wall lost weight & he looks healthy. Fat Joe lost mad weight & looks healthy, Mike looks sickly as hell!!!

    • AIDS…I bet he doesn’t send iLLseed his test results.

  • Dat nigga aint sick.. he just aint eating no more… Literally starving….

  • southside4lyfe

    Man im from the the H and nigga we have no respect for this simp ass nigga. thats why trae slapped the shit out of you and his niggas took yo rims off yo bentley and left them hoes sittin on blocks

    • Chris

      Proud huh ?

    • DJ7

      What you do, cheer on the sidelines while all this was going down? No, I don’t know the skinny, just what was reported at the time it went down but still, when are you nigs gonna learn, It’s never been cool to watch your brothers downfall & then brag about it in the end….that my immature nig, is the job of a bitch/sucka/hater….which 1 are you? On 2nd thought, no need to answer, your post revealed it already!!

  • greeneyedbandit

    “Back then, didn’t want me, now im hot….all on me.” He gave a lot of fat, and unattractive brothers hope when he came out with that song.”

  • oskar

    kendrick lamar #1

  • FREEfromslavery

    when it comes to mike jones im left speechless, and that shit doesnt happen often. it cant be healthy to be a chubby rotund built nigga one day and now all of a sudden your skinnier than a starving innercity kid who is living on hot cheetos and twizzlers. i fell kinda bad so i hope mike jones is alright. as for punk ass drake, still a priviledged cream filled twinkie in my eyes. be yourself flower nigga and stop it with all the tough talk and bragging about your money. real niggas get nausea when you talk like that, its sickening. creamy niggas gone wild, go figure.

  • Kanye has lost his mind..god forbid someone isn’t kissing his azz..temper tantrum azz mofo. Mike Jones looks like he found his inner Kanye

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  • How does shooting your own video and being on VOGUE, make him a MASTER OF Ceremony, clearly why HIP HOP has gone down!!!!

  • Mike Gaaaay!

  • Dave Crockett

    I cant lie when I first looked at this picture, I thought it was some ratchet ass hoe starring in a hood rat sitcom LOL. If I remember the news correctly the lady that contracted the HIV from this “Houston Rapper” was awarded a hefty amount of money I think like 10 to 20 million. So mike jones and Lil FLip was the only one who grossed those kinda sales. He had a house, he lost that, he had several cars including the Bentley on the swangas, he lost that. He had that big ass ICE AGE piece, no more. When you pay that kinda money for Jewelry (which probably had cloudy diamonds) you dont just get rid of that kinda shit brother. Who is Mike Jones sold a lotta copies. So some of that shit should have been paid off, if smart. So where is all the stuff? That album sold a lot dat nigga SHOULD BE breaded up. I believe Flip still got some his shit. That type of lawsuit everything get liquidated per the courts straight up.


    Sold his ice age joint for aids meds , muffs to the face Shaquille
    Smirk Rock eye… That fool ill sing fooling no one

  • Global_Mission

    Mann, that list is BS!!

  • Nene

    I pray he not sick, because he do got that hiv look going on. People need to learn you just can’t sleep with everything walking and talking. I usually say when somebody is too eager to give you sex they usually have a gift that keeps on giving.

  • I think Mike Jones got something to say about the game. A$AP THE TRUTH!!!

  • BeachN

    There is actually a Michael Vincent Jones in Pensacola who has HIV… He is Caucasian

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